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Nicholas Keynes was Carol Preston’s Maternal Grandfather and Lucy’s Maternal Great Grandfather. He was Rittenhouse Royalty and wrote a manifesto for Rittenhouse in 1910. The Manifesto suggested the implementation of Sleeper Agents and time travel to gently ‘nudge’ history in Rittenhouse’s grand design. The utilisation of time travel for Rittenhouse wasn’t taking over the world in one time period at a time. They were trying to form and shape America into their version of a utopian society and presumably spread their control to the world (‘The Darlington 500’).

In the original timeline, Nicholas was mortally wounded in St Mihiel, France during the First World War and subsequently died. His legacy was in his 1910 Manifesto and the Keynes-Preston family line (‘The General’).

But Rittenhouse under Carol’s guidance went back to 1918 where they used modern medical technology to avert his death. Emma Whitmore stabilised his condition after performing in the field surgery. An act that deeply ingratiated her to Nicholas. Then returned with Nicholas to 2018 (‘The War to End all Wars’).

His arrival in 2018 turned Nicholas into an Anachronism. He soon assumed the role of ‘Mastermind’ and ‘Leader’ of Rittenhouse. Carol claimed he was a visionary and would lead Rittenhouse into the future. It was hard for Emma to believe such when Nicholas spent his first couple of weeks acting strangely (‘The Darlington 500’).

Carol maintained control of Rittenhouse as she patiently waited for Nicholas to adjust to the present and his new role. Due to his background and the time from which he grew up; his social mores were considered ‘dated’. He was seen as peculiar and touch mad given his endless requests for Pickled eggs, printing the entirety of Wikipedia out on paper, painting pictures that seemed rather insignificant (‘The Darlington 500’).

But in Nicholas’ mind, he was researching the past and formulated his grand plan in accordance to the ideals he prescribed in his manifesto. He found a blank wall in the Rittenhouse stronghold and proceeded to paint a mural. The mural represented the artistry of Rittenhouse and how Time was their canvas and the Mothership their brush.

“Now it's time to begin preserving human culture. Taking what's best of us, and subtracting and sloughing away the worst. Shaping, cutting away at the rock that is the human race, until it resembles something like Michelangelo's "David." Until it reaches…Perfection Everlasting. We few will save the world.”

It was his signal that he was ready, the wall was his vision for their future. From henceforth, he took full command of Rittenhouse. However, he unwillingly had to accept Carol as his second in command and Emma as his loyal guard given their high ranking positions in Rittenhouse.

His integration into 2018 Rittenhouse culture was a difficult experience. Over 100 years of social, science and culture development were hard for him to conceptualise and accept. He struggled with the equality that women had attained during the last year. He hates to exercise and how he is shamed for his diet and lifestyle choices (‘The Darlington 500’).

His relationships with the two women were very different. Carol tried to control him, Emma gave him the perceived freedom he needed as a man and leader.

His relationship with Carol was conflicted and unbalanced at best. They both wanted the best for Rittenhouse but Lucy and family became a point of contention. Nicholas after extensively reviewing history, his family history and records came to the conclusion that Lucy was a ‘problem’. They argued as to what Lucy was. To Carol, Lucy was misguided and easily swayed but in time would come to them. To Nicholas, Lucy was a bad seed who was offered a great opportunity but refused. He decided Lucy needed to be killed. He left it in Carol’s hands but when she failed, he took charge of the ‘Lucy’ problem and handed it to Emma to take care of (‘The Salem Witch Hunt’).

Carol’s weakness in trying to protect Lucy led to Rittenhouse’s stronghold being infiltrated. Nicholas had to destroy his mural to stop Lucy and her side from learning his plans. It was the final straw that lead to Nicholas losing faith in his Granddaughter (‘The King of the Delta Blues’).

After Rittenhouse has to relocate, Nicholas puts his faith and trust entirely into Emma as she has shown herself to be a valuable member. He saw her as an ally as she told him the truth and showed him the deference, he felt he deserved. She had become important to him (‘Mrs Sherlock Holmes’).

“You’re not just my pilot, Emma. You’re the only one I trust.”

At the end of another failed mission, he began a sexual relationship with Emma. It is assumed that he is attracted to her beauty and strength as a woman who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and fight for what she wants. But in doing so, he has allowed Emma a special position in his world as she uses their time together to share her ideas (‘Mrs Sherlock Holmes’).

Carol of course, did not approve of Nicholas’ blindness towards Emma. She purposefully drove Nicholas out to his daughter’s grave. She tried to persuade him that Emma was betraying them while she drove home the point that Rittenhouse was about Blood, Family and Legacy. That Emma doesn’t understand this as she is not really ‘one of them’. Emma was not family, and her faith was fleeting. Carol takes a moment to reiterate that Lucy is Rittenhouse by blood. Nicholas is not entirely swayed by the argument to save Lucy but as he looked upon his daughter’s grave that he is reminded of the great sacrifices he has made (‘The General’).

He recalled with some regret that he left when his daughter was 2 years old to go to war and never got to see her grow up. He sacrificed everything for his family’s legacy. It strangely puts things into perspective. He and Carol are back on the same page. As a result, his focus is brought back to his original plans. It is assumed that they activate Jessica Logan in the bunker to finish her mission (‘The General’).

To his surprise, Jessica is yet another valuable and incredibly resourceful Rittenhouse agent. She returned to the Rittenhouse’s new lair with not just the Lifeboat but also a pilot. He declares it a ‘Total Victory’ as Rittenhouse had the capabilities to accelerate their plans with two machines (‘Chinatown’).

The victory and his gloating attitude in it came at a price as Jessica broke her mission protocols. Emma didn’t agree with the results as she had alterative motives. It was in that moment that Nicholas realised his relationship with Emma had shifted. His desire to keep Rittenhouse steeped in the old ways was viewed in disdain. He ignored it as flippant female behaviour as men in his day did not put much credence in a woman’s abilities even when proven. He allowed Carol to remind Emma that she was not blood or family, she had no legacy in Rittenhouse (‘Chinatown’).

He watched Emma walk away, strong in his convictions to Rittenhouse. His strong desire to keep Rittenhouse steeped in the old traditions and preference shown to the founding families over the soldiers like Emma. By not adapting to the future proved to be the downfall of his reign (‘Chinatown’).

In 1888, he witnessed Emma murder Carol before she murdered him in a photography studio in Chinatown, San Francisco. He died instantly from a gunshot to the head. His remains were left behind (‘Chinatown’).

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