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Garcy Holidays began in December of 2018 as GarcyXmas. It was created to help build anticipation within the Garcy online community leading up to the now ignored Timeless Televised Lyatt Fanfic Finale "Movie." In 2018 Garcy Holidays was used as a way to get a fandom - worn and beaten by petty online drama and bullying - excited about the possibilities of the finale "movie" being worth the hours spent campaigning for NBC to renew the show, and then after its cancellation, to try to get the show saved by another network. Unfortunately, we all know how that went down and its best that we don't speak of That Thing anymore.

While GarcyXmas 2018 was a huge success, participation in the 2019 Garcy Holidays event declined, and after 2020, Garcy Holidays will be discontinued.

Please note that Team Garcy does not support, will not promote, nor will take any part in the 2020 Garcy Secret Santa project. If you have questions about this project, please send them to those who are organizing the event. Thank you.


The holiday season is a time to spend with your friends and loved ones and since we do that outside of our online life, the Garcy Family also takes time to spread a little Garcy and Timeless cheer with December's Garcy Holidays. Being that it is 2020, this final Garcy Holidays celebration is more tame than previous years since there are no official fanwork challenges. If you do happen to create any holiday themed Garcy fanworks, please do share them with the family online. We need as much happiness and cheer after the year we've endured.

The 12 Days of Goran are spread out during the month of December and end just before Christmas Eve. Please check the December event calendar so you know which day to watch a Goran TV episode or movie, and when to share favorite images and gifs of our King Višnjić of Garcy. Please use the #12DaysOfGoran #GoranVišnjić and #GarcyHoliday hashtags when you participate.

Now that Timeless has been brought to a proper end (thank you, qqueenofhades), those who wish to take part in re-reading the final two seasons of Timeless can do so as a group during Garcy Holidays. All PDFs of season 3 and season 4 are available here on Team Garcy (with permission from qqueenofhades). Please use #TimelessS3 #TimelessS4 #GarcyHolidays #Timeless and #Garcy when you participate in discussing your re-read of the final two seasons.

Ahhh... the 20th of December... some call it the Darkest Day, some prefer to ignore what happened on that day back in 2018, but regardless - as Garcys, we like to spin a negative into a positive and ever since 2018, 20 December has been Love Garcia Flynn Day. A day where we celebrate and spread our love and joy for Garcia Flynn all over social media.

Happy Holidays, Garcy Fam'! Welcome to our second annual December Garcy Holiday celebration! This time of year tends to be especially hectic so this year Team Garcy is revealing the #GarcyHolidays calendar of events early. Just like last year, The 12 Days of Goran is back (#12DaysOfGoran). This year we've mixed things up where there are six days of Goran TV shows or movies to rewatch as well as Goran social media prompts!

To keep spirits lifted, on the 20th we are celebrating #LoveGarciaFlynn (which is fitting since the 20th falls on a #FlynnFriday). On this day, share everything that you love about Garcia Flynn, and spread the love.

Just like Garcy October, each week during December there are both a Fanfic Prompt and a Fanart Prompt, you can view those by clicking on the calendar on the left.

Ho! Ho! Ho! What is this? A Very Garcy Christmas?! Well, if there's anything certain in this life it's death, taxes, and Garcys will always A.B.E. This December we are decking our timelines and our feeds with as much Garcy holiday cheer as you can handle. Starting on Saturday, 1 December we will begin with The 12 Days of Goran (#12DaysOfGoran). We have selected twelve different roles that Goran has played in his career and on those days Tree Huggers worldwide will share their favorite moments, images, gifs about that character (rewatching movies and episodes is also on the table). For the Garcy fanfic authors out there we have Garcy Fanfic Bingo Cards! There are two sets of Bingo cards for fanfic authors to use as prompts to write Garcy Holiday themed stories. The first card is one-two word prompts, and the second card are prompts for holiday songfics! From Friday to Saturday (14-16 December) we will have our usual monthly #GarcyWeekend, and since this is the weekend before the Timeless series finale (airing on NBC on Thursday, 20 December @ 8/7c), we will be doing a group rewatch of two Garcy favorite episodes per night during Garcy Weekend (at 8/7c). The episodes to be watched are listed on the December 2018 calendar to your left. And because Garcys are always A.B.E., on Thursday, 20 December (premiere night of the series finale of Timeless) we will be tweeting using the #Garcy hashtag (we've been calling it Hashtag Garcy Day) along with #Timeless during the airing of the finale!

If you would like to take part in a holiday fanwork exchange within the Garcy fandom, you will be able to sign up via this Tumblr page* from the 14th to the 23rd of November.


* Team Garcy no longer links out to the Garcy Secret Santa project

Write five separate Garcy Holiday fanfics and have each one include one of the prompts from the Bingo card, or write a single fanfic and include five of the prompts from the card. Either way the goal is to form a straight line diagonally, horizontally or vertically. The middle square is a free space so if you choose to use that space you can write whatever holiday trope you like!

Make sure to share your fanfic on Twitter using the hashtags #Garcy #GarcyXmas and #Timeless! Fics can be any length or rating, must be Garcy relationship (but other characters and relationships are allowed).

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