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Benjamin Cahill/Carol Preston // Rufus Carlin/Jiya Marri // Denise Christopher/Michelle // Garcia Flynn/Lorena
Nicholas Keynes/Emma Whitmore // Wyatt Logan/Jessica Logan // Wyatt Logan/Lucy Preston // Noah/Lucy Preston

Rufus Carlin/Wyatt Logan // Garcia Flynn/Rufus Carlin // Garcia Flynn/Wyatt Logan // Garcia Flynn/Emma Whitmore
Lucy Preston/Rufus Carlin // Lucy Preston/Jessica Logan // Lucy Preston/Jiya Marri // Lucy Preston/Carol Preston
Lucy Preston/Emma Whitmore // Connor Mason/Denise Christopher

Ship name: Luah

The first time Lucy met Noah, was after she returned home after her second mission. She learns that she is late to her own engagement party. He walked up behind her and calls her ‘beautiful’. She turned and he tells her that he’s missed her before he kisses her, Lucy is shocked and offers him an awkward ‘Hello’ as she has no idea who this man is beyond that he’s her fiancé (‘The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln’).

The following morning after her engagement party, Lucy pulls out family and travel photo albums. She’s seeing how much of her life has diverged from the ‘original’ timeline. She spent the entire night pouring over them and the life she doesn’t remember. Noah wakes up and comes out to find her in the loungeroom. He comments that she didn’t come to bed last night. Lucy feels awkward as he’s a stranger to her, he’s standing in his underwear looking like GQ model**.

He asks her what she’s doing, she tells him that she’s feeling nostalgic. He joins her on the couc and smiles as he gestures to the photos. He recounts their ‘perfect day’ at the beech when he proposed to her. She said ‘Yes’. Lucy pretends to remember and it’s awkward for her as she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. He doesn’t seem to notice her memory lapses as he tells her how he found her engagement ring. He slides it back onto her ring finger. The engagement ring is huge. But he does notice there is something off with her. He asks if she is ok, and she replies her head is elsewhere. He’s charming as he tries to ‘help’ her with that. But Mason Industries calls, she has to rush out the door (‘Atomic City’).

Later as Lucy is in the lifeboat, Wyatt catches sight of her ring. She explains the strange turn her life has taken. The team are mildly amused while she’s reeling at how she had this whole life and no memory of them. It seems to upset and bemuse her as she isn’t sure how to truly feel about it. But she does want to try and understand it. After the mission to 1962, she returns to her apartment that she shares with Noah. She packs a bag, he comes home surprised to see her packed. He asks where she is going. She says they need to talk. He teases that those are four terrifying words.

Lucy: I met this woman today, and she seemed like she had it all together, but the truth is that she didn't. No one has it all together. Least of all me.

Noah tells her that he knows and that it’s okay. But she shakes her head as she informs him that a lot has changed recently at her work, and she needs to get her head straight, and she isn’t sure she can do that while she’s living with him. He’s hurt and shocked, he asks if it about the wedding, as he thinks it’s cold feet. She assures him it’s not, that she is going to stay with her mother for a few days or weeks. She apologises, she’s genuinely upset as she doesn’t want to hurt him but feels she is.

Noah looks at her, he wears a faint smile as he says okay. She’s surprised, he smiles as he tells her that he loves her and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He tells her that if she needs to spend some time, figure things out first, then to do it. She is moved by his words, he assures her that he’ll be here when she’s ready. He presses a gentle kiss to her cheek. She’s just speechless (‘Atomic City’).

Later as time passes by, Lucy attempts to acclimate to her life and try to salvage her relationship with Noah. She believes in Fate and that if she and Noah are ‘meant to be’, then she deserves to give them a try. So, one night she asks him over for dinner as she believed it would be a way for her to learn who he is and spend quality time with him (‘Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde’).

Sadly, it turns into an awkward mess as it’s her first date, but for Noah one of many though the first time he realises that she is not the woman he’s known. He’s confused and frustrated as he doesn’t understand why she is acting so distant. He tries to reach out and touch her but she pulls away. He gets frustrated and is hurt as he just wants to know what is wrong, why she seems like a different person. He misses her, he misses how they were before and desperately wants to know where they stand. If they are still engaged but Lucy doesn’t have an answer for him (‘Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde’).

It doesn’t help Lucy that when she recounts her evening and situation to Wyatt that he’s no longer amused. He coldly reminds Lucy that she doesn’t have a right to be with Noah. He reminds her that if she and Noah are ‘meant to be’ then she would’ve had Noah in the original timeline. He asks Lucy if she loves Noah, Lucy admits that she doesn’t. But part of her wonders if maybe she if she is meant to be with him, then she could come to love him.

But ultimately, Wyatt’s harsh reality check sinks in, as he reminds her that she has no right to Noah, she is supposed to have her sister Amy, not Noah and she should let Noah go. She doesn’t appear to call or talk to Noah for many weeks.

It’s only when Rufus is injured in 1931, that Lucy calls him for help. Noah comes to her, in the dead of night in an abandoned warehouse in Oakland. He put his entire career and future at risk to help her; by saving Rufus’ life. He’s angry at Wyatt’s callous disregard of Rufus’ health as he believes the man needs to be taken to the hospital and he can’t believe Lucy got him involved in it. That even she would involve herself in something dangerous as he still has no idea what is going on (‘Red Scare’).

Lucy leads him away from the group, He asked no questions so far as Lucy asked him not to. But now, he believes he has a right to know. He has been going out of mind with worry, he has spent the last few days checking hospitals and Lucy’s mother has been calling him non-stop. Lucy apologises profusely and understands he’s angry.

Noah: And then when you do call, you're dressed like freakin' Jackie O, you got someone's blood on you, and even then, it's like, "Patch this guy up and get the hell out of here."

Lucy: It is not safe for you to be here right now, and I just you have to go. I'm sorry.

Noah: Stop saying you're sorry.

Lucy: I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say.

Noah: Explain it to me! –

Lucy: I can't! I- I can't.

Noah shakes his head and asks what happened to her. He tells her that it feels like someone stole his fiancé and replaced her with the ‘Lucy’ before him. He tells her that she isn’t like this.

Lucy snaps, as she realises the crux of their relationship and why it will never work. She tells him that she is the woman before him. That what he sees before him is the real Lucy, that person that he knew, that person that he fell in love with, that wasn't her. That the woman he loved was someone else and she wishes that she could explain how or why, but she can't. She just knows that she can’t be the woman he needs and wants her to be. She never will be.

Noah is reeling, he trying to understand what is going and he can’t help it. He asks if it’s about Wyatt. Lucy denies it with three emphatic ‘no’s. But Noah isn’t entirely convinced, he’s heart broken and upset as he feels like he’s lost her.

Lucy tells him that he’s incredible, and he deserves to be with someone who makes him happy, but that person is not her. She’s upset as she never wanted to hurt him, while she didn’t love him. She did care enough that it hurts to disappoint him. But she knows she’s not being fair to either of them.

Noah nods his head, he still looks a mix of upset and angry. He doesn’t say anything to her as he accepts it’s over. He walks away from her, Lucy turns and watches him go. Part of her left to wonder what could’ve been as Noah is the fragment of a life she never lived. But she knew she made the right decision and right now, she needs to get her head in the game. She takes a moment, to let what happened settle in before she puts her game face on and heads back into the warehouse (‘Red Scare’).

**Author Assumptions

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