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Amy Preston was born 1990, her mother was Carol Preston and father; Henry Wallace. She is the half-sister and best friend of Lucy Preston.

Amy has a degree in Sociology and black belt in Karate. According to Lucy, Amy was considered to be weird but free-spirited person. She didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life, but it didn’t stop her from exploring and living her eclectic life to its fullest (‘Red Scare’). Amy was Lucy’s best friend and was always persistent in trying to get Lucy to follow her dreams. To quit her job at Stanford, to ‘make her own future’ instead worrying about disappointing their mother (‘Pilot’).

Amy’s profession was ambiguous but it was inferred that she worked from home and had a podcast. It made her available during the day to look after Carol, who was bedridden and dying from terminal lung cancer. While Lucy would take over in the night shift as the daughters shared the duties of caring for their mother (‘Pilot’).

After Lucy travelled back to May 6th 1937, history is changed by Flynn and Lucy with her team. Flynn by stopping the Hindenburg from not exploding when it should. Lucy and her team; rescuing people from the burning wreckage when the Hindenburg finally does explode and crash.

When Lucy returned home, she discovered that Amy disappeared and her mother was alive and healthy. She soon learned the change in history erased Amy from existence.

Lucy completely distraught at the loss her sister accepts Jiya’s offer to look into what happened. Jiya quickly discovered that Henry and Carol never met, because Henry married the granddaughter of a Hindenburg passenger. Irene Doehner died in the original explosion but thanks to the changes she and Flynn made; Irene and many others survived (‘The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln’).

Lucy distraught over Amy’s erasure continued on the time traveling missions. She only continues on the mission so that after Flynn’s capture; she would able to save Amy. An agreement was made between Lucy and Agent Christopher to this effect for Lucy’s full commitment to the mission (‘Party at Castle Varlar’).

Lucy is continually haunted by Amy’s erasure. She falls into a severe depression as she feels hopeless and guilty as her memories of Amy start to fade. She forgets Amy’s birthday. It erodes at her spirit as matters are further complicated by the existence of Rittenhouse.

By the time Lucy got permission to go back in time to get Amy back. She was prevented by Rittenhouse and Carol. Lucy learns that the erasure of Amy was not an unfortunate byproduct effect of her and Flynn’s mistakes but purposeful event produced by Rittenhouse Carol was desperate to stay alive. Lucy learns that she and her family are Rittenhouse Royalty. Rittenhouse would not sacrifice Carol to save Amy (“The Red Scare”).

6 weeks after Lucy’s confrontation with her mother and subsequent kidnapping to Rittenhouse. Lucy is brought into the Rittenhouse culture; it’s assumed she is brainwashed to take up her role in the organisation. When Lucy defected to the Time team, Emma Whitmore informed Lucy that Carol had her go back in time to make sure Amy could never come back (‘The War to End All Wars’).

Lucy is completely devasted and spiralled out of control. She fell into a deep depression and grieved the loss of her sister and mother. She coped by drinking heavily, making poor life choices and showing reckless disregard for her safety (‘Hollywoodland’, ‘The Salem Witch Hunt’).

All her actions lead to her falling deeper into a morose state until Garcia Flynn walked into the bunker. In small ways, his presence becomes a salve to her wounds. He supports her as a leader and reaches out to her as a friend. She accepts his offer, he becomes her confidant and gives her back hope that not all is lost (‘The King of The Delta Blues’, ‘Mrs Sherlock Holmes’).

While Amy has not been saved and Lucy is still struggling with her not being around. Lucy has not given up hope that maybe one day, she’ll save her sister.

**Please Note: the author did not include the movie as they do not acknowledge it as canon. It is fanon to their knowledge and irrelevant to Timeless story.

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