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14 July 2023 marks the five year anniversary of the Team Garcy fansite being online, and is that not the perfect time to celebrate Garcy in... The Summer of Garcy? Of course, any time is a good time to celebrate our favourite ship, but it's about time we focus on making them sizzle (more than they already do) in the summer. What better month to highlight the sparks between them, right?


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Can you get five in one fic, or will you write five different fics to get your BINGO!?

Write, draw, mood board, collage, etc. with any of these prompts. Share your creation anytime during the month of July, using the social media hashtag #SummerOfGarcy or "Summer of Garcy"

stargazing amusement park sunbathing
110*F / 43*C slow dancing baseball
4th of July fireflies ice cream
beach sunglasses thunderstorm
strawberry water skiing picnic
waterfall cruise ship magic
europe sand dunes scruff
playground cherries barbecue
mosquito sunset singing
surfing matchy-matchy slip'n slide
Saturday 01 July Pilot
Sunday 02 July The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Saturday 08 July Party at Castle Varlar
Sunday 09 July The Watergate Tape
Saturday 15 July The Capture of Benedict Arnold
Sunday 16 July The World's Columbian Exposition
Saturday 22 July The Red Scare
Sunday 23 July The Salem Witch Hunt               * check out the BONUS below
Saturday 29 July The King of the Delta Blues       * check out the BONUS below
Sunday 30 July Chinatown

* BONUS: watch only the Garcia Flynn scenes of The Kennedy Curse after watching The Salem Witch Hunt

* BONUS: watch The Smitten Kitten deleted scene after watching The King of the Delta Blues

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