Team Garcy
Timeless Season 1 Script Pages
03 October 2016 - 20 February 2017

101 Pilot

103 Atomic City

104 Party at Castle Varlar

105 The Alamo

107 Stranded

108 Space Race

109 Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde

110 The Capture of Benedict Arnold

111 The World's Columbian Exposition

112 The Murder of Jesse James

113 Karma Chameleon

114 The Lost Generation

116 The Red Scare

Team Garcy is a Timeless fansite with a focus on the relationship between Garcia Flynn and Lucy Preston portrayed by Goran Višnjić and Abigail Spencer. This site serves as a one-stop hub for HD Timeless screen captures, promotional images, episode transcripts as well as information about the series and the Garcy relationship.

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