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Lucy Preston/Emma Whitmore // Connor Mason/Denise Christopher

Ship name: Wyjess

(Please Note: this is all a mix of pure speculation with some information drawn from the series. It contains canon information but is mostly Author’s assumptions.)

Jessica and Wyatt met in high school and became a couple when they were seniors (‘The Kennedy Curse’). They fell in love and shared their first kiss under an Oak Tree in West Texas. Later in their relationship, Wyatt took them back to the same spot and proposed (‘Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde’).

“I took her up to the top of this hill in West Texas. View of the Valley. Sun getting ready to set. There's a tree on top a great big oak. I kissed her for the first time under that tree. I got down on a knee. I pulled the ring box out. Only thing was, I opened it up upside down. So, the ring falls out onto the damn grass. Couldn't find the thing anywhere. I was so nervous. Finally, she gets down on a knee there with me. Puts her hand on my cheek and just says, "Yes." And she gives me a kiss that I will never forget. And then we look for the ring together and we find it.”

~ Wyatt (‘Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde’).

The two married, had a honeymoon in a dump of a hotel (‘The Salem Witch Trials’). Later in their marriage they went on a surf trip to Hawaii, where Wyatt believed he could surf. But his first time in, his smacked himself in the head with his surfboard. He ended up hospital with a concussion. Jessica spent the rest of their trip sleeping in an uncomfortable chair by his bed (‘The Kennedy Curse’).

In the Original timeline, Saturday 11th February; 2012. Wyatt and Jessica went to the Pelican Lounge in San Diego, Jessica ran into an Ex, Wyatt became jealous, he drank too much. While driving home, they had a major fight. Jessica told him to stop, she got out of the car. Wyatt drove off leaving her on the side of Potrero Rd, Mile marker 47. Twenty minutes later, Wyatt cooled down and went back but Jessica was gone. It took two weeks for her body to be found. She was strangled to death (‘The Watergate tape’).

Wyatt became obsessed with her death and spent the next five years consumed with finding her killer and investigating her death while he continued in Delta Force.

It wasn’t until he was tapped by Agent Christopher that he had a genuine chance to change history. But it wasn’t easy as his mission to kill Flynn came first before his desire to save Jessica.

While in 1963, he sends Jessica a telegram, just like in Back to the Future II.

“Jessica, I know this might be hard to understand. But whatever happens on Saturday, February 11th, 2012. Go home with Wyatt. Even if he's being an ass. Just let him take you home. And know that he loves you. More than you'll ever know.”

~ Telegram message (‘Atomic City’).

However, upon returning to the present he learns that it didn’t work. The telegram never reached Jessica. He goes back to square one with his obsession in trying to find answers for Jessica’s death and how to save her continues (‘Atomic City’). He spends his off time on her case and reminiscing about the life they would have together and his guilt as he can’t move on with his life (‘The Watergate Tapes’). How Jessica wanted a little boy, he’d reassure her that they had all the time in the world (‘Stranded’).

Later during another mission, the team made a temporary allegiance with Garcia Flynn to take down Rittenhouse and in exchange Flynn promised to give him the name of Jessica’s killer. Wyatt agrees because he’ll take whatever chance he can to save her (‘The Capture of Benedict Arnold’).

Blood was found at the scene that was never identified until Garcia Flynn took it upon himself to call in favours to get it DNA tested. The results identified Wes Gilliam as her murderer and Garcia Flynn calls Wyatt and gives him Wes Gilliam’s name as Garcia claims he is a man of his word and he honors their agreement (‘The Murder of Jesse James’).

Wyatt took it upon himself to go back and stop Wes Gilliam from being conceived. The plan worked but Jessica still remained dead (‘Karma Chameleon’). **Flynn believed the information to be true. However, it was unknown if the DNA test results were wrong just as Wes Gilliam’s confession to Wyatt was. Or if Wes Gilliam had an accomplice who committed the murder with him but Jessica remained deceased.

After failing to save Jessica, sacrificing his career and freedom. Wyatt is brought to a black site to await his court martial and imprisonment. He is bereft with his failure and disillusioned by time travel, the concept of fate.  Agent Christopher helped him reframe what his purpose was, that maybe he was not meant to save Jessica but to help protect Rufus and Lucy. It seemed to ease his guilt, he found new purpose with Agent Christopher’s words to finally let go of Jessica and her murder (‘Public Enemy No.1’). He learned after their mission to take down Rittenhouse in 1954, it’s time for him to move forward to look to the open possibilities in his life than looking back to the past (‘Red Scare’).

Going into 2018, Wyatt made great strides in moving forward with his life after finally letting go of Jessica. He even started to come out of shell and form a new relationship with Lucy, but after a one-night stand in 1941; Wyatt and the team come back to an altered Present and Jessica is alive again (‘Hollywoodland’).

When Wyatt received a text message from Jessica, he immediately abandoned his team and left the bunker to search her out. When he finds her at Gilroy’s in the Mission, he in complete disbelief; almost like he’s seeing a ghost. He called out her name, she turned; she isn’t happy to see him. He is beyond relieved and so happy to see her, he can’t help himself but embrace her.

During the mission to 1941, Rittenhouse went back to San Diego 1980 (‘Hollywoodland’). They sought out Jessica’s family, they gave Jessica’s brother Kevin Stem Cell therapy treatment (‘The General’). Instead of dying from Leukemia as Kevin did in the Original Timeline, he survives to live a long and healthy life.  **The family become indebted to Rittenhouse. Jessica was chosen to become a member of Rittenhouse. They become a surrogate family to her, they save not just her life but that of her brother. They give her purpose and made her feel special (‘Chinatown’).

**It is assumed that Jessica’s life has remained the same as Wyatt’s. They met in High School and started dating in Senior year, fell in love and got married. They share memories of their surf trip. Their memories seem identical down to the smallest of details and Jessica had genuine love for Wyatt.  It is assumed until 2012 everything happened the same with exception of Jessica’s brother Kevin being alive. Between 2012- 2017, their memories deviate as Jessica shared a marriage with Wyatt’s Alternate-self (‘The Salem Witch hunt’).

In ‘The Salem Witch Hunt’, Wyatt released his hold on Jessica, he knows she is his wife; her hair is shorter but her eyes are the same. She is not happy to see him as she felt ignored by him, he has been absent for two months with no phone call or texts. She has tried the Army to see if he was still alive. She eludes to him cheating on her, she has a fed-up attitude as she just wants to finish her shift in peace. Wyatt offers for them to speak at his place, she agrees only to get him to leave.

After her shift, **it isn’t shown but it is assumed that Jessica contacted Rittenhouse before meeting Wyatt and she is finally activated. Her mission is to insinuate herself into Wyatt’s life and be taken to the bunker where she is to collect information and kill the time team when the opportunity arose (‘Chinatown’).  

Later, Jessica meets Wyatt at a motel room he rented. She came prepared for their meeting, as she does the opposite of trying to get back into Wyatt’s life. She does her best to remove herself from his life. Wyatt subtly interrogates her to fill in the blanks in his memory given his Alternate-self lived the past six months with him. Jessica reminds him that it was two months ago in Dr Todd Jankowski’s office. Their marriage counselor, she is not surprised that Wyatt doesn’t remember his name. She has signed Divorce papers, ready for him to sign.

Wyatt is shocked, as he knows he has not been the perfect husband but now, he has a chance to change that. He has been given a second chance to be with her.

She has clearly come to the realisation that the last six years of their marriage have not been perfect. She needs Wyatt to see that they are not the couple they wanted be. Wyatt assures her that he has changed as he doesn’t want to sign the papers.  She reminds him of his flaws, that he’s drunk five nights a week, he’s jealous and every time she leaves, he begs her to stay. He promises he'll change and he does but it only last three weeks before he turns back into his old self. She is tired of it. She wants a divorce and to move on with her life.

Wyatt can see her struggle, he still remembers her inference that his disappearance was due to cheating. He feels guilty because he has unknowingly cheated on Jessica when he slept with Lucy. He broke his vows in a random twist of fate. Now, he just wants to make it up to her and keep her safe. He tells her he’s been going through some ‘stuff’ and begs her for one more chance. He uses their phrase of ‘Together forever’

She scoffs that they are never together. She tells him how he has this fantasy of what their marriage is. He puts them and her on a pedestal. She tells him that she is not the person he imagines her to be. He tells her that she is that person, as if to say he knows who she is and loves her, he adds that he needs her. He also realised in that moment that with Rittenhouse out there, he has to protect her.

An argument quickly ensues, as Wyatt admits he’s scared for her. He’s worried something will happen to her as he’s just gotten her back. She doesn’t understand as she incredulously points out her life is safer than his, she doesn’t understand as she doesn’t know about her death. Wyatt does, he remembers it all, he reminds her how rare this moment is, and how what they have can all be taken away like that.

Jessica sarcastically reminds him that obviously has no idea because a soldier's wife has no idea what it's like to live in fear for someone she loves. Wyatt realises his misstep and how deeply his alternate-self has made a mess of his life and his marriage.

He does something he usually never does in a fight and concedes, he agrees with what she is saying. That she is right, he can't imagine what it's like to be married to him. He agrees that he is never there and when he is, it's like he’s not even there.

She chuckles as she believes his sincerity and confession to be just another game. She tells him that what he’s saying is bull and he knows it. She tells him how she put up with the cold dinners and the lonely nights because she is proud of him and what he does.

Wyatt feels a swell of pride as he missed her, listening her talk about them. But it is short lived as her expression grew morose, she adds the whispered conversations that end the minute she walks into the room, the partial answers, the half truths. She tells him that she loves him but she can’t be married to a state secret. It is clear she wants out of their marriage and it’s not a manipulation.

Wyatt realises what he has to do to win her back. It’s to end the secrets between them. He promises her to tell her everything and she has to come with him.

Later, Wyatt snuck her to the bunker unsuccessfully as of 2 minutes into the tour Denise catches them. Denise gives him a dressing down and tells him how Rittenhouse went to San Diego 1980. Wyatt acknowledges that Rittenhouse brought Jessica back. He points out to Denise that he didn’t have a choice in bringing Jessica to the bunker as she could be in danger. Denise argues that Jessica could be the danger. He points out that the bunker is no longer a secret now he’s shown it to Jessica. That Denise has no choice but to let Jessica stay. Denise tries to argue but he cuts her off and tells her that she has no idea what he’s have been through. That six years ago he buried my wife, and now she's back from the dead.

Jessica overhears what Wyatt said about her being dead. She tries to leave when she runs into Connor Mason. She is beyond shocked as she’s standing in front of a celebrity figure such as Connor Mason. Connor recognises her, and Jessica can’t believe that Wyatt works with Connor.

**It is assumed that Jessica is given tour of the bunker and introduced to Jiya and time travel.

As a few hours later, she standing in front of Denise, Wyatt and Connor Mason, glass of whiskey in hand. Jiya asks her how she’s handling it all. Jessica doesn’t believe it. **It’s assumed that Rittenhouse never told her about time travel, if they told her anything at all.

Jessica replies that they don't actually expect her to believe all in everything they have told her. The Lifeboat is about to arrive. Connor comments that she might want to finish her drink. **She truly thinks this is joke and she is about to find out it is all a joke as she doesn’t believe it’s real.

Denise tells her to just keep looking and Wyatt tells her try not to freak out. Jessica replies ok, but nothing prepares her for what happens next. The lifeboat appears out of nowhere, with a gust of wind blows her hair back. She is so shocked and amazed by what she has witnessed; she drops her glass. It shatters on the floor, she walks forward to investigate as she still can’t believe it’s real.

Wyatt pulls a staircase over to the Lifeboat and the hatch opens. A beautiful woman steps out in pilgrim clothing clutching her arm. It’s unbelievable yet so real. But Jessica does not miss the uncomfortable air that she is an outsider and not welcomed. Nor did she miss the look Wyatt gave the woman who stepped out, who was now being led away by another man. Jessica vaguely remembers name but not who they belong to.

Wyatt drags her away to the bathroom and closes the door. He apologises as it’s the only place they can speak privately. He says it won’t be easy to understand as he brings up the matter of her having died.

It upsets her to hear him say it, that she reminds him that she is alive. He placates her, he says that he knows that but he also informs her that she wasn’t always alive. He confesses what happened in his reality to her. That she was murdered. Wyatt recounts it and every emotion he felt in that time bubbles up inside him and he feels as if he’s right back there. Jessica struggles to cope with it because even with the existence of time machines, it was still hard to swallow that there are different realities.

Wyatt tells her how he identified her body, how he watched the coroner put her in the back of a van. How he grieved at her funeral, he cried with her family. How it felt like his whole world ended that night. She can see his grief, feel the sincerity of his words and that he is telling her the truth but it’s difficult for her to acknowledge.

She tells him that it's impossible. Wyatt is in near tears as he tells her until Connor Mason invented a time machine it was. But he stresses that it is real, that when he tells her that he’s changed, he is literally not the same guy that he has known for the last six years. He doesn't know who that guy was, or what he did, but he knows that his alternate-self deserved to lose her. He begs her for one last chance. Jessica tentatively agrees to stay and give him a chance.

In ‘The Kennedy Curse’, Jessica has been in the bunker for a few days. Wyatt has left on a mission to 1934, Jessica is left to her own devices. She meets Lucy for the second time, finally they speak and makes her a cup of tea. The two talk about Wyatt, her history with him. Jessica isn’t blind to Lucy’s disappointment and surprise at knowing Jessica and Wyatt have a long history going back to high school.

Jessica tries to befriend Lucy, partially because of her mission but she is also trying to wrap her head around it all. She knows Lucy is important. Lucy is Carol’s daughter and a Rittenhouse Legacy member. So, she asks Lucy about herself as Wyatt has said nothing but great things about Lucy. She feels like everybody in the bunker are important to Wyatt and she wants to understand how he’s different and how time travel works. She can’t help but commiserate with Lucy over the difficulties of Time Travel with Lucy as they discuss her love life and Jessica learns she was engaged. She shares that she and Wyatt were in marriage counselling for two years.

Wyatt returns with the lifeboat; the mission has not gone well as he drags a 17 yr old JFK out of Lifeboat. It’s all overwhelming and chaotic. Jessica walks in on Lucy and Wyatt having an argument, it’s awkward and the two are very cagey. It makes Jessica uncomfortable and her mission harder as she’s supposed to ingratiate herself, collect information and kill them all. She doesn’t think about the killing aspect as she is allowed to make her own timeline and push that aspect of the mission back. **It is assumed that Jessica has never killed anyone before, so she is reticent to do so now. Even though Alternate-Wyatt was a terrible husband, she can see these people are as terrible as she was led to believe. At least so far, she is trying to understand how they are ‘the bad guys’. But it’s early days.

As the night progresses, Jessica tries to find her place in the bunker and to help them out. Wyatt helps in integrating her into the group but she still feels like an outsider. She also feels the strange tension between Wyatt and Lucy. She feels a natural chemistry with Wyatt, she can see his different but it’s a struggle to differentiate him from Alternate-Wyatt. Jessica became more and more aware of Lucy and Wyatt’s emotional entanglement.

She gets to a point when she’s had enough of it, the search for JFK has hit a snag. Emma had Wyatt taken into custody, Jessica witnessed a moment between Wyatt and Lucy. She is now fully aware of their relationship, that Wyatt is in love with Lucy. It gave her a sense of shame and disappointment, she has been down this road. Alternate-Wyatt cheated on her, she was ready to throw in the towel on her mission and walk away.

She even feels a little stupid as part of her for just a moment believed Wyatt when he said he had changed, to give him a second chance. But she knows now that she was wrong, she believes he has changed but she knows that he has not been faithful. Rationally, she understands that she was dead when Wyatt and Lucy were together. But right now, she feels cheated and she doesn’t want to be in the same position she has been for the past six years with Alternate-Wyatt. For the first time in years, she wants out. She just wants to gracefully bow out, as she believes Wyatt should have a second chance with Lucy not her. In a roundabout way, in helping Lucy be happy with Wyatt, that maybe it will bolster her position in Rittenhouse when Lucy re-joins them.

Lucy won’t let her go, she won’t let Jessica walk away as she fights for Wyatt. Fights for Jessica to give Wyatt his second chance to save his marriage with Jessica.

“Hear me out, okay? When we went to 1962 Vegas, Wyatt sent you a telegram from Western Union. Like in "Back to the Future," but it didn't work. So,then he stole the "Lifeboat" to try and go back and stop your killer from ever being born, but it didn't work either. And he got court-martialled for it too. My point is Even though you weren't there, you were always on Wyatt's mind. He risked his job, his freedom, everything, because he never stopped loving you, not for a second. And all he wants, all that he has wanted, is a chance to show you that.”

~Lucy Preston (‘Kennedy Curse’)

Jessica profoundly respects Lucy for sacrificing her emotional attachment and future with Wyatt for her. But she can see that Wyatt has hurt Lucy so deeply that she is willing to let him go and move on. That whatever happened between Lucy and Wyatt is over, Jessica chooses to stay not because of her mission, it’s forgotten at this stage as she’s wrapped up in her past and the present. The woman in her that wants to be loved by Wyatt, to be his entire world again like when they were teenagers and the first few years of their marriage. Lucy made it sound like she still is Wyatt’s world, Jessica stays because of Lucy and her conviction that Wyatt and Jessica can make it work.

In ‘King of Delta Blues’, Jessica throws herself into her marriage. Her mission is put to the back of her mind as she can lie and say it takes time to build trust and gain access. Wyatt is also throwing all his efforts into his marriage thanks to Lucy’s sacrifice. He and Jessica waste no time becoming reacquainted and their sex life is amazing and better than he remembered.

After a long day, he returns to their room. Jessica wonders what day he has had as she still hasn’t got access to the bunker and Agent Christopher tries to block her from more sensitive areas of the bunker. She doesn’t want to push her luck. **It is assumed that Emma or Carol texts Jessica with pertinent information for her mission and the possible location to meet when her mission is complete.

In ‘Mrs Sherlock Holmes’, it’s been a while since Wyatt and Jessica have reunited. Wyatt has been using his personal days to be with her. Something Alternate Wyatt never did. She finds herself living in a dream.

Even when Wyatt is back at work, she feels she is closer to this Wyatt than his Alternate-self. Jessica still finds the whole concept of time travel and the lifeboat exciting. She loves watching it disappear into thin air. She does not miss a chance to see her husband off. But she does notice his odd behaviour against Flynn, the two squabble but Agent Christopher clears it up quickly. But once the lifeboat is gone, she uses her time wisely. She attempts to help Connor sift through the technology they retrieved from Rittenhouse Headquarters that Wyatt stormed a while ago. **It is assumed she missed key evidence that she should have destroyed as it’s part of the evidence later used to prove she is a Rittenhouse Sleeper Agent.

She doesn’t know how she can help, but she assumes she can listen to them talk. Meanwhile, in 1919; Wyatt is incredibly conflicted. When he’s with Jessica, he’s happy; happier than he’s ever been before. Yet, when he’s on missions with Lucy he finds himself caught up in the pain of their break up, the degradation of their friendship. His role to protect her from herself and the mission.

He’s trying to not let her hurt herself, he sees her going down a dark path as she’s reckless and taking risks. He caught her leaving Flynn’s room in the morning, he remembers how a few weeks ago she wanted him to shoot at her when Emma took her hostage (‘The Kennedy Curse’). He’s truly worried her, but he’s also in pain and grief for himself. He can’t share that struggle with Jessica as he knows it will ruin his chance Jessica has given him. But when he comes back to the present, he’s more aware of Lucy’s pain. He’s happy to see Jessica, he loves the welcome home hug and kiss but he does hurt for himself and Lucy; their relationship. He takes Jessica to their room, away from Lucy (Please refer to Lyatt page ‘Mrs Sherlock Holmes’ for more information).

Sometime later, **A few weeks have passed. In ‘The Day Reagan was Shot’, Wyatt returned from 1981. It is assumed that Jessica has been in the bunker since Wyatt brought her in and it’s been at least over two months. She is missing her life and family, she is being pressured by Emma or Carol to produce valuable intel. She’s also missed a period, and believes she is pregnant.

When Wyatt walks in, she’s scrolling through her Instagram feed of her brother Kevin. It’s in this moment that Wyatt notices the first real deviation in their timeline as Kevin died in his timeline. She has been lying to her family, she told them she was a bartender on an Alaskan cruise. Wyatt apologises for having to make her lie, she feels the pain of the lies she hasn’t told him. They talk about Kevin, Wyatt questions how Kevin survived. He’s suspicious as he’s learnt how Sleeper Agents are recruited in 1981, he now recognises that Jessica and her family are the perfect candidates. Her being alive could possibly be more than just a distraction for him. She could be sleeper agent, one he brought into the bunker. He tries to get answers but Jessica deflects and is evasive, she realises the slip up and senses Wyatt’s questions are more than mere curiosity. When he asks her if she’s hiding something from him, she almost feels as if he knows she is Rittenhouse. But she maintains that secret as she believes that she is safe. She tells him that she is pregnant.

A week later, Wyatt is informed by Denise that they have proof that Jessica has been followed by Rittenhouse her entire life (‘The General’). Denise kept Flynn out of the meeting to discuss Jessica so as not to set him off. Wyatt is insulted by the unsaid accusations as he believes they all assume Jessica to be working for Rittenhouse. He knows that if she is, it will reflect poorly on him. He also wants to protect her, if they are wrong. Connor and Denise argue they don’t know what the truth is, they question him to if he has noticed anything strange with Jessica. Wyatt gets defensive as he’s in love with Jessica, she is pregnant and he’s finally got his life together and it’s all about to fall apart again.

He argued that he knows Jessica, Connor points out that Wyatt knew a Jessica not this Jessica. Denise informs her that she is moving Jessica out of the bunker. Wyatt disagrees as he wants Jessica to stay where he can protect her, to save her fate from repeating like it did in the original timeline. He also fears if Jessica is moved, he will miss out on being with Jessica through her pregnancy and being there to support her. Denise reminds him that he’s a soldier and he needs to remember the mission comes first. But he’s done, he knows if he puts the mission before Jessica it will destroy all the hard work he’s put into saving their marriage and it’s future. He tells Denise and that Jessica is pregnant. He adds if Jessica goes, then he goes too. He doesn’t wait for a reply or input of the others as he has made his decision.

Rittenhouse takes out the mothership, Wyatt warns Denise that Jessica better be in the bunker when he gets back. She gives him her word, but it doesn’t stop him from being concerned. Wyatt goes to the room he shares with Jessica. He asks her if she will be ok with him gone. She assures him that he will, so far her pregnancy just makes her want to binge watch ‘This is us’ and ugly cry. She adds that she’ll have it out of her system before he comes back.

He asks her if she has told her family. She informs him once they are out of the bunker she’ll send out the baby shower invitations. It’s a reminder to him that she can’t tell her family where she is and that she has to keep secrets from them. Wyatt apologises, he knows it’s been tough and he genuinely wants them to be a family and to see her family again. But he and Jessica are joyful about the baby and the future where they leave the bunker.

But Wyatt is reminded of how her brother is alive and the evidence of Rittenhouse involvement in her being alive. He asks about Kevin, Jessica is fed up as he keeps asking questions. She can feel he’s hitting too close to home. She truly hates how he reminds her that she had died and so had her brother. She can’t handle the pain and loss that her parents had endured in the original timeline especially given they were alive. She remembered her childhood and family life being one of joy and love. She redirects their conversation back to their baby and happier topics. She asks him what gender he wants their first born to be.

Jessica: Boy or girl?

Wyatt: Ah, hmm Let's see. I will take either one.

Jessica: Girl.

Wyatt: You can't say that.

Jessica: Girl, 100%.

Wyatt: What if it's a boy?

Jessica: Then I will love him almost as much as a girl. And we'll just we'll just try and try and try until we get one.

Wyatt notices that it’s another deviation as Jessica wanted a boy in the original timeline (‘Stranded’). It leaves him unsettled but he brushes it off as he loves her, they are happy.

Wyatt leaves for his mission, happy but wary of his precarious situation in Jessica. It weighs heavily on hm throughout the mission whether Jessica is Rittenhouse, if she is lying to him and what that means to him. He and Lucy are at odds, he can tell she wants Jessica to be Rittenhouse agent and for the pregnancy to be a lie. He feels personally affronted by how he finally has what he’s always wanted and now it’s tainted. It could potentially all be stolen from him again. The more he thinks about it, the more trouble and morose he becomes.

Rufus asks him if he’s ready for their part of the mission. Wyatt assures him that it’s just another day at the office, he checks his side arm for what isn’t the first time that day. Rufus says “So, you know we're friends, right? Like, bro code and all that. I got your back.” And Wyatt has a feeling he knows where this is going. So he asks Rufus to just say whatever he’s trying to say, as Wyatt wants it over with.

Rufus says it's about Jessica and that Wyatt seems a little defensive. Wyatt snaps and tells him to stop. Rufus points out that he’s being defensive. Wyatt tells him that Jessica isn't Rittenhouse. He refuses to believe even with the evidence piling up on it being the truth.

Rufus says, he hopes he’s right. That he thinks Wyatt is right but reminds him that there is a lot at stake here and they just have to be sure. Wyatt assures him that it can't be true. Not that it isn’t. He then confesses that if it is then he finished, he’s lost Jessica once and he can’t lose her again. Not after everything. When he started on the team he was near suicidal and Lucy and Rufus they saved him, they pulled him from the brink. But now, having Jessica back and remembering how good their life was and the future they could have. He just can’t fathom how he could live on without Jessica. Just thinking about it leaves him completely gutted and in near grief. He stresses to Rufus that he just can’t lose Jessica.

Rufus sees his inner turmoil but pushes the conversation on as he says he understands, but he asks Wyatt to just consider if there is anything with her or her family that doesn't add up, just say something. That’s all. Rufus walks away from him, Wyatt feels his gut churn with guilt as he knows he should speak up but he doesn’t want to break the bubble he’s in where he has Jessica. He knows if he speaks up, he will lose Jessica and losing Jessica is not an option. But staying silent is an option.

**Meanwhile, Jessica remains in the bunker. She senses something is wrong and that maybe Agent Christopher is onto her. The remains of Rittenhouse headquarters computers have been removed from the bunker. She can’t help but feel something is off with the others. She runs into Agent Christopher who tells her to leave the bunker for the health of her baby. It is unsettling which leads her to hide in her and Wyatt’s room until the team returns from their latest mission.

Later in the evening, she and Wyatt lay in bed together. His head resting in her lower abdomen as she strokes his hair. She savouring this moment as it’s the last few moments they will get together before she has to finish her mission.  He asks her if he should be hearing anything; referring to their child. She smiles as it’s adorable, she offers that he might hear a little indigestion. They laugh, it’s almost perfect between them. She really didn’t think she would have this with him. She realises that she can’t follow through with her mission, that she wants to be with Wyatt and have their child.

She mentions to him that she told Agent Christopher she was pregnant. The weird moment the two had. Wyatt gets annoyed as he reveals to her that he had been talking with Agent Christopher about it without her. She asks him what he said and would do.

Wyatt sits up and he tells her that he chose her, that he would leave with her. A bubble of hope forms within her as he’s choosing their future above his work. It was something Alternate-Wyatt would never consider let alone do. She tells him ‘Good’ as she is already formulating how they can leave and hide from Rittenhouse. But within seconds, Wyatt backtracks on his word as he believes Agent Christopher has a point. That she will need medical care and prenatal classes, he truly wants things to normal for her and their child.

Jessica can see he’s backing out. It hurts her when she says ‘But you won't be there’. Wyatt assures her that he will be there, as often as he can. Old emotions and resentment wells up in Jessica as she can see history repeating itself, where she is all alone and he is just never there. She argues that he brought her to the bunker to keep her safe, he assures her she is as she’ll have a security team. But the way he talks, the way he kept the secret of talking to Denise about her pregnancy. She knows he’s lying and pushing her away. It’s upsetting as she felt her perfect world in the bunker erode away with secrecy and distrust.

She tells him that she knows when he’s hiding something. That he has spent their entire marriage hiding things from her, and she told him that she could not be married to a state secret. She begs him to not shut her out, as she didn’t want her old marriage back. She wanted the man who spent the past few months loving her and making her feel treasured. She can’t help but wonder if it’s Lucy, if pushing her out now, using the pregnancy against her was the first steps to him turning into Alternate Wyatt; the cheater. Even when he swears he’s not keeping anything from her, she doesn’t believe him. She just can’t stand the idea of the man she’s fallen in love with to be cheating on her, again.

**They somehow go to bed with nothing settled, Jessica lays there awake as Wyatt sleeps. All she can see if Wyatt and Lucy getting closer. She refuses to cry over it, as she’s basically the woman scorned. Her phone lights up with a text. It’s probably Rittenhouse, demanding their pound of flesh. Emma is artful in her language to make an innocuous girlfriend text sound threatening as well as motivating. Jessica realises it’s time to go, she can’t stay and live through her marriage falling apart again. She doesn’t want to be the victim. She gets up, Wyatt sleeps on. She gets changed and takes Wyatt’s gun. She looks to him. The mission is to collect information and kill everyone in the bunker. But as she looks at him, she can’t do it. She can’t kill him which means she needs a new Plan. One that will ingratiate her to Carol and Nicholas but also not piss off Emma.**

In ‘Chinatown’, Wyatt wakes up and he notices immediately that Jessica isn’t in bed. He has a terrible sinking feeling in his stomach at Jessica’s absence even though he can rationalise it. She’s a night worker and sleeps odd hours, maybe the baby is giving her morning sickness. Eitherway, He gets out of bed and investigates to see where she is. When he gets to the main hallway and he hears the lifeboat engine spooling for take off. He sees Jiya in the open hatch.

He rushes up to the lifeboat calling to Jiya demanding her to tell him what she’s doing. She doesn’t answer as she goes in and Jessica comes out with Wyatt’s gun in her hand. She tells him to stop and not come any closer. He’s in utter shock and denial at what is happening.

He calls her name and asks her what she is doing and what is going on. He can see the Lifeboat is nearly ready to take off. She says ‘I’m so sorry’, she wears an expression of remorse. She disappears inside and the hatch closes. Wyatt runs up the stairs calling her name but the lifeboat jumps. The gravitational force of the Lifeboat shifting through time throws Wyatt back and he lands on the floor; hard. His ears are ringing, he feels disorientated as he gasps in pain as it feels like he was hit by a truck. After a few moments, he’s able to sit up. He looks at the empty space before him; in shock and disbelief.

Jessica returns to Rittenhouse and is congratulated for her victory. She stole the lifeboat and traded Jiya’s life for the safety of her own. However, it doesn’t stop her from feeling riddled with guilt as she considered Jiya a friend. She betrayed Jiya and the others in the bunker. The only consolation is that they are all alive. She even encourages Jiya to do what Carol says, she feels they won’t kill Jiya but try to convert her. Not, that Jessica is even aware of that process for a reluctant recruit but she knows that if Jiya plays it smart; she could turn on them and escape.

Jessica doesn’t reveal her pregnancy to Carol or Nicholas as they congratulate her with a glass of whiskey. She’s helped accelerate Rittenhouse’s plans but she can’t help but wonder if she’s on the right side. But she also knows she can’t go back to the bunker. When Carol asks about Lucy, Jessica compliments her. Jessica respects Lucy as much as she does Carol, she says Lucy is Stubborn and strong willed, she knows where she gets it from (inferring it is from Carol). Jessica adds that Lucy is in love with Wyatt, it stings because Jessica knows Wyatt loves Lucy too. Carol makes a snide remark about Lucy’s bad taste in men. Jessica couldn’t help herself as she reminds Carol that Wyatt is her husband. Carol tells her ‘No offense’ but Jessica can’t help but feel slighted.

Jessica holds a glass of whiskey, she is reticent to drink it but she’s not ready to tell Carol and Nicholas that she is pregnant. Not after the disparaging remark about her husband. Just as she takes a sip to maintain her ruse, Emma appears. The woman is pissed, Jessica notices the development in the group as Emma and Carol are clearly divided, Carol is forcing Emma out. Hearing Carol talk about how Rittenhouse is about blood and legacy, Jessica can’t help but question is she is considered a foot soldier like Emma or a legacy. That question mark stays with her as she questions where her loyalty should lie, how can she keep her baby and keep them safe.

Meanwhile, Wyatt is going through his own trial by fire. His world has fallen apart. Jessica has betrayed him and kidnapped Jiya. She’s stolen the lifeboat. He’s riddled with guilt because he said nothing about his suspicions of Jessica being Rittenhouse sleeper agent. He felt out of control, he got into a fight with Flynn, he had hit Lucy. Yes, it was an accident but it hurt him and he could not get that look of pain and fear in her eyes out of his head. And Rufus? He told Wyatt that he’d never forgive him if they didn’t get Jiya back. Wyatt knows that he’s in the wrong, but he can’t change it and he’s impotent to save anyone.

As the events unfold, Jiya escapes Rittenhouse using the lifeboat. She sticks the landing and is momentarily lost in time. When the time team and Rittenhouse find her, they all go back to 1888. Jessica, Emma, Carol and Nicholas chase down Jiya as they need the lifeboat and Jiya back under their control. The time team after tracking down the lifeboat in the present mount a mission to save Jiya.

It becomes a race to find Jiya. They all find the same picture of Jiya from a studio in Chinatown. They all manage to get there within hours of one another. But in the mayhem, Emma murders Carol and Nicholas, right in front of Jessica and the time team. Jessica is thrown through a loop as she didn’t know Emma would commit a coup. But now she is caught in it, and on one hand she could turn herself in to Wyatt and the Time team but it means imprisonment, her child being raised without both parents. She has no idea if her family has been dragged into the mess.  She and Emma split up and race to beat the time team. Jessica is unsure of what Emma’s rule will be like but she is more than aware of Emma’s cruelty and she would have no qualms in erasing Jessica as she had Carol and Nicholas.

Wyatt chases her down to a back alley. It’s only luck that she drew her weapon first. She can’t help it, she’s hurt and scared. She sees his faith, guilt eats away at her because only a few hours ago; they were supposed to walk away from it all. But he chose the mission and, in a way, choose Lucy before her and their child. She knows that he doesn’t see it that way, but she’s been cheated on before and she knows the signs.

As he speaks to her, he assures her that whatever Rittenhouse has threatened her with, she doesn’t have to listen, they can fight them. It’s the crux of Jessica’s whole problem right now, she doesn’t know who her enemy is or even recognise which side she should be fighting on. Before her is a man she loves, but she has been taught that he was her enemy. She doesn’t see him that way which is why she struggles to pull the trigger and why there are tears in her eyes.

She corrects his assumption that she is not a victim. That Rittenhouse raised her. She told him how her brother Kevin was sick, he was dying. That there was no hope, and then Carol and Emma came to her parents with an offer. Her parents took it, Rittenhouse saved Kevin’s life and part of the deal was Jessica had to pay back the debt. Which she is not ashamed of.

She tells Wyatt how they gave her purpose and taught her everything she knew. She doesn’t see them as bad people. That they are her family. She looks at him, imploring him to understand her.

But all Wyatt sees is a woman brainwashed by Rittenhouse, the woman he’s loved since high school and it breaks his heart. He tells her the Jessica he knew had a family and Rittenhouse went back in time and they stole her from them because of him. Putting the blame on himself and the mission because if he never been dragged into this in the beginning; Jessica would be dead instead of the woman before him. He’s conflicted on which outcome is better but he wants her to be alive and at his side. It’s all he’s ever wanted for 6 years and it’s slipping out of his grasp.

Jessica shakes her head and informs him that the Jessica you knew was a bartender and nothing else. But she is more than that and she’s a part of something important. She truly believes that Rittenhouse will save the world. Even though she’s unaware of how Rittenhouse will do that now with Emma in charge. She also doesn’t know what that future will be but she can see that Wyatt and his team, they are an unknown future. One, she doesn’t feel she has purpose or place in. The life they had in the bunker was just fantasy even though the emotions and the passion were real.

Wyatt assumes her mission was to kill them, he’s now morbidly curious as to why she didn’t kill them. She doesn’t know how to explain it but she finds the words. She tells him after she got all the intel she needed, she was going to kill them but she knew if the time came, she wouldn't be able to hurt him. It was true, even now she couldn’t shoot him but it’s the only thing stopping him pulling her into his arms, from him swaying in some grand romantic gesture like he always did.

He asks her if she is pregnant and if he’s the father. She confirms it’s true, and he is the father. He tells her that their child and he are her family. But the experience of Alternate-Wyatt ultimately has left her heartbroken and jaded. She chooses Rittenhouse because she feels a kinship to them.

She tells him that she really does love him and that she wished it didn't have to be like this. She apologises, as she tells him that she’s protecting Rittenhouse and her baby. It’s a hard choice but she knows the time team, they would never erase her but Emma would. She wants to survive this world with her child. She runs into a home and blocks the door; escaping Wyatt.

Later, the two will last see each other in a firefight at the saloon Jiya works in. Jessica is shot in the arm by Garcia Flynn before she flees out the front door. Wyatt shouting at Garcia not to kill Jessica as she’s pregnant, even on opposite sides of a gun fight; Wyatt is protecting her.

It’s unknown where she goes after that, but it’s assumed she flees to the mothership joins Rittenhouse as an active member. Possibly as Emma second in command**

The time team return to the present. Wyatt is devastated by the events of the last 24 hours, he cannot stop thinking about how it’s all his fault. Jessica’s last words haunt him, she loves him but he feels he was undeserving in some way. He doesn’t really understand what he did wrong but he feels guilty. He sees Lucy, she has been his rock through it all. He tells her that he loves her, but he can’t even look her in the eyes as it’s wrong. He has a wife, a child out there and he still loves Jessica but he feels he owes it to Rufus to tell Lucy how he feels about her.

Lucy never says that she loves him back, part of him is quietly relieved that she doesn’t as it means he doesn’t have to see it through. But a weight lifts off him because the first time in months, he’s honest with her. Maybe, in a small way he’s honest with himself as he loves two women and his life is a mess. Just when the thought comes to him, another Lifeboat appears in the landing area.

He rushes with the others to see who it is, the hatch opens. He watches as a future version of himself steps out with a future version of Lucy. He has no idea what to think of it, but he knows things are about to get complicated.

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