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Early Life

Garcia Flynn was born in Croatia in 1975. His American mother, Maria Thompkins, moved to Europe after 1971, where she met and married Asher Flynn. Despite saving his half-brother Gabriel in an alternate timeline, Flynn's memories are of growing up as an only child.

In 1981, Flynn was in the first grade.

As a boy, Flynn had an interest in Tex Willer comics, an Italian publication about an honorable ranger in the American wild west. Because of this, Flynn wanted to grow up to be a cowboy, protecting the good guys from the bad guys. It also gave him a lifelong love of horses.

Because his mother worked for the Lockman Aerospace defense contractor, Flynn grew up fascinated with the company his entire life. He believed her to be very gifted and that she accomplished remarkable things while working for them.

Young Adult

Flynn joined the Croatian Military at age fifteen and fought in the Croatian War for Independence one year later. He participated in various wars across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa over the course of sixteen years.

Within this time, Flynn became proficient in weapons training and hand-to-hand combat. He is skilled in firing revolvers, semi-automatic firearms, automatic firearms, and rocket launchers. He is also capable of programming explosives. At some point, Flynn was trained to work with computers and has a working knowledge of how to crack security and break encryptions on classified documents.

1990 Enlisted in Croatian Army
1991 Croatian War of Independence. Fought for Croatian Army
1992 Bosnian War. Fought for Rebellion of Bosnia and Herzegovina
1994 First Chechen War. Fought for Chechen Guerrilla Army
1996 Nepali Civil War. Fought for Maoist Rebellion
1998 Kosovo War. Fought for Kosovo Liberation Army
1999 Second Chechen War. Fought again for Chechen Guerrilla Army 
2001 War in Afghanistan. Fought for International Security Assistance Force
2005 War in Darfur. Fought for Liberation Movement
2006 War in Somalia. Fought for Islamic Court Union
2008 Started his own private military sanctioned firm with various global contracts
2010 Recruited by the NSA as covert operative engaged in black ops throughout Eastern Europe
2015 Garcia’s wife and son slaughtered, evidence indicates Garcia Flynn as prime suspect. Flynn evaded authorities. Becomes #4 on Interpol’s 10 most wanted. May be in hiding with former Chechen guerrillas. 

Adult (Pre-Series)

The last war in which Flynn fought took place in the year 2006. After that, he retired from the military. In 2008, Flynn began a successful firm working in the private sector. His group secured contracts with agencies around the world, and in 2010, he was contracted to work with the NSA. It is this distinction that kept Flynn as an NSA asset and not an agent outright. Occasionally, the NSA would outsource jobs to his firm. Flynn reported his gathered intel to a designated NSA contact. When Flynn began working with the NSA, he said, “My mother worked in national defense. Guess it runs in the family.”

It is unclear when Flynn met and married his wife Lorena, before or after his retirement from the military. During their marriage, Lorena would lie on the couch humming “I Wished on the Moon” by Bing Crosby, an act that once bothered Flynn. It is a small detail he now misses most, others being pranks she pulled, her icy feet at night, and the smell of her hair.

His daughter Iris was born in the year 2009.

In 2014, the NSA outsourced a job to Flynn's firm. He was tasked with evading security to retrieve and review suspicious corporate financials. Upon examining the documents, Flynn discovered huge sums of money being funneled through the Caymans to world-renowned tech mogul, Connor Mason. Along with the money trail, Flynn found evidence that the funds were intended to sponsor a time travel project. He had difficulty locating the exact source of the finances, but when he cracked the encryption on the transfers, one name kept showing up: Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse funded Mason and had been doing so for three years at that point in time. Flynn flagged the transfers for his NSA contact and was told that the matter would be handled. It is unclear if Flynn’s contact within the NSA worked for Rittenhouse or else passed the information on again to an agent of the organization.

Four nights later, Flynn was at home. (It is not established if he and his family lived in America or Europe.) When he put his daughter to bed, Iris asked to stay up for, “Ten more minutes, Daddy.” She bargained down to, “Three more minutes.” Being a good father, Flynn told her to go to bed and that he would see her in the morning. The next time he saw her, she was dead. This follows another painful memory Flynn has in which he promised Iris he would always protect her from monsters. In both instances, he was unable to keep his word.

In the middle of the night, Flynn was woken as his wife got out of bed. Lorena thought she heard Iris coughing. From the bed, Flynn heard the two gunshots that murdered his family. He was woefully outnumbered in the ensuing fight, and with bullets flying, he barely made it out alive.

Rittenhouse’s original plan to kill Flynn and his family was altered by his unanticipated escape. Left in the abandoned home, Rittenhouse proceeded to plant evidence that framed Flynn for the murders. In addition to the homicide charges, he was also branded as a terrorist due to a hard drive Rittenhouse left full of terrorists and anti-government groups. Unable to silence him with death, Rittenhouse strove to instead discredit Flynn’s reputation, knowing that if he said anything, it would not be believed. Flynn became #4 on Interpol’s 10 Most Wanted.

Following the deaths of his family, unknowing who was responsible, being framed for the murders, Flynn fled. Though intelligence agencies believed him to be in Chechnya with Chechen guerrillas and former allies, Flynn was alone in hiding. He ran as far as he could and ended up in São Paulo, Brazil. The only thing that kept him from killing himself was the idea of stopping the people responsible for his family’s deaths. He had no idea of who the organization was and no plans on how to begin his vendetta.

Two weeks after the death of his family, Flynn was in a bar in São Paulo. He was on his third drink when Lucy from the future walked in. He observed her to look five years older than her 2018 self, therefore, nine years older than she would have been in 2014. Lucy gave Flynn her name and various other demonstrations of knowledge. She knew everything about Flynn and his situation, including how his family died and who was responsible-- Rittenhouse, a name Flynn knew from his mission two-and-a-half weeks prior. Lucy told Flynn there was a way for him to stop them, and that to do it, Flynn would need her help. Lucy gave Flynn her journal that would act as his guide throughout the first season, instructing him through most everything he did or pointing him in the right direction. Trusting Flynn could handle the mission from there, Lucy left.

Flynn read and reread the journal Lucy gave him, memorizing it. At first, all Flynn cared about was that the journal was a tool to take down Rittenhouse. Over time, the more Flynn read it, he connected with the personal aspect of the narration. He began to feel that he knew Lucy and understood her. Flynn related to the woman from the journal and her thoughts to such a degree that he sometimes feels like he knows present Lucy better than she knows herself, being familiar with emotions and experiences she has since worked though and put into words.

Within the next two years, as he prepared his offense against Rittenhouse, Flynn came into contact with Anthony Bruhl. It is unclear how Flynn knew about Anthony’s distrust of Rittenhouse and hesitance in the time machine project, however, it is very likely the journal told him. Flynn sought out Anthony. Together, they made plans on how to steal the Mothership and erase Rittenhouse from history. On the chosen night, thirty minutes before Mason Industries was raided, Anthony made a phone call to an unknown number, since disconnected, notifying Flynn it was time to enact their plot. Anthony attempted to get his two favorite coworkers out of the building before everything went down, but whether he timed the attack wrong or Flynn did, Rufus and Jiya were present when the Mothership was stolen.

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