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Let me explain... Tree Huggers is the name fans of Goran Višnjić gave themselves because he is 6'4" tall we took to calling him our "Tol Croatian Tree," or "Tree" for short. Because we all love and adore him (and if we met him would want to hug him - if he does hugs for fans), we became the Tree Huggers. You'll often see us talking about Goran using the hashtag #TreeHuggers on Twitter, it can be confusing at first if you weren't there when all the discussions about trees began. So with that out of the way, the goal of this section is for fellow Tree Huggers to share why they are fans of Goran Višnjić. Tell your story about becoming a fan and why you're a Tree Hugger for life in the form below! Stabla su zakon! <--- Trees are awesome! (also in Croatian Tree Huggers = Grlitelji Stabala, FYI)

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