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Maria Thompkins was born in America 1945, she attended Sam Houston High School where she met her first husband. They married after high school, she soon fell pregnant and gave birth to her first son Gabriel.

Her first husband tragically died in a car accident. After his death, she became employed in the secretarial pool for Lockman Aerospace on the third floor. Her supervisor was Vincent Sullivan. While working and raising Gabriel, she went to night school to become an aerospace engineer.

In 1969, the original timeline, her first son Gabriel died from a bee sting. His death haunted Maria as she never fully recovered from her grief. Garcia after losing his wife and child understood her grief and made the decision to save his half-brother. To spare her the pain that he now endured. He knew in doing so he was changing his personal history but it was his sacrifice from son to his mother. One, he felt was worth it.

“Every memory I have of you, you were always sad. And I know what it's like to lose a child. I didn't want to let you lose yours, not if I could change it” Garcia Flynn - Space Race

When Garcia showed up, he was an enigmatic stranger who appeared out of nowhere to Maria. He knew he was taking a huge risk and turned her life upside down. There were minor consequences as she was accused of colluding with Communist spies by Wyatt Logan who was under the pseudonym of a FBI agent. She was eventually cleared of all accusations.

Two years after the incident, she graduates from night school with a degree and Lockman Aerospace give her a new position in 1971. She is transferred overseas and works as an Engineer in Lockman Aerospace international offices.

It is overseas that she eventually meets Asher Flynn. They fall in love, get married and have another child in 1975. They name their child ‘Garcia’.

It is assumed that with the shift and Gabriel being saved Maria remained happy and relieved with the knowledge Gabriel was saved by the kindness of a peculiar stranger. She continued living the same path as she still met Asher, fell in love and had Garcia, became an Engineer.

It is assumed her life was satisfying as she had a beautiful family, loving husband and fulfilled her dreams of working on remarkable projects and being acknowledge for her hard work and talent. Her work was primarily in National Defence sector as Garcia later recounted “My mother worked in National Defence. Guess it runs in the family” in his interview when he goes to work for NSA.


Mistaken Identity
Garcia looks a lot like his father Asher. So much so, in the altered timeline when Maria met Asher she mistakenly thought he was the man who saved her son. She was imbued with a sense of trust and comfort in the strength and kindness he exuded.

While he was not the man who saved her son. Asher Flynn was a great man and father to their children. She felt incredibly blessed to be in love and loved again.

Doppelganger Theory
When Maria watched Garcia grow up in the altered timeline, she couldn’t help but notice the similarities of Garcia to the man from 1969. It became uncanny when Garcia was in his late thirties. The logical part of her mind dismissed it, but when her daughter in law and grandchild were murdered; she could not let it go. ‘What if’ played in her mind.

Fighting for Her Son
When Garcia was accused of murdering Lorena and Iris. Maria never believed it. She knew her son did not murder his family. She made it her mission to clear her son’s name and bring him home to Croatia. After she and Asher had a funeral service for Lorena and Iris. Maria and Asher began their own investigation, they implored Interpol and called in many favours to find out the truth. They were stoned wall but Maria knew in her bones her son was innocent.

[ biography by: grug45 ]


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