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Rufus Carlin/Wyatt Logan // Garcia Flynn/Rufus Carlin // Garcia Flynn/Wyatt Logan // Garcia Flynn/Emma Whitmore
Lucy Preston/Rufus Carlin // Lucy Preston/Jessica Logan // Lucy Preston/Jiya Marri // Lucy Preston/Carol Preston
Lucy Preston/Emma Whitmore // Connor Mason/Denise Christopher

Ship name: Denelle

Denise and Michelle met in the year 2000, the exact date and how they met is still unknown (‘The Capture of Benedict Arnold’). **It is assumed that they fell in love and when same sex marriage was legal in California in 2015, they married. They had two beautiful children Mark and Olivia.  

Denise never brought co-workers home according to Michelle but she made an exception with Lucy in 2017. She gave Lucy a USB drive with photos and information about her family to keep on the lifeboat. She made Lucy promise her if something happened to her family; if they were erased from time that Lucy should her the USB and tell her about her family (‘The Capture of Benedict Arnold’).

In the original timeline, Denise’s relationship with her mother is estranged. The rift was caused due to Denise not conforming to her mother’s wishes and Denise wanting more for her life. Her mother attempted to arrange marriages for Denise over the years. Denise dodged them until she was in Quantico. **It is assumed that she did not reveal to her mother that she was sexual orientation. She just kept moving forward and maintained very little contact.

It’s because of this rift, Denise’s personal reasons for not coming out and Denise’s choice to continue her career that she never told her about her marriage to Michelle and their kids. She would routinely screened her mother’s calls and only spoke to her a couple of times a year until 2018, when Rittenhouse sent a sleeper agent to assassinate her in 1981 (‘The Day Reagan Was Shot’).

The team left in the lifeboat, her memories and life began to change. She remembered she was duty as a police officer when President Reagan was in town. But instead of the events proceeding as they did in the Original Timeline, she remembered being saved by Master Sergeant Wyatt Logan from a stray bullet. Two women called Cagney and Lacey helped her track down John Hinckley which helped boost her career into the FBI. She remembered how Cagney and Lacey made her reassess her life, then blew her world wide open when they showed her photos of herself with her future wife and family. It is assumed knowing her future that she will have a wife and family pushes her to be honest and come out to her mother (‘The Day Reagan Was Shot’).

The engagement to Sunil is broken off, Denise took the job with the FBI. Her relationship with her mother turned from estranged (in the original timeline) to one of love and openness. The two had their rough patches over the years but made it through. They are closer and Denise can’t imagine her life without her mother as history changed to have Denise’s mother in their lives, with family night (‘The Day Reagan Was Shot’).

As for Denise and Michelle, Lucy left the USB stick with Denise’s younger self in 1981. Denise could never describe the emotions of what it felt like when a computer came out with a USB port for the USB stick. She told Lucy that knowing about Michelle and her children gave her hope for the future (‘The Day Reagan Was Shot’).

Denise and Michelle still remain together until this day, Denise is more than happy with her life. She told Lucy after the team returned from 1981; she gave the USB stick back to Lucy told her to keep it in the Lifeboat. Just in case.

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