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Timeless gave us complex and layered original characters so Team Garcy brings you biographies that match the complexity and layers to what we saw on the series. If you would like to write a biography for any of the characters that don't yet have their pages done, contact me to let me know which characters you would like to write for, and I will mark it/them as claimed with an asterix (*). If you would like to write a character biography for someone not listed, also let me know and I will add it to this archive. Thank you!

* Baumgardner, Dave
* Bruhl, Anthony
Cahill, Benjamin
* Cahill, Ethan
Calhoun, Lucas
Carlin, Rufus
Casey, Stiv
* Christopher, Denise
Christopher, Michelle
Christopher, Olivia
Flynn, Garcia
Fisher, Stanley
Flynn, Asher
* Flynn, Iris
* Flynn, Lorena
Gilliam, Claire
Gilliam, Wes
* Keynes, Nicholas

* Logan, Jessica
Logan, Wyatt
* Marri, Jiya
Mason, Connor
Millerson, Ryan
Neville, Jake
* Preston, Amy
Preston, Carol
Preston, Lucy
Ramsey, Patrick
Rittenhouse, David
Rittenhouse, John
Sirivastava, Ananya
Thompkins, Gabriel
* Thompkins, Maria
Wallace, Henry
Whitmore, Emma
Yunshan, Fei

Mason Industries

Garcia Flynn was born in Croatia in 1975. His American mother, Maria Thompkins, moved to Europe after 1971, where she met and married Asher Flynn. Despite saving his half-brother Gabriel in an alternate timeline, Flynn's memories are of growing up as an only child.

In 1981, Flynn was in the first grade.

As a boy, Flynn had an interest in Tex Willer comics, an Italian publication about an honorable ranger in the American wild west. Because of this, Flynn wanted to grow up to be a cowboy, protecting the good guys from the bad guys. It also gave him a lifelong love of horses. [ read more ]

Lucy Preston was born in California on January 24, 1983.

Carol Preston and Henry Wallace met at UC Berkeley in 1979 and married in 1980. Within the next three years, Carol had an affair with Benjamin Cahill, Lucy's biological father, that resulted in her birth. Until age thirty-three, Lucy believed Henry Wallace was her father and knew nothing of Cahill.

When she was young, Lucy's mother read her historical biographies for kids. Lucy enjoyed the books and planned to one day read them to her own children. Carol would also sing “I Wished on the Moon” by Bing Crosby to Lucy. [ read more ]


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