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The holiday season is a time to spend with your friends and loved ones and since we do that outside of our online life, the Garcy Family also takes time to spread a little Garcy and Timeless cheer with December's Garcy Holidays (initially known as Garcy Xmas in 2018). During December, fans take part in the #12DaysOfGoran - days with specific Goran Višnjić prompts (such as TV episode and movie rewatches, sharing favorite images or GIFs, etc.). Along with our show of appreciation for Goran's career, Garcy Holidays includes a reread of the fan-made (most Garcys consider it canon) Timeless Season 3 and Timeless Season 4, as well as holiday and season related fanwork prompts. You can check out the current year's tentative Garcy Holidays schedule below - by November, the activities and prompts will be finalized.

Tuesday 01 December #GarcyHolidays
#12DaysOfGoran: TBD
Reread Timeless 301 "Chinatown, Part 2"
Wednesday 02 December #GarcyHolidays
Reread Timeless 302 "The Montgomery Bus Boycott"
Thursday 03 December #GarcyHolidays
#12DaysOfGoran: TBD
Reread Timeless 303 "Notorious RBG"
Friday 04 December #GarcyHolidays
Reread Timeless 304 "Mr. and Mrs. Rosenberg"
Saturday 05 December #GarcyHolidays
#12DaysOfGoran: TBD
Reread Timeless 305 "The Lost Colony of Roanoke"
Reread Timeless 306 "The Tsarevich"
Sunday 06 December #GarcyHolidays
Reread Timeless 307 "Pasadena"
Monday 07 December #GarcyHolidays
#12DaysOfGoran: TBD
Reread Timeless 308 "Stagecoach Mary"
Tuesday 08 December #GarcyHolidays
Reread Timeless 309 "The Stonewall Riots"
Wednesday 09 December #GarcyHolidays
#12DaysOfGoran: TBD
Reread Timeless 310 "19 Charles Street"
Thursday 10 December #GarcyHolidays
Reread Timeless 311 "3.5 Million Volts"
Friday 11 December #GarcyHolidays
#12DaysOfGoran: TBD
Reread Timeless 312 "HeLa"
Saturday 12 December #GarcyHolidays
Reread Timeless 313 "Sao Paulo"
Reread Timeless 401 "Casablanca Nights"
Sunday 13 December #GarcyHolidays
#12DaysOfGoran: TBD
Reread Timeless 402 "Love's Labours Won"
Monday 14 December #GarcyHolidays
Reread Timeless 403 "The Glass Universe"
Tuesday 15 December #GarcyHolidays
#12DaysOfGoran: TBD
Reread Timeless 404 "Codename Pauline"
Wednesday 16 December #GarcyHolidays
Reread Timeless 405 "Madame Ching"
Thursday 17 December #GarcyHolidays
#12DaysOfGoran: TBD
Reread Timeless 406 "Called Strike Three"
Friday 18 December #GarcyHolidays
Reread Timeless 407
Saturday 19 December #GarcyHolidays
#12DaysOfGoran: TBD
Reread Timeless 408
Reread Timeless 409
Sunday 20 December #GarcyHolidays
#LoveGarciaFlynn Day
Reread Timeless 410
Monday 21 December #GarcyHolidays
#12DaysOfGoran: TBD
Reread Timeless 411
Tuesday 22 December #GarcyHolidays
Reread Timeless 412
Wednesday 23 December #GarcyHolidays
Garcy Secret Santa gifts due
#12DaysOfGoran: TBD
Reread Timeless 413
Thursday 24 December #GarcyHolidays
Garcy Secret Santa gifts due
Friday 25 December #GarcyHolidays
Garcy Secret Santa gifts due
Merry Christmas!
Saturday 26 December #GarcyHolidays
Sunday 27 December #GarcyHolidays
Monday 28 December #GarcyHolidays
Tuesday 29 December #GarcyHolidays
Wednesday 30 December #GarcyHolidays
Thursday 31 December #GarcyHolidays

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