Garcia Flynn/Lucy Preston

Benjamin Cahill/Carol Preston // Rufus Carlin/Jiya Marri // Denise Christopher/Michelle // Garcia Flynn/Lorena
Nicholas Keynes/Emma Whitmore // Wyatt Logan/Jessica Logan // Wyatt Logan/Lucy Preston // Noah/Lucy Preston

Rufus Carlin/Wyatt Logan // Garcia Flynn/Rufus Carlin // Garcia Flynn/Wyatt Logan // Garcia Flynn/Emma Whitmore
Lucy Preston/Rufus Carlin // Lucy Preston/Jessica Logan // Lucy Preston/Jiya Marri // Lucy Preston/Carol Preston
Lucy Preston/Emma Whitmore // Connor Mason/Denise Christopher

Lucy Preston and Garcia Flynn or “Garcy” as they are affectionately known, have a complicated relationship throughout the two seasons of Timeless. It’s a relationship that is built over time, but one that’s built on honesty, trust, and respect.

When they meet initially in the pilot episode, they are on opposite sides of a war which only one of them knows is raging. At this time, Lucy is under the impression that Garcia Flynn murdered his wife and child, and has taken the Mothership to wreak havoc on American history. Their first encounter occurs while the flames of the Hindenburg smolder in the background. Lucy turns and Flynn is directly in front of her.  He tells her, “It’s time we talked. You need to understand who and what you’re dealing with.” Lucy responds that she understands he’s trying to burn everything to the ground. Flynn answers, “Well that depends on your point of view, Lucy.” [ read more ]



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