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14 July 2018
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Team Garcy is a fansite for the NBC television series Timeless and its relationship between Garcia Flynn and Lucy Preston (Garcy). This fansite serves as a photo archive for the series and a one-stop hub for all things Garcy. The idea for this fansite began in June 2018 as fans were suffering from #RenewTimeless fatigue, stress, and anxiety. I wanted to find a way to contribute to the fandom in a positive way, and the idea for a fansite was born. I worked as hard and as quickly as I could in June in order to get the Team Garcy fansite online by the second ever Garcy Weekend. The site launched on Saturday, 14 July 2018 and brought much excitement and happiness to members of the Garcy Family - and unfortunately some ugliness from other areas of the fandom. But the positive outweighed the bullies and the Team Garcy fansite continues on today.

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I would like to thank everyone who has helped with Team Garcy. Whether that was through financial donations to help keep the site online, or helping with building the content of the site, I want you to know that I appreciate all that you have done to help Team Garcy what it is today. While those who have donated to help pay for the server space and domain will remain anonymous, I want to make sure that those who have helped with the content of this site get the recognition they deserve, so thank you to the following members of the Timeless fandom for all that you have done:

enchanted-marvel qqueenofhades  
HaleyD Sonia  
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While friendships in fandom come and go, I also want to express my gratitude and appreciation for those of you who have remained my friend. To those of you who are sincerely my friend, who support me, and who have been there for me when the negative side of the Garcy and Timeless fandoms have tried to drag me down, thank you from the bottom of my heart. The Team Garcy fansite is dedicated to you. Words cannot possibly express how much I appreciate you all.

Also... THANKS, SIS'!!! <--- for a gazillion reasons, but mostly for being a dork. Haha!

Team Garcy is the one and only fansite for the Timeless Garcy relationship. The purpose of this website is to celebrate the Garcy relationship, and the Garcia Flynn and Lucy Preston characters, in the hopes of bringing about more appreciation towards this relationship and character in the Timeless fandom.

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Team Garcy is a Timeless fansite with a focus on the relationship between Garcia Flynn and Lucy Preston portrayed by Goran Višnjić and Abigail Spencer. This site serves as a one-stop hub for HD Timeless screen captures, promotional images, episode transcripts as well as information about the series and the Garcy relationship.

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