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In 2018 we held our very first Garcy Week almost immediately after Garcy October. It not only was a way to ease out of Garcy October, but it was held to help keep up positivity heading toward December 2018's Timeless series finale "movie" (aka: That Thing, aka: lart fanfic "movie", aka: piece of shit). It was also held in celebration of pages that Abigail Spencer accidentally leaked in which we read in the "movie" script that Garcia wrote Lucy a letter and signed off using "Love, Garcia Flynn." As you can imagine, having hope that the finale "movie" wasn't going to be terrible, that we saw this as a positive (little did we know...).


In 2019, we are celebrating Garcy Week again. It's not immediately after Garcy October this time. Keep on scrolling down to view the daily prompts.



While it's fun to get out your responses for the Fanfic and Fanart prompts during Garcy Week, I think we all know that GAL so... feel free to share your responses as you finish them, no rush. Plus the weekend following Garcy Week is Garcy Weekend so that's a great time to share what you couldn't finish during Garcy Week.

Monday 11 November SHARE:

Your favorite pictures and GIFs of Garcy

Write a story about how you imagine 2023 is for Garcia and Lucy before she and Wyatt traveled back to 2018 to help our 210 gang to save Rufus
Tuesday 12 November SHARE:

Your top 5 favorite season 1 Garcy moments

Draw, collage, or blend to create a graphic that portrays how you envision 2023 Garcia and Lucy
Wednesday 13 November SHARE:

Your top 5 favorite season 2 Garcy moments

How do you envision Garcia or Lucy proposing marriage to the other
14 November SHARE:

Your top 5 essential Garcy songs

Draw, collage, or blend to create a Garcy graphic using lyrics from one of your favorite Garcy songs
"Dollface" premiere
15 November SHARE:

Your favorite pictures and GIFs of Garcia Flynn

Before Garcia was married (or before Garcia's family was murdered by Rittenhouse), Garcia and Lucy met for a brief moment, how do you envision this happened?
Saturday 16 November SHARE:

Your favorite Garcy or Garcia Flynn fanvids

Draw, collage, or blend graphics that depict the wedding between Garcia and Lucy
Sunday 17 November SHARE:

How did you find your way into the Garcy Family?

Write a missing Garcy scene from your favorite episodes of Timeless

And... next weekend is Garcy Weekend so if you've fallen behind on prompts you want to do, you can share them with the Garcy Fam' during GW!



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