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Garcia Flynn and Lucy Preston or “Garcy” as they are affectionately known, have a complicated relationship throughout the two seasons of Timeless. It’s a relationship that is built over time, but one that’s built on honesty, trust, and respect.

When they meet initially in the pilot episode, they are on opposite sides of a war which only one of them knows is raging. At this time, Lucy is under the impression that Garcia Flynn murdered his wife and child, and has taken the Mothership to wreak havoc on American history. Their first encounter occurs while the flames of the Hindenburg smolder in the background. Lucy turns and Flynn is directly in front of her.  He tells her, “It’s time we talked. You need to understand who and what you’re dealing with.” Lucy responds that she understands he’s trying to burn everything to the ground. Flynn answers, “Well that depends on your point of view, Lucy.”

Lucy finds it shocking that this wanted terrorist knows her name, and she asks how he does. Her shock doesn’t end there, as Flynn informs her he knows everything about her. He elaborates by stating he knows her father is dead, that she believes she’s supposed to follow in her mother’s footsteps, but really doesn’t want to. He questions if she wants to know how he knows all of this, and then he pulls out a leather bound journal and opens it up. Lucy’s shock continues, as she stares at the pages in disbelief and confusion. She admits that it’s her handwriting, but that she did not write it.  Flynn replies, “Not yet, but you will. I know what you’re really meant to be Lucy and it isn’t a teacher.” Lucy’s response is naturally doubt, and she adamantly questions why she should believe someone who killed their own family. Flynn balks slightly when she mentions his family, but he does not correct her. Instead, he replies, “Just ask them why they really chose you for this mission. And, ask them what Rittenhouse is.”

This initial meeting is inevitably cut short when fellow Time Team member, Wyatt Logan, points his gun in Flynn’s direction. Flynn uses Lucy as a human shield and addresses Wyatt directly, telling him he knows for a fact he won’t shoot. Wyatt shoots, hitting Flynn in the neck. Flynn shoots back, then flees.

During the team’s second mission to 1865, Flynn confronts Lucy in the train station, after she made a date with Robert Todd Lincoln. He teasingly tells Lucy that they really have to stop meeting like this. Lucy is furious with him and yells, “You son of a bitch! My sister is gone, disappeared because of something you did to the Hindenburg.” His response of, “It’s war. I lost my whole family,” does not evoke a scintilla of sympathy from her. She reminds him that he killed his family. This is the first time he corrects that misconception and yells that Rittenhouse murdered them. Lucy then informs him that she “asked about Rittenhouse and no one’s ever heard of him.” Flynn is growing more frustrated by the second, but explains that “Rittenhouse isn’t a him, it’s a they. And, that’s why I’m here, to right some wrongs.” Lucy doesn’t believe him since she thinks he’s trying to destroy America. He corrects her again by explaining that he’s not trying to destroy America, he’s trying to save it and that one day she’s going to help him. Lucy reacts reflexively and quips, “Or what you’ll kill me?” Flynn explains that it’s not a threat, it’s her future and she should accept it and stop trying to interfere.

The next time the pair have an encounter is when Flynn bursts through the door at Ford’s Theatre to assassinate President Lincoln. He pauses momentarily when he spies Lucy sitting there, but shoots Lincoln anyway. After he shoots Lincoln, Lucy grabs the gun and Flynn grabs her by the throat and throws her across the room onto the couch. Flynn struggles with General Grant and overpowers him. Lucy reaches into her purse, pulls her gun and points it at Flynn. He jumps off the balcony to escape.

The next time Lucy and Flynn cross paths is in episode 4, at Castle Valar in 1944 Germany. Flynn takes Lucy by the arm as she begins to approach Von Braun, and teasingly tells her he was wondering when she’d get here. They banter about his intentions with Von Braun, the entire time standing very close to one another. For an instant, he almost appears as if he wants to kiss her as they argue about how Rittenhouse is not just his paranoid delusion. Flynn once again is emphatic that Rittenhouse is very real and he wishes she could recognize there is a greater good in what he’s trying to do. Lucy scoffs and reminds him he shot Lincoln and is working with Nazis. Flynn is desperately attempting to get Lucy to understand, replying, “You think I like this? You think I like helping these bastards! You think I sleep at night! One day you’ll understand, I’m a patriot.” A few moments later, Lucy and Ian Fleming are being led away by Nazis. Lucy glances back at him and he appears slightly regretful of his actions, but does not stop it.

In episode six, “The Watergate Tape,” their relationship begins to shift somewhat. After Flynn captures the team and holds them prisoner, he plays the missing Nixon tape and they hear President Nixon discuss Rittenhouse. Flynn quips that he guesses it’s not so much his paranoid delusion anymore, is it? He tells Lucy he needs her to find this missing doc that Rittenhouse wants, and she retorts that she doesn’t know anything about it. Flynn smugly answers her that he knows that because the journal doesn’t mention it. He then explains to the remaining members of the Time Team that it’s Lucy’s journal from the future and it’s his guide. He elaborates further, informing them that he and Lucy “are going to be quite the team one day.” Lucy tells the team that it’s a fake. Flynn chimes in stating that they’ve talked about this and even she admits it’s her handwriting. Lucy snaps back that she said it looked like her handwriting, not that she ever wrote it or ever will. Rufus and Wyatt are shocked that she talked to Flynn and want to know when it happened. Flynn happily begins to list off their encounters, from the train station in 1865 to the Nazi castle.  He laughs and asks, “Lucy, what have you told them about us?” He winds up releasing Lucy and Rufus, using Wyatt as collateral, and orders them to get him the doc in the next five hours. He also complements Lucy’s resourcefulness. The entire interaction seems slightly amusing to Flynn, but he does feel vindicated that Lucy finally believes him about Rittenhouse.

Lucy manages to outsmart him, figuring out that the doc is not a document, but a person, and pits Flynn and Rittenhouse against each other. Even Flynn chuckles when he figures out Lucy has double-crossed him. He’s proud of her for taking a side and playing him like a fiddle. It’s the first time we see his admiration for her.

Another shift in their relationship occurs when Flynn and Lucy next cross paths in West Point, New York in 1780, where they become reluctant allies. After the team is captured and held by George Washington’s men in Benedict Arnold’s home, Flynn drops in on the Time Team at gunpoint and tells them he needs their help.  He instructs them to pretend to be who he told Washington they were, members of the Culper Ring.  Flynn implores Lucy that they can end this all now as Benedict Arnold is one of the founding members of Rittenhouse.  He rips out pages of Lucy’s journal in a show of good faith, so that Lucy can read about how awful Rittenhouse is in her own words.  Flynn explains to the team that this is for everyone’s benefit, that the end result will be that they won’t be chasing him through time anymore, Rittenhouse can’t threaten Rufus and his family, and he will reveal the identity of Wyatt’s wife’s murderer.

They pretend to be defectors and the British allow them to meet with General Arnold.  After Flynn kills Cornwallis and the remainder of the redcoat guards, they interrogate Arnold and find out that Rittenhouse is a man.  Lucy immediately moves towards Flynn and questions if he knew this and he tells her there was nothing about it in the journal.  They convince Arnold to take them to David Rittenhouse.

On the way there, they stop to water the horses.  Flynn and Lucy find themselves alone, as Flynn holds a bucket for the horses to drink. Lucy clearly eyes him up and down, as she walks towards him. They chat about his knowledge of horses, and Flynn explains he wanted to be a cowboy when he was little. He jokes about being an “I told you so,” reminding her about the journal saying they would be working together. Lucy scolds him, telling him not to push his luck. Lucy shifts gears then and ask what he’ll do if they’re successful in defeating Rittenhouse. Flynn answers that he’ll go home to his family since they’ll be alive again. He’ll let his little girl jump into his arms, hug his wife, and then say goodbye and walk away forever. Lucy cannot believe he would do that after all the trouble he went through. Flynn explains he’s done horrible things and become something else. He can’t possibly let that into his home.  He asks Lucy, “What kind of husband or-or a father can I be after what I’ve done?” His pain is visible, as they glance softly at each other. Lucy begins to see the man that he was before all this happened.

After Flynn kills David Rittenhouse, he’s looking for his son, John, because he needs to kill him as well since he believes the same as his father.  He finds the boy and struggles with killing him.  Once he’s made up his mind to do so, he turns and finds Lucy blocking John with her own body. He tells her to move and she refuses. He screams at her to move and Lucy screams back that she is not letting him kill a child. Flynn tells her he’s all that’s left of Rittenhouse. Lucy answers that he doesn’t know that for sure, people can change. Lucy explains that he has a choice right now. They all have choices and can decide to be something different. She pleads with him that he can still be a father again, but not if he does this. She attempts to save him from his consuming darkness, his lowest point. She can sense he is clearly struggling with this decision.  By the time he decides to go through with it, John has escaped. Flynn drags Lucy by the arm to the Mothership and takes off after saying he thought she understood what was at stake.

Flynn takes Lucy to his hideout, while he goes back to try to finish the job by killing both David and John Rittenhouse.  Flynn is unsuccessful, blames Lucy for interfering, and the fact that his family is still dead and Rittenhouse survived.  Flynn then states he’ll just kill John Rittenhouse when he’s older and asks Lucy where he is.  She tells him there is no record of him anywhere.  Flynn is beyond pissed and tells his henchman to get Lucy up. Lucy demands to know where he’s taking her. She can sense how unhinged he currently is, and is genuinely scared for the first time with him since the Hindenburg. He tells her he wanted to do this the easy way, but now he’s going to have to take down Rittenhouse one member at a time.  They’re only a few feet from each other when he says this and he stares down at her with an intensity that tells Lucy he means every single word he’s saying.

Flynn takes Lucy in the Mothership to the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.  It’s nighttime and they’re standing outside, Karl flanking them in case Lucy tries to make a run for it.  He tells her there going to be an important meeting at about 4 p.m. tomorrow with Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and J.P. Morgan. He informs her he’s going to kill them all and she’s going to help him because they’re all a part of Rittenhouse. Lucy tries to pull away, but her grabs her arm and calls her “honey” as a couple passing by gives them a dirty look. He tells her she should think long and hard before turning him down. Lucy asks what happened to all that talk about needing her, about them fighting side by side. Flynn explains that she wrote in her journal that one day they would stop Rittenhouse together, yet when that day came she wouldn’t help him. She let Rittenhouse live and he really thought they were going to do great things. He looks softly at her when he says this, with a definite expression of disappointment. He bemoans that maybe he was wrong about the journal and wrong about her. Lucy bites back that maybe he’s wrong about a lot of things. He answers that maybe they’re not meant to be a team after all, and if that’s true, that makes her expendable.

We next see Flynn and Lucy seated at a table in a bar and the waitress brings them Papst beer, which just won blue ribbon at the fair.  Flynn explains how he’s going to plant the bomb to kill Edison, Ford and Morgan and Lucy tells him she’s not going to help him, he’ll have to kill her. He calls her bluff, asking if she doesn’t think he will. Lucy explains why that she read his classified file, she knows he saved people in Kosovo and helped a family in Iraq. Lucy elaborates and tells him that he used to care about people, used to be good, but then Rittenhouse killed his family. She admits she believes him, yet he’s now putting all of them in danger. He then blackmails her into helping him by explaining that he sent Wyatt and Rufus to the World’s Fair Hotel. Lucy calls him a son of a bitch, and they proceed to discuss the other name the hotel came to be known by and H.H. Holmes, the renowned serial killer who used it as his playground.

Flynn informs Lucy he needs someone to evade security for the meeting and that she has all the answers.  They wind up at Houdini’s show and Lucy tells Flynn that Houdini might not be famous just yet, but there’s no one better at getting in and out of tight spots.  Houdini selects Lucy as his volunteer for his act. Flynn watches Lucy the entire time with a sparkle in his eyes and a smile on his face, which turns into a full on laugh while clapping when Houdini finishes his illusion and Lucy lets out a surprised utterance. 

Lucy then talks to Houdini on her own after the show, and fools him into leaving the tent where Flynn and Karl are waiting with guns drawn. Flynn tells Houdini he needs him to pick a lock. Lucy walks with Houdini, while Flynn and Karl walk behind them.  Lucy apologizes to Houdini and explains that Flynn is holding her friends hostage and she had no choice.  But Lucy is clever enough to hint to Houdini that she wants to learn his cut purse trick and Houdini seems to catch on.  They also talk about Lucy being trapped and Houdini explains he clears his mind and focuses on one word: escape. 

Houdini gets into the room, but uses the cut purse trick to handcuff Flynn and take his gun without Flynn knowing.  Houdini saves Edison, Ford and Morgan and then leaves. Houdini strikes Karl in the back with a metal pipe and he and Lucy go after Wyatt and Rufus. She’s outsmarted Flynn once again, but this time he doesn’t find it amusing at all.

In episode fourteen, “The Lost Generation,” Rufus and Lucy meet up with Ernest Hemingway and Josephine Baker in search of Charles Lindbergh and Flynn in 1927 Paris.  As Hemingway and Rufus step outside of the abandoned chateau they think Flynn is hiding out in so Hemingway can puke, Karl finds Lucy and brings her to Flynn. Lucy screams for Karl to let go of her and when he doesn’t, she turns to Flynn and orders him to tell Karl to let her go. Flynn instructs Karl to let her go since she’s not a prisoner. Lucy confronts Flynn about knowing who her real father was and asks him why he didn’t just tell her. He explains that she needed to see with her own eyes who they are and why she’s going to fight them. Lucy is beyond annoyed at that moment, because “everyone knows my future except me.”

Lucy then convinces Flynn to let her try to get Lindbergh to renounce Rittenhouse and change his future.  Flynn reluctantly agrees telling her “he’ll take that bet. It’ll be entertaining if nothing else.” They stare at each other as Flynn slowly closes the cell door.

In the season one finale, they wind up in Washington D.C. in 1954. Flynn gives Senator McCarthy pictures of Lucy and Wyatt and tells him they’re spies.  They’re taken into custody and isolated.  Flynn opens the door and Lucy is standing in a room alone. Flynn explains he just wants her to know that when he destroys Rittenhouse tonight, that also includes her grandfather, and he’s honestly not sure what’s going to happen to her, but whatever it is, it’s probably not good. Lucy questions why he’s telling her this and he answers that he thought she deserved the truth. Lucy barks back at him that he told her, and wants to know what he wants her blessing. Flynn informs her that he doesn’t want anything from her. Lucy pushes back stating she thinks he does want something from her and that deep down there’s some human part of him that wants her to stop him. She goes on, declaring that nobody wins, nobody loses, and people keep dying, and then asks what the body count is so far. Flynn expectantly tells her, “Now’s the time that you tell me what a monster I am.” Lucy replies honestly, “I don’t think you’re a monster anymore. I used to, but now I just think that you’re sad and you’re lonely. I think you’re a broken person who misses the people that they love…”  Flynn gets defensive and tells her not to talk about his family like she knows them. Lucy then informs him that if he wants to stop Rittenhouse, they’ll help him, but not like this. He asks her how, and when she doesn’t answer bids her farewell.

Flynn leaves, Wyatt manages to escape McCarthy and his men and rescues Lucy.  They decide to follow her grandfather to the Rittenhouse summit. They find Flynn planting the bombs in the basement, and Lucy steps in front of Wyatt as he’s about to shoot. Lucy advises Flynn that she’s not here to fight and that she wants to help him. She’s desperately trying to get through to him, stating that she knows that he’s not a bad man and that he’s hurting. She says she knows he doesn’t want to kill a room full of people upstairs. Flynn barks back that he doesn’t want to kill them, he has to kill them to put his wife and child back on this earth. She tries to convey that this won’t work, it’s not the answer to defeating Rittenhouse. Flynn confesses that he prayed to God for answers and he led him here. Lucy steps forward and asks him, “What if he led you to me?” She convinces him she knows a way they can really take out Rittenhouse. She uses the journal to help her accomplish this goal by reminding him it did say she was going to help him one day and that maybe today is that day.

When they get back to the present, Lucy meets Flynn clandestinely, and hands him a flash drive with the necessary information to get his family back. He reaches into his back pocket, pulls out Lucy’s journal and hands it to her as he no longer needs it anymore. She states that he never told her where he got it from, and Flynn tells her that she gave it to him. She laughs, thinking that he’s joking and tells him that she didn’t give it to him. They are flirting slightly with each other during this conversation. He smiles and responds, “Not yet. Take it from me, you age surprisingly well.” Lucy is confused and asks what he’s talking about. Suddenly, Agent Christopher and her men surround the two of them and take Flynn into custody. Flynn screams that he trusted her with his family and with his child. Lucy futilely tries to explain that she had no idea and she was sorry. Flynn is fuming and screams, “You’re sorry! You have no idea what you’ve done!”

As season two begins, Flynn is incarcerated and Lucy is missing after having been kidnapped by her mother and Rittenhouse. Flynn informs Denise in the first episode that he’ll only talk to Lucy when she asks him for help.

In episode two, “The Darlington 500,” Lucy suggests she go and talk to Flynn in prison and that’s exactly what she does.  The second she walks into his cell, he gives her a look that’s half relief and half anger.  He’s relieved that she’s finally showing up to talk to him, and angry because he still resents that she put him in prison in the first place.  He gestures for her to have a seat.  Then he tells her that “no offense, Lucy, but you’ve looked better.” He’s not trying to insult her, but he knows her well enough to take one look and instantaneously know she’s not alright. Lucy is hurting, but she’s attempting to project that brave face to the world. Here’s where we see the contrast between Wyatt and Flynn start to be highlighted. Unlike Wyatt, Flynn doesn’t have to be told by anyone that Lucy is struggling. He can see it for himself.

Denise then asks him about South Carolina 1955 and why Rittenhouse might be there.  Flynn gives a snarky response and tells Lucy that maybe she should ask her mother for help. Lucy is slightly shocked he knows about this, given he’s been in prison this whole time. Denise admits that it came up during his interrogation. He taunts her stating she never suspected her own mother was Rittenhouse, as if it was blatantly obvious. Lucy ignores him and keeps her mind on the mission and demands to know if he’s going to tell them what Rittenhouse is doing in South Carolina or not. He uses his knowledge about Rittenhouse to try to leverage his way out of prison.  Denise tells him that’s impossible and then Flynn says it’s impossible for him to help. Lucy pipes up with, “I want to finish what we’ve started. I want to take down Rittenhouse for good.”  Flynn doesn’t believe her since she stopped him from taking down Rittenhouse over and over again. Lucy answers that she’ll do whatever it takes now. Flynn is very skeptical. He doesn’t believe she would kill her own mother, the woman she blindly obeyed her whole life begging for her approval like a lap dog.  He tells her he’s sorry, but it just doesn’t inspire confidence. Lucy leans forward and stares directly into Flynn’s eyes with a deadly-serious expression on her face and tells him he can avenge the deaths of his family and help them or you he can keep being a smug stubborn ass and rot knowing that their deaths were in vain. He contemplates what she says and tells them about a South Carolina address on a Rittenhouse agent, but makes sure they know that the next time they want his help, it will cost them.

Lucy and Denise visit Flynn in prison again in episode three, “Hollywoodland,” since they have no idea why Rittenhouse would go to 1941 Los Angeles.  Flynn is in the prison infirmary after he’s been shanked. Lucy asks who did this to him and Flynn responds with, “Who do you think?” Denise is leery that Rittenhouse could get to him in prison. Flynn sarcastically answers that she’s probably right since even though they never met he’s sure the inmate who stabbed him at breakfast with a spoon shank had a very good reason. He guesses that Rittenhouse took another trip, which Lucy confirms. Flynn chuckles and asks if they have any ability to do this on their own. Lucy explains that he wants to stop Rittenhouse as much as they do.  He answers that he absolutely does, once they get him out of here. Denise kills the idea of him getting out of prison once again, but Lucy steps up and tells him she can get him out if he tells her what Rittenhouse is doing in 1941 Los Angeles. He asks her why he should trust her this time, and she answers that because as much as he needs them, they need him even more.

Lucy implements her plan to break Flynn out of prison. She knows they need Flynn’s intelligence on Rittenhouse in order to defeat this evil organization, but it’s not the only reason she’s doing this. She still has guilt over being the reason he was caught and incarcerated.

The relationship between Lucy and Flynn changes again in episode four, “The Salem Witch Hunt,” as they become reluctant teammates since he’s out of jail and they need a soldier for the mission. Lucy is the one who pushes to Agent Christopher to allow Flynn to join them. She asks Flynn if she can trust him, and his only response is a nod of his head. It’s the moment he’s been waiting for, the moment they work together as a team.  It’s almost as if a subtle wave of relief washes over him when she asks.

They work well together on the mission, and Flynn even reaches out to Lucy about her time in captivity with Rittenhouse. He’s attempting to connect to her on another level, to discuss the shared pain Rittenhouse has caused the both of them. He still holds a slight bitterness over Lucy’s part in his arrest, but he’s trying his garbage best to move past it. When they reach the home of Bathsheba on the outskirts of Salem, they begin to communicate in their signature style of just looks, the other instinctively knowing their partner’s intentions and wishes. He knows Lucy wants him to rough them up and obtain the information they need, and he happily obliges her.

Flynn saves Lucy’s life from the hangman’s noose after her mother accuses her of being a witch. Lucy suffers a wound to her left arm during the mission, and he takes it upon himself to buckle her into her seatbelt on the return trip home. At first, Lucy rejects his offer to help her, even though she’s struggling to get it on by herself. Flynn gives her a simple, “it’s okay,” as he leans over and fastens the seatbelt for her. He’s trying to convey that he genuinely wants to help and it’s really nothing more than that. We see this again as Lucy starts to talk about her mother, and he needs to tell her that she’s nothing like her. He needs her to believe him, to know that he believes in her, but also that she can let him in and let her walls down. The proud lion of a smile he gives when she responds that she knows she’s nothing like her mother is just another example of how much this woman impresses him.

Their unspoken language again comes in handy when they land back in the bunker, and Lucy steps out of the Lifeboat to find Wyatt’s not-so-dead wife, Jessica, standing at the foot of the stairs. Flynn supportively takes her under his wing and guides her down the stairs. He knows this is upsetting and shocking to her, and knows what she needs in that moment. It’s the very beginning of their relationship turning from reluctant teammate to reluctant friend.

Their newfound tentative trust does not get the immediate opportunity to blossom, as Lucy suffers from an infection from her arm wound and cannot accompany the team on missions. Flynn does accompany the team in episode five, “The Kennedy Curse,” and is left in the past to deal with Rittenhouse sleeper agents trying to kill a young JFK. As the team goes to take JFK back to the past, Lucy makes sure they’re going to get Flynn. Her insistence that they not forget him again illustrates her belief that he is a part of the team, as well as his personal importance to her as a teammate and protector. Lucy knows she can trust him, and with her trust issues with Wyatt currently, Flynn is the life raft of truth she clings to.

Having overheard Lucy’s painful and awkward conversation with Wyatt earlier, when he wanders into the kitchen and finds her on the loveseat watching old movies, he joins her on the couch. He’s concerned about her well-being, wants to be supportive, but not overstep this tentative almost friendship they’ve ventured into. Lucy’s sad and depressed, and he wants her to know he’s there for her. He doesn’t say a word, just sits down next to her and hands her one of the beers he brought from the fridge. When she takes the beer from him, his eyes momentarily glance down at their hands which brush slightly. No words are spoken, he’s just offering his presence to her. If she wants to talk, he’s there. If she doesn’t, he’s content to just sit there in silence with her. 

In the next episode, “The King of the Delta Blues,” the team of Lucy, Flynn, Rufus and Connor travel to 1936 San Antonio, Texas. Flynn helps Lucy down from the Lifeboat and they glance at each other while they laugh at Connor’s reaction to time traveling for the first time as well as his subsequent puking. Flynn disposes of the Rittenhouse sleeper agent who tried to kill Robert Johnson, then comes back to the hotel room where Lucy is waiting. Flynn makes a joke that it’s time they level with each other and admit that he’s way more fun on these missions than Wyatt. Lucy chuckles and tells him he’s delusional. He mentions that it must be awkward between the two of them, and Lucy tries to play it off as if it’s no big deal. He pries further and asks, “So that’s not why you secretly keep a bottle of vodka under your bed?” Lucy wants to know if he’s spying on her and he explains he remembers reading about it in her journal. He then admits that when she first gave him the journal all he cared about was that it was a tool to take down Rittenhouse, but the more he read it, the longer he stayed with it, the more he felt like he knew and understood her. He elaborates and says that sometimes he feels like he knows her better than she knows herself. Lucy snaps back at him and wants to know what he wants from her. She emphatically declares that he doesn’t know her and Flynn answers that he guesses they’re having their own awkward moment right now.

They’re preparing to leave with Don Law to meet up with Robert Johnson, Rufus and Connor, when the sleeper agent shoots Don. Flynn grabs Lucy and pulls her back to safety. Lucy remarks that they just led her straight to Rufus and Mason. 

As they drive toward the juke joint they’re meeting their teammates at, “I Wished On The Moon” plays in the car, and Flynn starts to hum along.  He tells her that she was right, he doesn’t know her, and that what he was trying to say back there is that he’d like to get to know her, but understands if she doesn’t want that. She doesn’t respond to his statement, but instead begins to open up to him that her mother used to sing this song too. They trade stories of their lost loved ones and after Lucy tells him a story about her sister Amy’s strawberry scented shampoo, he admits he never intended that to happen and he never wanted to hurt you her. Lucy is lost in a moment of despair for her sister and loses faith that they will get their lost loved ones back. Flynn answers that he knows somehow, some way, they’ll save the people they love. Lucy changes the subject and smirks at him asking if he knew from her journal that her mother sang that song. He respond with a huge smile, informing her, “You should know the Lucy in that journal, she’s very, very impressive.” A spark is definitely palpable from them during the entire conversation and car ride, as they both sneak glances at each other. They both are letting their walls down and getting to genuinely know each other.

As Connor records Robert Johnson, they sit next to each other and listen. As Flynn’s head starts bobbing to the music and a smile appears on his face, Lucy steals a glance at him and beams back a smile of her own.

When they make it back to the bunker, they are all laughs and smiles as they exit the Lifeboat. They walk side by side through the bunker, smiling at each other, enjoying each other’s company, when Wyatt interrupts by calling Lucy’s name. Flynn looks to Lucy to make sure she wants him to leave her alone with Wyatt, and leaves after receiving his silent permission. Wyatt asks Lucy if she kept Flynn on a short leash and she replies, “He was actually great. He really came through.”

We next see Lucy on the couch, her thoughts heavy on her mind.  She gets up, grabs the bottle of vodka from the coffee table, and makes her way to Flynn’s room. She knocks on his door, and he opens a few moments later to find Lucy leaning against the wall, the vodka bottle under her chin. There are no words spoken, as she turns and looks him straight in the eye. He chuckles and bids her entry to his room.

In the deleted scene from episode seven, “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes,” Lucy wakes in a panic, realizing she’s in Flynn’s bed, and continues to apologize to him. He jokes that there’s nothing to be apologize for as she was a “gentle and responsive lover.” Lucy replies that she “wasn’t that drunk.” Flynn laughs, puts his hand to his face and informs her that nothing happened. He goes on to say that he does appreciate the look of abject horror on her face, as he hands her a cup of coffee. She apologizes again and takes a sip of her coffee.  Flynn responds that he enjoys the company. Lucy smiles and looks down and he’s genuinely curious about she’s thinking. The expression of sheer admiration and devotion he shines back at her is more telling than any words could ever be.  He is a completely smitten kitten. She tells him not to take this the wrong way, because she thinks it’s insane that he’s the easiest to talk to of all the people in the bunker. He beams a smile back at her and then reminds her that they both lost their families to Rittenhouse and they are both alone. Lucy frowns slightly, and he makes a joke about them both being geniuses in order to lighten the mood again. Lucy gets up and informs him she’s going to remove herself from his personal space, and as she gets to the door she glances back and awkwardly lingers.  She thanks him for the coffee and the “just talking.” He tells her anytime, as he smiles widely and nods his head. The relationship has blossomed into a true friendship, with the potential for something more in the future.

Of course Wyatt catches Lucy sneaking out of Flynn’s room in the morning, and he orders Flynn to stay away from her when they meet up in the bathroom. Flynn reminds Wyatt that Lucy isn’t his wife, unless history’s changed again, and that Lucy is capable of making her own decisions. He would never do what Wyatt is attempting to do right now, he has too much respect and love for Lucy. He doesn’t want to control her, he just wants to love and support her.

There’s even a little funny moment between them in the episode as they head out on their mission and a police officer tells Flynn to “please control his wife.” It’s a theme that recurs throughout the show, as they either pretend to be a married couple like they did in Salem, or people assume they’re a couple.

In episode eight, “The Day Reagan Was Shot,” Flynn’s left back at the bunker while Lucy goes on the mission since he can’t travel on his own timeline. As soon as the Lifeboat returns and the hatch opens, Flynn is waiting for her with a huge smile on his face. He’s both relieved and happy that she’s back in one piece, as he literally could not protect her on this mission.

Later on, Flynn is reading in his room when Lucy just enters, and asks when he gave her the journal he said he got it from her. Of course he has to tease her about this invasion into his private space by stating “please do come in.”  He’s not truly upset with her, but can tell she means business when he sees the expression that she’s wearing. She demands to know what he meant by that. He asks if she’s sure she wants to know and Lucy replies yes.  He puts his book down and rises from the chair to face her.  He explains that it was two weeks after his family was killed and he was alone and in hiding. The only thing keeping him from killing himself was the idea of stopping these beasts that done this thing. He ended up in a bar in Sao Paulo, Brazil and was on his third drink when she walked in. He tells her, “You looked maybe five years older than you look now, but no less…you looked good.” He can’t bring himself to say it out loud, but the audience is left with little doubt about what he wanted to say; that Lucy looked beautiful. He explains that she told him her name and she knew everything about how his family died and that Rittenhouse was behind it. She told him there’s a way for him to stop Rittenhouse, but to do it he was going to need her help and that’s when she handed him the journal. He explains that she started all of this. Lucy can’t believe it because they can’t travel on their own timelines. Flynn assures her that Rufus and Jiya must have figured out a way, because that’s exactly what happened. She wants to know more and he informs her that’s all he knows and they’ll both just have to wait and see what happens.

In episode nine, “The General,” Flynn sticks up for her and encourages her history nerd, as they sit around the bunker discussing what Rittenhouse might be up to. The pair share another tender moment during the episode as Flynn leans down into her space to learn more about Harriet Tubman. When the Time Team needs to split up in order to accomplish their mission, Lucy informs Wyatt that she will go with Flynn to try to convince General Montgomery to return with his men to help with the raid. Wyatt is of course complaining that she’s paring off with Flynn again, but Lucy tells him he and Rufus are a better team. Lucy and Flynn ride off on horseback together, and when we next see the pair they’re in the General’s tent. Their support and understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses is on full display, as Flynn lets Lucy take the lead with convincing the general. He’s just there to protect her and support her as always.

The culmination comes in “Chinatown,” where Flynn finds a grieving Lucy sitting in a chair, with her mother’s lifeless body behind her in the photography studio. After asking about Wyatt’s whereabouts, Flynn assures her that no harm has come to Wyatt on his account, and he couldn’t kill him even if he wanted to, and he definitely wants to.  He’s attuned that this would hurt Lucy, which is the last thing he ever wants, so for her sake, Wyatt remains safe from him. He tells her he doesn’t give a damn about Wyatt, as that’s not the reason he’s there.  He kneels down to look her straight in the eyes. Lucy then questions why he is here, and we see the first bit of panic on Flynn’s face, as the realization hits him that she doesn’t know how he feels and that he’s there for her.  Lucy either does not know how he feels, or she suspects how he feels and is looking for confirmation. The conversation gets interrupted when Wyatt reappears at the photography studio.

Flynn later finds a beaten Lucy lying in an alley, after her altercation with Emma. Again, their unspoken bond kicks into high-gear, and he gently cradles her in his arms, allowing her to fall apart, despite the fact he has just been shot in one of those arms. Lucy feels comfortable enough with him to break down, and he holds and comforts her in her darkest hour. She continues to repeat the words, “I can’t, I can’t.” We can see how much Lucy means to him and how much he loves her in that moment, as he gives up the opportunity to go after Emma, Rittenhouse’s only pilot, which would end the war right there. Their foreheads touch as he holds and rocks her, and Flynn wants nothing more than to take all her pain away and give it to himself.

When they make it back to the bunker, Flynn has his wound tended to, and then finds Lucy and Wyatt huddled close together. Flynn appears heartbroken and depressed that Lucy turned to Wyatt instead of him, and then a second Lifeboat appears, and a hardened, future version of Lucy steps out. He gazes at this iteration with as much wonder, awe and devotion that he does to the woman standing a few feet from him.

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