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Each year in October, members of the Garcy Family got together to celebrate our love of Garcy and Timeless. October was chosen as our Garcy month because it was the month that Timeless first premiered and introduced fans to Garcia Flynn, Lucy Preston, and their relationship. During Garcy October, fans took part in several different creative prompts, as well as an OG26 series rewatch.

The first Garcy October took place in 2018 and helped build excitement for the upcoming Timeless series finale "movie." In October of 2018, the cast and crew reunited to film the series' final outing. It was an exciting time for Garcy fans with Abigail teasing Garcy and leaking script pages ("all my love, Garcia Flynn"), and with Goran flying back and forth from Los Angeles to Portugal, juggling two projects at the same time - there was much for Garcy fans to be excited about, and it shone brightly through in our online celebration of Garcy October. And while Garcy October 2018 was a huge success, participation in 2019 declined and as a result, the 2020 Garcy October will be the last.

The Garcy October 2020 event calendar is free to download and print so you can keep track of what is happening during the final Garcy October. As with the previous two GOs, we are celebrating the month by creating and sharing various Garcy fanwork responses to the Garcy October creative challenges, as well as participating in an OG26 Timeless series rewatch - all are outlined in the event calendar on the left.

SATURDAY, 3 OCTOBER 2020: #TimelessLove Day
This year we kick off our OG26 Timeless rewatch on the four year anniversary of the Timeless series premiere. Spend the day sharing what you love most about Timeless, whether that's Garcy, Garcia Flynn, Lucy Preston, Karl, Riya, Kassica, Wyjess, Connnor Mason, or The Wiggle - spread love and happiness about our favourite show. Then when you get around to rewatching the "Pilot" episode, tweet or blog about it on your prefered social media platform (using hashtags #GarcyOctober #Timeless and #Garcy).

Unline the previous two GOs, this year instead of individual fanart/fanfic challenges, there are Fanwork Prompts. This means that you can decide which artistic outlet you wish to do for each prompt - fanfic, fanvid, fanart, drawings, paintings, memes, metas, etc. Whatever you create, share with the family. All fanwork prompts are available on the 2020 GO event calendar.

While it's fun to share and receive feedback on our own creations, during Garcy October fans share and spread the love of their favorite authors, artists, and vidders. Please, when you share the fanworks of others please give the creator full credit by tagging them if they are on the social media platform you share the work on. If they aren't on your preferred social media platform, please provide a direct link to their Twitter account, blog, or website. If you're not comfortable sharing in this way, try your best to leave kudos or comments on the works you enjoy.

Feel free to download the Garcy October 2019 event calendar, you can even print it off and display it on your kitchen fridge if you'd like. Like last year, we are celebrating Garcy fanworks with our Fanfic, Fanart and Fanvid Appreciation Days.

THURSDAY, 3 OCTOBER 2019: #TimelessLove Day
To celebrate the three year anniversary of the series premiere of Timeless on NBC the Garcy Fam' will celebrate everything that we love about Timeless while using the hashtag #TimelessLove (#Timeless and any other tag appropriate to your posts or tweets).

The Stick Figure Challenge will take place on the days that we do our OG26 series rewatch. A few hours before the ET rewatch time, four screen captures from each rewatch episode will be given for you to choose from to draw your stick figure interpretation of the scene(s) - AU interpretation will be allowed. The screen captures will be given out via the @Team_Garcy Twitter account*. Share your drawing during the rewatch and hashtag it with #GarcyOctober (#Timeless #Garcy). The OG26 series rewatch schedule is listed on the calendar.

The rewatch begins on Thursday, 3 October 2019.

* The Team_Garcy Twitter account has been closed.

On the Appreciation Days (marked on the calendar), share some of your favorite fan created content from the Garcy Family. You can share your own works or works of others (please, please give credit to the creator, tag them with an @ if they're on your preferred social media platform).

While there are plenty of fanfic prompts scheduled on the calendar above, it has been determined that there can never be enough prompts for our wonderful Garcy fanfic authors. So this Garcy October we bring you the first Garcy Halloween Fanfic Bingo Card! You can try to get your BINGO! within one fanfic, or write five different fanfics that feature one of the Halloween prompts!

To help celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Timeless, the Garcy Fam' decided to dedicate an entire month to Garcy! Each day was scheduled to keep fans busy interacting with each other. There were plenty of creative prompts and discussions. We had Fanfic Appreciation days, Fanart Appreciation days, as well as visual and writing prompts so that more content was created by the extremely talented Garcy Family.

Some fans took part in a month-long re-read of the Garcy fanfic classic by qqueenofhades, "Starlight and Strange Magic," while other spent time writing stories of their own, or writing and discussing Garcy meta.

Each Sunday evening we watched Halloween-y movies and dug deep to find the Garcia Flynn and/or Garcy relationship parallels in the films.

The month ended with the final chapter of the first ever Garcy fanfic authors' Round Robin, "The Haunting."

Team Garcy is a Timeless fansite with a focus on the relationship between Garcia Flynn and Lucy Preston portrayed by Goran Višnjić and Abigail Spencer. This site serves as a one-stop hub for HD Timeless screen captures, promotional images, episode transcripts as well as information about the series and the Garcy relationship.

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