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Timeless gave us complex and layered relationships so Team Garcy brings you ship summaries (or mini-novels) that match the complexity and layers to what we saw on the series. If you would like to write a summary for any of the relationships that don't yet have their pages done, contact me to let me know which relationship(s) you would like to write for, and I will mark it/them as claimed with an asterix (*). If you would like to write a relationship summary for a ship not listed, also let me know and I will add it to this archive. Thank you!

CANON RELATIONSHIP: a relationship that was building towards being romantic in nature, is romantic in nature, or had become romantic in nature NON-CANON RELATIONSHIP: a relationship that has no basis within canon of the series

Benjamin Cahill / Carol Preston
* Rufus Carlin / Jiya Marri
Denise Christopher / Michelle Christopher
* Garcia Flynn / Lorena Flynn
* Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston
Nicholas Keynes / Emma Whitmore
Wyatt Logan / Jessica Logan
Wyatt Logan / Lucy Preston
Noah / Lucy Preston
* Garcia Flynn & Rufus Carlin
Wyatt Logan & Rufus Carlin


Dave Baumgardner/Karl
Dave Baumgardner / Lucy Preston
Garcia Flynn / Emma Whitmore
Karl/Jessica Logan
Robert Todd Lincoln / Lucy Preston
Noah / Amy Preston
Lucy Preston / Jiya Marri

Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston







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