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101 Pilot
deleted scenes from a rough cut of the episode

GIFs by: BattleshipGarcy

This deleted scene was replaced with the scene of Lucy talking with her boss (Jonas Lyger) outside the Carol Preston Learning Center building in the final cut of the episode. This deleted scene shows us that the original idea was to have Lucy romantically involved with Jonas.

Just a quick bonus clip of Garcia Flynn here. Like in the episode he says "Something's wrong," but in this quick (blink and you miss it) moment from the rough cut, he says "Something's wrong... go!"

I believe that this clip was actually used in a trailer that aired on TV before Timeless premiered in October 2016. In the rough cut, it is included in Garcia and Lucy's first meeting next to the burning Hindenburg. He tells her "You're important in ways you can't even imagine," and then the dialog goes straight to Garcia telling her to ask them why they chose her for the mission, and to ask what Rittenhouse is.

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