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Garcia Flynn was born in Croatia in 1975. His American mother, Maria Thompkins, moved to Europe after 1971, where she met and married Asher Flynn. Despite saving his half-brother Gabriel in an alternate timeline, Flynn's memories are of growing up as an only child.

In 1981, Flynn was in the first grade.

As a boy, Flynn had an interest in Tex Willer comics, an Italian publication about an honorable ranger in the American wild west. Because of this, Flynn wanted to grow up to be a cowboy, protecting the good guys from the bad guys. It also gave him a lifelong love of horses.

Because his mother worked for the Lockman Aerospace defense contractor, Flynn grew up fascinated with the company his entire life. He believed her to be very gifted and that she accomplished remarkable things while working for them.

Flynn joined the Croatian Military at age fifteen and fought in the Croatian War for Independence one year later. He participated in various wars across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa over the course of sixteen years.

Within this time, Flynn became proficient in weapons training and hand-to-hand combat. He is skilled in firing revolvers, semi-automatic firearms, automatic firearms, and rocket launchers. He is also capable of programming explosives. At some point, Flynn was trained to work with computers and has a working knowledge of how to crack security and break encryptions on classified documents.

1990 Enlisted in Croatian Army
1991 Croatian War of Independence. Fought for Croatian Army
1992 Bosnian War. Fought for Rebellion of Bosnia and Herzegovina
1994 First Chechen War. Fought for Chechen Guerrilla Army
1996 Nepali Civil War. Fought for Maoist Rebellion
1998 Kosovo War. Fought for Kosovo Liberation Army
1999 Second Chechen War. Fought again for Chechen Guerrilla Army 
2001 War in Afghanistan. Fought for International Security Assistance Force
2005 War in Darfur. Fought for Liberation Movement
2006 War in Somalia. Fought for Islamic Court Union
2008 Started his own private military sanctioned firm with various global contracts
2010 Recruited by the NSA as covert operative engaged in black ops throughout Eastern Europe
2014 Garcia’s wife and daughter slaughtered, evidence indicates Garcia Flynn as prime suspect. Flynn evaded authorities. Becomes #4 on Interpol’s 10 most wanted. May be in hiding with former Chechen guerrillas.*

* Edited from the screen capture from the Pilot episode that showed that in 2015 Garcia's wife and son were slaughtered. Later in the series we discovered that it was Garcia's wife and daughter who were killed two weeks before Christmas in 2014

The last war in which Flynn fought took place in the year 2006. After that, he retired from the military. In 2008, Flynn began a successful firm working in the private sector. His group secured contracts with agencies around the world, and in 2010, he was contracted to work with the NSA. It is this distinction that kept Flynn as an NSA asset and not an agent outright. Occasionally, the NSA would outsource jobs to his firm. Flynn reported his gathered intel to a designated NSA contact. When Flynn began working with the NSA, he said, “My mother worked in national defense. Guess it runs in the family.”

It is unclear when Flynn met and married his wife Lorena, before or after his retirement from the military. During their marriage, Lorena would lie on the couch humming “I Wished on the Moon” by Bing Crosby, an act that once bothered Flynn. It is a small detail he now misses most, others being pranks she pulled, her icy feet at night, and the smell of her hair.

His daughter Iris was born in the year 2009.

In 2014, the NSA outsourced a job to Flynn's firm. He was tasked with evading security to retrieve and review suspicious corporate financials. Upon examining the documents, Flynn discovered huge sums of money being funneled through the Caymans to world-renowned tech mogul, Connor Mason. Along with the money trail, Flynn found evidence that the funds were intended to sponsor a time travel project. He had difficulty locating the exact source of the finances, but when he cracked the encryption on the transfers, one name kept showing up: Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse funded Mason and had been doing so for three years at that point in time. Flynn flagged the transfers for his NSA contact and was told that the matter would be handled. It is unclear if Flynn’s contact within the NSA worked for Rittenhouse or else passed the information on again to an agent of the organization.

Four nights later, Flynn was at home. (It is not established if he and his family lived in America or Europe.) When he put his daughter to bed, Iris asked to stay up for, “Ten more minutes, Daddy.” She bargained down to, “Three more minutes.” Being a good father, Flynn told her to go to bed and that he would see her in the morning. The next time he saw her, she was dead. This follows another painful memory Flynn has in which he promised Iris he would always protect her from monsters. In both instances, he was unable to keep his word.

In the middle of the night, Flynn was woken as his wife got out of bed. Lorena thought she heard Iris coughing. From the bed, Flynn heard the two gunshots that murdered his family. He was woefully outnumbered in the ensuing fight, and with bullets flying, he barely made it out alive.

Rittenhouse’s original plan to kill Flynn and his family was altered by his unanticipated escape. Left in the abandoned home, Rittenhouse proceeded to plant evidence that framed Flynn for the murders. In addition to the homicide charges, he was also branded as a terrorist due to a hard drive Rittenhouse left full of terrorists and anti-government groups. Unable to silence him with death, Rittenhouse strove to instead discredit Flynn’s reputation, knowing that if he said anything, it would not be believed. Flynn became #4 on Interpol’s 10 Most Wanted.

Following the deaths of his family, unknowing who was responsible, being framed for the murders, Flynn fled. Though intelligence agencies believed him to be in Chechnya with Chechen guerrillas and former allies, Flynn was alone in hiding. He ran as far as he could and ended up in São Paulo, Brazil. The only thing that kept him from killing himself was the idea of stopping the people responsible for his family’s deaths. He had no idea of who the organization was and no plans on how to begin his vendetta.

Two weeks after the death of his family, Flynn was in a bar in São Paulo. He was on his third drink when Lucy from the future walked in. He observed her to look five years older than her 2018 self, therefore, nine years older than she would have been in 2014. Lucy gave Flynn her name and various other demonstrations of knowledge. She knew everything about Flynn and his situation, including how his family died and who was responsible-- Rittenhouse, a name Flynn knew from his mission two-and-a-half weeks prior. Lucy told Flynn there was a way for him to stop them, and that to do it, Flynn would need her help. Lucy gave Flynn her journal that would act as his guide throughout the first season, instructing him through most everything he did or pointing him in the right direction. Trusting Flynn could handle the mission from there, Lucy left.

Flynn read and reread the journal Lucy gave him, memorizing it. At first, all Flynn cared about was that the journal was a tool to take down Rittenhouse. Over time, the more Flynn read it, he connected with the personal aspect of the narration. He began to feel that he knew Lucy and understood her. Flynn related to the woman from the journal and her thoughts to such a degree that he sometimes feels like he knows present Lucy better than she knows herself, being familiar with emotions and experiences she has since worked though and put into words.

Within the next two years, as he prepared his offense against Rittenhouse, Flynn came into contact with Anthony Bruhl. It is unclear how Flynn knew about Anthony’s distrust of Rittenhouse and hesitance in the time machine project, however, it is very likely the journal told him. Flynn sought out Anthony. Together, they made plans on how to steal the Mothership and erase Rittenhouse from history. On the chosen night, thirty minutes before Mason Industries was raided, Anthony made a phone call to an unknown number, since disconnected, notifying Flynn it was time to enact their plot. Anthony attempted to get his two favorite coworkers out of the building before everything went down, but whether he timed the attack wrong or Flynn did, Rufus and Jiya were present when the Mothership was stolen.

After stealing the Mothership, Flynn goes back in time to the Hindenburg crash in 1937.  The time team does not know what his intentions are as they chase through time after him.  Flynn blends in as a member of the grounds crew responsible for the mooring ropes of the Hindenburg.  He ensures that the men don’t let the mooring ropes drag through the soggy ground and the Hindenburg lands safely. 

As the Time Team attempts to figure out his plan, he sends one of his men to grab Lucy so they can talk.  Unfortunately, Wyatt and Rufus interfere and kill his man.  They figure out Flynn’s plan is to blow up the Hindenburg on its return voyage and set out to stop him.  Unfortunately, the team is unsuccessful and the Hindenburg explodes thanks to the bomb his man planted.  As the wreckage burns in the foreground, he approaches Lucy.  She’s shocked he knows her name and he explains he knows everything about her because of her journal.  He shows her the journal and Lucy acknowledges that it is her handwriting, but she didn’t write it.  He tells her to ask why she was chosen for this mission and to ask about Rittenhouse.  They don’t get to continue their conversation as Wyatt interrupts them.  Flynn takes Lucy into his arms and uses her as a human shield.  He taunts Wyatt that he knows he won’t shoot him, yet Wyatt does anyway.  Flynn is grazed by the bullet, but manages to get a shot off in Wyatt’s direction before making his escape. 

His next mission through time is to April 14, 1865, Washington, D.C.  He encounters Lucy at the train station and confronts her again.  She argues and yells back at him about his sister and his plans to blow up America.  He stresses to her that he’s trying to save America.  He informs her that one day she’ll help him in this fight.  Lucy balks at his suggestion, asking if he’ll threaten to kill her if she doesn’t help him.  He explains that it’s not a threat, it’s her future. She asks what this has to do with Rittenhouse and he answers by warning her to stop interfering in his plans. 

He meets up with John Wilkes Booth and his fellow conspirators.  As he’s in the process of planning out the assassination of Lincoln, Vice President Johnson, General Grant and Secretary Seward, he spies the Time Team in the alley outside the house and fires a few rounds at them.  One of the bullets strikes Wyatt, but he manages to get away. 

Flynn tries in vain to get Booth to use one of his modern guns.  He winds up knocking Booth out and taking up the mantle of Lincoln’s assassin.  As he flings the door open to Lincoln’s balcony at Ford’s Theatre, he’s shocked to see Lucy sitting next to Robert Todd Lincoln.  Lucy tries to warn the President, but Flynn shoots him before anyone can stop him.  He then turns his attention to General Grant and Lucy interferes and tries to stop him.  He grabs her by the throat and throws her onto the couch. He attacks General Grant, but Robert Todd Lincoln and the General manage to fight him off.  He drops down onto the stage of the theatre and escapes. 

His next mission in time takes him to 1962 Las Vegas, Nevada.  He infiltrates the Sands Casino and takes compromising photographs of President Kennedy and Judith Campbell, his mistress.  He approaches Judith, stating she has an important phone call, before kidnapping her.  Wyatt interrupts his kidnapping attempt and they fight.  Flynn makes his escape after a little bit.  He meets up with Judith Campbell later that evening after Judith knocks Wyatt out with a telephone.  She agrees to help Flynn if he turns over the photographs of her and the President.
Flynn and Judith travel to an Army Base where Judith meets with a General.  She seduces the General and steals his keys.  Judith trades the keys for the photographs and they stop off at another hangar.  Flynn uses the keys to steal a nuclear plutonium core.  As they’re making their escape, the Time Team catches up with them and forces their car off the road.  After a gun battle, Flynn and his men escape with the nuclear core.

After jumping back to the present, Flynn and his team head back to the Nevada desert.  His henchman, Karl, digs a huge hole and finds the industrial drum they left the core in back in 1962.  Anthony Bruhl inspects the core and informs Flynn that it is intact.

Flynn’s next foray into the past takes him to 1944 Germany.  He meets with Wernher von Braun and other Nazis while they inspect the rocket the Nazis plan to blast off as this evening’s entertainment for the party at Castle Varlar.  He blends in with the other party guests until he spies Lucy approaching von Braun.  He grabs Lucy by the arm and they discuss a couple of things, including his real reason for handing von Braun over to the Russians.  He informs Lucy she won’t be taking von Braun anywhere and Lucy banters back that she’s pretty sure that she will thanks to the English spy who is shoving a gun into his back.  Flynn smirks with anticipation as his Nazi pals move in and take Lucy and Ian Fleming into custody.  The confliction is evident in him as the Nazis lead them away since he truly doesn’t want any harm to come to Lucy.

He approaches von Braun on the staircase and is about to kidnap him so he can turn him over to the Russians when a huge explosion rocks the castle and von Braun is able to escape.  A few moments later, he catches sight of Lucy and her team with von Braun in tow heading up the staircase.  He and his new Nazi friends chase after them as the Time Team bars themselves into one of the castle rooms.  The Nazis eventually break down the door only to find the room completely empty. 

Flynn next jumps the Mothership to 1856 San Antonio, TX, and meets with Mexican General Santa Anna.  He tells the General he will help end this rebellion once and for all.  The General is suspicious of him, but Flynn cements his ally status by providing the General with a bunch of gold.

Later, he sneaks into the Alamo and meets with Colonel Travis.  The Colonel doesn’t trust him after previously being warned by the Time Team about him and he pulls his gun on Flynn.  Travis pulls the trigger, but nothing happens.  When Travis checks the gun, Flynn smirks as he had previously removed the Colonel’s bullets.  He shoots and kills Colonel Travis a moment later.

As Santa Anna prepares to attack the Alamo ahead of schedule, Flynn pleads with him to let the women and children go since they’re innocent.  The struggle is evident on Flynn’s face when he does this, but the General refuses to give in.

After the Alamo, Flynn jumps to Washington, D.C., in June of 1972.  Flynn and his henchman, Karl, sneak up on the Time Team while they’re in the middle of an ongoing protest.  Karl tases Wyatt and they kidnap the team.  Lucy is adamant that they will not steal the Nixon Watergate tapes for Flynn and he nonchalantly replies that he already has it.  They listen to the Nixon tape and he watches Lucy’s face intently as President Nixon talks about Rittenhouse.  Flynn wants Lucy and Rufus to find the doc that Nixon refers to on the tape and hand it over to him.  He spills the fact that he has had multiple conversations with Lucy and has her journal, which Wyatt and Rufus were unaware of. He doesn’t know what the doc is, he only knows Rittenhouse is desperate to get their hands on it, so he needs it first.  He threatens to kill Wyatt if they don’t have the doc and hand it over within the next five hours. 
As Lucy and Rufus search for the doc, Flynn tries to explain to Wyatt that he’s fighting on the wrong side.  He details the murders of his wife and daughter at the hands of Rittenhouse hoping Wyatt will understand since he apparently cannot get over his wife’s murder either.  Wyatt breaks free from his bonds and attacks Flynn.  The two men fight until Flynn’s men knock Wyatt back on his ass.  This time, they handcuff his hands behind his back, instead of tying him up. 

The five hour time limit is about to expire, when his men inform him Lucy called the payphone.  Flynn and Karl head out to the address Lucy provided and are ambushed by Rittenhouse’s men.  A gunfight breaks out, but they manage to dispose of the Rittenhouse agents.  He smiles and laughs a little when he figures out that Lucy played him. 

When he jumps back to the present, Flynn goes to visit the gravesite of his wife and daughter.

Flynn instructs his man, Karl, to tamper with the Lifeboat, which strands the Time Team in 1754.

Flynn and Anthony Bruhl meet with an older gentleman named Wayne Ellis, who worked at NASA during the moon landing in 1969.  Flynn and Anthony inquire about the security layout and protocols for that day.  After the man informs them of these details, the two men leave.

Flynn’s next jump to the past takes him to Houston, Texas in 1969.  They land in Mr. Ellis’ backyard in the past, initially joking that they’re aliens who come in peace.  Flynn murders Mr. Ellis and steals his ID badge before calling a plumber to Mr. Ellis’ home.  He also murders the plumber and steals his uniform so that he can gain access to Lockman Aerospace and obtain the punch tape needed for his mission at NASA. 

After Anthony installs his virus at NASA by switching out the punch tape, Flynn calls him on the phone and asks Anthony how Rufus and the Time Team could possibly be here since they should still be stranded in 1754.

Flynn heads back to Lockman Aerospace looking for the woman he had spoken to early in the day, Maria Thompkins. He’s informed that Maria sometimes takes her son to the playground, which is where Flynn pretends to stumble upon her.  He encourages her engineering talent and meets her son, Gabriel.  When they hear a broadcast about the trouble the astronauts are in, Maria gets upset.  She talks to Flynn about her husband dying in a car accident and Flynn tells her about his wife and daughters’ murders.  Also, unbeknownst to Flynn, Wyatt Logan is surveilling Flynn from the parking lot. Wyatt is spotted by a police officer as he pulls his weapon to shoot Flynn and Flynn manages to escape.

As Wyatt is interrogating Maria about what she and Flynn discussed at her home, Flynn shows up and injects her son Gabriel.  Wyatt and Flynn point their guns at each other as Flynn tells Maria that every memory he has of her she was always sad.  This thoroughly confuses an already upset Maria.  Flynn then tells her it was good to see her again before he shoots in Wyatt’s direction and jumps off the balcony escaping.  Wyatt checks out Maria’s son and informs her that he just saved Gabriel’s life by injecting him with epinephrine.

The Time Team learns that Maria Thompkins is Flynn’s mother when they are debriefed upon returning to the bunker.

Flynn’s next foray into the past takes him to 1934 Arkansas.  Flynn arrives with the police at a bank that the infamous Bonnie and Clyde are currently robbing.  A shootout ensues as the couple attempts to leave.  Lucy and Wyatt help the duo escape to their hideout, leaving poor Rufus to fend for himself.  Flynn has the police detain Rufus because he’s posing as a bounty hunter.  Rufus shows the police his fake ID which states that his name is Wesley Snipes. Flynn attempts to get the police to believe him that Rufus is lying, but the cops let Rufus go anyway. 

Flynn goes with the police to Bonnie and Clyde’s hideout.  Flynn grabs Bonnie, who has the key he’s looking for around her neck.  He takes the key and leaves Bonnie for the police to deal with.

Later on, we see Flynn sneak into a home.  He finds a clock with a hidden panel and uses the key to open this compartment.

The Mothership jumps next to West Point, New York in 1780.  The Time Team is apprehended by colonial forces and held inside Benedict Arnold’s home.  Flynn enters the room, gun in hand and informs the team they need to play along with his charade or else he will kill George Washington. The team of course balks at this, until Flynn promises them this will all be over if they help him on this mission.  He even sweetens the pot by promising to reveal the identity of Wyatt’s wife’s murderer.  The team agrees and plays along when Washington assumes they are part of the colonial spy ring, since he believes Flynn is Austin Roe.

They pretend to defect to the British side and take a meeting with Benedict Arnold. Lucy convinces Arnold of their sincerity to defect by appealing to his pride and he agrees to introduce them to his superior, General Cornwallis.
As soon as they meet with Cornwallis, Flynn murders him and another British officer in the room. Flynn confronts Arnold about Rittenhouse and shows him the letter he stole from the clock after Arnold denies knowing what he’s talking about. Arnold can no longer deny knowing Rittenhouse, since the letter speaks about them in his own hand, so he agrees to take them to meet Rittenhouse. The team is taken aback learning that Rittenhouse is one person.
On the ride to Rittenhouse’s manor, they stop to water the horses.  Lucy asks Flynn what he will do if they are successful and defeat Rittenhouse. Flynn informs her that he would hug and kiss his wife and daughter one last time and then walk away from them forever. He informs Lucy that he’s done horrible things and become someone else in the fight against Rittenhouse and could never be a good husband or father again.

As they wait for Rittenhouse to arrive, Lucy speaks to his son, John, who informs them of some of his father’s dangerous views on the world and life. When David Rittenhouse arrives, he senses a trap and takes the team hostage. Rittenhouse shoots Benedict Arnold with the team’s modern gun and has his goons push Flynn and Wyatt to their knees. Rittenhouse intends to kill them as well, but orders his men to take Lucy to his bedchamber first. Rufus bursts into the room and fires the shotgun he commandeered from the slave overseer on the plantation and Flynn and Wyatt fight the goons holding them down. They get the upper hand and kill Rittenhouse’s henchmen. Flynn shoots and kills David Rittenhouse, then notices that his son is missing. Lucy argues with Flynn that he can’t kill the boy, but Flynn locks the team in the room and goes searching for John Rittenhouse.

Flynn finds the boy hiding in the woods, but his internal turmoil eats at him and prevents him from shooting John just long enough for Lucy to get in the way. Flynn yells at her to move, but Lucy refuses to budge. Lucy tells him he can still be a husband and father again, but not if he kills a child. He finally moves Lucy out of the way, but John is already gone. Flynn grabs Lucy by the wrist and drags her to the Mothership with him.

As his men watch over a kidnapped Lucy, Flynn goes back in the Mothership to kill David and John Rittenhouse, but fails.  He asks Lucy to find John Rittenhouse later on in history so he can kill him then, but Lucy can’t find him anywhere.  With no other options left to quickly end Rittenhouse, Flynn decides he’s going to have to go back to the drawing board and take them out one by one.

He takes Lucy with him on his next jump to 1893 Chicago.  He tells Lucy he plans on killing Henry Ford, J.P. Morgan and Thomas Edison since they are all apart of Rittenhouse.  He wants Lucy to help him, especially since the journal said they’d be quite the team someday.  Lucy refuses to help him initially, but he blackmails her by informing her that he’s sent Wyatt and Rufus to the infamous Murder Castle, where they will be at the mercy of the notorious serial killer, H.H. Holmes.

Lucy takes Flynn to see Harry Houdini because they need the magician to pick a sophisticated lock.  Flynn threatens Houdini that they will hurt Lucy if he doesn’t comply.  Flynn takes Houdini to the room where the Rittenhouse meeting between Ford, Morgan and Edison will take place.  He wants to plant a bomb in the room, but the room is under armed guard and the lock is intricate. Houdini uses his genius and climbs into a vent which leads to the locked room and opens the door from the inside. Once inside the room, Houdini handcuffs Flynn when Ford, Morgan and Edison enter the room earlier than expected.

As the goons attempt to remove Flynn’s handcuff to extract him from the room, he head butts the man and shoots the other as he escapes. 

Later on when he’s back in the present, Flynn makes good on his promise to Wyatt by calling him and letting him know the name of his wife’s murderer.

The next trip into the past takes Flynn to 1882 Missouri. He saves Jesse James from his would-be assassins and enlists him to take him deep into Indian Territory.  As they ride towards their destination, Flynn picks up the Time Team’s tail.  He also makes the mistake of allowing Jesse James to see his modern, semi-automatic rifle, which James covets.

As Flynn and Jesse James approach the cabin they are looking for, a woman pulls a rifle on them.  She escorts Flynn into the cabin and demands that he draw a map to the ship.  Flynn explains he’s not with Rittenhouse and that Anthony told him all about her. The woman is Emma Whitmore, one of Mason’s original pilots of the Mothership.  She faked her own death and hid in the past from them. Flynn convinces her to join the fight.  As the pair get ready to go back to the Mothership, Jesse James finagles the modern rifle from Flynn.

When they get back into the present, Emma discusses Rittenhouse’s plans for the future with Flynn and Anthony. Anthony needs to fix the Mothership, so Flynn and Emma wait while he fixes it. They have no idea that Anthony wants to blow up the Mothership altogether.

Flynn figures out what Anthony’s plan is and murders him.

When the Mothership jumps next, Emma is now piloting.  They jump to 1927 Paris, France. Flynn shoots down Charles Lindbergh’s plane and kidnaps him. Lindbergh is injured in the crash, so Flynn sends Karl and Emma out to find some Absinthe to help with the pain.

Emma and Karl run into the Time Team with their new soldier, Dave Baumgartner, who is taking Wyatt’s place on this mission since he’s currently incarcerated for stealing the Lifeboat. Karl kills Baumgartner and he and Emma escape.

Lucy and Rufus enlist the help of Ernest Hemingway to try to find Flynn and Lindbergh. Their information leads them to an abandoned chalet where Lucy is kidnapped by Karl and brought into the catacombs to Flynn.

Flynn tells Karl to let Lucy go because she’s not a prisoner. Lucy and Flynn have another heart-to-heart about her real father being Rittenhouse and the fact that Lindbergh is also Rittenhouse.  Lucy manages to convince Flynn to let her try and convince Lindbergh to renounce Rittenhouse and choose a different path for himself.

As Lucy speaks to Lindbergh, Flynn eavesdrops on the conversation where he learns the name of Julian Charvet. Flynn leaves the catacombs and goes to Charvet’s house.  When Charvet opens the door, Flynn pulls his gun and forces his way inside.

When we next see Flynn, he is in church talking to a priest looking for absolution. His actions are weighing on his conscience at this point.

He makes another jump and meets up with the notorious gangster, Al Capone.  He gives Capone the tax ledger that the government used to convict Capone of tax fraud and send him to jail.  Capone doesn’t seem impressed by the tax ledger, but does seem impressed when Flynn hands him a letter Capone’s accountant wrote implicating him.  Capone changes his tune and tells Flynn he’s indebted to him. 

After Capone is acquitted of the charges against him and released at the courthouse, Flynn gets into the mobster’s car and goes with him back to his office.  The mayor is brought to Capone’s office and Flynn punches the mayor in the face and interrogates him about the Rittenhouse meeting that he learned about from Mr. Charvet in Paris.  The mayor confirms the Rittenhouse meeting was 2 years ago in Washington, D.C.  They occur every 25 years and the next Rittenhouse summit won’t be until 1954.  Flynn goes to leave, but Capone still feels as if he owes him and wants to make it right between them.  Flynn informs Capone he may have a way they can settle this once and for all.

Flynn’s next jump takes him back to Washington, D.C.  This time, it’s 1954.  Knowing the team will follow him, he sets a trap and Lucy and Wyatt are arrested as communists.  He visits with Lucy as she’s being held in an isolated room and basically says goodbye to her.  She tells him she doesn’t think that he’s a monster anymore, just a broken person.  Flynn leaves Lucy to her fate and leaves the room after their conversation.

Lucy and Wyatt manage to escape their captors, and they track Flynn down in the basement of the Rittenhouse summit.  When they find Flynn, he’s securing his bombs to blow up the building and all of Rittenhouse with it.  Wyatt draws his gun and is about to shoot Flynn, when Lucy steps into his line of fire and calls Flynn’s name, alerting him to their presence.  Lucy desperately tries to convince Flynn that he doesn’t have to do this, there is another way.  Flynn tells her he prayed to God for answers and God led him here.  Lucy responds that perhaps God led him to her.  Eventually, she’s able to convince him to try it her way.

They all drive back to the Lifeboat in Lucy’s grandfather’s car.  Wyatt, Rufus and Jiya leave in the Lifeboat, leaving Flynn and Lucy with Ethan.  After Ethan witnesses the Lifeboat in action and is convinced by Flynn and Lucy to take out Rittenhouse, they return to the present together in the Mothership.

Lucy agrees to meet with Flynn and provide him the names of the men who murdered his family.  They meet in a public square for the exchange.  Lucy hands Flynn a flash drive with the information and Flynn gives Lucy her journal.  She asks where he got it from and Flynn advises her that she did in the future.  He teases her that she ages well.  Lucy is not inclined to believe Flynn since they can’t travel on their own timelines, but she doesn’t get the chance to clarify before Agent Christopher and the Feds move in and arrest him.  He truly believes that Lucy set him up and he’s irate about it as they drag him off to jail.

After escaping jail with the help of Lucy and the Time Team, Agent Christopher brings Flynn to the bunker.  He’s there mainly to serve as an intelligence source on Rittenhouse, but when Wyatt pulls a disappearing act and the Mothership jumps, Flynn offers to go with Lucy and Rufus to Salem and serve as replacement muscle. It takes longer to convince Rufus than it does Lucy to allow him to go with them, but Rufus eventually concedes.  When the Puritans try to take the team into custody, Flynn fights his way out of the tavern, leaving Lucy and Rufus to be taken prisoner.  As Lucy and the others are about to be hung, he reappears and attacks the Puritans, saving Lucy and Rufus in the process.  Unfortunately, Lucy is injured by a Puritan man’s knife to her arm, so Flynn helps her buckle her seatbelt.  When Lucy starts to talk about her mother, he reminds her that she’s nothing like her.  When they arrive back at the bunker, he immediately gathers her to his side and assists her down the stairs and away from Wyatt and his no longer deceased wife.

Flynn accompanies Rufus and Wyatt on the next mission, as Lucy’s down for the count with an infection in her arm from Salem.  They go back to rescue a young John F. Kennedy and Rufus and Wyatt leave Flynn behind in 1934 to deal with the Rittenhouse sleeper agents.  After the team returns a young JFK to the past, they pick up Flynn and return him to the bunker where he informs Agent Christopher that he’s taken care of the three Rittenhouse sleeper agents.

Later on, Flynn wanders into the kitchen and finds Lucy on the couch watching It Happened One Night.  He grabs two beers from the fridge and sits down next to her.  He hands her one of the beers and they sit there silently.  He knows it’s been tough on Lucy with Jessica’s return from the dead, so he’s just trying to offer his support and friendship.

When the Mothership jumps again to November 23, 1936, San Antonio, Texas, Connor Mason joins the team to save Robert Johnson. He helps Lucy down from the Lifeboat and chuckles at Connor Mason’s subsequent vomiting.  After finding Robert Johnson and taking care of a Rittenhouse sleeper agent, Johnson slips out and his producer is left at the hotel.  Flynn and Lucy stay with Don Law, the producer, while Rufus and Connor go after Robert Johnson.  Flynn deposes of the sleeper agent’s body and then proceeds to have an awkward conversation with Lucy about her relationship with Wyatt.  He mentions the fact that she keeps a bottle of vodka under her bed and Lucy asks if he’s spying on her. He informs her he read about that particular fact in her journal and proceeds to tell her that he feels like he knows her better than she knows herself sometimes. She reminds him very firmly that he doesn’t know her.

Flynn and Lucy inform Don Law that Robert Johnson is on his way to his sister’s juke joint and they can meet them there.  Unfortunately, Don’s girlfriend turns out to be a Rittenhouse sleeper agent and she shoots and kills the producer.  She fires her weapon at Flynn and Lucy, but Flynn’s quick instincts allow him to grab Lucy and hide behind the corner. 

Once they’re sure the coast is clear, they rush out to try to warn Rufus and Connor and more importantly, Robert Johnson.  As they drive along the dark road, I Wished Upon the Moon comes on the radio and Flynn starts to hum along with the tune.  He tells her how his wife used to sing this song and that she was right when she told him he doesn’t know her.  He explains that what he was attempting to say was that he would like to get to know her, but he understands if she doesn’t want that.  Lucy informs him that her mother sung this song as well, but he probably already knew that from her journal. He emphasizes that the Lucy in the journal is very, very impressive.

When they make it to the juke joint, Connor shoots the sleeper agent and saves Rufus and Robert Johnson’s lives. After a little convincing from Connor, Robert Johnson agrees the record his album.  Flynn and Lucy sit side by side, smiling and bopping along to the music. It’s a small bit of respite for the both of them from this war they’ve been waging for so long.

When they land back at the bunker, Flynn and Lucy are smiling and enjoying each other’s company as they walk down the hallway, until they’re interrupted by Wyatt.  Flynn leaves Lucy to speak to him and returns to his room. Later that evening, when everyone is asleep, he hears a knock on his door and opens it to find Lucy standing there with a bottle of vodka in her hand. He chuckles and bids her entry into his room with a silent gesture of his arm. Lucy spends the night in his room, innocently falling asleep in his bed after a night of talking and drinking. She’s mortified that she did this and he jokes that she was a “gentle and responsive lover.” Lucy replies that she wasn’t that drunk and he laughs as he explains that nothing happened between them. He gives her coffee and they chat for a little longer before she extricates herself from his personal space, which he doesn’t mind at all. 

After Lucy leaves, he makes his way to the bathroom where he has a run in with Wyatt.  Wyatt threatens him to stay away from Lucy. Flynn reminds him Lucy’s not his wife and is capable of making her own decisions.

When the Mothership jumps to 1919, New York City, the team makes their way to the hotel that President Wilson is staying at since Lucy assumes he is Rittenhouse’s target.  After they find out Alice Paul has been arrested for shooting Senator Wadsworth, Wyatt assigns Flynn and Rufus to work together to find the Rittenhouse sleepers.  Wyatt and Lucy will try to get Alice Paul out of jail so she can make the speech that changes President Wilson’s mind about the 19th Amendment. 

Flynn manages to convince Rufus they’re on the same team and he has no reason to try and kill him.  Rufus reluctantly agrees to work with Flynn after recalling Jiya’s vision of him dying in the Old West.  They search the crime scene for clues when a police officer interrupts them.  The officer pulls a gun on them and Emma shows up and shoots the cop.  Flynn disarms Emma and confirms she can identify the sleeper agent Rittenhouse sent.  Flynn and Rufus do not trust Emma, but she explains her reasons for wanting the Women’s Suffragette Movement is important to her and why she wants a one-time truce with the team.  She leads the men to the march because the sleeper is a Suffragette. 

Flynn and Rufus catch up with Wyatt at the march.  The police and women begin to clash violently and Flynn winds up saving Rufus from being beaten to death by the police.  They complete the mission and return back to the bunker.

When the Mothership jumps to 1981 Washington, D.C., Flynn is left behind since they cannot travel on their own timeline.  He convinces Agent Christopher to spend time with her family in case the team is not successful at saving her.

When the team lands safely back at the bunker, Flynn is waiting for Lucy with a huge smile on his face.  You can also see the relief wash over him that she’s home since he literally couldn’t protect her on this mission.

Later that evening, Flynn is in his room when Lucy barges right in.  Lucy wants to know about when she gave him her journal.  He informs her he was on the run from Rittenhouse in Sao Paulo, when she approached him in a bar.  He elaborates that she looked about five years older, but she looked good.  Lucy argues that it can’t be what happened because they can’t travel on their own timelines.  Flynn replies that someone on the team must have figured it out, because that’s exactly what occurred. Lucy wants to know more, but he tells her that’s all he knows and they’ll both have to wait and see what the future brings.

The team’s next mission sees them return to the Civil War.  They encounter Harriet Tubman after coming up a group of ambushed Union soldiers.  Flynn watches Ms. Tubman with a curious interest as she tends to the soldiers wounds, while Lucy explains how impressive of a woman Harriet Tubman truly was.  The team decides to split up, with Flynn and Lucy heading to Port Royal, to try and convince General Montgomery to bring his Union troops back and support the raid Harriet Tubman and her compatriots are about to embark on. 

Flynn and Lucy ride on horseback together and make their way to Port Royal.  They meet with General Montgomery in his tent and he is less than inclined to believe a strange man with a foreign accent and a strange woman.  However, Lucy’s tenacity once again shines through and she manages to convince the General to join in the raid of the slave plantations.  The team is successful from preventing Rittenhouse’s plans in ensuring the Union loses the Civil War and they return to the bunker.

Jessica kidnaps Jiya and the Lifeboat, but Jiya manages to escape.  Unfortunately, the Lifeboat suffers damage and she cannot make it back to the bunker, but instead winds up in the past.  Jiya hides the Lifeboat in the past and leaves the team a message on where they can find it. 

Once the team finds the Lifeboat and Rufus and Connor finish the repairs, the team heads back to 1888 San Francisco in the hopes of rescuing their teammate.  Jiya has been hiding in Chinatown, so the team heads through the streets in search of the photography studio where Jiya’s picture had been taken.  Once they find the studio, the team is ambushed by Emma and company.  Lucy’s mother, Carol, tries to prevent Emma and Nicholas from killing Lucy, and winds up taking a bullet herself instead.  Emma then shoots Nicholas and takes off running with Jessica in tow.  Flynn and Wyatt run out of the photography studio and chase after Emma and Jessica. 

After Emma gives him the slip, he returns to the photography studio to find Lucy sitting in a chair, her dead mother’s body on the floor behind her.  He crouches down to talk to her and explains he and Wyatt split up when Lucy asks about Wyatt’s whereabouts.  He informs her that he doesn’t give a damn about Wyatt and that’s not the reason he is here.  Lucy asks him why he’s here and after a bit of panic on Flynn’s part, he’s about to answer her when Wyatt arrives and interrupts them. 

The team makes their way to the saloon that Jiya has been working at.  Jiya excitedly hugs all of the team, except for Flynn, and he asks her why he didn’t get one, since they’re practically family now.  Rufus is quick to tell Flynn he’s the creepy uncle.  The team is about to leave the saloon and return to the present, when they’re ambushed by Emma, Jessica and their goons.  Flynn and Wyatt take up defensive positions and fire their weapons back.  They manage to chase Emma and Jessica off and as the team leaves the saloon, shots are fired.  One strikes Flynn in the shoulder/arm area and the other hits Rufus.  Flynn’s wound is not fatal, but Rufus’ proves to be.  Lucy is enraged by what Emma has done, so she takes off with a gun in hand after her. Wyatt stays with Jiya and Rufus, trying in vain to help his friend stay alive, while Flynn chases after Lucy.

He finds Lucy lying in an alley, beaten, broken and crying.  Emma has taken off in the opposite direction and Lucy grabs his gun and empties the clip in her direction before collapsing on the floor.  Flynn takes her into his arms, despite his bleeding wound, and holds and comforts her. 

When they arrive back in the present, Flynn has his wound attended to.  When he reenters the common area of the bunker, he finds Lucy and Wyatt sitting on the floor huddled together in quiet conversation.  Flynn appears heartbroken and depressed that Lucy turned to Wyatt instead of him.

Suddenly, the distinctive whoosh of a time machine rings out in the bunker and a second Lifeboat appears.  The doors open and a hardened, future version of Wyatt and Lucy step out. He gazes at this iteration with as much wonder, awe and devotion that he does to the woman standing a few feet from him.  The future versions of Wyatt and Lucy ask the team if they’re ready to get Rufus back, which is where the story ends.

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