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Garcy Week 2018 was a spur-of-the-moment event where fans of Goran/Garcia/Garcy (GGG) decided to celebrate Garcy since Goran hadn't been on set of the filming of the Timeless fanfic "movie." There were rumors flying around that Goran had left Portugal where he was filming Fatima at the time, and that once he was back in California that would mean that he would be on set filming all the Garcy scenes for what we had hoped would be a respectful farewell to our favorite character, relationship, and television series (too bad we were wrong about that).

Garcy Week 2018 was held almost immediately following our first Garcy October. It not only was a way to ease out of GO, but this first Garcy Week was just another way that fans maintained positivity to soothe anxious nerves heading toward 20 December 2018.

This initial Garcy Week was also surrounded by the excitement we had when Abigail accidentally leaked script pages of the fanfic "movie" in which Garcia wrote a letter to Lucy and signed off with "Love, Garcia Flynn." As you can imagine, having hope that the finale (now: fanfic) "movie" wasn't going to be terrible, we saw these leaked pages as a positive for fans of Garcy.

Garcy Week 2018 was held from Monday, 5 November to Sunday, 11 November. Unlike usual Garcy events, there was really no structure to the first Garcy Week. It was basically Garcy fans flailing around and spreading their love of the Garcy relationship on social media in anticipation of Goran filming his scenes in the fanfic "movie."

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