If you would like to contribute written content for Team Garcy, you can find a list of character biographies and relationships summaries that are still needed for the site. If there is a X to the left of the character name or relationship, that indicates that the biography/summary has been claimed. Please email me a list of which character or relationship you'd like to write, and once I receive the request it will be marked with a X as taken. Once I get back to you, you will have two months to write the character biography or relationship summary before it is made available to the public. Thank you so much for your help!


Character Biographies
X Lucy Preston (complete the biography, part is already written) due: 20 February 2020
  Rufus Carlin  
  Denise Christopher  
  Wyatt Logan  
X Jiya Marri due: 20 February 2020
  Connor Mason  
  Emma Whitmore  
  Anthony Bruhl  
  Benjamin Cahill  
  Ethan Cahill  
  Stanley Fisher  
X Carol Preston due: 20 February 2020
  David Rittenhouse  
  John Rittenhouse  
  Gabriel Thompkins  
  Rittenhouse (organization)  
  Mason Industries (organization)  
Relationship Summaries
  Rufus Carlin / Jiya Marri  
  Garcia Flynn / Lorena Flynn  
  Rufus Carlin / Wyatt Logan  
  Garcia Flynn / Rufus Carlin  
  Garcia Flynn / Wyatt Logan  
X Garcia Flynn / Emma Whitmore due: 20 February 2020
  Rufus Carlin / Lucy Preston  
  Lucy Preston / Jessica Logan  
  Lucy Preston / Jiya Marri  
  Lucy Preston / Carol Preston  
  Lucy Preston / Emma Whitmore  
  Connor Mason / Denise Christopher  

PLEASE NOTE: If there is a character biography or a relationship summary not listed that isn't already on Team Garcy that you would like to write, please contact me if you would like to write for it to be archived here.

** Please make sure that the information in your biographies and summaries are based on canonical information. If you make assumptions please make sure to note that the information isn't from the series canon and that it is your own assumption/headcanon.


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