Flynn Friday

Flynn Friday was officially recognized by the official NBCTimeless Twitter account on 2 March 2018 (and by Goran Višnjić on the 14 September 2018), but it had been going on for awhile in the Timeless fandom before then. Basically every Friday is a celebration of our favorite character, Garcia Flynn.

Fans of Garcia Flynn celebrate Flynn Fridays on various social media outlets using the hashtags #FlynnFriday #GarciaFlynn and #Timeless. You can replace #GarciaFlynn if your post or tweet is #Garcy. It's always a good idea to hashtag #Garcy.

Fans share their favorite images, gifs, and quotes of Garcia Flynn. It's not uncommon for the Garcy Family to get involved in our silly Flurtleneck vs. Fluits "ship war" either *ahem* Flereal - it's all fun and games, don't worry it's not really a "war."


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