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Campaign Name: Garcys and Goran fans for Žarkovica animal shelter
Dates: 11 September - 11 October 2019
Shelter Website:
Main Social Media Tag: #Žarkovica
Additional Tags: #GoranVišnjić
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Our Fundraising Page:

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The campaign description:
In honor of Goran Višnjić’s birthday, the Garcy Family and long time/newly minted Goran fans would like to invite you to help support the Žarkovica Animal Shelter located in Dubrovnik, Croatia. As you may know, Goran is passionate with the love and support of animals globally including having numerous pets in his own home. To honor his passion, we have selected an animal shelter in his home country that desperately needs our help.

The current needs of the Žarkovica Animal Shelter include tools and material to rebuild the shelter destroyed by storms in February. The shelter is run on donations. Žarkovica houses over 300 dogs and 100 cats and needs a lot of help to be ready for winter! In addition, the shelter needs financial support to help purchase nutritional dog and cat food and medication. Our priority is to help raise the money so the animals will have a warm home for the upcoming winter. Our contact in the shelter confirmed it’s their priority as well.
We have contacted Tina Duk from the shelter, and she’s excited and grateful for all of the support.

For more information on the shelter and how you can help them, you can visit their website and read the fundraising campaign plan below.

Why are we doing this? Well, for one, we do love Goran and believe this is the sort of gift he would appreciate. But it’s so so much more! We the Garcy Fam, as we lovingly call ourselves because we are indeed a family, came together over a show and actor we dearly love. We have laughed, we have cried, and we have supported each other through so many aspects of life. But even greater we want to do GOOD together. It’s fun to joke over what clothing item Goran’s character Garcia Flynn should wear or create beautiful art together, but it’s also important that we together as a family leave a positive impact on our world, in our global community, and we would like you to join us.

About the shelter:
This shelter started with one woman and her desire to save the animals of Dubrovnik from abuse and death in 2004. With the help of volunteers and very little support from the government, they are able to take in animals to treat, vaccinate, and microchip until they can find their forever home. Despite the harsh conditions of their environment, they survive with the love from all working at the Žarkovica shelter. Starting with this campaign, we will be supporting the shelter.

But how do we help? Well, we’re glad you asked!

1.) Donate through our Fundly page! Every bit of the money raised here will be sent to the Žarkovica Animal Shelter. This page is connected to a private account owned by our dearest Jen who has been a fan of Goran for 20 years. The account will be used before the money is transferred to the shelter's Paypal account. Because we are not officially affiliated with the shelter and they don't work with any fundraising website, we cannot sign in with their billing information, but rest assured, we will update with transparency to let you know the money has gone to them after the campaign is over. We will have to pay some fees but we will cover them ourselves by donating extra dollars in the end. has confirmed that we can raise the money for this cause and Tina is informed. This will work for those who don't have a Paypal account and want to be able to track the amount raised

Link to the fundraising page:|

2.) Send money directly to the shelter via their Paypal email! If you still want to help but prefer to send it directly, follow the link below to support via their Paypal. Please note: unfortunately, we will not be able to track your donation if done this way. We hope to share the generosity of fans across the globe here to encourage others to donate and show the total impact we are making. If you chose this method, please consider reaching out to us to make us aware of your donation or make a public post on social media with links to the campaign page and tag it with #Žarkovica (additional tags to spread the info are welcome too).

Link to the shelter's Paypal email and bank details:

3.) You can also help by purchasing the shipping quality dog & cat food to the shelter from a local online petshop that confirmed they accept international payment. Please contact us for shipping address details. As with the direct donation, please let us know if you have chosen to support them this way and share on social media. The most needed items are: dry dog food (not wet, please), dry cat food, and wet cat food. For details and preferred brands, please visit this page:

How to help the campaign!

Please share the information on your social media accounts.

We encourage you to spread the word and to post when you make a donation using campaign's tags, pictures, campaign graphics and links to this page, the fundraising page and the shelter's website.

For questions please contact:

Sass (ig: sasschronicles)
Jen (main contact for fundraising page questions)
If you do not have a Twitter or Instagram account, you may also send an e-mail to the webmaster of this Team Garcy website (, and your message will be forwarded to Sass and Jen - as soon as a response is sent, it will be forwarded to you.


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