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Master Sergeant Dave Baumgardner was a Delta Force Soldier. He has served in the United States Army for many years and has a history of working Wyatt Logan. His nickname is ‘Bam-Bam’ but the origins of his name were never explained. He was brought up from Pendleton to Mason Industries, San Francisco to originally replace Wyatt Logan. But after a gruelling mission, Lucy and Rufus fought for Wyatt to remain in his current posting. They were successful and Dave was not read into the mission at Mason Industries (‘The Alamo’).

He ran into Wyatt on his way out. The bond as brothers’ in arms and very close friends. Dave reminds Wyatt of their friends in Pendleton and how they missed him.

“We're prepping for an op right now. It's the real deal. Robbie's there, Matty, all the boys. You'd love it.”

Wyatt informed him that his place was with his new team. In their life, Dave understood that Wyatt would be at Mason Industries for a long time. The two parted on good terms (‘The Alamo’).

Sometime later in 2017, Dave is brought in again and this time he is read into the mission. He was brought up to speed about what happened with Wyatt and the mission before them to 1927. He was shocked to learn of time travel and believed that Agent Christopher was joking until he saw the reality before him (‘The Lost Generation’).

He dressed appropriately and even armed himself with a 1927 colt .38 to fit in the time period of 1927. He was diligent in trying to maintain the past and leave a minimal footprint. He showed respect to both Lucy and Rufus. He showed deference to Lucy and deferred to her intelligence and experience. He was extremely polite, considerate and supportive team member. He never once criticised or belittled Lucy for her rude manner during their first meeting.

“You’re in charge, Lucy.”

His first jump to the past was surprisingly easy. He had no nausea which was he warned of. He enjoyed to lightly tease Rufus. He was resourceful in tracking down the location where Garcia Flynn and his team took down Charles Lindbergh’s plane. They made quick allies with Hemmingway and followed his lead to a Parisian Nightclub.

The two bonded over an appreciate of ‘Antique Porn’ and the trio enjoyed Josephine Baker’s performance at a Parisian Nightclub.  They broke apart as they worked the room to find someone who knew where Garcia Flynn was holding Charles Lindbergh. Soon a lead popped up in the form of Emma, she was spotted buying a bottle of absinthe.

The team followed her out, where Emma rendezvoused with Karl. Dave in the lead as he was the soldier of the team came out the backdoor first. A gunfight ensued between Dave and Karl, Dave managed to wound Karl in the arm but was fatally wounded. He died instantly from a gunshot wound to the chest and his body was left behind in 1927.

However, in the altered timeline after Rittenhouse saves Jessica (‘Hollywoodland’). It is assumed that Dave Baumgardner is now alive as Jessica being alive meant Wyatt had no reason to steal the lifeboat. As a result, Wyatt would’ve been on the mission that Dave died on.


Old World Manners
Dave’s parents died and he was raised by his grandparents. And that's why he has such old world manners like taking his hat off indoors. He had siblings and was the middle child as he is shown to not aggressive like he has to be in charge and prove himself eldest. He was also not the baby who was a little entitled and used to things being done for him. Just a complacent middle child perfectly chill.

Big Family Matters
Dave came from a big happy family of loving and supportive people where the women outnumbered the men. As a result, there was a strong matriarch system in his family. He learnt to be a peacemaker and a good team member. He also respected women as equals and to not piss them off because he knew what an angry sister could do. It also explains why he didn't question Lucy telling him to call her by her first name or flirt with her. He wanted her to feel safe and confident in his presence.

A Soldier and a Gentleman
Dave would’ve made the perfect partner and soldier to Lucy instead of Wyatt. Dave seemed like someone who has been through serious situations given his career choice. But he didn't let it get him down. Somehow, miraculously, he kept a positive outlook and was always smiling. He would have been good for Lucy, when she was burdened by so much. He would have balanced out her character and helped her instead bringing unnecessary pain and drama to her life. He would be her rock in the storm of her life.

[ biography by: grug45 ]


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