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Jessica Logan (Maiden name unknown) was born 1985, to two very loving parents. She has a sister whose name is unknown (‘Atomic City’) and an older brother named Kevin who died from Leukemia at age three (‘The Day Reagan was Shot’).

She lived a normal life, her family moved from San Diego to West Texas when she was in high school. She met Wyatt as a high school senior, they soon became high school sweethearts (‘The Kennedy Curse’).
They soon became engaged after a beautiful proposal under an old oak tree where the couple first kissed (‘Bonnie and Clyde’). They spent their honeymoon in a low rent motel, and started a life together. They moved to San Diego, Jessica became a bartender at Gilroy’s in the Mission. They talked about having a family, Jessica wanted to have a boy (‘Stranded’). They had a holiday to Hawaii that ended badly with Wyatt in the hospital as he concussed himself while surfing. Jessica spent three days sleeping in a chair by his bed (‘The Kennedy Curse’).

Saturday 11th February 2012, Jessica and Wyatt went out for dinner and drinks. They had dinner at ‘George’s at the Cove’ before they moved onto the ‘Pelican Lounge’ for drinks (‘Atomic City’, ‘Watergate Tapes’). It was there that Jessica ran into an old boyfriend. Wyatt who had consumed too much alcohol became jealous and enraged. They left the bar and had a major fight in the car on the way home.  Jessica shouted at him to pull over and in his drunken, angry state; Wyatt complied.

Jessica got out of the car at 10pm on Prospect street and was last seen heading north in a Navy blue summer dress with silver heels (Atomic City).

It took two weeks for her body to found in the bushes strangled to death. Wyatt had to identify her body and watched as the Coroner took Jessica’s remains away. By this time, her family and Wyatt implored the public to come forward with any information to find Jessica. Then it turned into a search for a killer, the family fronted a $10,000 reward for any information that would lead to the killer’s arrest (‘Atomic City’, ‘Watergate Tapes’).
Her case remained unsolved and haunted her husband Wyatt Logan as he never gave up searching for her killer.

That was until 2018, Rittenhouse travelled back to San Diego, 1980. Emma and Carol gave Jessica’s family an offer with a miracle. They used advanced medicine from 2018 to save Kevin’s life. The family became indebted to Rittenhouse (‘Chinatown’). But to Jessica, they became almost godlike as they saved Kevin’s life. He lived on the have a family of his own; making Jessica an Aunt to a cute baby boy (‘The Day Reagan Was Shot’).

As the years went by, Rittenhouse became an extension of her family. Rittenhouse indoctrinated her from an early age. She has a reverence for the organisation akin to religious belief as she felt Rittenhouse gave her purpose. They made her believe she is a part of something bigger than herself and that Rittenhouse will save the world (‘Chinatown’).
Her life ran the nearly the same path as it did in the events of the previous timeline. She shared similar if not the same memories as Wyatt until their memories diverge in 2012 (‘The Kennedy Curse’).

It’s unknown how Jessica survived the events of February 11th 2012 but Rittenhouse intervened. She survived. She spent the next 6 years married to Wyatt and working as a bartender. Wyatt was loved by her family and he was good friends with her brother Kevin. Wyatt’s drinking problem became full blown alcoholism. He committed infidelity more than once. His control, jealousy and anger issues became too much for her (‘The Salem Witch Hunt’).
In 2016, They sought marriage counselling to try and repair the erosion of their marriage and to find a way to move forward. But it didn’t work, the couple fell into a pattern of Wyatt making promises to stop drinking. He would for a short time before he’d start drinking again. Jessica forgave his behaviour over and over (‘The Salem Witch Hunt’).

In 2018, when Wyatt disappeared for two months with no contact; Jessica decided she had had enough. She went to a lawyer and had Divorce papers drawn up. She texted Wyatt, finally he replied by showing up at her work place (‘The Salem Witch Hunt’).

She meets up with him later after her shift. She gives him the papers, she doesn’t expect a fight but felt it was fair to give him the papers in person. But frustratingly, Wyatt fights it and implores her to give him another chance. But after so many years of giving him a second chance after second chance; she doesn’t want to. She informed him of how he treated her, how he sees their marriage is not the reality of what it is (‘The Salem Witch Hunt’).

She is tired of waiting for him, tired of the drinking, the lies and being put on the pedestal. She implored him to see reason, that she is not the person he thinks she is. They are not the couple they wanted to be. She put up with the lonely nights and cold dinners because she’s proud of him and what he does, she loves him. But she can no longer stand the secrets, the cheating, the drinking and his other issues (‘The Salem Witch Hunt’).

To her surprise, he decides to tell her the truth. It’s unknown when Rittenhouse activate her as a sleeper agent or how much they have told her about the ‘original’ timeline, Time travel and Time team. But she allows him to show her his world. Much to her surprise, he breaks an NDA and direct orders to be with her and to bring her into the bunker (‘The Salem Witch Hunt’).

But she soon learnt some hard truths as Wyatt in an argument with Agent Christopher disclosed that she died before. Jessica is shocked by the information, tried to leave and ran directly into Connor. She is in awe of him and surprised Wyatt knows him, it momentarily made her forget Wyatt saying she was dead (‘The Salem Witch Hunt’).
She is given a grand tour of the bunker and introduced more formally to Connor, Jiya and Agent Christopher. She sees the lifeboat appear out of thin air and is shocked by what she sees.

She soon became somewhat active member in the bunker. She helped sift through evidence from the Rittenhouse Stronghold. She didn’t pick up on any sensitive material or she was not trained to identify it as she missed several key pieces. Pieces that lead to the team becoming aware that Rittenhouse had followed her, her entire life (‘Mrs Sherlock Holmes’).

She attempted to befriend Lucy, but it was a tenuous relationship at best as Jessica realised Wyatt cheated on her with Lucy. Jessica understood Lucy and Wyatt slept together while she was technically still dead but after spending a day with the two; she wanted to walk away. She felt like a fool as her sliver of hope that Wyatt was different was snuffed out. Somehow, Lucy convinced her to stay and give Wyatt a chance. It helped salve her wounds when Lucy explained how far Wyatt had gone to save Jessica because he loved her so deeply (‘The Kennedy Curse’).

It didn’t take long for Jessica to realise Lucy was still infatuated with Wyatt. That Wyatt was doing his best to keep Jessica away from Lucy. It made being in the bunker somewhat untenable and extremely awkward at times (‘The Kennedy Curse’, ‘Mrs Sherlock Holmes’).

During her stay, Jessica was allowed the use of her mobile phone. Having it, she was able to maintain contact with the outside world i.e. Rittenhouse and her family. It’s during this time, Jessica received her orders; to collect as much information as possible on the team and their missions before she was to kill them (‘Chinatown’, ‘The Day Reagan Was Shot’).

During the course of her stay over the next couple of months, she fell in love with Wyatt again and she became friends with Jiya. The two bonding over ‘This Is Us’ and ‘Vanderpump Rules’. It was presumed by the time she knew she was pregnant that she couldn’t complete her mission as she cared about the people in the bunker. So, she found a compromise. Instead of killing the members in the bunker. She took advantage of their trust. She kidnapped Jiya and stole the lifeboat. Even though she had deviated from her orders. She had been celebrated by Nicholas and Carol as a success as she brought them a pilot and the Lifeboat (‘The General’, ‘Chinatown’).
Even though she had been successful, Jessica felt remorse over her actions. She hid her pregnancy from Carol and the others, she tried to hide her discomfort as she witnessed the rough treatment of Jiya. She even tried to fit in with the celebration of her success but couldn’t fully commit.

Jessica showed loyalty to Wyatt by defending his character to Carol as she reminded Carol that Wyatt was still her husband. She pretended to sip the whiskey and looked somewhat relieved when Emma interrupted them. But even so, she was on edge and conflicted. She was now caught between her loyalty to Rittenhouse and the truth that she cared for Wyatt and the others in the bunker (‘Chinatown’).

When Jiya eventually escaped, Jessica got her first real taste of time travel as a Rittenhouse Agent. She followed Carol and Nicholas with Emma to track down the Lifeboat and Jiya. The plan was to drag Jiya back. But the plan dramatically changed when they crossed paths with the Time Team in a photography studio. Emma who had been about to kill Lucy had been intercepted by Carol. It led to Emma killing both Carol and Nicholas on the spot (‘Chinatown’).

Jessica was in shock at the events that happened before her. In that moment, was unsure of what to do. Emma pulled her out of the building, they split up to meet at the Saloon where Jiya worked. As Jessica ran, she heard Wyatt chasing after her. So, she drew him into a back alley.

Once there, they had their first honest conversation since they reunited. She is desperate to hold onto Rittenhouse and what she had been indoctrinated to believe. She explained to Wyatt that she is more than the Jessica he knew. That Emma and Carol are family to her for nearly all of her life. Rittenhouse had given her purpose and she truly believed they would save the world. She would be an active participant in helping Rittenhouse.

Wyatt tried to convince to stay, he tried to appeal to her ‘good’ side not realising that she believed Rittenhouse to be ‘good’. Her disillusionment of Rittenhouse has barely started. She informed him explicitly that she will protect Rittenhouse and her baby. She does admit that she truly loved him, but she still prioritised the life of her family, her unborn child and herself above his desires (‘Chinatown’).

She escaped him, only to catch up with Emma. She felt uneasy of her position in Rittenhouse with the power shift. Emma made it clear that they are a team, she had a plan for Rittenhouse that would break from the tradition of Legacy over hard work. There would be a new era for Rittenhouse and there was an inference that there would be a prominent position for Jessica; if she gave her fealty to Emma.

The last time Jessica Logan was seen was in a bar fight with the Time team. She was shot by Garcia Flynn; it was a flesh wound. She and her unborn child are still very much alive. Her current location unknown but presumed to still be with Rittenhouse.

**Please note the movie is not accepted as canon by the author of this section. They strongly believe the deep schisms in characterisation and general story made the movie more fanfiction/fanon than genuine canon. Thus the movie’s fanon is not included.**

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