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It is not very unusual for fans of Garcia Flynn to want to pick up his native language, and since the Team Garcy webmaster is a learner of many languages, it is only fitting that Team Garcy brings you a little information on how to go about learning Croatian! Plus... one day us Tree Huggers will organize a field trip to Croatia for "science."

Before digging in, I suggest checking out the information on this page as it will help you understand how to properly pronounce the Croatian languages (and its fun accent marks)! Did you know that Croatian is almost basically the same as Bosnian, Serbian, and Montenegrin? So learning Croatian language means you are really learning four languages! Once you get far enough along you can just say that you're a polyglot who can speak a handful of languages (and most people probably will not know that these four are basically the same and you will look really, really smart, yeah!).

informal = used when speaking to your family, friends, and children
formal = used when speaking to your elders, co-workers, strangers

Welcome Dobrodošli
Hello Bok
Dobar dan
How are you? Kako si? (informal)
Kako ste? (formal)
Thank you, I'm fine. And you? Hvala, dobro. A ti? (informal)
Hvala, dobro. A vi? (formal)
Long time no see Dugo se nismo vidjeli
What is your name? Kako se zoveš? (informal)
Kako se zovete? (formal)
My name is... Zovem se...
Where are you from? Odakle si? (informal)
Odakle ste? (formal)
I'm from... Ja sam iz...
Pleased to meet you Drago mi je
Good morning Dobro jutro
Good afternoon Dobar dan
Good evening Dobra večer
Good night Laku noć
Goodbye Zbogom
Good luck! Sretno!

Cheers! (Good health!)
(toasts used when drinking)

Have a nice day Lijep ti dan želim! (informal)
Lijep Vam dan želim! (formal)
Bon appetit! Dobar tek!
Bon voyage! Sretan put!
I understand Razumijem
I don't understand Ne razumijem
Yes Da
No Ne
Maybe Možda
I don't know Ne znam
Do you speak English? Govoriš li engleski? (informal)
Govorite li engleski? (formal)
Speak to me in Croatian Možeš razgovarati sa mnom na hrvatskom
Možete razgovarati sa mnom na hrvatskom
How do you say........ in Croatian? Kako se kaže .... na hrvatskom?
Excuse me Oprostite!
Ispričavam se!
Sorry Žao mi je
Please Molim
Thank you Hvala
Hvala lijepa
You're welcome Nema na čemu
Where's the toilet? Gdje je zahod?
Would you like to dance with me? Bi li htio plesati sa mnom? (said to a man)
Bi li htjela plesati sa mnom? (said to a woman)
I love you Volim te
I love you very much Jako te volim
Go away! / Leave me alone! Pustite me na miru!
Help! U pomoć!
Tree Huggers Grlitelji Stabala
Trees are leading! (as in a game) Stabla vode!
Trees are awesome! (slang) Stabla su zakon!
Croatian language basics: dialects, alphabet and pronunciation
This page gives you a really good overview of the Croatian languages that includes information on how to pronounce the language. Lucky for you, the lettres of the Croatian alphabet do not often veer off to make different sounds so pronunciation is easy to learn! This page also provides audio samples of the alphabet to make learning the sounds of the Croatian language that much easier!
Croatian 101
This site is a good overview for basic Croatian vocabulary. This site also provides Croatian news, newspapers, and radio for its visitors! And has interactive flashcards to help build your vocabulary muscle!
Declension Tables
This is for the more advanced learner of Croatian. Anyone with experience with declensions is probably moaning and groaning right now (but declensions can be fun!). The Croatian language has seven different cases: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, vocative, locative and instrumental. This site guides you through their different endings for nouns, adjectives, personal pronouns, and question words!
Croatian Cases
This site holds your hand and walks you through, quite simply, when to use the different Croatian cases.
Romance and Pick Up Lines / Udvaranje
Need to know some quick bits of dialog to pick up that tol Croatian tree you meet at some bar in Zagreb? Look no further than this site for some beginner lines for flirting and romance!
If you want to take your Croatian language learning even further, you can download a PDF file of the textbook which is one of the textbooks that I am working with for (I will admit it) boring grammar. I do not use this as my primary source though because even native speakers of any language are not perfectionists when it comes to grammar. It is just an extra tool for those of you who are serious about learning the language.

[ download PDF ]
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Learn Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Montenegrin in 7 lessons!
Azat Khatipovic




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