Garcia Flynn/Lucy Preston

Benjamin Cahill/Carol Preston // Rufus Carlin/Jiya Marri // Denise Christopher/Michelle // Garcia Flynn/Lorena
Nicholas Keynes/Emma Whitmore // Wyatt Logan/Jessica Logan // Wyatt Logan/Lucy Preston // Noah/Lucy Preston

Rufus Carlin/Wyatt Logan // Garcia Flynn/Rufus Carlin // Garcia Flynn/Wyatt Logan // Garcia Flynn/Emma Whitmore
Lucy Preston/Rufus Carlin // Lucy Preston/Jessica Logan // Lucy Preston/Jiya Marri // Lucy Preston/Carol Preston
Lucy Preston/Emma Whitmore // Connor Mason/Denise Christopher

Carol met Benjamin when she was a junior in college and Benjamin was a professor (‘The Alamo’). They met because of Rittenhouse as they both come from good, strong Rittenhouse families (‘Red scare’). They fell madly in love and had an affair. Carol warmly remembered how handsome Benjamin was, his passion for arguing and his desire to go into Politics. But when Carol fell pregnant with Lucy, she realised she barely knew him and even when Benjamin offered her marriage and financial support; she turned him down. She never regretted it. Benjamin cut off all ties and never contacted her again adhering to Carol’s wishes (‘The Alamo’). But there was not one day when Benjamin didn’t think of Lucy (‘The Lost Generation’).

In the Original timeline, Carol and Benjamin had a short live affair, broke up. Carol and Henry Wallace mended their relationship, married and raised Lucy and seven years later, added Amy to their family (‘The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln’).

Carol was currently in a relationship with Henry Wallace since 1979 when she met Benjamin (‘Public Enemy No.1’). **It is assumed she cheated or broke things off with Henry when she met Benjamin roughly April 1982 (Facebook Link to Lucy’s Birthday).

Even when history was altered by accident in 1937 (‘Pilot’) and on purpose in 1979 (‘The War to End All Wars’), to save Carol from dying from cancer. Carol and Benjamin’s affair remains unchanged from the alteration to history. The couple had a short affair and parted ways when Carol was pregnant.

Carol raised Lucy, while she built the history department at Stanford University as her legacy (‘Pilot’). One she wanted Lucy to take over (‘The Lost Generation’).

Benjamin Cahill continued on with his life and went into medicine where he became a paediatric surgeon at UCSF (‘The Lost Generation’). He eventually moved on married and had a son who is Lucy’s half-brother. **It is assumed when Lucy shows up on his doorstep, he calls Carol to inform her that Lucy showed up at his doorstep (‘The Watergate Tape’).

How much the two interacted over the years after, is unknown but they do share a child; Lucy. They are both incredibly proud of her and expect great things from her, and her children (‘The Lost Generation’ & ‘Red Scare’).

**Author Assumptions

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