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Thursday, 21 June 2018 marked the beginning of Goran Thursday. It all began in one long thread regarding the THICK gif from Goran's first episode of ER. The original idea was for Goran Thursday to be called Goran Thirstday since us Tree Huggers went all out about our celebrity crush on the man. But we wanted for Thursdays to not only be about Goran's good looks, we also want to be able to discuss his career and the different characters he has played over the years. Goran Thursday covers that much better, don't you think?


Every Thursday, Tree Huggers (the name given to fans of Goran Višnjić) use the hashtags #GoranThursday #GoranVišnjić and #TreeHuggers in their social media posts about Goran. Tree Huggers share their favorite images, gifs, interviews and quotes of Goran Višnjić.

Do be aware that The Kateera Law should be abided during Goran Thursday, and the rating system for Goran images and gifs needs to be used to prevent another potential Kateera Incident.



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