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Ship name: Lyatt


Lucy and Wyatt meet for the first time, they are strangers. Lucy checks him out, she appears to find him attractive and wants to bond with him as they appear to be in the same situation. There appears to be a mutual superficial attraction to each other similar. He smiles and drawls a flirtatious 'Ma'am' to get a reaction out of her. It works as she informs him that she's the same age as him and not to call her 'Ma'am' repeatedly. She gets flustered when he assures her no one will see her bra. She looks to him to be the strong protector as he's dubbed 'the soldier' by Agent Christopher while she is the 'Historian' and unofficial leader of the team due to her expertise in Anthropology and History.

Their first time in the lifeboat is rife with awkward sexual attraction on Lucy's side and Wyatt's calm almost ambivalent attitude. He asks if she is ok, and she reveals she is claustrophobic and about to travel through time, possibly on the verge of panicking until she catches a whiff of his breath. She's distracted from her panic by her outrage that he's drunk and his trend of calling her 'Ma'am'. They arrive in 1937, the mission progresses Lucy puts her attraction to Wyatt to the side and focuses on what needs to done. She is rankled as she learns he has a type 'Blonde, Smart and Beautiful' as she sees how he fixates on Kate Drummond and purposefully refers to Lucy as his 'sister' giving them a sibling dynamic so Kate Drummond will keep talking to him.

After they leave the bar, Wyatt and Lucy have their first disagreement over the philosophy of Time Travel and Death. Lucy is of the mindset that History is or should be set in stone, that they have no right to change History to their liking, that their job is to preserve it warts and all. Wyatt appears to think it is callous and possibly cold of Lucy to believe that. He attempts to interfere with Kate Drummond's 'fate'.

As the episode progresses, the team are in jail thanks to Flynn. Wyatt reveals to Lucy that he's fixated on Kate Drummond as she reminds him of Jessica, his wife. Lucy upon learning Wyatt is married, is clearly disappointed in the typical manner every single woman does when they realise a prospective man is taken. She backs off and reframes how she will be around Wyatt.

Wyatt adds that Jessica is dead, that it is his fault. He looks at Kate Drummond and he can't let her go. Lucy can see the guilt eating up Wyatt, realises he wants to save Kate because he can't save Jessica. She sympathises with his pain even if she doesn't agree with his desire to save Kate. Later, Wyatt is watching Lucy pace and he notices through the near see through fabric of her shirt the outline of her Bra. He moves in close, there is a romance to their close proximity. Soon, he's telling her to take off her bra. She turns her back to him. He can't help but stare at her beauty, Lucy catches him watching. She looks beautiful but vulnerable in her undressed state, but it's the first
overt sign of sexual interest from Wyatt ('Pilot' Transcript Scene 50)

Over the rest of the mission, Wyatt and Lucy put whatever is forming between them aside. They focus on the mission. They find the bomb, save the historical figures who are supposed to be alive but the Hindenburg does explode again. Lucy and Wyatt are separated, Wyatt prioritises Kate Drummond due to his attachment to the memory of his wife that Kate inspires. Once Kate Drummond is safe, Wyatt turns to find Lucy and Flynn talking. He's suspicious but also afraid for Lucy. He tells Kate to be safe and have a good life. He runs to Lucy's rescue. Flynn takes Lucy hostage and uses her as a human shield.

Flynn banks on Wyatt not being able to shoot him because of Lucy and his training. But Wyatt has his orders, he is to kill Flynn. He shoots but misses as he clips the top of Flynn's shoulder. Flynn drops his hold on Lucy and she falls to the ground as Flynn fires back. His shot misses Wyatt as he dodges the bullet which ends up hitting Kate Drummond by mistake. Flynn flees, Lucy races to help Wyatt who is trying to keep Kate alive. But the wound in fatal. Lucy sees the grief in Wyatt's features as if he sees his wife Jessica dying again.

After they get back to 1937, Lucy catches up with Wyatt as he's leaving. She asks him about when Flynn held her hostage, how he shot at them; she points out if his aim had been off by couple inches to the right, he would have blown her brains out. She asks if he was just that good or was she just that expendable. She is almost fearful of his answer. He quips that he guesses he was that good and calls her 'Ma'am' in his own annoying and endearing manner.

It doesn't seem to comfort her, maybe she doesn't entirely trust their foundling work relationship but she also doesn't have a choice in the matter. She has to make it work, for that she needs to understand here his motivations lay. So, Lucy presses on as she adds that he asked Rufus about the time travel rules. She knows that he wants to change history and save his wife Jessica. But she points out that maybe the "Hindenburg"
was meant to explode, Kate Drummond was meant to die. That maybe they don't get to make it up as they go. That maybe some things are just fate. Trying to make him see her mindset but he still doesn't agree, but he also doesn't argue with her either.

The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

In 'The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln', Lucy is upset and frantic that her sister has been wiped from existence. Wyatt can empathise with her more than a few hours ago as they both have lost someone they love dearly. Both have to climb into a time machine and go after Flynn instead of saving their loved ones. Now, they have to go to 1865 to save history.

Lucy gets into the lifeboat, she smacks Wyatt in the face with her skirts by accident. Seeing her struggle with her nervousness and claustrophobia Wyatt helps her out. He puts on her seat belt for her. It's a kind gesture of friendship and assistance which Lucy appreciates. Her mind is still reeling as they are going to time travel to past to save history.

During the mission, Wyatt and Lucy's relationship struggles the most as they hold opposing beliefs of their mission protocols and how to do their jobs. Wyatt wants to take the easier route, he wants to save Jessica and others which would result in history changing and altering their present. Lucy holds strong to her beliefs that they have to preserve history as it's supposed to be. She has a strong spiritual belief in fate and what is 'meant to be', especially with history given it's already written. Wyatt challenges her views as he applies it to his situation with Jessica. By her logic, bad things like Jessica's death are 'meant to be' and he takes offense at it. He is deeply hurt that she doesn't think his wife and takes it personally as he thinks Lucy doesn't believe people who have suffered deserve
to be saved. He point blank asks Lucy if she would use the time machine to save Jessica.

Lucy doesn't answer because she knows it will upset him. He sees the truth in her face, she wouldn't do it. He is shocked and he throws the fact that Lucy is fighting for her sister's life is hypocritical given she'd let Robert Lincoln lose his father. Let Jessica die. Lucy tells him, it's not fair. But Wyatt doesn't understand as he's wrapped in his own pain and disbelief of who she is.

Later when Lucy has changed into her evening dress, Wyatt has moved past his pain and disappointment in Lucy's mindset. He admires how beautiful she looks in her dress. In that moment, even though they are in conflict they still recognise they are on the same team and side of the fight. After the mission, Lucy and the team are back in the lifeboat. Wyatt can see she is shell shocked, she is deeply upset by the past events. She still had President Lincoln's blood on her, she confesses that she decided to let President Lincoln die. To hold to her belief about history and preserving. It looks like a hard pill to swallow.

'I decided I was gonna let it happen. But then I called out to warn him. It was too late.' She is visibly distressed as she's trying to rationalise what they do with what she just endured. She is conflicted by the position the team is in. 'It's one thing to talk about history like this abstract thing. But when the man gets shot right in front of you. I tried.' She says, she has tears in her eyes as she looks at Wyatt, for support.

He can see her pain and that she's shaken by the events. Wyatt takes her hand in a silent gesture of support and comfort. He can see she is struggling and is reaching out to her as a friend.

Atomic City

In 'Atomic City', Wyatt notices Lucy's engagement ring and asks her about it. She's just processing yet another of her new life developments. She shares it with the team. Wyatt buckles her into her seat as it's beginning to become a routine for them.

Lucy doesn't know how to feel about her engagement to Noah or all the memories she's missing about their life together. Wyatt seems more amused than anything else as he asks if she is going to take Noah's last name or keep her own. She replies that she doesn't know his name. It's seems like they are developing a friendship in the off hours of their work. Wyatt tells her to look on the Brightside, she has the honeymoon to look forward to.

During their mission, Lucy and Wyatt's relationship remains professional as they focus on their mission. But throughout the missions there are moments where they butt heads and try to dominate each other in their professional roles. Lucy is supposed to be the leader, she doesn't like Wyatt trying to take her role from her, or his style of leadership is Militant.

Their attraction to one another bleeds through in some circumstance that risks the mission. Wyatt checking out Lucy's sexy cigarette girl outfit with appreciation before Lucy informs Rufus to find her a waitress outfit.

Judith Campbell asks Lucy is she's sleeping with Wyatt A.K.A. Brooding Blue Eyes. Lucy a little taken back from the question denies it, but in that moment it's hard for her to ignore that part of her is attracted to Wyatt and cares about him.

Wyatt is increasingly insubordinate to her, and impatient to do his job of taking out Flynn instead of following her orders of preserving history. Eventually he takes control of her perceived command that leaves her and Rufus behind. When his plan fails, he leaves Rufus and Lucy to figure out their next move.

Lucy tracks him down, she catches Wyatt trying to send a telegram to the future to save Jessica. She not angry at him as she would do the same. Wyatt apologises for belittling her job and walking. He finally explains that he doesn't believe in 'fate' or 'meant to be'. If Lucy knew how Jessica died. She would know there is no such thing. It's all just dumb luck and random chance. It's just a roll of the dice.

Lucy understands Wyatt side, but she also learns that she can never act on her attraction as he's still deep in grief and fixated on saving his wife to really notice her. She knows they can only be friends.

Party at Castle Varlar

In 'Party at Castle Varlar', Wyatt starts to notice cracks in Lucy's demeanour in the wardrobe dock. It seems as though he's making a mental note to keep a closer eye on her. When in the lifeboat, he does her seatbelt for her as it appears t be more efficient than watching her struggle.

On mission, they continue challenge one another on how to proceed in regards to preserving history and when not to. Lucy keeps reminding Wyatt there is a bigger picture. But even with their difference in opinions, there is a sense of a developing rapport and respect for one another and their strengths.

Wyatt notices that Lucy is not faring well, her hands are shaking and she seems to have withdrawn into herself. He isn't sure if it's because they are in Nazi territory or other reasons. Lucy seems more afraid this mission than others. When they run into MI6 Agent Ian Flemming, they join forces.

Wyatt shows first signs of jealousy and a slight sense of possessiveness towards Lucy when Ian Flemming takes an interest in her. When Ian wants to take her into a Nazi party, Wyatt becomes protective of her, first time he actively tries to keep her safe as he doesn't want her to leave his side. Later, Wyatt searches her out before Lucy is supposed to infiltrate a party with Flemming. He confronts her about how he can see she's freaking out and he offers to help. Lucy confesses to him the story about how she crashed her car in the river and almost drowned to death. She admits that ever since the crash, she has always put herself into situations she can control. But now, every time she gets into the lifeboat she feels like she back in that moment. She's drowning all over again. She
believes that she can't keep doing it. She asks Wyatt how he keeps do it. He reveals a personal story of his past. He fights for his Grandfather to make him proud. He says keeping Nazis alive, letting Lincoln die… it makes him feel like he's letting his grandfather down. He tells her that she needs to find what she's fighting for. That she will be ok.

She thanks him, for listening and talking. They share a look, he calls her 'Ma'am' in an endearing manner that now makes her smile.

For the rest of the episode, Rufus has noticed Wyatt's attraction to Lucy and possibility Lucy might feel the same. He needles Wyatt with comments about Lucy and Ian Flemming. Wyatt watches Flemming flirt with Lucy and enjoys watching the man fail at winning Lucy's affections.

Thanks to Wyatt's suggestion in Germany, Lucy decides to fight for her sister. She confronts Agent Christopher, gives her the terms of her working for them. It's because of Wyatt, she found the strength to stand up for what she wanted.

The Alamo

During 'The Alamo', Wyatt becomes heavily fixated on killing Flynn much to the detriment to the mission and his relationship with Lucy. He sees this mission as his last hurrah and chance to prove his worth. Lucy struggles as Flynn killed William Travis before he could finish the letter. She can't finish the letter as she doesn't remember what was written.

She and Wyatt argue as the issue of historical accuracies vs his job to kill Flynn. Wyatt is frustrated as yet again, Lucy's need for perfection gets in the way of his job. He tells her to write what is in her heart. That it doesn't have to be perfect, to just write something as they just have to get the job done. The job is to get Flynn. He keeps tells her how his hands are tied behind his back. He doubts himself, he starts to think Agent Christopher is right, that he isn't the man for the job.

Their relationship is strained, but later Wyatt's words speak to her. She finally knows how to write the letter. It's clear that Wyatt is the inspiration of the letter, and she is speaking from the heart and describing how she sees Wyatt but also the people of the Alamo. She finishes the letter.

Later in the episode, the battle is in full swing. Rufus has found a way out. Lucy braves her way through live fire to find Wyatt. She tells him about the escape but Wyatt looks around. He is for a moment back in the memory of an event in his past where his team died so he could escape. Then he is back in the present, he sees a way to redeem himself in the Alamo by fighting with the men. He doesn't see the point in leaving as he has nothing back in 2017. Everything he cares about is gone. He looks to Lucy who clearly is upset by his decision. She cares about as more than a friend. The held note of unrequited affection inside that he doesn't know about. He begs her to let him do one last deed in giving her time to get out. Lucy doesn't accept his choice, she can't. She grabs his arm then
his face. She asks him what about us? We're counting on you. She talking about Rufus and herself, but Wyatt assures her that the next guy will do his job just fine.

She doesn't accept it, as she wants him. She grabs his face and she tells him 'I don't want anybody else. Look, I trust you. You are the one that I trust. Rufus needs you. I need you.'

Wyatt looks torn between being with her and Rufus and staying behind. But seeing her expression, how important he is to her. He decides to join her.

They return to the present, Lucy fights for Wyatt to stay. Rufus backs her up, with Rufus' ultimatum Wyatt gets to stay. Their bond as a team is well and truly cemented. Wyatt finally starts to feel as though he has people to care about.

The Watergate Tape

Lucy and Wyatt's friendship starting to deepen, the moment in the Alamo lingers between them. She shares her life with him, how she found out about her biological father. He seems to be lightening up more and more as he jokes about stalking laws. That she has to face the man.

But during this mission, when they are captured by Flynn; the secrets Lucy has kept about Flynn and the Journal come out thanks to Flynn. Wyatt's trust in her is broken, he's hurt that she kept the truth from him. But he still cares enough about her, that he's willing to let himself be sacrificed to keep Lucy and Rufus alive. He orders her to leave him behind. To not help Flynn.

Wyatt while in Flynn's captivity listens to Flynn read out Lucy's entry about him and Jessica. It breaks him as Lucy's entry says he needs to get over his wife and move on. Flynn even shows him the entry in the book, to prove it's what is written. He losses his cool, his angry and upset.

Lucy does everything she can to save Wyatt, but in the end their relationship is broken down by her secrets and the journal entry her 'future self' wrote. Wyatt tells her that he can't trust her anymore. It is a blow to her, but she feels it rightly deserved as she could not give him any good reason to make her actions ok.


Wyatt is bitter and angry, he takes it out on Rufus and Lucy. Especially, Lucy as she's managed to get herself a deal that will get her sister back. He wants the same to save his wife. She deals with his foul mood for majority of the mission.

When they are captured by the Shawnee, Lucy apologises to Wyatt for saying Jessica's death was meant to be. She has changed her mind as she believes now that he deserves to have a chance to save Jessica. Wyatt apologises to her, that he truly does want her to be able to save Amy. The fractures in their relationship start to mend.

After the mission, Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus meet at a bar to celebrate surviving. Lucy acknowledges that Wyatt had a right to be angry about the Journal. But she feels she needs to explain herself. Wyatt doesn't think it's necessary as he wants to believe the Journal is a cheap fake. If it is then he doesn't have to be upset about what Lucy's future self wrote about him. He wants to not be angry, it clear he cares about Lucy and wants their friendship to heal.

But Lucy cannot let it go, as she needs to explain why she kept it a secret. If she is being really honest with herself, she doesn't know if it is a fake. The writing is hers as she identifies how she writes her 'G's and if the Journal is real. Then she has to acknowledge the truth of what is written in the Journal.

Wyatt can see Lucy struggles as the one of the main conflicts in their relationship is her mindset of the existence of Fate and what is meant to be. While he does care enough to not rip her ideology to shreds. He does try to give her comfort in showing her that she is able to have a choice in her situation. That he believes history is made up of choices, that if she's not happy with the history Flynn has predicted then she can change her 'fate' through her choices and rewrite her future.

Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde

In the 'Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde', Lucy is sharing her life with Wyatt, talking about her night with Noah. Wyatt tells Lucy she should cut Noah lose instead trying to get to know him and figure out if there's something there. It's a complete 180 from his teasing in in the early weeks of finding out about Lucy's engagement ('Atomic city'). It seems the stress of Flynn saving his half brother without hesitation is affecting Wyatt as Flynn is his rival who keeps besting him('Space Race').

It seems he is taking it out on Lucy as she's attempting to adapt to her new life and sees it as a betrayal to her mission to save Amy. The one thing, Wyatt and Lucy share is their strong desire to save their loved ones. So, he reminds her that she never had Noah in the original timeline. That is the reason she shouldn't be with Noah now. She is supposed to have Amy. Lucy looks unsure.

Wyatt asks if she loves Noah now, and she says 'no' and Wyatt thinks that Noah should be with the one he's supposed be with. Lucy argues that maybe she and Noah are meant to be, that they are engaged and it has to mean something. Wyatt scoffs at her views of fate and love again, he reminds her that she's supposed to have her sister Amy.

As the mission progress, Wyatt and Lucy go undercover as an engaged couple to gain the trust of Bonnie and Clyde. When Bonnie asks how he proposed to Lucy, he notices that Lucy falters and he ends up describing his proposal story. He smiles fondly at the memory as he's mentally back in that moment feeling all the emotions. Lucy knows Wyatt is talking about his proposal to Jessica, is moved by the romance of what was a beautiful and meaningful memory of Wyatt's.

Wyatt notices that Clyde isn't buying the story, he convinces him of their love by kissing Lucy. The kiss is a spur in the moment to keep their cover. It is a slow passionate kiss that lingers ('Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde' script notes).

Both are more affected by the kiss than they care to admit. Lucy is affected by it, because she is secretly crushing on Wyatt but knows it is one sided. She quickly covers her disappointment and own bruised feelings as she felt the kiss was not about her, it was more about the memory of Jessica and maintaining their cover.

Wyatt for the first time sees Lucy, the possibility of them as a couple from her expression and the emotions she tries to hide. But the moment passes, he feels and covers his own guilt as he downs his drink. Lucy is the first woman he kissed since Jessica's death and a small part of it feels like a betrayal to use his memories of his marriage then kiss another woman. Even if it's for a cover. He keeps a good front on because the mission comes first.

Later in the evening, they are lay awkwardly in a small bed together, waiting for Bonnie and Clyde to exhaust one another. They talking about Bonnie and Clyde about how there is no mistaking that the couple are in love. For once, Lucy and Wyatt's views are opposing in a surprising manner as Lucy who believes in fate doesn't believe in 'the one' as she understands attraction and chemistry but lightning bolt from heavens nothing like that. Wyatt confesses that he has seen it and it happened to him. Lucy asks about the engagement story he told. She tells him that she knows it how he proposed to Jessica. She starts to trail off 'If there's only one person for you in the whole world, and you lose them, does that mean that you have to live the rest of your life without anyone else? I think you... we... anyone... has to be open to possibilities.'

She looks at Wyatt as she speaks about 'we' and 'anyone' should be open to the possibilities as she hints that they both should be open to maybe the possibility of each other. Wyatt looks at her and it seems like the perfect opportunity for him to say something but Bonnie and Clyde are asleep and Wyatt decides to focus on the mission instead of Lucy's words. He leaves the bed. But her words have not gone unheard.

After the mission, they are back in 2017. Wyatt catches up with Lucy in the wardrobe dock returning their clothing. They talk about the kiss, Wyatt tells her it was an in the moment thing, just for their cover. He apologises for taking her by surprise. She assures him that she'll live and they part on good terms. But as they walk away from one another, it's clear they both thinking about the kiss and
Lucy's speech about being open to possibilities.

The Capture of Benedict Arnold

In 'The Capture of Benedict Arnold', Lucy and Wyatt relationship remains platonic and professional. In some sense it feels like whatever window appeared in their previous mission has closed. It's clear that Wyatt dislikes Lucy's connection to Flynn.

When Flynn offers Wyatt the name of Jessica's killer, he wants it. He claims all he cares about the 1% chance of knowing Jessica's killer. It's unsure of at this time whether Wyatt's fixation on saving Jessica is because he deeply loves her and wants her back or if he wants to alleviate his guilt. But his motivation is back to saving Jessica.

Later in the mission, Lucy life comes under risk and she keeps turning to Wyatt to help him. But he unfortunately fails to do so as he lost track of. Flynn takes her hostage, while she is screaming for Wyatt to rescue her.

The World's Columbian Exposition

Wyatt is frantic to rescue Lucy, but he is thwarted as he has to wait 4 hours for the lifeboat to recharge. By the time the Lifeboat is recharged, they end up following a false trail to a trap. Whilst trapped, he reveals that he knows what it's like to lose someone, not know what happened to them. He is reminiscing on the two weeks he searched for Jessica but he also in the same position of not knowing in regards to Lucy and if she ok. It's tearing him up the same way.

Lucy is in 1780 with Flynn, she appears to work with him but instead teams up with Houdini to foil Flynn's plans and she rescues Wyatt and Rufus. Wyatt embraces her, he is so relieved to see her alive. Vice versa.

Later, Lucy is trapped by George Holmes, Wyatt saves her, but he faced with a killer. George tries to manipulate Wyatt into letting him go, claiming he will give the families of his victims the closure they desperately seek. Wyatt turns to Lucy for the truth, she informs him that George never does tell the truth and he sells his story for profit. Wyatt kills George in front of Rufus and Lucy. It seems as though Wyatt derives some satisfaction from the kill even though it shakes Lucy.

But his actions don't affect his friendship with Lucy as she smugly takes credit for saving his and Rufus' life more than once in one day. She comments that it's pretty good for a civilian, Wyatt responds with a smile, not refuting her claim as he finds her smugness adorable.

The Murder of Jesse James

Wyatt and Lucy seem at odds again morally and ethically speaking. They are both wrapped up in their own problems that they can't seem to help each other out. Wyatt keeps on with the mission, gets frustrated at Lucy lack of attentiveness to the job.

Wyatt is wound tight as he is wrapped up in his fixation on Jessica and her killer. He takes that into his job as he justifies why he kills people that he considers to be 'bad'. He believes that who he kills is the 'right' thing to do. This is part of their job.

Lucy is trapped in her own head as she had a vivid dream of Amy and woke up to realise she forgot her sister's birthday. She can't tell the difference between wrong and right anymore. She doesn't back up Wyatt when Rufus' questions his morality and conscious when it comes to killing people. Wyatt tries to help her out of her funk, but Lucy is completely despondent as she doesn't want to do the job anymore. She just wants her sister back and to go home.

Later in the episode, Lucy kills Jesse James. It's unknown what her motives are, if she wanted to 'do the right thing' as Wyatt claims it is. Or if she has grown jaded and impatient with getting the mission over, so as to get closer to save Amy. The act is condemned by Bass Reeves as a bad act as she shot an injured man who was surrendering. It seems that both Lucy and Wyatt struggle with the morality of death. Lucy is suffering from an internal struggle from her actions as she reflects on a photo of herself in the past.

Karma Chameleon

Wyatt wakes Lucy up in the middle night. He tells her his plan to get Jessica back because he trusts her so deeply, it shows their friendship means a lot to him. Lucy tries to come with him on the mission, she lists several reasons she should go but he shoots each and every one of the down. It's clear to Lucy that he doesn't want her there with him. He wants her to stay, so she doesn't risk her deal to save Amy with Agent Christopher. It's his way of protecting her, as he does care for her. But Lucy asks what if someone gets hurt. He gives her an obtuse answer, as the question is a loaded one. He tells her how he plans to make sure Wes Gilliam's parents don't meet, thus he will be wiped from history and Jessica and two other women will be saved.

There is an underlying current of tension in their relationship as Lucy realises that she can't talk him out of it as she knows it's what he's always wanted. She can't deny him his greatest desire. She can see he's willing to risk everything to get his wife back.

Any hope Lucy held for her and Wyatt is evaporating as he has chosen Jessica. It's not clear if he's aware of her unrequited feelings for him and the effect his choice makes has on her but he can see Lucy is clearly upset as she has to sit down.

Lucy breaks down and silently cries for a moment as she just can't deal with losing him. Wyatt is uncomfortable by her distress and doesn't know how to make her feel better. He stupidly asks her if she is ok. She ignores the question as she rallies her strength and offers her support. She asks what he needs her to do. He asks for a 20 minute head start, she feels like he's saying goodbye forever. She gets to her feet clearly wants to say more as she touches her hand momentarily on his jacket but instead of making some declaration, she wishes him good luck. Wyatt says one last 'Thank you Ma'am' with a faint smile before he leaves her.

Lucy is left to deal with the aftermath of Wyatt's adventure to save his wife. She gives him an exact 24 minute head start. She defends Wyatt to Agent Christopher. She is wrapped into her own adventure as Anthony Bruhl wants a meeting to bring everything to an end.

In the wardrobe dock, Jiya is helping Lucy get ready for the meeting. She is upset because Rufus didn't tell her tell that he was leaving for an unauthorized, illegal trip to 1983. Lucy tries to comfort her by telling her that Rufus was trying to protect her but Jiya calls 'bullshit'.

Jiya: "If you care about someone, if you trust someone, if you might even love someone you tell them something like this."

It's in that moment that Lucy takes on her words and feels the gravity of it. As she realises that maybe Wyatt does loves her, and it hurts because it's not she believes it isn't same depth to which she now acknowledges that she loves him.

Jiya apologises for her outburst and asks Lucy how she found out. Lucy admits Wyatt told her, she tries to play it off like it was an obligation but Jiya can see the hidden meaning. She smiles and it's as if she believes Wyatt loves Lucy and vice versa but they are playing it under the radar. She let's Lucy keep her ruse that Wyatt telling Lucy beforehand means nothing.

Later in the episode, Wyatt and Rufus are successful but it comes at a price as Wyatt chases a man to fall over and accidentally die. Rufus isn't happy, but they decide the ends justify the means even though Wes Gilliam's father didn't deserve to die. Wyatt answers Rufus' earlier question about what Jessica thought about it all.

Wyatt: "She'd hate it. She'd be horrified. Honestly, I don't know how I'm gonna look her in the eye. But she's gonna be there. She's gonna be alive."

He takes comfort in knowing Jessica will be alive and is happy. Truly happy and excited to get back to the present.

But upon his return, he is arrested and he asks Lucy to tell him about Jessica. She apologises as Jessica is still dead. Wyatt is confused, he doesn't understand as he did what he was supposed to do. Rufus confirms Lucy's information. They erased Wes Gilliam and saved two women but not Jessica. Wyatt is devastated and doesn't believe it as Wes Gilliam confessed to killing Jessica. Lucy watches as Wyatt is dragged away in cuffs, she doesn't know how to feel other than saddened that Wyatt didn't get his deepest wish.

The Lost Generation

In 'The Lost Generation', Lucy and Wyatt are separated and dealing with the fallout of his arrest. Lucy has the fallout of coming to terms that her biological father is part of Rittenhouse. He While they are apart, the months of their time spent working together. The trust they have built, the haring of their secrets and lives begins to show an impact on each other. For Lucy, it's a positive impact as she is starting to feel swayed to Wyatt's mindset that making history is about choices that it isn't written until she chooses her path. She can control her future with every decision she makes. It gives her comfort as she struggling to keep control of her future.

While on mission, she speaks with Charles Lindbergh who is in a similar position as her, both reeling from the fact they are Rittenhouse legacy. They are expected to join the cause even though they want different things. Lucy tells him a similar speech to the one Wyatt gave her ('Stranded'). She tells Charles he has a choice and he can change his future. She truly hopes she had reached him, that she has changed his future as she believes there is hope for her.

When she returns to the present, she learns Lindbergh's history doesn't change. She is somewhat demoralised by the fact that she couldn't change his future as she knows he joins Rittenhouse and does terrible things. She questions what it means for her future and if she really does have a choice. Her mother finds her, she sees Lucy's internal struggle and has noticed it the past few months. So, she gives Lucy a Journal. It is brand new but identical to the Journal Flynn carries. Apparently, it is a Preston tradition.

Carol: "What do we do in our family when we go through tough times? When we need to collect our thoughts? We write them down."

Wyatt however, Lucy's impact on him is negative as he adapts her mindset about fate to his failure to save Jessica. He feels he has let Jessica down because either Flynn was lying to him about who killed Jessica, or he wasn't, and fate wanted her dead anyway. Wyatt questions what universe or God wanted the one person that he loves most in this world to be dead. It is in this moment that it's clear Wyatt heart lies with Jessica not Lucy.

But even so, he still cares for Lucy and Rufus and takes Agent Christopher's offer to help save them and retake the lifeboat back from Rittenhouse who have overtaken Mason Industries. He escapes a black site and reunites with them.

Lucy is relieved to see him alive and embraces him.

He then gives them a speech: "Because I've been through a lot in the last couple days, and I fought it for a long time. You can call it fate, or God, or the Force, but I am meant to do something. I am meant to protect the both of you. I see that now, and I will."

It's a 180 from his mindset from the first time they met and his professional and personal goals that he's strived for during his time with them. He takes on Denise's words as earlier she questions his faith and his mindset that he was meant to save Jessica. She offers an alternative that maybe he is meant to help his friends. He is now for the first time 100% with the team, focussed on their goals. It's possible that he's finally taking the first steps to move on from Jessica's death.

Public Enemy No. 1

In 'Public Enemy No. 1', Lucy and Wyatt's friendship and the team itself have been rejuvenated. Wyatt has spent time training Lucy how to disarm a man and take his weapon while in the LIfeboat. A manoeuvre she pulls when she and Rufus steal the Lifeboat for their purposes. When they return, Wyatt is proud of his team mates when they arrive. He seems to have a new sense of purpose and appears to be different man, less burdened and is calmer than he has ever been before. Lucy finds his new sense of calm, super annoying as she is panicking about the fact they just stole the Lifeboat and became fugitives of the US Government.

Wyatt assures her that it was the right decision, that the Lifeboat shouldn't be in Rittenhouse's hands. He decides it's time that they save Amy, Lucy is in shock for a second and then becomes overjoyed as she's been waiting over a year to save her sister. Lucy is deeply touched by Rufus and Wyatt's support, she makes the plan but sadly Flynn jumps before they get to play cupid with Carol and Henry Wallace.

She is beyond distraught as the others argue what they should do. She is speechless as she realises it's her last shot to get Amy. She feels so desperate, that fights for it as it feels like she might never see her sister again and Amy will be gone forever. Wyatt, feels terrible but he points out to her that their mission has been to preserve history and he is the last person to say it, but he implores her to use this chance to go after Flynn and stop him from destroying history in 1931.

Saving Amy is put on the backburner and later in 1931, while trying to stop Flynn by recruiting Elliot Ness to their cause. The man is assassinated, Lucy gets angry as she is frustrated that her chance to save Amy is gone and Elliot Ness the man who was destined to stop Al Capone is dead. Wyatt gets her and Rufus' attention, he tells them they have to go. It's not easy, but as Wyatt points out they have no ideas and he's wearing button down jeans from the Gap. In that moment, Lucy can't help but look down at Wyatt's crotch to double check.

Wyatt spends the mission being Lucy and Rufus' rock as they wing their way into getting Al Capone behind bars. The old dynamic of previous missions is in swing, but they are working better as team more than they ever have before as Wyatt doesn't challenge her leadership. He props her up and supports her.

Red Scare

In 'Red Scare', the team return and Rufus is injured. Lucy calls Noah to help. He saves Rufus' life asking no questions. But afterwards, he wants an explanation. Lucy tries to explain that she is not the same woman. He asks if it's that guy, Lucy infers that Noah is talking about Wyatt. Lucy denies it multiple times, but even she knows she is partially lying as Wyatt is part of the reason. But mostly, she just realises that it's about who she is and her life. She ends the engagement.

When she returns to the group, Flynn has jumped and Lucy wants to let Flynn have his way as he plans to take out Rittenhouse. Wyatt challenges her view as he doesn't think it's the right decision but there is not much time for discussion as Rittenhouse raids their location. They jump.

Later in 1954, Wyatt and Lucy pair up as a team and they learn how deep their trust for one another goes. They both can tell that it is profound as Lucy gets Wyatt to trust her on building an alliance with Flynn. Trust her with Flynn, as they have a special connection that she can't ignore.

Wyatt is uneasy with leaving her alone with Flynn, but Lucy implores him to trust her. That she needs him to get Jiya back to the present. She assures him that she'll be ok. He reluctantly leaves, he looks back at her one last time. His expression is near unreadable but he seems to be a mix of concern and almost longing to stay behind with her. But he leaves, as he does as she orders finally solidifying Lucy's position as leader of the team.

Lucy is left behind, she is finally calm after months. She knows what to do, and how to get what she wants.

Later, she returns to 2017 with Flynn. She meets up with Wyatt and she takes him with her to see Ethan Cahill. It is a profound moment of her life, she chooses Wyatt to share it with him. Rittenhouse as they know it is about to be dismantled or so they believe.

After Flynn's arrest, Lucy and Wyatt return to Mason Industries. It's back in their control for the moment. Wyatt is unsettled by Lucy's quiet outrage at Flynn being arrested and not allowing him a chance to save his family. He watches silently as Denise explains the situation and suffers the blow by delivering her promise. Lucy can take the Lifeboat out to save her sister. Lucy is relieved and ecstatic that she is finally going to get her chance.

There's a natural ease between them. The mission is over, Lucy and Wyatt are talk about the future. She asks if he'll go back to Pendleton. He nods as that's his life, he goes from one mission to the next. They grow quiet, Lucy looks at him seeing how far they've come together. How much they have grown and changed. She grabs his attention with a quiet 'Hey' and when he looks her way she thanks him for everything.

Wyatt tries to play it cool but he is deeply touched by her gratitude. Now that he's starting to let go of Jessica, he finally sees the potential of them, but he doesn't act on it because he's not entirely ready yet. But he does assure her they will keep in touch. He'll call if he needs a bossy know it. He deadpans the line, Lucy throws back 'Yeah, I was thinking about texting you the next time that I need a reckless hothead.'. It's flirtatious and playful as they laugh and smile at one another.

They embrace, it's a friendly gesture at first but they linger in the embrace. Lucy becomes slightly upset and holds him tighter as she feels like they won't see one another. Wyatt holds onto her, something in him shifts as he comes to realisation of how much she means to him and that it goes deeper than friendship. They reluctantly let go and step back.

Wyatt changes his mind about taking off to Pendleton claiming it can wait a bit. It's a sign that he's sticking around, it's because of her. He doesn't want to miss the chance to help her get her sister. Lucy smiles, appreciating his offer, but she takes the time to tell him again how sorry she is that he couldn't get Jessica back. Wyatt reflects on her comment as well as their past. The journal and how a future version of Lucy claimed he should move on from Jessica's death. He comes to terms with how he wants to deal with it going forward as he replies:

"Maybe we do need to stop trying to fix the past and start looking at the present. Maybe I do need to be open to the possibilities."

Lucy is surprised and hopeful as it's a huge step for him to say as much. The sincerity of his, makes her believe that he's choosing her to be his 'present'. She asks for clarification on what possibilities he'd looking for. He replies that he doesn't know, he just knows that he's not ready to say goodbye yet. A moment passes between them, they can feel the chemistry of something potentially romantic brewing between them. Lucy for the first time since she came to terms with her unrequited affections is happily anticipating the future.

But before either of them can muster the courage to ask the other out on a date, Connor interrupts and it's back to business. Lucy laughs at the man's impeccable timing and informs Wyatt to tell Rufus that she'll be back in an hour as she has to do something before they leave. She walks away, they are in a good place with the potential to be more.

The War to End All Wars

It is revealed that Lucy has captured by Rittenhouse via her own mother. Wyatt is in the Lifeboat with Rufus, ready and waiting for Lucy to return. When Wyatt calls her, he looks out at the platform and notices a bomb. He calls out to Rufus as it explodes.

6 weeks later, in an off the grid government owned bunker; Wyatt is darker and angrier than he was before the explosion. He is still healing from the injuries of the bomb blast. He can barely look in the mirror, he's so angry at himself as he holds himself to an impossibly high standard in regards to what happens to Lucy. He smashes a tile with his fist to let off some steam. He refuses to believe Lucy is lost and is frustrated that Agent Christopher cannot find her and acts as though Lucy is gone for good. He firmly believes Lucy is alive.

In an undisclosed location, Lucy is doing her tie. She's in 20 th century garb. She wears a serene smile as if everything is ok but it's not. She's read an article about Mason Industries explosion. Her mother comes in and comments on how far Lucy has come in the last few weeks in regards to her switching allegiances. Lucy pretends to appreciate the comment while on the inside she is dying. She believes everyone she loves at Mason Industries is dead including Wyatt. Her mother has been holding her captive until today. Her mother reminds her how important today is, Lucy agrees but she secretly has a plan to put an end to it all.

In 1918, she reunites with Wyatt. She almost punches him but he parries it, before it can hit him. They both stop. Lucy is in shock as she thought he was dead, but he is alive and well. She smiles relieved, he is just as happy to see her. They embrace, until she spots Rufus and pulls him into the hug. She is just so grateful to see them, that she remembers her mission. She now knows she has to fulfil her mission. She tells them to go. They don't understand and she explains her plan to blow up the mothership and live out her days in 1900s. How she thought they were dead which was why she was willing to trap herself. But now they are here, they can work together. She gets called away, Wyatt tries to keep her, but she pulls away. She desperate to escape Rittenhouse and protect them.

Wyatt watches her go, Rufus comments how he must be grateful Lucy is alive. Wyatt is distracted as he's reeling from seeing Lucy. All the darkness and anger he'd held onto seems to evaporate as now he can save Lucy as he's wanted to for weeks. Rufus prompts him, Wyatt deflects the question with a casual answer as if diminishing his feelings for Lucy so Rufus won't believe there is more to it. But Rufus isn't convinced.

As later when they are driving to meet up with Lucy. Rufus tries to get Wyatt to commiserate with him as Rufus has been dealing with Jiya being 'sick' as her visions are considered seizures. He says he thought Wyatt would understand what it's like as he's spent the last 6 weeks worrying about the woman he loves. Wyatt is confused and asks 'What?' and Rufus practically shouts 'Lucy' at him like it is a no brainer. Wyatt denies it, but Rufus tells him that he's an idiot and says that Wyatt loves Lucy. He should just admit it. But Wyatt remains silent as he doesn't know how feels about Lucy. He cares deeply for her but love? He doesn't know as the only other women he has loved is Jessica and what he feels for Lucy is not the same. It's different, he doesn't have enough experience to identify how he feels.

After the mission, they return home. Lucy stands in the room she now shares with Jiya. Wyatt comes to the door. He tries to pick things up where they left off, but Lucy is angry and dejected. Wyatt asks her if she's ok. She confesses that she killed someone that morning. It was an innocent person trying to help his friend. He just got in the way.

Wyatt tries to vindicate her actions and justifying it as something she had to do. But Lucy doesn't agree with him. It's an issue that they have faced before. The morality and ethics of when they kill and how it affects their identity. She corrects him; she tells him that she chose to do it, to prove her loyalty to Rittenhouse.

Wyatt asks her why, he can see Lucy's time in Rittenhouse has affected her greatly. More than he has realised. She is not the same woman he knew 6 weeks ago. She explains that she thought he was dead, the Lifeboat was gone. She thought she was the only one left, she confesses that she would've done anything to stop Rittenhouse including killing herself and her mother in the Mothership. Her mind was set.

But then he showed up alive. She wonders if she could've stopped them if he hadn't come. Wyatt assures her that Emma would've killed her. Lucy shakes her head, se knows her mother would have kept her safe. Wyatt asks if she is so sure. Lucy shakes her head, as she doesn't know anything anymore. She just feels hollowed out even though Wyatt is there, he doesn't seem to make her feel better but she appreciates that he's letting her speak and he's listening.

She confesses her darkest secret and pain as she reveals she feels she's lost everything. She breaks down into tears. Wyatt moves to her side and wraps her up in his arms. He feels her pain and wishes he could make it go away. He assures her that she hasn't lost him. He holds her tight and close as she cries. Lucy searches for comfort, she smooths her hand up his chest to his neck. She lifts her head up, just as he leans down; just as they are about kiss when Jiya interrupts.

They go to a team meeting, Lucy learns the soldier Carol and Emma traded for her is Nicholas Keynes. Wyatt informs her that he wrote the Rittenhouse manifesto in 1910. Wyatt also theorizes there are sleeper agents dotted through history. It's their job to find and stop them. It seems the team is back together, Lucy looks lost as to her place and motivation as she feels like an outsider. Wyatt has taken up her position as leader, which in her current state appreciates.

Later that night, Lucy is fast asleep and the door to her and Jiya's room opens. Wyatt steps into the room. It's as if he is almost afraid to find her missing. He looks relieved to see her in bed. He pulls the blankets over her, then softly brushes hair off her cheek before he leans in. He kisses her cheek, checks her blankets are right and leaves. Once the door closes and Lucy eyes open, she knows it was Wyatt ('The War to End All Wars' Deleted Scene 53).

The Darlington 500

Wyatt searches Lucy out, he finds her on the couch with a laptop reading the Rittenhouse Manifesto. He quips about how it's a little light reading. Lucy doesn't seem to have much of a sense of humour of late. She comments it is just Rittenhouse's creepy cult manifesto, that her crazy mother believes in. She closes her laptop as she senses Wyatt is not there for small talk. He looks uncomfortable but he pushes through nonetheless.

"Can I ask you something?" he asks, Lucy braces herself as she has almost anticipated this moment. He asks her what Rittenhouse did to her while she was in their care. She assures him that it's nothing to talk about. But it has been keeping her up at night, she has a near obsession with the Rittenhouse Manifesto and trying to understand her mother, her past and how it affects who she in the present. But she doesn't share it with Wyatt. She doesn't want him to see her as broken, she wishes she could go back to 6 weeks ago when everything was different.

But Wyatt informs her that he knows she's not been sleeping and is in fact been staring at the ceiling all night every night. He wants to know. She feels defensive about him intruding on her like this. He tells her that Jiya sold her out. She accuses Jiya of spying on her and she hates it as it reminds her of Rittenhouse. She wonders if the others are suspicious of her but Wyatt informs her that Jiya was worried. They all, including himself.

Lucy sees his concern is genuine about her welfare. She wishes she could let down her guard but is unable to. Once again, it's a protective measure she learnt during her Rittenhouse captivity. So, she plasters on a fake smile and casually informs him that she appreciates their concern but she is fine. Before Wyatt can try to reach her the alarm sounds, the mothership has jumped.

They find out that the Mothership has jumped to South Carolina 1955, Lucy can't think of anything historically significant. But she has an idea, she tells Wyatt he isn't going to like it. She can think of one person who knows more about Rittenhouse than they do. Wyatt shakes his head, it smarts that Lucy brings up Flynn as he truly thought Flynn was behind them.

He informs Lucy that he hates his idea, because Flynn is a 'psycho' who is in jail because Lucy and Denise betrayed him. Wyatt has always had an issue with Lucy's connection with the man. He doesn't want to bring Flynn back into their world. But Lucy pushes, she knows Flynn will only speak to her and he might know what's going on. The others don't agree, but she is sold on the idea and asks them to come up with a better idea. But they don't have one, much to Wyatt's displeasure. While on mission, Lucy learns more about Wyatt than she had before. She learns he is a car enthusiast as he can identify every car in their view. He was a bootlegger, he used to run stuff over
the Texas border when he was 15. He shares a story of how he got his mechanic skills.

Wyatt: "I'd use to pray my dad would run off. When I turned 15 and realized he wouldn't, I did. I took his car. Figured he owed me at least that much. Ran it till the pistons blew and I drove the damn thing straight into a lake."

The story startles Lucy as she knew Wyatt's childhood was less than ideal. His father wasn't a good role model but she's surprised how remembers something so awful as something fond. Later when Wendell Scott is smuggling them into the Darlington 500 race. Lucy and Wyatt are inside the backseat of the car, it cramped quarters but they are in cramped quarters. Some would take advantage of it but Lucy's claustrophobia is getting the best of her as she's trying to stay calm. She is restless making it uncomfortable for the both of them.

She trying breathing exercises to remain calm. She notices Wyatt's smile and apologies for her "Wildly claustrophobic" nature. She informs him that he's not helping with his choice of adjectives. Wyatt smiles as he missed her over the past weeks. Finally they were in close quarters, it wasn't ideal for Lucy but he's glad to be with her. The car hits a pothole and they get bounced around, so Wyatt tells her to hang onto him. Lucy latches on as Wyatt wraps her up in his arms, it feels intimate and comforting. He makes certain her head rests on his arm, to protect her from being bruised. Lucy asks about the story Wyatt told Wendell about his father. Wyatt hums to the affirmative. Lucy keeps talking as it seems to calm her. She claims that she doesn't know how he does it. Just call his father a bastard one second, and the next be laughing about it.

Wyatt replies that it's because he drove his car into a lake. He laughs and tells her that he just sort of let it go after that. Lucy can't seem to see the humour because she is thinking of her mother and the betrayal she has suffered. She was hoping Wyatt would be able to give her some insight.

She remarks that he's lucky that he never admired his father. Misinterpreting or at best not understanding the complexity of Wyatt's relationship with his father. Wyatt corrects her, He admired his father, he was his dad. For years, Wyatt thought that every terrible thing his father did was his fault. Lucy can commiserate as she shares that she revered her mother. She thought her mother was Superwoman. Only to find out that she's just terrible.

Wyatt can see Lucy is struggling to with the concept that her mother has feet of clay. She worshipped her mother, and her entire life was shaped by Carol. She doesn't know how to digest it all. Wyatt offers her a different point of view. He suggests that maybe It's a good thing. Now she knows the truth, she can move on. Nothing ahead but the open road. They both share a smile as they know that it's a subtle nod to the fact they will have a future together, at least it's the plan.

The car comes to a stop, Wyatt is rocked out of his position. He rolls on top of Lucy. But he doesn't move as it appears they are about to be discovered in the back of the car. But they pass inspection without being discovered. As the car starts again, they laugh and it feels good to let go of the nervous energy. Wyatt asks if she is ok, for the first time since getting into the interior of the backseat, she feels good and her claustrophobia is abating as she focusses on Wyatt. He's so close to her, she feels the pull of sexual attraction between them, the tender way he is looking at her. They slowly come together. Just as he presses his lips to hers, the car boot opens and Wendell releases the latch that pop opens the back of the backseat.

Wendell apologises for interrupting while Rufus is pretending he didn't see anything as Lucy and Wyatt are wrapped in each other's arms. Wyatt has Lucy's lipstick printed on his lips. The rest of the mission follows on, they save the day and foil Rittenhouse's plan. The team is back in full swing and enjoying themselves and their victory. Lucy has regained some of her joy and marvel of history as she admires Wendell's perseverance.


The mothership jumps to 1941, once again the team have to rely on Flynn's information. Once again, Wyatt shows his displeasure at following information from Flynn. He definitely does not like Lucy being the one to talk with Flynn either as Wyatt feels the man is playing a long con. There is possibly some resentment left over from his failed mission to save Jessica due to Flynn's information. But Wyatt doesn't talk about it, he seems to be happy to keep moving forward and with Lucy at his side. Later in the mission, Lucy and Wyatt are masquerading as a talented musical duo. They go to a party to find out what happened to RKO281 film when Lucy and wyatt get roped into singing. Wyatt tells Lucy to go up as he can't sing. He will blow their cover. He remembers that she sang for a band. She reminds him that she hasn't sung since the car crash ('Party at Castle Varlar').

Nonetheless, Lucy is forced up onto the stage by the piano. She is nervous, she requests the song 'You Made Me Love You'. She has a rough start and forgets some of the words. But soon she is in her element and belting out the song like a Pro. Wyatt can't seem to take his eyes off her as she is stunningly gorgeous on the stage by the piano. The crowd is enjoying it, she gets to the last line of the song which softens into a love serenade, she looks straight at Wyatt, their eyes lock. She sings the last words, "You know you made me love you". It's a light bulb moment for him as he realises in that moment she loves him. The crowd applauds while Wyatt is stunned, the good kind of stunned.

Later at Hedy Lamarr's residence, Hedy informs Wyatt and Lucy to make themselves at home. She refers to them as Lovebirds, while Hedy whisks Rufus off to show him her inventions. Lucy and Wyatt clink their glasses together in cheers, then chuckle at being called 'lovebirds'.

They walk out to the pool area, they are enjoying the evening air. Wyatt asks Lucy, how long have George and Hedy been together. He's made the assumption the two are a couple. She corrects him and tells him they are not romantically involved, they're just friends. George is Hedy's inventing partner, and he's a talented composer. Their idea for frequency hopping came from George's knowledge of player pianos.

Wyatt comments in a playful manner that George doesn't really look at her like an inventing partner. It feels good to have downtime in the past. To be able to enjoy it. Lucy is relaxed and enjoying herself and he feels lucky to have her at his side.

Lucy chuckles, as she takes a sip of her drink. She informs Wyatt, that George has a huge crush on Hedy Lamar. As most men do, but George was married when they met.

Wyatt says 'Bad timing.' It's something the two can actually empathise with as their situation has a case of 'bad timing'. At least it did for the past year until this moment as it feels everything is slowly coming together for them.

Lucy continues to explain that Hedy is into taller men, and George is shall we say 'vertically challenged'.

Wyatt commiserates with George's plight with a sympathetic 'ouch'. He's tall, but he knows from presumably watching his friends luck out and be rebuffed from a woman for superficial reasons. He adds a 'Poor guy never had a shot'. And Lucy agrees with a resounding 'Nope'. They finish their drinks and Wyatt takes her glass and places it on a table nearby with his own.

He says 'Well, you know, uh, some men find a beautiful woman with brains intimidating.' Lucy replies that Hedy just wants to be respected. She has completely missed his meaning as he just flirted with her. He tells her that he wasn't talking about Hedy.

Lucy is taken aback, she asks "You find me intimidating?'. He playfully backs off, he apologises and claims he didn't mean her. She's completely flustered by what he is trying to say and apologises for misreading him. He starts to completely bomb as his flirting game is terrible.

He smiles, and says 'Come on'. But Lucy is just not understanding his messages, she asks 'What?'. He smiles as replies 'I just mean that you're not hideous'. As stated before, it's not going well but the two are enjoying the awkward banter and flirtation.

Lucy is shocked by his choice of words 'Oh, not hideous, wow'. Wyatt doesn't understand why she isn't taking his hint. So after a few awkward laughs, a cute blush on Lucy's cheeks, he tells her that she knows she's beautiful. However, Lucy is completely oblivious to her beauty, she doesn't define herself by her looks as she sees herself as 'nerdy', it explains why she isn't always dressing overtly sexual in her fashion and doesn't use 'feminine wiles' as a weapon. She truly doesn't see herself as beautiful and Wyatt is bewildered by it, that he doesn't believe her.

She informs him that she is serious and that she skipped her prom to attend a speech and debate tournament. She regrets nothing. Wyatt agrees that it's pretty nerdy and Lucy gives a beautiful laugh before she says 'I know, I'm aware.' She looks to Wyatt and she bets that in high school, he was the popular guy, who had all the girls lined up around the block. She mocks him with an impression saying "Hey, ladies.". They are so at ease with another and laughing.

Wyatt confesses that she is wrong. That he was kind of lost in high school and he was kicked off school campus for drinking and was barred from the prom.

A moment of silence passes between them, they are sharing a somewhat playful but flirtatious look. Wyatt's expression grows soft, he confesses that Lucy saved his life. She jokingly asks 'Which time? The Alamo, Watergate? - I'm losing count.' She chuckles evilly but Wyatt's expression is serious. He shakes his head, as it wasn't what he meant. He asks her if she knew why he took the assignment. Lucy shakes her head, he explains that he took it because it was dangerous. After Jessica died, he just sort of stopped caring but not anymore. He looks at her in a way that makes her feel special as she feels like she's the reason. She is.

She confesses that when she was with her mother and she thought he was dead, she felt the same way. They turn and face one another, he asks her if she still feels the same way right in that moment. It's clear the answer is that she cares about him, she wants him and vice versa.

They are about to kiss when Lucy pulls back and says 'Wait, I mean we're co-workers. I mean, isn't this against the rules or something?'. Wyatt nods in a mocking manner as it's just like Lucy to want to know the rules and obey them. It comes from her need to control things. He informs her that they are going to be breaking a few rules. Lucy giggles before Wyatt kisses her, this is what she has been waiting for. She kisses him back with equal fervor. He picks her up into his arms bridal style, she breaks the kiss as she believes he's about to toss her into the pool.

She warns him 'Oh, don't you dare.' And he plays innocent 'What, dare, what, what?' he asks as he toys with her in his arms; threatening to throw her in the pool. She's giggling and half afraid as she doesn't want to be throw in. She warns him that he's going to get it, and he promises he wouldn't do it. They are so happy and care free. He jumps them into the pool. They surface and start making out in the water ('Hollywoodland' alternate Pool scene)

**NOTE: The alternate pool scene is not considered canon as her dress and Wyatt's clothing are dry in the next scene and the morning scene repeats the same script lines in the episode**

She leads him to one of the bedrooms, he closes the door behind him. He gently grabs her by the arm and she turns to face him. Her expression is filled with longing and desire. They kiss, pull back as if silently making certain this what the other wants. Lucy sees for the first time that he's interested, he wants to be with her without a shadow of doubt. Over a year of secretly desiring this man, she wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him with all the pent up sexual frustration she has been holding in. The two move to the bed, they make love.

The next morning, they are naked in bed spooning. Wyatt is the big spoon, Lucy is happy as it all just feels amazing. She turns in his arms to face him, smiles softly as she strokes a hand down the side of his face and then arm before resting it there. Wyatt wakes up and smiles, they say good morning to one another. She asks if last night was okay, even after a night in his arms she still afraid it was all a beautiful mirage. Wyatt assures her it was great.

Lucy chuckles as he misses her meaning but her ego is blossoming under the praise. 'No, I mean, you know technically, we're coworkers. Is this an HR issue?' she tells him.

He's sleepy and happy as he looks at her, the intimacy of the moment is beautiful. 'Well, we don't really have to, uh, announce it to everyone. We can just let it be our little secret until we're ready to-

Wyatt doesn't get to finish the sentence when Rufus opens the door and walks right in, catching the two naked in bed. Wyatt finishes his sentence 'Tell them'.

'Oh! Yeah.' Rufus is incredibly uncomfortable given he walked in unannounced. 'I was looking for both of you. Well, here you are.' He doesn't really know how to salvage his dignity, so he decides to exit the room 'And this is me leaving,' he announces. He leaves the room.

Lucy deadpans 'So - Busted.' There is a juvenility in her words. But Wyatt isn't worried as he assures Lucy that Rufus will be cool. She takes his word for it, before he kisses her.

Later, their mission is a success. Lucy and Wyatt are waiting for Rufus as he's handing over the Citizen Kane film to Hedy Lamarr. They are about to drive to the Prison Flynn is in and put a plan into effect to help Flynn escape in the present. Wyatt comments the Radio is broken so maybe Lucy could sing another song. She confesses that she was terrified on that stage. Wyatt said that she looked pretty good up there, it was nice to see her look happy again. They are about to kiss again, but Rufus interrupts them like an adorable, loud squeaky third wheel.

After they complete their mission in 1941, they return to the present. Lucy and Wyatt are playing a board game while Rufus and Jiya are getting breakfast. There is a sense of normalcy, but it's clear Wyatt and Lucy are terrible at hiding their relationship. Denise returns, she asks how their mission goes. Wyatt says they stopped Rittenhouse and Lucy assures her they dropped off the package. Denise says she knows, as a second later; Flynn walks in with swagger.

Flynn scoffs at the accommodations 'To think I escaped prison for this.'

Lucy has accepted Flynn's presence without question. Wyatt despises Flynn, so much so that he can't stand to be in the same room. He gets out of his seat abandoning his game with Lucy and walks out the room. As he passes Denise, he warns her to keep Flynn on a tight leash.

Lucy chases after Wyatt, she catches him in the hallway. She knows how he feels but Wyatt still needs to stress to her that seeing Flynn here with them, he doesn't like it.

Lucy admits that she doesn't like it either. But reminds Wyatt that Flynn is on their our side now, and he can help them. Wyatt scoffs at her naivety as he doesn't believe she is fully aware of Flynn's character. Once again, it seems the resentment of their past entanglements with Flynn and the failed mission to save Jessica has Wyatt viewing Flynn very differently to Lucy. He also knows that Flynn has an unusual connection to Lucy and he dislikes it.

He agrees that Flynn could help them but questions whether Flynn will given he has everything he wants. He asks Lucy, 'So, now what?'.

'Now can we just forget about Flynn for, like, a minute because we have each other? don't we?' she asks him, he smiles as he likes how she reminds her how they are a couple and referring to them as the royal 'we'. He agrees they do have each other.

'I mean, the other night, it was – ' she drawls, she smiles as Wyatt finishes the sentence with 'It was pretty amazing.'. They are in complete agreement about how happy they are, as he pulls her closer. She's smiling with such joy and is glowing.

'So..' she drawls, he mimics her; drawling a 'so..' back at her as he holds her close. 'So, what do we do now?' she asks, she's letting take the lead in their relationship. He teasingly yet salacious manner reminds her that they already living together and it's a pretty big step.

Wyatt's phone chimes, he has a message. Lucy quips that they've got nowhere to go but down. He laughs and agrees with her as he pulls out his mobile phone. He looks at the message on his phone. His smile in gone and he's released his hold on Lucy as he reads the message on his phone. She can see something is wrong and she asks what?.

He's cagey as he tells her that he'll be right back. She a little taken back but the shift in his manner but she isn't worried about them. More about whatever he's read. He walks away, she calls for him but he keeps walking. She wants to follow but Rufus calls her away.

Rufus is informing her about how Hedy Lemarr and how he told her to renew her patent. It changed the course of her life seemingly for the better when an Alarm sounds. Denise unholsters her weapon, she announces the alarm means someone has broken in. Flynn asks where the weapons are as he wants to assist her, but she doesn't trust him. They find the door open. Denise assess the damage and says that no one broke in, they broke out.

Lucy turn and shouts Wyatt's name, but he's not there. He's let the bunker and is in the city. He walks into a bar, he's searching the crowd until he spots a blonde working behind the bar. He doesn't believe his eyes. He follows her as she exits the bar to clear dishes away from the tables. The woman looks like Jessica from behind, he's almost not sure it's her. He's afraid to know either way. He's almost too afraid to say something, but he can't not. He calls out her name 'Jessica', she turns and sucks in a breath as it's her. He can't believe it, he'd spent a year fighting for this moment. He wraps Jessica up in his arms, he whispers that she is actually there. She's alive and very real, he's
shocked beyond belief.

The Salem Witch Trials

While Wyatt is dealing with the revelation that Jessica is alive, Lucy is worried sick. She doesn't understand why he left the bunker without telling her or anyone else. She has been trying to call him ever since he left but he hasn't picked up his phone. The alarm sounds, they learn that the Mothership has jumped to the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts. Denise tells Lucy to try Wyatt again as he needs to get back to the bunker.

Lucy nods as she races to her mobile phone, she says she'll keep trying but she has called him at least 20 times without success. She gets to her room and tries to call Wyatt again. This time he finally picks up.

Lucy demands to know where he's been and informs him that she's been calling him for hours. She's been worried sick and she demands to know what is going on. She's pacing the room, she upset, worried and annoyed. She's not shy in letting him know. He's been calling her name to get a word in, she finally does as she snaps 'what' over the phone.

Wyatt informs her that 'Jessica's alive'. Lucy stops, her heart pounding in a sickening manner as Wyatt keeps talking, he believes they changed history, and Jessica is alive again. With Jessica alive, it means Wyatt is still married. Wyatt is pacing in the motel room he's rented, as he waits for Jessica. He's still reeling from what's going on. His wife, the woman he's been in love with a girl he's loved since high school. His first love ('The Kennedy Curse').

Lucy sits on her bed, the wind knocked out of her. She tries to muster enthusiasm, she plasters on a fake smile even though Wyatt can't see it. 'Uh, that's I don't - How is that possible?' she asks, she listens to him as he doesn't know the answer. He just knows that Jessica texted him. Lucy realises that is the text he read before he left the bunker, left her. It hurts that he wouldn't tell her, or even ask her to go with him as back up after everything they've shared just as friends over the past year. 'I step off the "Lifeboat" and I get a text from my dead wife.' Wyatt is sitting on the motel bed, he's upset and confused. He doesn't know what to do. On one hand there is Lucy, and on the other he has Jessica. He knows it's harsh, and it's painful even for him but he has to make a decision. Jessica is his wife, they have a deep emotional relationship. ('Matt Lanter teases S2' Article).

"I don't understand, did we change something that brought her back?" Lucy asks as she racks her brain to figure out where they made the change. How all of this affects her, if she even has a right to be affected. As this is Wyatt's life, it his choice to make not hers.

Wyatt talks to Lucy as he feels closest to her, that he can open up to her. He says "I don't know, but she's real, Lucy. Her hair is a little different, It's shorter, but her eyes are the same. Last time I saw those eyes she was dead. But apparently, she has lived through six years that I don't know anything about. And I guess I wasn't a good husband or something, and-"

"Well, now you have time to change all that. don't you?" Lucy asks, it hurts her so deeply that she has needed to lay down. She truly cares for Wyatt, she considers herself in love with him. But as she listens to him. She knows he has made his choice. She has to swallow her feelings and support him. "Yeah." He says, confirming Lucy's suspicion that he's chosen Jessica. She understands, she hates it, but she understands. Wyatt, he knows it hurting her. "Lucy. I'm so sorry." He says sincerely.

"Wyatt, I'm thrilled for you." She lies, she needs to feel some sense of control. To come out on top somewhere in the mess she is in as she now has to deny her feelings. Yet again. It's clear Wyatt needs her to be his friend.

"Yeah, but you and me-" he starts but she cuts him off. As far as she's concerned, there's no more her and him. They had a one night stand over 24 hours ago.

"She's your wife. And you love her. I mean, this is everything that you've wanted, everything that you've been hoping for. This is… This is a good thing. And, now that Jessica's back…" she drawls as she doesn't know what happens next. She just knows that it's got nothing to do with her. "Yeah." He says agreeing with her, but he's not entirely enthusiastic as he's torn up about the entire situation. He feels his heart lies with Lucy but his mind and body belong Jessica. He's still married and he has to see it through ('Matt Lanter teases life and death…'). He changes topic, 'Um, why did you call? Is everything okay? Did the Mothership jump?" he asks.

"No, everything's fine here. Just focus on figuring things out with Jessica. Take whatever time you need, okay?" she tells him, she knows that he will need it. It's why she decides to let him off the hook as he wouldn't be any good to them on the mission.

"I'm sorry." He tells her again. He truly means it.

"don't be." She says, she doesn't begrudge him. It is an impossible situation, she knows that now Jessica is alive things will have to change. Right now, she has to go to Salem and preserve history as best she can. She ends the phone call, she allows herself a moment to gather her strength.

Not long after the phone call with Wyatt, she returns to kitchen area. Denise says her name. Lucy announces that Wyatt isn't coming and Jessica is alive. Rufus understands the revelation while the others don't. He explains from their timeline Jessica was dead, they question where history has changed. They have a log that say Mothership jumped for an hour to San Diego, 1980.

Rufus speculates that Rittenhouse has brought Jessica back to life. They must have found her killer and stopped him. Lucy questions why they would do that. Rufus speculates it's an attempt to throw Wyatt off, possibly get him to quit the team and start a family.

Whatever the reason, they have to go to Salem and stop Rittenhouse, after much discussion. Flynn takes Wyatt's spot on the mission. It isn't an easy decision for the others, but for Lucy it's logical and practical.

During the mission, Rufus sympathises with Lucy's situation with Wyatt and Jessica being back, her mother Carol being Rittenhouse. He can't understand what it's like he acknowledges that he sees her before he commiserates with Lucy about the internal struggle she has face with what is 'fate' and 'free will' as he is facing the same with Jiya's visions.

Carol accuses Lucy of witchcraft and she along with Rufus are arrested. Carol visits her, she begs Lucy to choose Rittenhouse. Lucy tries to ask why Rittenhouse brought back Jessica, but her mother doesn't answer her question.

In the present, Jessica has given Wyatt divorce papers. Wyatt refuses to sign them, instead he pulls her into the bunker to share the secret of time travel. He doesn't call ahead or do a background check on Jessica. He's so wrapped up in the idea of having his wife back and trying to repair his marriage that he throws caution to the wind. Denise is less than pleased with his return and unexpected guest. But they give Jessica the tour, Jessica doesn't believe. So, they wait for the return of the lifeboat return (See Timeline 'The Salem Witchhunt' 2018).

Lucy steps out of the lifeboat, she's injured and she sees Wyatt, she surprised and glad to see him that she almost forgets about Jessica. But there, Jessica is. Lucy's face falls slightly, it's almost like she doesn't know what to feel in that moment. Wyatt looks to see she is looking at Jessica. The complication to his life, but one of his deepest and darkest wishes to be true.

He looks to Lucy, wants to help her but sees Flynn come out behind her. Flynn takes a somewhat protective stance by Lucy's side as he guides her down the stairs. It hurts Wyatt to see Lucy in pain not just physical but emotional, but also to see he is so easily replaced. He hates that it's Flynn. He has Jessica now, he made a decision to be with her even though he isn't even sure how to handle his affairs. Wyatt feels he has to explain himself to Jessica, which he does. He realises how much he still holds onto his grief, how it still upsets him to talk about her death. He realises that he has changed, he acknowledges the Wyatt that this Jessica knew was a terrible husband and begs for a second chance.

The Kennedy Curse

Lucy wakes up, the slice to her arm is infected and painful by 17 th century germs. She has been ill with a fever thanks to 105 fever. Jiya is tending to her, Lucy asks for Wyatt.

Only to be told by Jiya that Wyatt, Rufus and Flynn have gone to 1934 without her. It upsets while simultaneously annoys her that Wyatt would leave her behind. But she does find wry amusement in the idea of Flynn being her replacement and Wyatt getting along with him.

Jiya casual comments that it would've been weird for Lucy to go given what happened in Hollywood. Rufus has shared with Jiya that he found Wyatt and Lucy in bed together. Jiya says it sounded pretty romantic. She is offering Lucy empathy and friendship.

Lucy is weak from her illness and feeling emotional vulnerable. She immediately tries to justify why she would pursue Wyatt romantically. She doesn't want Jiya to think she is the kind of woman who sleeps with a married man. She also needs to clarify that if she'd known Jessica was alive, she would never had slept with Wyatt.

"I didn't know that he was still married.' She tells Jiya, but then corrects herself 'I mean I didn't know that-'

'Jessica was Alive again. I know.' Jiya says, she adds that she wasn't judging and she was trying to say that she understands that it must be hard for Lucy especially now that Jessica is living in the bunker. Hard doesn't even begin to describe it for Lucy as she's had so many losses in the past week. Lucy does not want to be seen as weak, she wants to be strong, so she puts on a front.

She assures Jiya that it's a good thing, she stresses that she wants Wyatt to be happy. That this is what Wyatt wanted all along; to have Jessica back. Lucy has always carried the wish for Wyatt to be happy from the time she learnt of Jessica's death, but now she's willing to sacrifice her own for him to get his.

Jiya looks concerned and asks what Lucy wants for herself. Lucy answers the question in an obtuse manner because she doesn't believe she has a choice. Maybe she doesn't believe in her own value i.e. she can't compete with Jessica and the past Jessica shares with Wyatt. She replies "We're still friends, we have the missions. I'll be fine".

Jiya doesn't look convinced, but Lucy presses on with that she'll be fine as she slowly get up and out of bed. Jiya lets the conversation of Wyatt rest as she informs Lucy to not perform any heroics in her weakened state. Lucy claims she's only getting a cup of tea.

Lucy weak from her injury and illness, walks to the kitchen where she runs into Jessica. She tries to turn and walk away as she's not ready to face Wyatt's first love. But Jessica sees her, Lucy can't think of a polite way out of it and because she is a glutton for punishment. So, she awkwardly sits down and has tea with her.

Lucy is not the one to sit and find fault with a person or turn into petty theatrics of comparing herself to Jessica. She sits down opposite Jessica as she wants to know the woman that Wyatt fought so hard to get back. Jessica is beautiful and charming, there's an easy-going confidence about her. Lucy feels nervous and awkward given that her history with Wyatt- Jessica's husband.

As they talk, it's clear to Lucy that Wyatt has told Jessica about what happened in 1941. He hasn't told Jessica anything about her besides her occupation as a Historian on the team. Lucy feels a little disheartened but Jessica assures her that Wyatt told her that he wouldn't survive the missions without her.

Lucy denies it as she feels it was the other way around. Lucy asks Jessica about her life, she learns Jessica is a bartender at Gilroy's in the Mission. Lucy asks if that is how Wyatt and Jessica met, Jessica says 'no', she tells Lucy that she and Wyatt met in high school and they've been together since senior year if you can believe that.

Lucy is taken aback as she didn't know, part of her feels she can never measure up. She is learning why Wyatt chose to be with Jessica beyond his marriage vows. Jessica seems surprised that Lucy doesn't know much about her and Wyatt's history. Lucy shakes her head, Jessica quips that Wyatt is not much of a talker. Lucy smiles wryly as Jessica seems to know Wyatt even better than her. She's falling into the trap of comparing herself to Jessica. She doesn't want to, she doesn't want to be that woman.

Jessica asks Lucy about herself and if she's married. Lucy can't help but laugh given the state of her love life. She reflects momentarily on her short engagement to Noah but explains that it's complicated. Jessica commiserates as she mentions that she and Wyatt have been in counselling for two years in her reality and acknowledges that it didn't for Wyatt. They both bond over how Time travel messes with the head. Lucy wonders if in a whole other reality if she and Wyatt had been work colleagues, she had meet Wyatt and Jessica as a couple, would she and Jessica be friends? The Lifeboat returns.

Wyatt and Rufus have returned, they had to leave Flynn behind. They have brought 17 year old JFK back. Lucy is angry, she understands they had no choice but she sees the bigger picture and is worried about how it will effect history. JFK is going to be one of the most beloved Presidents of the 20 th Century.

When they leave JFK in a closet, Wyatt asks Lucy if she's feeling better. She says she is fine, but her tone is sharp. Wyatt tries to smooth over the awkwardness by commenting "It's hard to imagine that skinny kid grows up to bang Marilyn Monroe, huh?" he smiles, as he's trying to reconnect with Lucy, she is emotionally distant from him.

She hums in agreement at his superficial comment and then informs him "Kennedy's intern and mistress Mimi Alfred said that he had a way of making a woman feel like she was the only one that mattered, even when he was married to someone else." The comment is passive aggressive and strikes right at the heart of their situation. She completely understands that when they slept together he was a widow. But she is hurting, she can't help but use facts as a weapon to strike back at him.

Wyatt is torn, he knows she made a jab at him. He says "Look, I'm sorry. I know this is really weird. But I didn't have a choice. I couldn't take the-" he's about to explain his reasoning that he brought Jessica to the Bunker to protect her from Rittenhouse but Lucy cuts him off, and says "This is so awkward for me." Her discomfort is palpable, Wyatt doesn't fully understand as he has so much going on. Before he can say anything, Jessica shows up and she asks if she had interrupted them. Wyatt says 'No' as casually as possible. Lucy takes her leave.

Later, JFK has slipped out of the bunker through an air duct. The team all gathered in the store room they has used the keep JFK to brainstorm how to get him back. Rufus and Jiya are given jobs, Denise will run point from her office, she is reticent to have Wyatt outside as Rittenhouse may spot him. Wyatt concerned for Lucy's health, gently touches her shoulder making her sit down. He tells her that he thinks she should sit this one out. Jessica offers to take Lucy's place. The idea is knocked down as it's 'dangerous' and a matter of national security. Jessica points out that Lucy goes on missions and she is 'just a teacher'. The comment does not go down well. Lucy sits up straighter,
surprised at the unintentional attack on her experience and skill. Wyatt does nothing to correct Jessica or defend Lucy. Jessica sees her mistake and says 'never mind, just trying to help' but Wyatt sees Jessica struggling to find her place in the bunker and be useful. He steps up and takes Jessica's side, saying she is right, more eyes would be better. Denise relents and tells them to be careful. Lucy tired of being sidelined, stands up and announces she will go to. She uses Wyatt's excuse for having Jessica along, to her advantage. It is deeply awkward for all, but Lucy wants to prove she is not is the woman who cries over a broken heart. She also realises that this is their new reality and she has to get used to Jessica's presence, the sooner the better no matter how much it hurts.
Lucy tries her best, but she can't stop from herself from feeling just a smidgeon more superior than Jessica when it comes to handling their job as she is in her wheelhouse. She comes up with a cover story but when Wyatt asks who he is, Lucy awkwardly says 'you're my friend, we can be friends, can't we' her eyes dart between Wyatt and Jessica.

The chemistry between her and Wyatt if thrown off even on a professionally with Jessica's presence. They can't lie as smoothly, Jessica has to save the moment. Lucy is grappling from Wyatt being able to revert back to their friendship so quickly. It painful that it's so easy for him while she struggles. Wyatt, is however struggling. Years in the military and his childhood taught well on how to conceal his true feelings. But he is desperate for them all to get along, as he really wants to make the most of his second chance with Jessica. He also wants to salvage his friendship with Lucy.

As the mission progresses, Jessica is doing her best to fit in, she supports Lucy as she has inadvertently become a third wheel. Jessica and Wyatt talk about a past holiday, Lucy is learning things about Wyatt she never knew i.e. that he knows how to surf but not well as the couple have a cute hospital story. He is not making the same considerations as he used to. When they are walking to the hospital, Wyatt doesn't make space for her on the side walk or show consideration to her as Lucy has to fall back to avoid obstacles and catch up to the couple.

She realises how much of Wyatt that she didn't know as she's seeing a side of him that she's only seen in 1941 when he was with her. But now, he's with Jessica, smiling at her the way Lucy wants to be looked at. She's not jealous. She's just feels hollowed out.

When they find JFK's room, they run into Emma. Wyatt and her fight and it's messy. Lucy pushes Jessica out of the way as Wyatt is just barely winning the fight. Lucy picks up a food tray and smacks Emma with it. It momentarily stuns Emma, but the woman recovers and she manages to take Lucy hostage at knife point. It's almost a mirror moment of 'Pilot' where Flynn held her hostage, but this time there is a knife at Lucy's neck. Her life is in imminent danger.

Wyatt has his gun pointed at Emma and Lucy, he hesitates to shoot. Emma taunts him, cutting to the heart of the matter. She says 'I wouldn't if I were you. Or maybe her life doesn't matter anymore now that you have your wife back.' It's in that moment, Wyatt's guard is down as he still cares for Lucy but it's not a clean shot.

Lucy is pain from her injury and she has spent the last few hours feeling as though she was reduced to nothing in Wyatt's eyes. She now doesn't want Wyatt to choose, she has nothing left. So she tells Wyatt to shoot. She knows it could mean her death but at this point she doesn't care as killing Emma would mean Rittenhouse would have no pilot. She tells Wyatt as much, but Wyatt can't. Emma uses his hesitation and shoves Lucy at him. Emma flees, Wyatt catches Lucy and they both crouch to the floor. His whole focus is on her as he's so worried about her he forgets for a moment that Jessica is

there. Lucy tells him to go. Wyatt barely gets out of the room before he's arrested by hospital security. Lucy slips him a paperclip and she leaves with Jessica.

They get outside, Jessica stops. Lucy turns and asks if she's ok. Jessica tells her that she saw the way Wyatt looked at her. That it doesn't take a professor to figure it out. Jessica is aware that Wyatt is in love with Lucy and vice versa. Lucy opens her mouth to defend herself, to defend Wyatt but Jessica isn't angry. She tells Lucy that she gets it. She knows Wyatt thought she was dead and adds that Wyatt wasn't faithful before. She struggles to know why he'd be faithful to her now.

Lucy tries again but Jessica cuts her off. She looks like a woman who has been through meeting the other woman. She's just trying to salvage her own dignity like Lucy. She says "Look, Lucy, this was fun. And insane. And I believe Wyatt's changed. Yesterday I was ready to divorce him, and after seeing him like this I thought maybe he's right. Maybe he does deserve another chance, but I don't think I'm the one he should be getting that chance with. Tell him I said bye. Okay." Jessica walks away a mixture of defeated and upset.

Lucy is stunned by Jessica statement; the woman is giving Wyatt to her but Lucy knows it's not right. She knows that Wyatt would be more upset if she left and Lucy didn't fight for him. So, she chases after Jessica; pleading for her to wait over and over until Jessica turns around. Lucy begs her not to leave just yet. She says:

"Hear me out, okay? When we went to 1962 Vegas, Wyatt sent you a telegram from Western Union. Like in "Back to the Future," but it didn't work. So, then he stole the "Lifeboat" to try and go back and stop your killer from ever being born, but it didn't work either. And he got court-martialed for it too."

Lucy can see she's reaching Jessica, as she confirms it when Jessica asks for clarification. It upsets Lucy but she is speaking the truth, it's hard pill for her to swallow because she realises that there is no hope for her and Wyatt.

"My point is Even though you weren't there, you were always on Wyatt's mind. He risked his job, his freedom, everything, because he never stopped loving you, not for a second. And all he wants, all that he has wanted, is a chance to show you that."

Just as Lucy finishes her speech, Wyatt pulls up the car and calls out for them to go. Jessica is impressed with sarcastic disbelief. Lucy tells her that they've been doing this a while. She asks her if she is in. Jessica nods, goes to get in the car. Lucy is relieved that she convinced Jessica to stay, that Jessica knows about her and Wyatt even if it's not the details. But, it doesn't stop her from wanting to cry as her heart aches for what she has to give up. She takes a couple of seconds to rally herself before she joins them in the car. Wyatt is sadly completely oblivious to what had just happened. Jessica and Lucy somehow manage to find a mutual respect for one another and support each other. It's an interesting switch a suddenly Wyatt is the third wheel. When they get to the house party
where JFK has been photographed at, Wyatt takes point while Jessica and Lucy hang back. Jessica quicks about how not much has changed since high school when a girl vomits in the bushes. Then a boy yells out 'Someone's mom is here.' Jessica's reaction is gold, Lucy can't help but gesture at Jessica for the fun of it.

The mission of recovering JFK is successful and they get him back to 1934, Wyatt and Rufus return with Flynn. Later after debrief, Wyatt and Lucy run straight into one another outside the bathroom.

Lucy awkward apologises and keeps her down. But Wyatt calls out to her, she turns back to face him, clutching her injured arm. He thanks her, she asks what for. He tells her that he's thankful for helping him get a second chance with Jessica as Jessica told him that Lucy fought for him to get a second chance with her and their marriage. Lucy says:

"Well, the history that you two have between you, It's special. And you deserve to finally be happy, Wyatt."

Wyatt feels a stab of pain as she makes it sound like she could never make him as happy. It was why she stepped away. But Lucy has spent a whole night with Jessica and Wyatt, she knows if given the chance she could make him happy but she doesn't feel she has a right to Wyatt not with the history he has with Jessica. Not with how much he fought for Jessica and this chance. She doesn't want him to waste it.

Wyatt tells her that he has no regrets; referring to their night together in 1941. Lucy is glad and relieved because even though she is heartbroken, she doesn't want to a burden to him or something he is ashamed of. She assures him that she doesn't regret their night together either. Wyatt gives a smile, there is something slightly false about it as he doesn't like how he and Lucy ended. But they have make their friendship work. So, he says 'Well, I'll see you around the bunker, Baby doll.' A throwback to their adventure in 1934 when they were undercover as a couple ('Last ride of Bonnie and Clyde'). Lucy gives a sardonic smile and replies 'See you around the bunker. Shweetheart'. She walks away, not looking back. Wyatt looks back once to see if she had looked back, hoping for something; he doesn't know what. When she disappears around the corner, he is wistful as he feels like he does regret letting her go, not giving him and Lucy a real chance.

The King of The Delta Blues

In 'The King of The Delta Blues', Lucy is sharing her room with Jiya. It's not been an easy time but her arm is fully healed as she's had to adjust to Jessica being in the bunker as best as she can. Her awkward friendship with Wyatt while at night. She still can't sleep, adding salt to her injuries. She can hear Jessica and Wyatt having sex. The only way she can sleep is by drinking herself into a stupor and the next morning pretending she is ok.

Wyatt is laughing over his sexual escapades with Rufus outside the bathroom. He's happy with Jessica, his marriage is in full swing and it feels good. He feels strangely content as he feels like he's a better husband, his relationship with Jessica is possibly the best it's been. But then Lucy interrupts them, she offers to let Rufus spend a few nights with Jiya while she takes the couch. She sneaks into the bathroom before Rufus.

Before she does, Lucy says hi to him, Wyatt can't help but notice how gorgeous she looks with her bed hair. It reminds him of their night together. Something that shouldn't be on his mind now he's back with his wife. He immediately feels guilty about it.

The mothership has jumped 1936 to kill the King of the Delta Blues. But this mission, Denise makes Wyatt stay behind and send Flynn with the team. Lucy and Wyatt exchange a look. Lucy is waiting for more than one objection to this arrangement but he doesn't. He just tells Flynn to keep the team safe. He hates the smug and sarcastic response he gets from Flynn. Lucy actually doesn't mind the arrangement as it means getting out of the bunker; time to breathe and a break from the Wyjess lovefest.

Wyatt is pissed about being left behind as he doesn't trust Flynn. After everything he still feels suspicious of Flynn's motives. He hates the way Flynn looks at Lucy and their history. But he knows Denise wants him for something. She tells him that they are going to take down Rittenhouse in the present. A plan that he's 100% on board with. It's an information gathering mission not an assault, so he's going in solo.

In 1936, Lucy is in her element and feeling more like herself than she had in weeks. She is feeling good even though the mission isn't going to plan but then it was never straightforward. She's with Flynn, when he cracks a joke about him being more fun on the missions than Wyatt. She has to admit, Flynn has a certain flair. His joke makes her chuckle, but she says he's delusional. Flynn doesn't seem offended, now the subject of Wyatt is broached; Flynn cuts straight to the point as he mentions it must be awkward for her and Wyatt.

She feels cagey, she tells him that it's not awkward but there's something about Flynn. He's able to get under her skin in a way nobody could and it annoys her especially now. As he mentions how Wyatt and Rufus giggle like schoolboys about Wyatt's late-night activities with Jessica. He asks if that wasn't awkward. She's annoyed as she replies nope. Flynn keeps pushing her buttons and she doesn't even know why. When he mentions the bottle of vodka she has secretly stashed under her bed, she becomes angry but she keeps it bottled up. She asks if he's spying on her. He tells her 'no, I do remember reading about it in your journal.'

Lucy tries to keep her emotions locked up tight and remain professional. She doesn't want to talk about Wyatt or the Journal as it all reminds her of everything she has lost. As he continues to talk and mentions how he knows her better than she knows herself. She snaps and demands to know what he wants from her and adds that he doesn't know her. He replies 'Well, I guess we're having our own awkward moment right now.' She can see the remorse in his words, but she's still irritated by him and finds what he's trying to alien to her. They encounter a complication on the mission and have to catch up with Rufus and Connor.

In the car on the way there, Flynn is humming to the music. He mentions his wife and shares personal details about himself. He then says she was right. That he doesn't know her and what he was trying to do earlier was get to know her. But he understands if she doesn't want that. Lucy's anger softens as she realises he's trying to reach out to her. Get her to open up, she listens to him talk about his wife and how he misses her. She feels a sense of safety, he's not hitting on her, it's not a game. He's looking for human connection. Lucy shares a fond memory of her sister, she smiles as it's the first time she's had an opportunity to talk about Amy. Flynn listens without monopolising the conversation. Flynn tells her that he never intended for Amy to disappear he assures her that never wanted to hurt her. Lucy believes his sincerity. But she's in a very dark place emotionally.

She reveals "We'll never get the people back that we love, will we?" voicing her darkest fear. Surprising Flynn responds "Only if we give up hope. I know somehow, someway, we'll save the people we love." He says it with such conviction she believes him. She smiles at him, as it comes to her that the song he was humming earlier, was in the Journal. She calls him out on it. He gives a shrug not denying it. She's oddly charmed by it. He tells her that she should know the Lucy in her journal. She's very, very impressive. Lucy can't help but smile at the compliment as it's not a flirtation, it's an observation he is calling her future self impressive gives her hope that she will get
past her current pain. It comforts her to know she won't feel like she had the past weeks for the rest of her life.

Meanwhile back in the present. Wyatt's mission has turned more dangerous as he has moved to a secondary location. It's Rittenhouse headquarters. The mission is no longer just fact finding, it's an assault. It doesn't end well as an alarm is sounded and a bomb explodes, the building is on fire. In the mess of the chaos. Wyatt runs into Carol, Lucy's mother. Denise orders him to take the shot but he hesitates as he knows killing Carol will destroy Lucy. He knows if he kills Carol, he will have to tell Lucy he did it and it would hang over his head. He doesn't want Lucy to know him like that, he doesn't want to break Lucy's heart (Star Matt Lanter Teases Season 2 Finale Cliffhanger).

Denise shouts at him to take the shot but he doesn't. Carol gets away with Nicholas and Emma in the mothership. Rittenhouse HQ is all but destroyed. He fails his mission.

Denise meets up with him at the Rittenhouse, her people are scavenging from the wreck and she gives Wyatt a dressing down for not killing Carol. He claims it was weapon jam but she calls him on it. She tells him that he didn't shoot because it was Lucy's mother, she reminds him that Carol Preston is the enemy. She then tells him "Look, whatever's going on between you and Lucy, you need to figure it out, Wyatt, and deal with it."

Wyatt nods and agrees to do so. As she is right, Lucy is impeding his ability to do his job. She has since the beginning of their working relationship. But today it had nothing to do with preserving history, it was preserving himself in Lucy's eyes, saving her from heart ache. But he realises that he's been stupid to think he could keep going on like this.

Lucy, Flynn, Mason and Rufus return, they are laughing and sharing stories. Their mission having had an excellent and memorable ending. Wyatt returns defeated to hear the group talking joyously of their success, it makes his failure cut that much deeper. He watches Flynn and Lucy walk towards the area of the bunker for sleeping.

He follows them, seeing how friendly they are. It boils him, that she would be friends with a man like Flynn. He calls her name, his tone sharper than he meant. She turns and sees his BDUS and gun, her smile falls off her face. He asks if she can talk to her for a minute. Lucy looks to Flynn, he takes his leave to give Wyatt and Lucy privacy.

Lucy asks him what Agent Christopher have him do while she was gone. He tells her that they found Rittenhouse's headquarters. He hit them hard and Rittenhouse is now on the run. That he just got back, explaining his current state of dress. Lucy frozen in a mix of fear and hope, she honestly doesn't know if she wants to know the answer. She asks about her mother. Wyatt informs her that Carol got away. He doesn't try to be a hero in the story, he just wants her to know what's going on. Lucy says oh, she doesn't know how to process how she feels. She doesn't want to do it with Wyatt, she realised on the mission that she needs to put space between them. If only to preserve her sanity. Wyatt senses her emotional distance, so he asks how Flynn was on the mission. He jokes 'You keep
him on a short leash?'. He's looking for confirmation from Lucy that he was right. Flynn is not worth all the drama they go through to have him there. But Lucy doesn't complain, she tells Wyatt that Flynn was actually great and that he really came through.

It's Wyatt's turn to say 'Oh.' He's jealous of Flynn, he hates that he is. He pushes Lucy for details but she tells him that she'll share the details tomorrow as she's sure Jessica is worried about him. She's putting a wall between them. But Wyatt ignores it as he really wants to understand why Lucy is so closed off to him. But she doesn't comply to him asking about what happened. She tells him firmly that she tells him tomorrow and then tells him to go, be with Jessica. She walks away from him and

it hurts to watch her go. He doesn't like this being their relationship as it feels almost forced from her side.

Late that night, Lucy is in the couch and she can't sleep. She has too much on her mind between Wyatt, her mother and Rittenhouse. She looks over at the bottle vodka sitting on the table with one glass and decides she doesn't want to be alone. She needs someone to talk to, someone who knows her and what she's going through. The first person who comes to mind is Flynn, his offer to be a friend. She grabs the bottle of vodka and walks to Flynn's room. She knocks on the door and a second later, Flynn opens the door. She looks to him, with her bottle of vodka. He smiles and huffs a chuckle before he lets her inside.

Mrs Sherlock Holmes

The next morning, Wyatt sees Lucy leaving Flynn's room early in the morning. He can't believe Lucy is moving on so quickly, but then he convinces himself that it's all Flynn. The man was using Lucy and he isn't going to stand for it. But first he goes and has a shower when he's finishing up; Flynn walks in and asks if there is any water. Wyatt can't help himself, he feels valid in his right to speak as he tells Flynn to stay the hell away from Lucy.

Flynn doesn't look worried, he looks smarmy to Wyatt as he sarcastically infers they are talking about Lucy. It only makes Wyatt angrier as Flynn has the nerve to remind him that he's married to Jessica. Flynn's clearly not understanding him on purpose or not. Wyatt's fighting the urge to punch this guy as he says he's warning him. Flynn doesn't look discouraged, but his expression grows serious as he tells Wyatt "What is it you want from her, Wyatt? Because if you have a problem, I suggest you talk to Lucy about it. She's perfectly capable of making her own choices, don't you think?"

Wyatt wishes he could believe that but he questions Lucy's mental state given she's sleeping with Flynn. He knows he needs another mission to happen so he can get Lucy alone and make her see sense. Make her see Flynn for who he really is. Such luck comes, as less than half an hour later the Mothership has jumped to March 4 th 1919.

Rufus, Lucy and Wyatt race into the Lifeboat ready to go. Just when Wyatt is about to push the staircase away, Flynn is there. Wyatt assures him that they can do the mission without him. But Flynn is persistent, Denise backs Flynn. Flynn is smug in his small victory and takes a moment to remind Wyatt of his wife yet again. Wyatt looks to Jessica, he's annoyed and feeling guilty as he has lapsed in being a good husband as he's been focussed on Lucy. He offers Jessica a smile and waves. She seems unaware of the tension in him over Lucy, she smiles back. It almost doesn't seem fair that he has to choose between two amazing beautiful women. But he has, he reminds himself of that. But part of him is still deeply attached to Lucy, no matter how much he ignores it; it's there.

On the mission, Wyatt makes certain he and Lucy pair off together. Lucy does her best to keep things strictly professional between them. She felt distant from him, obsessed with the mission to the point it was maddening as he wants to talk about Flynn. When they reach Grace Humiston's office, Grace sizes them up in a matter of seconds. She advises Lucy that she has better things to than waste her time and keen intellect on a married man. Wyatt is offended taking the woman's words personally as he questions her assumptions. Grace informs him of how she identified him as a cheating spouse, due to his body language as he's trying to get closer to Lucy. But Lucy is trying to stay away from

him. He can see Lucy's discomfort as being read so clearly by Grace's keen eye. He assures Grace that the situation is more complicated but Grace does not care.

Later on, Lucy finds working with Grace difficult, as she is not what she expected. She finds Grace's point of view unhelpful at one point about Alice Paul and Wyatt seems to find it amusing. He tells her that Grace is entitled to her opinion. Lucy mockingly points out that it's wrong. But Wyatt isn't laughing, he looks like he's holding his tongue. So, she asks him 'what'. He replies 'nothing' but it's clear to Lucy that he wants to talk. So, she pushes him 'No, something, tell me' more seriously. Wyatt tells her, he informs her that he saw her leaving Flynn's room. Lucy can see he's angry and in disbelief as he says "Flynn, for God's sakes? The terrorist who spent all last year trying to kill us? Look, I know the Jessica thing was a little unexpected, and maybe you're on the rebound or something.."

"Rebound? I'm sorry, from what? Our one-night relationship?" she retorts as she can't believe he is bringing their personal history into their work right here and now. She understands she pressured him into saying something. But she can't believe his nerve to talk about this here and now.

"That is not what I meant. I just meant that you are making a big mistake." He tells her, she can see his concern but she feels it is sorely misplaced as she feels like he's treating her like she is his girlfriend. That somehow, he has a right to tell her what to do, she can't stand that kind of possessiveness.

"What I do and who I do it with is none of your damn business." She informs Wyatt, as she refuses to have him of all people judge her poorly after everything they have been through. Grace returns and Lucy turns away from Wyatt. She's deeply hurt over him trespassing on her and her life.

"What on earth happened between you two?" Grace asks them. Neither of them answers, Wyatt is hurting as he thought Lucy was in love with him. But to hear her reduce their relationship down to nothing but a cheap one night stand is painful not just to his feelings but his ego.

As the mission progresses, Lucy and Wyatt's professional relationship slowly disintegrates as Lucy is trying to save the women's rights movement and she feels as if she is failing as Alice Paul is dead. She is starting to feel the strain of working with Wyatt and all the unresolved personal issues between them. It comes to head, as no one will make the speech at the rally. So, Lucy takes it upon herself to give the speech but Wyatt is getting in her way.

Wyatt reminds Lucy that there's still a sleeper agent out there who will shoot whoever goes up to give the speech. Lucy asks is it would it be better if it was someone else. Wyatt grabs her arm to stop her. She swings round to face him. He reminds her that Rittenhouse already has a target on your back. Reminds her of her earlier words when she said the women's movement need a leader, but they need a leader here (from 1919), not someone who's gonna jump in a time machine.

Lucy is just so upset and frustrated at him and the situation. She tells him that someone has to do something now. Wyatt informs her that he's not going to let her get hurt. She tells him that it's a little late for that.

Wyatt frowns and asks her "What's that supposed to mean?".

Lucy shakes her head as it's not the time but she needs him to understand, so he can back off. She says "Okay, look, Wyatt, I have tried really hard to separate whatever's going on between us from the work that we have to do, but you are not making it easy."

"You think this has been easy for me?" he asks, annoyed and upset that she believes that he's happy about everything that has happened.

"You got the love of your life back, Wyatt, and I got the rug pulled out from under me again, so I would really appreciate it if you would stop acting like you were the one that got screwed." She tells him, she rambles it so fast as she needs to get to the march. She sees his internal struggle but she has run out of sympathy for him. He opens his mouth to say something but she cuts him off and informs him that she has a speech to deliver. She rushes off. Wyatt follows as it's his job to protect to her, but even so he's reeling from her word.

The mission finishes, Grace Humiston gives the speech that Alice Paul would have. But the effect is still the same. The team returns to the bunker. Lucy is last to leave the lifeboat after Wyatt, she looks up to see Jessica kiss Wyatt, Wyatt turns Jessica in his arms; he's looking at Lucy as he kisses Jessica. It just feels wrong to Lucy, not because she wants to be with him. But because she wants him to be with Jessica. Unintentional as it is, he's being cruel to them both.

Wyatt looks at Lucy as he kisses Jessica and for the first time since bringing Jessica to the bunker, he curtails his PDA. He knows he needs to be a little more considerate of Lucy's feelings but he still needs her to understand his feelings for her and what happened between them. But for now, he focuses on Jessica.

Lucy watches Wyatt leave, she can nearly relax except she needs to know how history has changed. She asks Denise who she voted for. Denise replies Hilary Clinton. Rufus asks who 's the president, Denise replies Donald Trump. It seems like nothing has changed significantly.

Later that evening, everyone is asleep and Lucy is awake. She's depressed, she has learnt how history has changed for Grace Humiston and she can't help but be upset by it. Wyatt finds her up, and looks at what she had on her laptop. He's impressed by Grace's life story, he asks Lucy isn't it a good thing?

She doesn't think so, she's glad the movement was successful but she's upset because Alice Paul is basically wiped from history. She's upset because she's the only one who is going to remember her and how History is supposed to be. She feels the weight of job on her, that Alice is gone just like her sister and Lucy was unable to save them both.

Wyatt tries to comfort her, he tells her; she's not the only one and barely touches her arms before she jumps from her seat. She tells him 'Don't' repeatedly as she puts space between them.

"Lucy, I still care about you. I can't make that disappear." Wyatt confesses, Lucy isn't shocked but she is in disbelief that he thinks it's ok to put his feelings on her. Especially given how hard she's tried to be a good person in the mess between them. She doesn't want to be put in this position, so she tears into him.

"Wyatt, you are married to a woman that you love. You are happily married. I have to accept that, and you have to accept that. We can't keep living in the past." She tells him. He quirks a faint smile at the irony given their one night stand was literally in the past.

"Okay, but Flynn, though? I mean, seriously." He says.

"Wyatt, nothing happened. We talked. that's all." She assures him, even though she feels he has no right to know as it's her business.

"Cool" he says but he can't hide his relief enough as he breaks "I mean, thank God." He adds. Lucy laughs at the hypocrisy. "What? I think It's safe to say that literally no one has experienced what I'm going through What we're going through right now." He tells her in a defensive manner.

"I know that. But you getting a second chance with Jessica That is the closest thing to a miracle I have ever seen, and there is no way that I'm getting in the middle of that. That is not who I am." Lucy explains, she needs him to know that so he can get it through his head that he has to back off her. He wears a sardonic smile.

"For what It's worth, I'm glad you are who you are." He says, but a part of Wyatt wishes she was that kind of woman because he wants her to fight for him. Maybe to give him an out so he doesn't have to be the bad guy alone for having all of his mixed feelings. But he respects her enough to be so petty and turn her into that kind of woman.

"Well, I'm no Alice Paul, so.." she replies, she struggling hard not to cry because she's finally closing the door on her and Wyatt. She feels the finality of whatever was between them.

"No, you're Lucy Preston. that's pretty damn good." He tells her, words that would've made her beam with pride but tonight, they make her feel solemn. She looks down. "So where does that leave us?" he asks.

"Same place as always. Kicking ass and saving the world." She says wryly, translation they will be professionals, until one day they can salvage their friendship but for now; it was just the job.

"Yeah." Wyatt replies, he knows it's over and there is no point in drawing it out. He turns on his feet and he walks away. Even though it seems easy, it is the hardest thing he has ever had to do. He knows he can't turn back. Lucy walks him away, she's frozen in place. Knowing he's going back to Jessica, she feels that 'need' to always chase after him has evaporated. She is left feeling hollow.

The General

The team minus Flynn who is sleeping come together in the kitchen for a meeting. Connor reveals that Jessica has been stalked by Rittenhouse and there are hundreds of photos. Lucy can't help but look at Wyatt to see his reaction. It's been a little over three weeks since they cleared the air and Lucy made it clear she was not going to get mixed into Wyatt's marriage or life. They've both kept a respectful and professional distance ever since.

But this situation with Jessica, it's hard to swallow as it seems like Jessica could be a Rittenhouse Agent. Lucy defends Jessica as she knows Wyatt loves his wife and she doesn't want to believe it herself.

Wyatt is sweating, he's had his suspicions about Jessica as of last week she revealed her brother Kevin was alive. In the original timeline, her brother died of leukemia. But Wyatt has swallowed his suspicions and remained quiet to protect Jessica and his vanity. Now, there is evidence. He starts to defend Jessica's character as it seems like everyone is turning on him. Surprisingly, his one ally is Lucy. But it doesn't help as Denise wants to remove Jessica from the bunker for all their safety but Wyatt isn't having a bar of it. Denise reminds him that he's a soldier and Jessica is a potential security risk. Wyatt informs Denise that Jessica is pregnant and if Denise throws Jessica out, he goes too. He walks off in a steam.

Lucy hears Wyatt's words, but she isn't sure she heard him right. She asks Rufus to clarify and he does. Jessica is pregnant. For some reason, Lucy is frozen in shock as she finds herself flabbergasted the turn of events. She wonders how long he's know about Jessica's pregnancy. If he knew when he was telling her that he still cared about as more than a friend. She also is surprised at how quickly Wyatt is moving on and starting a family, even though she has no right to feel anything in regards to Wyatt's life.

She doesn't get much time to process it as the Mothership has jumped. In the team meeting, she can't seem to find her bearings as she's lost in her reaction to the news of the pregnancy. Everyone notices her lapse in concentration, Flynn quips that she's the history geek and should defend her territory. An innocent joke that gets Wyatt's ire with a dark look.

Wyatt is angry because he's just threatened to leave the team if Jessica doesn't stay. He hates that it doesn't seem like anyone is fighting for him to stay. No one chased him down and told him to think it over. No, it was business as usual and Flynn being there. Making little jokes at Lucy's expense (in his opinion), he's feeling pretty dark as they can replace him. Flynn would replace him, not just on the teams but also be with Lucy. He still can't shake that Flynn is a terrorist, he's waiting forever for the shoe to drop.

They go on the mission, while they wait for Rufus and Flynn to get changed. Wyatt is pretending to read a map but deep in his thoughts of Jessica and his growing suspicions of her and Rittenhouse. That she might be a spy, as he remembers the Rittenhouse Agent they captured in 1981 ('The Day Reagan was Shot'). How the man had been conscripted into service because Rittenhouse saved his family. He thinks of how Kevin is alive, Jessica doesn't know how Kevin was saved but Wyatt can't help but feel she is lying. But he doesn't want to believe it as he wants Jessica and their marriage. She is pregnant which means he's finally getting what he's dreamed and pined for over six years. It's a regret, he doesn't have to carry anymore.

But he can't help but notice Lucy as she walks up to him. She looks beautiful, no matter what time period they are in. He dismisses the thought quickly as Lucy wears a tired expression. She informs him that he shouldn't be angry at Denise as she's trying to protect them. Wyatt asks who is angry as he tells her that he's just reading a map. He hates how well Lucy can read him, especially now.

She continues, not perturbed by his sharp tone as she tells him it's best to keep an open mind about Jessica and Rittenhouse. Wyatt can't help but be affronted by Lucy's words as he replies "Yeah, an open mind. That my wife is a cult-loving, sociopathic traitor." His words harsh as he doesn't like the idea of Jessica being a traitor especially given that Jessica's conduct reflects on him too.

Lucy reminds him of the photos, that they were taken for a reason. That Rittenhouse brought Jessica back for a reason. Wyatt is tired of the unveiled accusations he believes Lucy to be making as he defends his right to have Jessica and it being genuinely a good thing. So, he agrees with what he believes Lucy is thinking. He says that Jessica is here to distract them and put them on edge. He says that it's already working as Denise is freaking out. Purposefully diminishing Denise's position in being suspicious as female hysterics.

Lucy replies that she hope so but that they have to be sure. She sounds hopeful as she does hope that Jessica's reappearance is just a distraction not something more sinister but Wyatt takes it the wrong the way.

He asks "What do you want me to say, Lucy? That my wife is a liar? Hell, maybe she's lying about being pregnant too." He sees her expression and that she doesn't try to deny that she hopes Jessica is lying. He feels almost like he's been maliciously attacked with her look. "You do think she's lying about that." He says, he can't believe Lucy would think so low of Jessica. He can hear Rufus and Flynn walking up, he just can't handle Flynn being in his business. He also can't stand to look at Lucy as he takes it deeply personal that she would be so selfish. So he walks away before he says something he might regret.

Lucy can't help but feel selfish about her want for Jessica to not be pregnant. She's upset as she promised herself she wouldn't be this type of woman. Wyatt was making her into it as the thing between them is and should be over. But part of learning about Jessica and Rittenhouse cracked open the door on the past. Old sentimentalities burrowing their way up inside her. She doesn't want him to leave the team, the mission or her. But she knows, deep in her heart that she and Wyatt can never be. He seems to truly hate her. She sees Rufus and Flynn and tries to put on a good face. Flynn asks what's up with Captain Sunshine referring to Wyatt. She just doesn't have the words as she's upset with herself.

As the mission progresses, they find history has already been altered and they have to adapt. Wyatt has distanced himself from Lucy as he's still mad at her for earlier. He's looking over the weapons when Lucy find him, this time they are struggling to be professionals. Wyatt is giving her the cold shoulder and she's letting him because she feels she deserves how he is treating her. But when Lucy tells him they are to split up. She will go to Port Royal with Flynn to convince Colonel to help them.

Wyatt ducks his head as he's not surprised that she picked Flynn over him. He's jealous and annoyed that she keeps choosing Flynn the 'bad guy' over him. Lucy tells him that he and Rufus are a better team, that her choice of teams was a practical one. But to Wyatt it feels personal. He snidely informs her that he supposes Rufus and he are better suited while insinuating that they aren't.

Lucy is disappointed by the attitude Wyatt is giving her. She chose the teams due to their strength and the practical nature of the mission. Wyatt is a soldier, what Harriet Tubman was about to do meant she needed every soldier she can get. Lucy knows that she has to go and try and convince the Colonel. If she were honest, she expected Wyatt to be an ass and she needed someone who would act as a united front with her. She knew Wyatt would not be able to support her in the way she needed like Flynn would. The Colonel would see the strain and not help them out of suspicion. So, she pushes Wyatt to accept her decision, hoping he would ease up but Wyatt is not letting go of his
anger. But he does assure her that he'll do his best before he leaves her.

She leaves the cabin after him, and heads to where Flynn is waiting on horseback and a soldier is waiting with her horse. Wyatt out of habit moves to help her. But she waves him off, not because of his attitude but because she can do this on her own. She has learnt enough from their missions to handle some things on her own. She gets up into the saddle with ease.

Harriet Tubman warns them that they are most likely going to lose in their venture. But Lucy is confident enough to know it's worth a try. Wyatt's attitude and anger softens as he realises the danger Lucy will be in. He mentions to Flynn and Lucy that it's confederate territory. Flynn doesn't care as he is confident he can handle his and Lucy's safety on the long trek. The two take off, Wyatt watches them ride away, he takes a shaky breath as he hopes they survive as he doesn't want to lose Lucy or their last words to be ones of sarcasm.

It's been some time since Lucy and Flynn have left, Wyatt is standing by the creek trying not to think about Lucy being with Flynn or what they are talking about. His thoughts run to Jessica, he just can't deal with that either as he feels the burden of the secrets he's keeping from the others about

Jessica's brother and his suspicions of her. How she changed from wanting a boy, to now wanting a girl. Rufus comes out of the cottage, to join him.

Rufus asks him if he's ready. Wyatt assures him that it's just another day at the office, he checks his side arm for what isn't the first time that day. Rufus says "So, you know we're friends, right? Like, bro code and all that. I got your back." And Wyatt has a feeling he knows where this is going. So he asks Rufus to just say whatever he's trying to say, as Wyatt wants it over with.

Rufus says It's about Jessica and that Wyatt seems a little defensive. Wyatt snaps and tells him to stop. Rufus points out that he's being defensive. Wyatt tells him that Jessica isn't Rittenhouse. He refuses to believe even with the evidence piling up on it being the truth.

Rufus says, he hopes he's right. That he thinks Wyatt is right but reminds him that there is a lot at stake here and they just have to be sure. Wyatt assures him that it can't be true. Not that it isn't. He then confesses that if it is then he finished, he's lost Jessica once and he can't lose her again. Not after everything. When he started on the team he was near suicidal and Lucy and Rufus they saved him, they pulled him from the brink. But now, having Jessica back and remembering how good their life was and the future they could have. He just can't fathom how he could live on without Jessica. Just thinking about it leaves him completely gutted and in near grief. He stresses to Rufus that he just can't lose Jessica.

Rufus sees his inner turmoil but pushes the conversation on as he says he understands, but he asks Wyatt to just consider if there is anything with her or her family that doesn't add up, just say something. That's all. Rufus walks away from him, Wyatt feels his gut churn with guilt as he knows he should speak up but he doesn't want to break the bubble he's in where he has Jessica. He knows if he speaks up, he will lose Jessica and losing Jessica is not an option. But staying silent is.

The mission is successful for most part history hasn't changed too dramatically as the present seems the same. Wyatt has found out that Lucy told Flynn about the pregnancy. Flynn even tells him he's going to be a great father. It annoys him that Lucy talked about him to Flynn, for some reason Wyatt feels uncomfortable with Flynn being nice to him. He leaves the others to return to his room.

As he rounds the corner to the sleeping area, he finds Lucy. It's almost like she was waiting for him. She says Hey, it feels awkward and Wyatt is still annoyed at her for telling Flynn. So, he brings it up. She tells him that is was a long ride to Port Royal, then awkwardly she adds that Flynn was going to find out sooner or later. Wyatt wonders what else she talked about with Flynn on their long ride together. Wyatt plays it cool and like he doesn't care what she tells Flynn, but he does.

He can see she's looking despondent over the mission and their friendship that is deeply ailing. He can't stop being defensive of how Lucy thinks Jessica could be entangled with Rittenhouse and thinking the pregnancy is a lie. He assures Lucy they are good. She replies great. He huffs a laugh as they are both lying. As he walks past her, she pulls into a hug. He's almost stunned as it's the first time she's initiated physical contact, it shakes him as he realises how much he's missed her.

Lucy holds onto Wyatt tight, she knows it's wrong to hug him but she feels like she lost him today. That there is a wide chasm between them. She can't seem to let go of him even though it's the right thing to do. She tries not to cry as this her way of finally letting go of them, of assuaging the pain of the past day of them not getting along and the pain she feels she's inflicted on him. She feels Wyatt's arms squeeze her back just as tight for a moment. It feels good, it reminds her of the past and it also reminds her that she has to let go. She has to let him go be with his wife and move on for good. She releases him from her arms, she looks at him one last time before she walks away. She walks fast and doesn't look back.

Wyatt is left confused and saddened more than ever because just for a moment he thought she was going to kiss him, the pull between them not even lost for a moment. He knows Lucy has told him over and over to be with Jessica but he can't help but wonder what if. But he brushes the thought away as he brings himself back to reality. He's married and his wife is pregnant, he needs to be with Jessica. The comfort of his future to come.


Wyatt wakes up alone, he has a terrible sinking feeling in his stomach at Jessica not being in bed. She's a night worker, so she always sleeps in. He gets out of bed and searches for her. When he gets to the main hallway and he hears the lifeboat engine spooling for take off. Jiya in the open hatch. He rushes up to the lifeboat calling to Jiya demanding her to tell him what she's doing. She doesn't answer as she goes in and Jessica comes out with Wyatt's gun in her hand. She tells him to stop and not come any closer. He's in utter shock and denial at what is happening.

He calls her name and asks her what she is doing and what is going on. He can see the Lifeboat is nearly ready to take off. She says 'I'm so sorry'. She disappears inside and the hatch closes. Wyatt runs up the stairs calling her name but the lifeboat jumps. The gravitational force of the Lifeboat shifting through time throws Wyatt back and he lands on the floor; hard. His ears are ringing, he feels disorientated as he gasps in pain as it feels like he was hit by a truck. After a few moments, he's able to sit up. He looks at the empty space before him.

He can barely make out the voices behind him. But he knows they are demanding answers. He can't look behind him to the others as his head is swimming, his heart is twisted out of shape at Jessica's betrayal. He tells them it was Jessica, that she took his gun and kidnapped Jiya before stealing the lifeboat.

Rufus is flabbergasted and wrought with stress as his concern is for Jiya. Denise asks for confirmation that Jessica is Rittenhouse. Flynn is in disbelief as it's the first he's hearing about this and now Rittenhouse has the Lifeboat. Rufus demand Wyatt to tell him What Jessica did with Jiya? But Wyatt can't find the words. He's just lost Jessica, she left him.

Rufus, Denise and Connor go to the station they use to track the Mothership to see if they can track the lifeboat.

Lucy is torn, she looks to Rufus who is falling apart as they can't find the lifeboat and it appears their systems have been compromised. Connor assures Rufus that they will find Jiya. She looks to Wyatt, who's back has been turned to them the entire time. She can empathise with him, as she knows what it's like to find out a close loved on is an agent for Rittenhouse. The utter confusion and deep sense of betrayal. She thinks of how her mother fooled her so well, she can understand why Wyatt may not have seen through Jessica's deception.

But Rufus has gone from upset to angry as he comes down from the station and stand on the same level as them all. He stares daggers into Wyatt's back as he moves towards him. He says to him: Rufus: We asked you. I asked you to tell us if she said or did anything to make you think she was Rittenhouse!

Lucy stands in Rufus' way and stops him, she's trying to diffuse the situation as she jumps to Wyatt's defence. She assures Rufus that Wyatt didn't do anything wrong. That he didn't he didn't suspect anything.

But Wyatt turns, he admits that he did. Lucy is shocked by his confession and she says what. He turns and faces her. His face filled with remorse, he confesses that Jessica had a brother. Denise says that they did a background check and he came up clean. She's trying to keep the team together and make sense of it all. But Wyatt sighs before he explains that Jessica's brother died in the original timeline from leukemia when they were kids.

Rufus is shocked, as are the others. Wyatt continues, he explains that Jessica said that her brother was saved by some sort of stem cell therapy, which he assumed was not around in the 1980s. Wyatt feels the weight of secret fall on the others.

Flynn speaks first as he's surprised that Wyatt would lie. It's a role reversal for Wyatt as he realises that he was wrong and when Flynn questions his ethics; he knows he's in the wrong. Lucy demands to know why he didn't tell them. Wyatt can see that she's hurt by his betrayal, just like the others but her pain and disappointment affects him the most.

Lucy listens as Wyatt says he wanted to figure it out first. Then he justifies his actions by adding that he told Jessica that she had to leave the bunker. She is bewildered that he doesn't realise the ramifications of his actions. That if he had spoken up earlier they could have negated all of this. He now pushes excuses and blame onto them by informing them that he was just trying to do the right thing.

He asks Lucy if it were her sister came back, would she assume that Amy was her sister, or would she think she's some sort of a traitor. But Lucy just wants to cry as she can't believe he's throwing her sister in her face like this. He's trying to draw her empathy and make her relate to his situation but it's a low blow. She is just speechless.

Wyatt can see no one is saying anything. So, he adds 'I'm sorry'. He's deeply remorseful and sincere. He means it, as he never meant for anyone to get hurt. He just wanted to keep Jessica safe.

Rufus has no sympathy as he tells Wyatt that It's a little late for his apology. He's angry and upset as he says they had the Rittenhouse photos and we did nothing and now Jiya is gone. Flynn is angry as he is learning about the photos and no one had told him about it.

Wyatt can find one small relief out of all this was that Flynn is not one of them. That Lucy didn't tell Flynn about Jessica possibly being Rittenhouse. He tells Flynn that they didn't tell him because no one trusted that he wouldn't try to kill her. Flynn has the nerve to tell him that in hindsight it wouldn't have been so bad. Wyatt warns Flynn to watch his mouth.

Lucy can see the men are close to blows. Fighting isn't going to solve their current problem. She reminds them both that they are just trying to figure out what happened but she directs her words at Wyatt because she knows he's more likely to punch Flynn than the other way round.

Flynn: Let me just sum this up. Jessica was screwing you, she lied about being pregnant, and then she wrapped you around her finger just long enough so she could screw us too!

Wyatt sees red and snaps at Flynn's summation of the past few months. They get into a fight, Wyatt's lost complete control of himself as he just wants to kick Flynn's ass. He's been waiting over a year to do this. Right now, he's defending his honor as well as putting Flynn in his rightful place- the ground. But somewhere in the exchange of blows, he's lost awareness of his surroundings. He feels a

hand on his arm and his elbows back connecting with bone. He hears Lucy gasp in pain. He turns around and sees her with a hand to her face. The anger drains out of him as he can't believe that he hit her.

Lucy's lip and bottom jaw throb from the pain of Wyatt's hit. For the first time in their entire life, he has ever been physical violent with her as collateral damage.

Wyatt looks so apologetic as he calls her name and he tries to come towards her but she tells him no repeatedly until he stops. She rationally knows it was an accident and part of her is already justifying that it was her fault. She got involved in the fight, that she deserved to be hit by him.

She has to shake herself out of that mindset and remind herself; she is the victim, not him. All of the others in the room are victims of his lies, his betrayal and she knows right now that she doesn't want or need to hear his excuses. She doesn't want his justifications as she's in pain. He's the cause of it yet again, she can't handle being in the same room as him.

Wyatt watches her go, but he doesn't follow her as he's struggling to understand what came over him. What was becoming of him because of Jessica.

Later, Wyatt searches out Rufus and finds him in his room that he shares with Jiya. Wyatt tries to apologise but Rufus tells him that he doesn't want to hear his apologies he wants to know how Wyatt will fix what happened. Wyatt promises that he will because his friendship with Rufus means a lot to him. But his promise seems empty to Rufus as he gets up to leave but he stops and turns to Wyatt.

Rufus: You are so worried about your stupid Lucy-Jessica soap opera that you forgot that there are other people here. Who matter to each other. Who love each other. If anything happens to her, Wyatt I don't think I can ever forgive you.

Rufus walks away, but his words cut deep as he's right. Wyatt knows he is, he was so wrapped up in his own life and it's problems he'd forgotten that he lived in a small community of people who had needed him to be a better man. The kind of man who wouldn't have concealed his suspicions about Jessica. But even though he is remorseful, he knows if he had to do it again. He would. He's not sure he what that says about him.

Later, the team learn that Jiya has somehow escaped from Rittenhouse with the lifeboat but she sticks the landing and is bounced back in time. It takes some time but they find a photo of her in a book, of her in San Francisco 1888. They find the lifeboat. The team go back to find Jiya. They follow the photo to the studio where they run into Emma, Jessica, Carol and Nicholas. Emma murders Carol and Nicholas before she and Jessica flee. Flynn and Wyatt go in pursuit, but as Wyatt sees Flynn go in pursuit of Jessica; he stops him and informs him that he's not going anywhere near her.

Flynn follows his orders. Wyatt takes off, he chases Jessica into a back alley where she catches him by surprise with her gun raised. They talk. He listens to her talk about Rittenhouse, he asks her about her pregnancy. She tells him the truth that she is pregnant. She confirms that he is the father. He begs her stay with him. She informs him that she truly loves him, she wished it could be different. But ultimately, she choses their baby's safety and Rittenhouse over him (please refer to future Wyjess page). Meanwhile, Lucy is suffering; her mother just died in front of her and her mother's last words have torn her heart to sunders. She feels incredibly disillusioned as she shares her pain with Flynn. He says if she wants someone to blame, she should blame Wyatt as he's the idiot who brought a

Rittenhouse spy into the bunker. Lucy immediately jumps to Wyatt's defence. It's not out of love or anything remotely close to it as she's so deep in her own pain that all she can think about is how she could have done the same if he was in his shoes. Part of her wishes that she actually had the chance as nearly everything and everyone she has loved are gone. She is completely impotent as she feels every chance she ever had to save her sister, to redeem her mother has slipped through her fingers before she had a chance to really fight for them.

Lucy: And what would you have done? If Rittenhouse had brought your wife and child back from the dead, would you look for the hidden catch or would you just be so grateful that they were back in your arms and in your life? You can blame Wyatt if you want-

Flynn: I don't give a damn about Wyatt. that's not why I'm here.

Lucy: Why are you here?

There is such a sincerity about Flynn's demeanour, it makes her wants to know his answer, she wants to understand why he's so faithful to her but Wyatt interrupts them. Wyatt can see he has interrupted something serious as Flynn is kneeling on the floor in front of Lucy who is seated. But he doesn't want to know as his wife has dumped him and if the two are having some romantic moment… well he doesn't want it rubbed in his face. So he asks where Rufus is.

Lucy feels the awkward tension in the room. The moment for Flynn has passed as he's stepping away from her. In that moment, she wishes that Wyatt hadn't shown up. But he's here and there is a mission. She knows that she can always ask Flynn about what he was going to say later. So, she informs Wyatt that they have found Jiya and they set off.

Hours later; they have returned from the mission. They saved Jiya but Rufus died. Everyone in the bunker are feeling his absence and are in mourning. Lucy is sitting listlessly against the wall in the living area with an icebag in hand. She technically still hasn't got a bedroom as she sleeps on the couch.

Wyatt comes to her, he sits down beside her. They sit in silence for a moment, they both feel the weight of Rufus' death on them. He was their best friend, they watched him die today and it just feels like the rug has been ripped out from under them.

Wyatt breaks the silence and says that it's his fault; all of it. Lucy tells him it's not, because not all the blame goes on him. She feels she shares some of the blame because of her family being Rittenhouse. But Wyatt talks over her, he doesn't care what she has to say as he needs to say his piece. Lucy closes her mouth and lets him have his moment.

Wyatt: I promised Rufus that I wouldn't let anything happen to him. I was supposed to protect him. And then I messed everything up. Just like I did with us.

Lucy can't help but purse her lips in a slight smile as she says It's true, that he did mess things up with them. She finds it oddly amusing it took him this long to realise it. They both chuckle at the stupidity of it all before they grow morose again. She looks to him and sees he's deeply suffering in his guilt and his grief.

Lucy tells him that Rufus's death is not on him. She finds the irony in that he's a soldier and she has to explain to him what losing a comrade in war is like. They fight against Rittenhouse is a war. She says that they all stood together. Rufus knew the risks and he accepted them willingly. She reminds him that he brought Jiya home, safe and that's what mattered most to Rufus. She can see she is not getting through to him.

But she is, Wyatt has tears in his eyes as hears everything she's saying but it doesn't assuage his guilt as Rufus is still dead. He didn't deserve anything that happened to him, while Wyatt felt it should've been him. He should've died instead, it wasn't like anyone needed him. The team had Flynn, Jessica chose an evil cult over being a family with him. But in all that, Lucy is still here; after everything they've been through together. She sits here, supporting him in his hour of need as he's hit rock bottom. He doesn't know what he'd do without her.

He can't help but say it; He tells her that he loves her But he can't look at her as he's so broken and so not worthy, he isn't strong enough to look at her and say with passion or with strength she deserves (Matt Lanter on Wyatt’s journey in season 2, hopes for season 3). But he assures her that she doesn't have to say it back. But he tells her that he should've said it a long time ago and he didn't, so he's saying it now.

Lucy can't believe he's telling her that he loves her. An old part of her was elated as she had waited so long to hear the words. She has no idea what happened with Jessica but she can't say the words back, she can't because she doesn't feel the same way. She is so messed up with her grief, she can't stand the idea of more heart ache. She doesn't want to be hurt again and she deep in her own grief from losing Rufus and her mother. She also gave up her locket on the mission. It was the one piece of jewellery she has kept with her from the beginning of the missions, it denotes she has given up on saving Amy and feeling her grief for her sister renewed.

Wyatt tells her that Rufus wanted him to admit it. He smiles and for Lucy she's reminded all too terribly that Wyatt's declaration isn't sincere. Not really, as he's saying it out of obligation, it's forced because he thinks it's what Rufus would want him to say. Not what he truly feels, even then they had so many losses today; she couldn't believe to be genuine.

Wyatt smiles oblivious to her inner turmoil, he says that he knows that wherever Rufus is If he's watching, he's saying, "Yeah, It's about damn time".

Lucy is heartbroken all over again as she remembers Rufus is gone. She whispers in a grief-stricken voice that she can't believe he's gone. She can't believe that she's been sitting next to Wyatt, he has not once apologised to her, ask how she was or offered condolences for her loss. The focus was entirely on him.

Luckily, she is saved from becoming bitter or angry about Wyatt's self-centred nature as the Lifeboat from the future arrives.

She and Wyatt watch their future selves step out. Both are clearly shocked, it's unknown what the nature of Wyatt and Lucy's relationship in the future is or will be. It is clear that they are still working together and salvaged their friendship as they appear to be a strong team with a clear mission statement: "Save Rufus"

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