Team Garcy is a fansite for the Garcy (Garcia Flynn/Lucy Preston) relationship on the TV series Timeless. This fansite serves as an archive for all things Garcy, Garcia Flynn, and Lucy Preston. It also aims to serve the fandom at large as a one-stop hub of information about the television series Timeless.

The idea for this fansite began in June 2018 as fans were suffering from #RenewTimeless fatigue, stress, and anxiety. I was thinking of ways that I could continue to contribute to the fandom, and, well... I didn't get a degree in website design for nothing so I started sketching out layout ideas, and jotting down ideas for content pages and slowly the idea for this fansite started to take on a life of its own.

But this fansite is not all me. Many members of the Garcy Family have contributed their time to help compile the character biographies, relationship summaries, and the Timeless series timeline contained on this site. I am forever grateful for their time and efforts. This is not just my little fansite. This is a fansite for everyone in the Garcy Family, and for all fans of Timeless. I want for anyone to feel they can email me content and know it is in good hands and will be properly archived on this site for as long as the site is online.

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This site would be nothing without the contributions from members of the Garcy Family. Whether it was writing content for character biographies or relationship summaries, or donating screen captures for the gallery... words cannot express how much gratitude I have for each and every one of your contributions to this site. Thank you.

Kate Chaucer
Twilight Deviant

Also, I want to thank Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan for creating Timeless. While it may not be the best television series ever produced (if it were we would have been given a proper ending instead of left with the Chinatown cliffhanger), it has sparked my creativity which I thought was long-gone, and that is a gift that I take away from the series. Thank you for that. And thank you to Goran Višnjić and Abigail Spencer for your portrayals of Garcia Flynn and Lucy Preston. It takes a lot for a fictional character to make my "favorites" list and both Garcia and Lucy did just that - Garcia actually knocked off my previous "favorite character of all time," which was held by Tony Almeida (24) for seventeen years <--- for me, that's a big deal LOL Anyway, fans definitely detected a spark or two between Garcia and Lucy. To see the progression of both characters, and their relationship with each other, was one of the unexpected gifts that made Timeless, not only better, but more intriguing and leaving us wanting more. It hurts knowing that their story ends with Chinatown, but Garcia, Lucy, and the Garcy relationship will live on through the fans who will love them - and respect them - for years to come in a variety of different genres of fanworks. Thank you both for the inspiration.

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