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1836 - March 2nd, The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas
(‘The Alamo’)

In 1836, Flynn meets with General Santa Anna in the Mexican camp. Santa Anna wonders how he’s still alive, and Flynn gives him a bag full of gold bullion and claims that it’s from Queen Isabella II along with a letter of verification. Flynn says that he was only sent to offer assistance, and explains that he’ll help him crush the rebellion once and for all.

The trio leaves the Lifeboat and heads for the Alamo, and Lucy says that the massacre won’t occur for four days. The deaths fired up the Texan people and they fought to have an independent state. Lucy figures that they can walk in through the front door, and admits that she doesn’t know what Flynn has planned.

Once inside, they discover that the Alamo is mostly filled with local ranchers and their families. Black freemen are there and Lucy explains that Mexico didn’t keep slaves. The team spots Colonel Jim Bowie and go over to introduce themselves. They claim that they’re from San Felipe, and Lucy stumbles through their cover story. Wyatt finally says that they’re looking for Flynn, claiming that he’s a Mexican sympathizer. Bowie says that he’ll ask around and leaves. Wyatt tells Lucy that they don’t have time to waste and walks off.

Davy Crockett is telling tales about shooting a bear and Rufus and Lucy come over. Wyatt joins them and reminds them that they’re not tourists, and tells them to search the place for Flynn.

Wyatt enters an abandoned chapel and removes his hat, He remembers a similar church where he worked out of in Syria, with his squad and Lucy comes in and says that he and Rufus haven’t found anything. She notices that he looks distracted, but Wyatt insists that he’s okay.

That night, Flynn enters Travis’ office and says that he wanted to meet him. He explains that he’s there because he’s also a patriot, and he knows that things aren’t easy for him. Travis draws a gun and says he already heard about Flynn from his men. When Travis tries to shoot Flynn, his flintlock fizzles out. Flynn holds up the bullet that he removed, tells Travis that he deserved a better fate, and shoots him.

Wyatt hears the gunshot and runs in. Bowie and Crockett are there, and Lucy arrives. Wyatt tells him that the gunshot was a semi- automatic, and tells Bowie that they’ll find Flynn. Rufus arrives and asks what happened, and Lucy says that Travis was supposed to die in battle in four days. They wonder why Flynn did it, and Lucy sees Travis’ unfinished letter on his desk.

Flynn checks the ramparts but finds no sign of Flynn. However, he sees the Mexican troops massing outside three days early.

As Santa Anna rallies his troops, Lucy watches them and sees a red flag. She tells the others that it means that there will be no quarter given, and explains that in the original timeline Santa Anna let the women and children go. Lucy says that it must be about Travis’ famous ”Victory or Death” letter, which inspired the uprising. Without the letter, there’s no Texas. Wyatt says that Flynn has managed to trap them in the Alamo, and looks over at Bowie. He tells Rufus to find a way out for the women, the children, and the letter. Wyatt then tells Lucy to finish the letter why he busy some time. Wyatt talks to Bowie privately and says that he needs command of some of his men. He explains that he needs to buy some time so they can get the women and children out, and warns that no one will get out of the Alamo alive.

When Santa Anna’s reinforcements the next day, he’ll kill everyone in 20 minutes. Lucy tries to stop Wyatt, but he insists that they need to get the women and children out. Bowie orders him to stop demoralizing the men no matter how scared he is.

Flynn goes to Santa Anna’s tent and asks why he raised the red flag. He suggests letting the women and children go, but Santa Anna reminds him that he told him to attack early and keep the letter from going out. The general says that Flynn’s strategy, but Flynn says that they’re both fathers. Unimpressed, Santa Anna says that it is his war and if Flynn tries to interfere then he’ll have his soldiers kill him.

Lucy works on the letter, trying to write it from memory. Meanwhile, Rufus goes up to where Crockett is waiting. The Mexicans are playing music, trying to demoralize the defenders, and Crockett offers Rufus some whiskey. He mentions that there’s an aqueduct, and Rufus has him show it to him. Later, Rufus meet with his teammates and says that the aqueduct goes from the fort to the river. However, it connects under the chapel through three feet of stone.

Lucy admits that she can’t remember what the letter says. Wyatt says that it’s just a letter and tells her to write from her heart and quit pretending. He wonders how he can kill Flynn with his hands tied behind his back, and wonders if he is the guy for the job. Wyatt apologizes and starts to go, just as an explosion rocks the fort.  The team runs out, cannon fire shakes the Alamo and brings a wall down on one young volunteer, John.

Wyatt runs over and briefly imagines him as one of his squadmates from Syria. Shaking it off, Wyatt hands off the volunteer to Bowie. Later, Wyatt checks on John as he gets medical attention. John says that the Mexicans killed his father and brothers a year ago. Rufus is hacking at the chapel floor as Crockett comes in. He wonders what Rufus is doing, and Rufus explains about the aqueduct. He wonders how Crockett isn’t screaming in terror, and Crockett admits that all of his stories are made up. His story of wrestling a bear was just his accidentally shooting a bear. Then he went back and told his men that he wrestled a bear because that’s what his men needed. Crockett winks at Rufus, tells him not to tell anyone, and walks off.

Wyatt is making a wooden spear when Bowie comes over and thanks him for saving John’s life. The colonel admits that they’re not going to make it, and Wyatt says that he’d give anything to get his men out but he doesn’t know how. Bowie knows about the plan to get the women and children out through the aqueduct, and asks how they can buy the time to get them out.

Wyatt sketches the fort in the dirt and suggests that Bowie leave the north wall undefended. Once they bottleneck the Mexican soldiers, it will slow them down long enough to get the civilians out. Bowie wonders where Wyatt served, and Wyatt simply says it was nowhere near the Alamo. They were pinned down, outgunned, and outmanned, and he was the only one who made it out. He doesn’t know how long his men lasted because they had to get some vital intel out. They flipped a coin to see who would go, and Wyatt ”won.” His friend Zach figured that Wyatt was meant to survive, so six men died to guarantee his escape, and they gave him a medal for it. Bowie tells Crockett to follow Wyatt’s plan so they can get the civilians out.

Lucy goes back to the letter and writes it from the heart. She talks about heroes are far from perfect but they’re recklessly brave. Wyatt directs the men in readying the defenses. Rufus keeps digging through the stone. He finally runs out and asks Wyatt if he still has the grenades.

Outside, the Mexicans get ready to move in. The defenders wait to fire and they see the Mexicans, and Bowie finally gives the order. The Mexicans charge in over the walls.

Rufus lowers the bag of grenades into the hole that he’s made, sets one off, and takes cover. The grenades blast the hole open. And Rufus tells the civilians that they have their way out. Lucy gets them moving to the aqueduct.

Wyatt instinctively shoots one Mexican with his pistol. He hallucinates his friend Zach, just as Lucy arrives and tells him that there’s a way out and they have to go. Wyatt sees Crockett and Bowie, surrounded, and tells Lucy that he’s not going. He refuses to leave good men alive, and tells Lucy to let him die to buy her time to get out.

She says that she trusts him and they need him, and after a moment Wyatt tells her to get ready to run. Rufus lowers the civilians into the hole, and Wyatt and Lucy arrive. Meanwhile, Lucy realizes that John is John Smith, Travis’ messenger. She says that he has to come with them and get the letter to Sam Houston.

However, he refuses. Bowie and Crockett enter the chapel and bar the door, and Rufus says that they have to come with him. Crockett tells Rufus to tell people that he fought off a thousand of them one-handed.

Lucy tells Wyatt that John Smith will be the first mayor of San Antonio and he has to take the letter. Wyatt tells John that he knows what it means to be the person who has to leave, but his orders are to complete the mission. Bowie nods in agreement, and John gets into the aqueduct with Rufus and Lucy.

The Mexicans beat at the door, ad Bowie tells Wyatt that he won’t leave his people. Wyatt says that he can’t leave his, and Bowie gives him his prized knife. Touched, Wyatt promises Bowie that he won’t die for nothing and leaves as the Mexicans charge in and Bowie opens fire.

1863 - June 1st, South Carolina
(‘The General’)

At a Confederate camp, Colonel Ryerson receives a visitor. It’s Emma, who tells Ryerson that she brought him something from home. She gives him a fast-food cheeseburger and says that it’s been chaotic since he left.

Emma says that Union forces are going to raid a nearby plantation and Ryerson is going to stop them. She gives him a book on Civil war history and says that if he pulls it off, he’ll be home with his wife.

The Lifeboat arrives in 1863 and the team steals clothing. Lucy tells Wyatt that he shouldn’t be angry at Denise, and tells him that they have to keep an open mind. She figures that Rittenhouse brought Jessica back for a reason, but Wyatt refuses to believe that Jessica is a liar. Wyatt realizes that Lucy thinks Jessica is lying about her pregnancy.

Rufus and Flynn join them, and Wyatt angrily walks away. The team go to a nearby battlefield and find the corpses of the 2nd South Carolina regiment scattered around the area. They were the regiment that was supposed to attack the plantations, and the team figures that a Confederate sleeper agent ambushed them.

One soldiers calls to them, asking them to help him die easily. Harriet and two of her men arrive and Harriet shoots the soldier dead. She demands to know who they are, and Rufus says that she’s a legend where they come from.

Wyatt says that General McClellan sent them to help Harriet with the raid that night, and Harriet accepts their cover story. Harriet says that the Rebs knew right where to attack, and aims to find them.

Lucy warns that she can’t continue the raid, but Harriet says that she has some soldiers at a nearby safehouse. Wyatt says that they want to find a spy, and Harriet agree but tells them that she’ll shoot them if they get in her way.

At the safehouse, Harriet tends to her injured men. Flynn warns Lucy that if Harriet goes on the raid, she will die earlier than in the original timeline.

Wyatt finds a local slave, Samuel, who says that the Rebs are at the Willow Glen Plantation. Harriet tells her soldiers to muster, and says that the slaves will join them in the fight. Lucy agrees that they should conduct the raid, but insists that they need to find the spy or the Rebs will continue winning.

At a local manor, Reyerson shares a toast with his men to their victory. He says that the Union forces are gathering at Vicksburg and they’ll ambush them. He puts the book on Civil War history into his satchel before preparing to go.

Lucy finds Wyatt loading a period rifle that Harriet gave him. She suggests that Wyatt and Rufus ride with Harriet, while she and Flynn ride to Port Royal to convince Colonel Montgomery to give Harriet the troops that she needs.

Wyatt sarcastically says that Lucy is going with Flynn, and Lucy points out that Wyatt and Rufus are the better team. He irritably walks off, and Lucy goes to mount up.

Harriet warns her that Montgomery has new orders and won’t come back, and Lucy says that she’ll tell Montgomery that the Union will lose the war if he doesn’t send reinforcements.

Wyatt tells Lucy to be careful, and Lucy and Flynn ride off. Wyatt dons a Confederate suit provided by a local farmer, and Rufus says that he’ll go in as a freed man. Rufus tells him that he’s going in as a house slave, and Rufus instructs him on how to do a Southern accent. Harriet advises them no to talk, and says that she’s going in. Wyatt asks her to wait, but Harriet refuses.

She realizes that Wyatt looks familiar because God came to her in a dream and told her that Wyatt was coming.

Rufus approaches Wyatt outside the safehouse and tells him that he seemed defensive about Jessica. Wyatt insists that Jessica isn’t Rittenhouse, because if it is then he’s done. He won’t lose Jessica a second time. Rufus asks him to say something if there’s anything about Jessica or her family that doesn’t add up.

Rufus goes inside and Harriet asks him how long he’s been free. When he says that he’s always been free, Harriet tells him that he’s lucky. Rufus asks about her visions, and Harriet says that she’s had them for years and when she hears God’s voice, He shows her the path. She insists that she has a right to death or liberty, and she’ll have one or the other.

Lucy and Flynn meet with Montgomery, who demands to know who they are. He points out that they have no papers identifying them as spies, and says that his forces have been ordered away. Lucy tells him that there are more than 750 slaves on the plantations and Montgomery will need them in the coming battles.

Wyatt goes to the nearby manor where a party is going on, and claims that he’s visiting from his plantation in Georgia. Harriet and Rufus go to the nearby slave houses and Harriet asks one of them, Isaiah, to smuggle Rufus in as a house. She tells Rufus tells Harriet that she’ll get the others out and wait as long as they can for Rufus’ signal.

Wyatt talks to a lieutenant about how they knew about the regiment’s location, and he says that Reyerson knows things that no one else does. Rufus comes in and nods to Wyatt, and Wyatt excuses himself.

Wyatt talks to Rufus privately and tells him that Reyerson is the sleeper agent. Harriet is leaving the slaves away when a horseman rides up. He fires a shot into the air and says that they have runaways, and Harriet shoots him dead.

At the manor, the soldiers hear the shots and go to investigate. Reyerson sees Wyatt and Rufus, realizes who they are, and announces that they’re Union spies. The Confederates open fire, and Wyatt takes cover and fires back. Wyatt takes out the other soldiers and yells to Reyerson that he’s out of guns.

Reyerson grabs a guest and holds her hostage, and Rufus finds his satchel. He tosses it into a nearby fireplace, and Reyerson drops his human shield and runs out. Harriet is there and shoots him dead.

Lucy and Flynn are with her, as is Montgomery’s men and the armed slaves. Rufus tells Harriet that she’s a badass, and she wonders where he’s from. She says that she saw Rufus and the others in one of her spells, and Rufus asks her if her visions always comes true. Harriet says that sometimes they make no sense at all, and describes the team stepping out of the Lifeboat.

Rufus quickly excuses himself, but says that it’s an honor to meet her. He admits that he doesn’t have any advice to give her a better life, and Harriet says that her only desire is to live free and the rest will work itself out.

1865 - April 14th, Washington D.C.
(Assassination of Abraham Lincoln’)

The Lifeboat lands and the trio disembarks. There are fireworks going off nearby, and Lucy explains that the Civil War just ended and the people are celebrating.

In town, Booth walks down the streets through the cheering crowds. Flynn approaches him and says that he knows what he’s going to do and offers to help.

The next day, the team arrives in DC and Lucy figures that Flynn is there to change the assassination. Lucy has read all the books about this day and written one herself. So, she does know where Booth will be and figure that he will lead them to Flynn.

They go to Ford Theater and Lucy explains that Booth used it as his  mailing address. He picks his mail up there at 10 am each day. Wyatt and Lucy go inside while Rufus stands guard watching for Booth. Inside, Lucy and Wyatt split up to find the mailboxes.

As Rufus stands watch, a black Union soldier, Nicholas Biddle, approaches him. Rufus says that his family was all born free and Nicholas wants him to write their notices for them. He’s trying to find his family, who were slaves, and Rufus writes down his notice.

Lucy finds Booth’s mailbox, just as Robert Todd Lincoln comes in and introduces himself as General Grant’s aide. She claims that she’s an actress and Robert says that he’s there to return Grant’s tickets because he can’t make the performance that night. He sits down and says that Lincoln is coming to the play that night, and Lucy asks what it’s like having Lincoln as a father. Robert admits that his father casts a long shadow but he proud of his father and he’s just getting started.

Meanwhile, Rufus listens as Nicholas says that he’s going to work a piece of his old master’s land, and figures that Lincoln will make him give it up. Rufus says that it won’t be smooth sailing, and Nicholas realizes that he’s wearing a fake uniform. Disgusted, he shoves Rufus away and figures that he’s trying to get a girl by pretending to be a soldier.

The clock strikes 10 and Booth comes in. Robert recognizes him and introduces Lucy, saying that she’s a new actress. The President’s son talks about how Booth’s brother Edwin saved him a year ago, and the Lincolns owe the Booths a great debt.

Lucy then meets up with Rufus and Wyatt, and Lucy warns that they can’t kill Booth without changing things too much. Rufus describes how Lincoln’s death will be a disaster for blacks, and Wyatt agrees with him. Lucy insists that it’s too risky, but Rufus wants to change things for the better. Before Lucy can respond, they spot Booth and follow him to the Herndon House where Booth met with his conspirators. One of them looks out the window, sees them, and opens fire with a semi-automatic weapon. Wyatt tells the others to run and provides cover fire, and is wounded. Despite that, he gets away with Lucy and Rufus.

The trio get a hotel room at the National and Rufus gets some medical supplies. Wyatt tells him how to cut out the bullet, and Lucy explains that there was a conspiracy to kill Lincoln and three other top government officials. The conspirators only attempted one of the assassination and Lucy suggests that Flynn is trying to make sure that they all go as originally planned. First, she needs to make sure that Grant leaves DC by train as planned, while Rufus cuts out the bullet.

At the train station, Lucy runs into Robert again. She realizes that the train is being repaired, and Robert explains that he and Grant will be going to the play after all. He invites Lucy to come as his guest, and Lucy agrees.

As she goes into the station, Flynn approaches her. He says that it’s war and he lost his entire family, and Rittenhouse killed them. Flynn explains that Rittenhouse is a they, not a him, and he’s there to right some wrongs. The terrorist insists that he’s trying to save America, and one day Lucy will help him. Lucy demands answers, but Flynn tells her not to get in her way again and walks off.

As Rufus removes the bullet, Lucy arrives and explains that Robert invited her to the play and Grant will be there. She says that she saw Flynn leave the train station, and she’ll get Grant out of the balcony before Booth arrives. Lucy has bought guns, and Rufus realizes that she’s going to let Booth kill Lincoln. She says that she idolized Lincoln, but if they save him then they may return to a totally different future. Wyatt asks about his wife and wonders if Lucy would use the time machine to save her. He points out that she just lost her sister and wonders if she’s going to let Robert lose his father.

Flynn gives the conspirators more semi-automatic weapons, claiming that they’re Prussians, and tries to give one to Booth. Booth refuses, insisting that the derringer is more dramatic and he will see it through as he imagined.

Robert arrives to get Lucy, and she hides a pistol in her purse. Wyatt and Rufus promise that they’ll save Seward and Johnson, respectively, and Rufus tells her to think about who she’ll save. At Ford’s Theater, Lucy sits with Robert and watches Grant nearby. Robert tells her that Lincoln is always late. Hail to the Chief plays and everyone stands as Lincoln makes his entrance. Robert introduces Lucy to Lincoln and his wife Mary, and the couple take their seats.

At the hotel, Wyatt tells Rufus to point out the assassin, George Atzerodt, to Johnson’s bodyguards. Rufus talks about a bully that beat him because he froze up, and Wyatt assures him that he’ll be fine.

The play continues and Lucy notices a nearby pitcher of water. She goes to get it and then “accidentally” spills it on Grant. He excuses himself to dry off, leaving the booth.

Wyatt goes to Seward’s house and intercepts the assassin, only to discover that he’s large than expected. They fight and Wyatt finally manages to shoot the man. Seward comes out and asks what’s going on, and Wyatt runs out.

The bartender asks Booth when they’ll see him on stage next. Booth offers him a toast and says that it will be soon. Booth then walks next door to the Ford Theatre but Flynn grabs him and says that Grant will be there as well. He orders Booth to take the gun, but Booth refuses. Disgusted, Flynn knocks him out and goes inside.

Rufus goes to the hotel where Johnson is staying and sees Atzerodt come in. As Rufus starts to go after him, Nicholas grabs him and takes the revolver out of his jacket. Rufus insists that he needs to talk to Johnson’s bodyguards, just as Johnson comes down. Atzerodt draws his gun and advances on Johnson, and Rufus pulls free and jumps him. Nicholas draws his gun on Rufus, and the bodyguards take Atzerodt away. Impressed, Nicholas offers to buy Rufus a drink.

Lucy glances at the door, wondering where Booth is. Flynn comes in and sees her, and Lucy shouts a warning. Robert struggles with Flynn, who knocks him out and shoots Lincoln in the head. The other men attack Flynn and Lucy grabs her gun, and Flynn leaps down to the stage. He picks up his semi-automatic and runs off-stage.

Later, Lucy tells the police that they should look for Flynn. Rufus and Wyatt arrive and report that they’re targets are safe, and Lucy tells them that Grant is safe. Robert comes out and tells Lucy that his father is dead. He thanks her for saving Grant, and assures her there was nothing she could do to save Lincoln. Lucy takes his hand for a moment and then he goes back inside.

Rufus finds Nicholas and tells him not to go South. Nicholas figures that it will never get better, and Rufus promises him that it does get better.

The trio head back to the Lifeboat and confirm that Flynn has taken the mothership back to the present. As they go, Lucy says that she tried to warn Lincoln but it was too late, and Wyatt takes her hand.

1872 – St Joseph, Missouri

Emma Whitmore went into hiding (‘The Murder of Jessie James’). Later, it is discovered that it was a test of loyalty by Rittenhouse (‘Mrs Sherlock Holmes’).

1882 - April 3rd, St Joseph, Missouri*
(‘The Murder of Jessie James’)

In the past at their farmhouse hideout, Robert worries that they don’t have enough men. Jesse reads a newspaper article saying that he showed the strength of five men. He goes over to dust a painting, and Robert and Charles draw their guns. However, Flynn comes in and kills them, and claims that he overheard them bragging about their deal at a bar. Jesse lowers his guns and wonders why Flynn saved him, and Flynn says that he wants to buy him a drink... and make him an offer.

Later, the trio arrives at the farmhouse and find the Ford brothers’ corpses. They figure that Flynn saved Jesse, and Lucy figures that Flynn rescued Jesse because he needs help robbing something.

At a saloon in the nearby town, Flynn shows Jesse a map of where he wants to go. Jesse warns that it’s deep in Indian territory, and Flynn says that the map leads to treasure. A waitress comes over and recognizes Jesse, and Flynn says that the map leads to someone that is important to a patriotic cause he’s fighting for. Jesse isn’t impressed, and Flynn offers him a bag of money to take on the job. He tells James that he’ll get the other half when the job is done, just as two marshals come in. Flynn says that they should head out the back, but Jesse introduces himself to the marshals. He draws and guns them down and tells Flynn that they can go.

The trio arrives in town and finds the undertaker collecting the corpses. The bartender reports that they’re heading south and Wyatt goes to get some horses to follow them. Rufus insists that it’s dangerous territory, and Wyatt wonders why Lucy is distracted and says that they both have to get their heads in the game. Calming down, Wyatt says that they should get a local guide.

Lucy takes them to the house of Bass Reeves, the marshal that the Lone Ranger was based on. Bass comes out and Rufus is thrilled to see that he’s black. Bass invites them in where his family is.

The trio tell him that Jesse has killed four people since that morning, and Bass says that he won’t help them. They explain that they need a guide familiar with Indian territory, and Lucy knows that Bass lived with the Indians for years. She warns that Jesse will kill the Indians and the other lawmen won’t care.

Bass calls his son George over and tells him that he’s in charge while he’s gone, and tells the trio that he does it his way and they’ll capture them alive and bring it to justice. He demands Wyatt’s word that he’ll do it his way, and Wyatt agrees.

Bass refuses to take Lucy with him, but Lucy tells him that he doesn’t have a choice and Bass gives in but tells her that she has to wear proper clothing.

Bass’ Indian friend Grant Johnson rides up and wonders who the trio are. Bass says that they’re righteous townfolk, and Wyatt assumes that he’s Bass’ Tonto. Since ”Tonto” is Spanish for ”Fool,” Grant assumes that Wyatt is insulting him but passes it over. When Bass and Grant go inside, Wyatt tells Rufus that he’s going to shoot Jesse. He says that it’s not murder but stopping a bad guy from hurting good people, and insists that it doesn’t bother him.

Once Lucy puts on trail clothing, including pants, Lucy joins the others and mounts up and falls off. Gets up on the second try and they ride off.

As they ride into town, people glare at them. Bass points out that two of them black and one of them is an Indian, and the people aren’t fond of that. Grant tells Rufus that they’re going to interview witnesses and find out where Jesse and Flynn went.

Bass and Grant talk to the witnesses who saw the map, and tells the trio that they’re heading for the bluffs.

In the bluffs, Flynn spots the group following him. Jesse is practicing his shooting and assures Flynn that he can handle them. Flynn takes out a modern rifle and says that they have to leave, and Jesse asks him what happens if he wins the cause he’s so quick to kill for. Flynn says that it will be a better world, and it never occurred to him that he might lose. Jesse says that he used to be him when he fought and killed for the Confederacy. He ended up on the wrong side of the war and the Confederacy is gone, but he keeps on killing because he’s a killer. Jesse says that it’s just another word for ”cause” and Flynn wonders if he’s talking about him.

Several Indians show themselves from a distance, and Jesse says that they’re on their land and checks his guns.

When Bass, Grant, and Wyatt arrive, they find the dead Indians. Grant says that they need to bury the bodies and Bass agrees. Wyatt says that they need to keep moving, but Bass says that Flynn and Jesse need to rest their horses and sends him back to get Rufus and Lucy.

That night, Rufus approaches Grant as he makes cairns for the bodies. Grant says that he’s mixed blood and the only place he’s ever belonged is with Bass. Meanwhile, Wyatt asks Bass why he’s risking his life to capture Jesse when it’d be easier to shoot him on sight. Bass doesn’t figure that it’s right, and admits that he’s killed several men. He sees them every time he closes his eyes, and figures that Wyatt knows what he’s talking about.

Rufus asks Bass if it bothers him that he’s fighting for his old masters, and Bass says that the law is all they have. Once Bass leaves, Rufus says that they can’t double-cross him. Wyatt insists that they can’t just lock up Jesse, and Rufus wonders what’s wrong with him.

After a moment, Wyatt says that he talked to Jessica’s killer. He says that he’d go back and kill Wes if he could, and Rufus talks about how it’s been hard on him when he killed a man in Houston. He wonders how far they’re willing to go, and Wyatt asks Lucy if she’s going to back him up.

She says that she forgot Amy’s birthday and she doesn’t know what’s right or wrong anymore. Lucy tells them that she doesn’t want to do the job anymore. She just wants Amy back and the chance to go home.

The next day, Jesse and Flynn ride to the spot on the map. There’s a cabin there and a noose hanging from a tree. Someone shoots at them, and Flynn tells Jesse to hold his fire. He then calls out and says that he has a ship and can take the shooter to it.

Flynn holds up his gun and a woman steps out aiming a rifle at them. He tells Jesse that it’s a private conversation and to go to the horses. The woman, Emma Whitmore, takes Flynn into the cabin. There is modern equipment there, and he says that she isn’t from that time. He says that he can take her home, but Emma says that she’s not going home.

She orders Flynn to draw a map to the ship, and Flynn says that he’s not from Rittenhouse and knows what she did for Mason Industries. Jiya reviews the video logs and finds Emma on the tape, recording her flight. Flynn says that Emma and Anthony were the first ones to travel through time. But then Rittenhouse enlisted her, threatening people she loved if she didn’t help them. Emma found a way out.

Flynn figures that Emma faked her death and hid in the past. Anthony knew but kept her secret,. Emma says that she had to run, and Flynn says that he ran as well when they killed his family. One day he decided to stop and fight, and Emma warns him that he has no idea what he’s going up again. She knows things that nobody else knows: the things that they have planned for the mothership. Flynn tells her that he won’t force her, but Rittenhouse will destroy anyone she loves.

A few minutes later, Flynn and Emma go out. Flynn says that Emma knows the way out and pays Jesse the rest of his money. He then offers Jesse a bonus to kill Bass and the others following them. Jesse reaches for his gun and says that he wants Flynn’s rifle.

After a moment, Flynn hands the rifle over. as they head over, Jesse tells Flynn to look him up when his cause fails. That night, the group breaks into the cabin. They see the modern equipment, and Rufus finds Emma’s flight jacket with her name on it.

Lucy spots a reflection outside just as Jesse opens fire with Flynn’s semi-automatic rifle. Everyone takes cover until Jesse finally runs out of ammo. They realize that Grant’s been shot, and Grant says that he should be dead but he isn’t. Bass says that he isn’t going to die, and Grant knows that he’s lying.

Jesse calls out, introducing himself, and they realize that Wyatt has snuck out. He flanks Jesse and shoots him in the leg. Bass comes out, aims his gun at Wyatt, and tells him to holster his gun. Jesse offers to surrender, and Wyatt says that he can’t let Jesse go. Bass tells him that Grant is dead and repeats his order. Jesse drops his gun but Wyatt warns that he’ll escape and kill more people. Bass tells Wyatt that he has a choice... and Lucy shoots Jesse dead.

Later back in town, the townspeople gather to look at Jesse’s corpse. Bass hands Lucy the reward money for Jesse, and she tells Bass to give it to Grant’s family. Bass refuses to take it away, and Wyatt says that Bass should be thanking them. The marshal says that they killed an injured man who was going to surrender.

As Bass walks away, a reporter asks Bass if they brought Jesse to justice. Bass says that isn’t true and prepares to ride off. Rufus goes over and tells Bass that he should talk to a lot of reporters and make sure he’s the person who receives the credit.

He says that people will want to know Bass’ story, but Bass tells him that he isn’t doing it for them and rides off.

1885 - Somewhere near San Francisco, in a location that is never developed in the future

Jiya lands a damaged Lifeboat, presumably sleeps off the meds Carol made her take.

In the next three years, she gets a job as a card dealer at a gambling den in Chinatown, she makes friends with Molly and Sarah. Has a photo taken of herself in traditional Asian garb with a sign at her feet written in Klingon. The sign says the GPS coordinates of the Lifeboat’s location and ‘Don’t come’ (‘Chinatown’).

1888 - August 26th- San Francisco, Chinatown

When they arrive in Chinatown, the team track down the photo studio where Jiya had the photo taken. A little Chinese girl greets them and tells them that the photo was actually taken three years earlier, and she claims not to know Jiya.

Unbeknownst to the team, Carol, Nicholas, Emma and Jessica are hiding behind a backdrop, holding the girl’s father at gunpoint. They want Jiya, too. The little girl signals to the group that something is happening behind the backdrop.

Emma is ready to shoot Lucy, but Carol calls out and shoves Emma’s gun arm. Emma misfires her weapon. Flynn and Wyatt clear Rufus, Lucy and the little girl out but it’s too late for Carol as Emma shoots her, then kills Nicholas.  She and Jessica flee from the studio via a back entrance. Flynn and Wyatt go in chase, but Wyatt stops Flynn from going after Jessica as Emma has disappeared. Wyatt goes after Jessica. Flynn remains, he returns inside to offer Lucy assistance.

Meanwhile, Lucy rushes to try to care for her dying mother. Carol tells Lucy with her dying breaths that she regrets not raising her openly in Rittenhouse and that she took Lucy’s sister away from her. She says that there’s so much Lucy still doesn’t know about her family and her role in Rittenhouse.

Wyatt catches up to Jessica, and she confirms that Rittenhouse saved her brother and then raised her to be one of them. The Jessica in his timeline was just a bartender, but she is part of something bigger. She confesses she was originally supposed to gather information and kill everyone in the bunker but the longer she stayed. The more she couldn’t go through with it. She can’t hurt him, she tells him that she truly loves him. He asks her if she’s really pregnant, she confirms it and that he is the father. He pleads for her to stay with him. That he and their child are her family. But she chooses Rittenhouse and the safety of their child over him. She escapes.

Back at the studio, Carol has died from her injuries. Lucy covers her with a sheet. She pull out her locket. She takes out the photos of herself and Amy. She gives the locket to the little girl assuring her it’s made from gold and will cover the cost of repairs.

Rufus keeps asking about Jiya in the photo, the little girl claims they don’t know Jiya. It’s a slip of the tongue as Rufus never said Jiya’s name. So he implores her to tell her truth as Jiya is in danger. The little girl admits to knowing her and tells the Team that they can find her in the nearby saloon where she lives and works. Rufus goes to Jiya.

The little girl takes Rufus to a saloon. Rufus sees Jiya in the crowd, she’s a dealer at the card table and holding her own with grabby saloon patrons as she breaks a man’s wrist for flashing a knife at her table. Rufus cuts a path through the crowd and calls her name. She hears him call out her name and looks up in shock. They embrace when he reaches her, but she’s angry that he ignored her warning. She informs him that the saloon they are in is where she has seen him die in her visions, and she’s spent the last three years refining her skills at controlling them, so she’s 100% sure that he will die if she agrees to go home with him.

Back at the studio, Lucy is sitting presumably waiting for Flynn and Wyatt to return so she can take them to where Jiya and Rufus are. Flynn finds her first. She’s momentarily worried for Wyatt’s safety until Flynn assures her that he’s fine. He shows more concern for Lucy as she informs him that her mother is dead. Flynn gives her his condolences for her loss. Lucy is disillusioned by her mother’s last words and being so blind to who Carol really was.

Flynn wants to put the blame squarely on Wyatt but Lucy defends him. She asks Flynn if it was his family would he look for the hidden catch or would he just be so grateful that they were back in his arms and life? She tells him that he can blame Wyatt. At which Flynn cuts her off. He tells her that he doesn’t give a damn about Wyatt. It’s not why he’s here. She asks him why he is here.

But Flynn doesn’t answer as Wyatt returns and the moment is lost as Flynn’s answer is too private to share in front of Wyatt. Wyatt asks where Rufus is, Lucy answers that she’ll take them. They all go to the saloon to join Rufus and get Jiya.

Emma and Jessica have reunited and they are on their way to the Saloon. Emma is ranting about how Rittenhouse is complete BS with it’s legacy families and acting like the British monarchy. She assures Jessica that they will do a better job running the cause. Jessica isn’t sure as she asks won’t the others just kill them. Emma assures her they won’t as she’s ‘The Bitch with the time machine’.

At the saloon, Jiya is showing Rufus a room she shares with three other women. She talks about her life and how she has plans to open her own place with her friends. Rufus tells her that this is crazy, they get into an argument as she’s trying to save his life. He is trying to save hers. The others catch up, there’s a quick and warm welcome for Lucy and Wyatt with an awkward greeting for Flynn. Flynn jokes that he’s practically family, and Rufus quips ‘the creepy uncle’.  Wyatt says that it’s time to go.

Jiya is adamant that she can’t go with them, but nobody accepts this. An argument ensues again where Rufus and Jiya shout angrily that they love each other. During which time, Emma and Jessica have arrived.

Emma and Jessica empty the bar of patrons as Emma fires her weapon into the air and shouts for Lucy, and the Team has to go into battle mode. Flynn and Wyatt take on the shooters while Lucy is tasked with getting Jiya and Rufus to the Lifeboat. Flynn clips Jessica in the arm, and Wyatt shouts at him to let Jessica go because she is pregnant. Lucy runs ahead during the gunfight and then all of the elements of Jiya’s vision start happening.

Jiya doesn’t just stand there and take it, though. She springs into action and succeeds in saving Rufus from being stabbed by a thug. It looks like they’ll get away clean, but as soon as they exit the saloon, Emma shoots; she hits Flynn in the right shoulder and hits Rufus in the chest, and he dies with a look of incredulity on his face as Wyatt and Jiya look on. They attempt to keep him alive but he dies from blood loss.

Lucy is furious. She grabs a gun and takes off after Emma, ready to kill her. She shoots and shoots, hitting Emma and knocking her down. Lucy is hysterical as she yells at Emma about what would she do if someone stole everything she had ever cared about. Emma taunts her, believing Lucy won’t pull the trigger. It takes Lucy a while to muster the determination to pull the trigger with the gun pressed to Emma’s forehead.

When she does, there are no bullets left and Emma seizes the opportunity to fight for her freedom. They fight roughly, in which Emma yells at Lucy for having willingly abandoned her Rittenhouse role. Flynn comes running, and Emma sees him, leaving Lucy bruised and bloodied. Flynn shows up. Emma stops her assault on Lucy and flees.  Flynn instead of pursuing Emma; stays with Lucy.

Lucy picks up his gun and empties the clip in Emma direction as she flees. The gun is empty and Lucy collapses onto the ground sobbing and gasping for air as her grief is too much to bear. Flynn, injured as he is lifts her off the ground into his arms and cradles her close as she sobs, comforting her as she lets out her pain.

1893- May 30th- Chicago, Illinois
(‘The World's Columbian Exposition’)

At the World’s Fair, Flynn shows Lucy the Fair in the distance and says that at 4 pm, there’s going to be an important meeting between Thomas Edison, Henry ford, and JP Morgan. He’s going to kill them all and Lucy is going to help her because they’re all a part of Rittenhouse. He says that Lucy wrote in her journal that one day the two of them would stop Rittenhouse together. Flynn wonders if he was wrong about her, and says that if they’re not meant to be a team then Lucy is expendable. He asks her if she’s going to help him or not.

When Rufus and Wyatt arrive at the Fair, the two men spot Roosevelt and figure that Flynn is nearby. they spot one of Flynn’s men, Karl, in the crowd and follow him as he goes to a hotel.

At a bar, Flynn tells Lucy that Edison and Ford are going to meet with Morgan, their financier. Their room will be heavily guarded, but he’s going to plant a bomb. Lucy says that Flynn will have to kill her because she won’t help, and doesn’t believe that he will kill innocents after what he did in the service. Karl comes in and says that Wyatt and Rufus went for Roosevelt just as Flynn predicted, and Flynn tells Lucy that he’s sent her friends to the World’s Fair Hotel.  Serial killer H.H. Holmes built the hotel and set it up as an elaborate death trap for his victims.

Wyatt and Rufus ask a caretaker if they’ve seen Karl. He says that he hasn’t and excuses himself, and the two men split up to find Lucy. Meanwhile, the caretaker watches them go. Flynn says that Lucy can still save her friends in time, if she helps him find someone who can help him evade the security.

Harry Houdini is performing as Lucy and Flynn sit in the audience. Lucy says that Harry isn’t famous yet but he’s the perfect man to get past security. When Harry calls for a volunteer, Lucy steps forward.

As Wyatt checks out the hallways, he bumps into a woman, Sophia Hayden. He notices that she has blueprints and says that he’s impressed. Wyatt helps her get her things into her room, and he asks if she’s seen Lucy. The caretaker watches them through a secret peephole. Rufus enters an suite and doesn’t find anyone, and realizes that no one has been in there for quite a while. He finds a furnace filled with ashes, and spots a human bone inside as the door slams shut behind him.

Wyatt hears the door close and tries the door, but discovers that it’s locked. Gas bumps in through the vents and Wyatt and Sophia collapse.

Harry does a handcuff escape with Lucy assisting him, He steps into a trunk and his brother Dash closes the lid. Dash then has Lucy confirm that the trunk is locked and tosses away the key. He then has her lift a curtain up, and lower it to reveal Harry standing atop the trunk, free.

After the show, Lucy says that he’s one of her biggest fans and claims that her uncle owns a theater in Chicago. She takes Harry out to see him and Flynn and Karl are waiting with guns. Flynn says that they need him to pick a lock.

Wyatt wakes up and finds a man looking down on him. The man introduces himself as George and says that they’ve been waiting for Wyatt to wake up. Rufus and Sophia are locked in with them, and Wyatt confirms that his gun is gone. George says that they’re still in the hotel and he is a guest, and he passed out in his room. He tells them that he’s been there a couple of hours, and Sophia says that the chamber is soundproof and airtight. Sophia explains that she’s an architect, and George offers them a box of Cracker Jacks. She wonders why someone would build an airtight chamber in a hotel, and Wyatt figures that someone built it to trap and kill people for fun. He secretly tells Rufus that Flynn deliberately led them there, and Lucy might be trapped somewhere else.

Lucy tells Harry that Flynn is holding her friends hostage, and insists that she really is a fan. Harry says that the real trick to escaping is to focus on escape. Lucy suggests that he show her the Cutpurse trick, and he agrees. They arrive at the building and have Harry pick the lock. He easily does so and Flynn takes him in while Karl stays with Lucy.

Flynn makes his way to the meeting room and waits until the Pinkertons step away. He gives Harry three minutes to open the lock on the door, but Harry spots a vent in the wall and jumps up to it and then climbs in. He then opens the door from the inside and Flynn points a charge of C4. Edison, Ford, and Morgan come in, and Flynn says that he knows they’re with Rittenhouse. He goes for his gun, but Harry has pickpocketed it and aims it as his head, and then takes the charge. He calls the Pinkertons and tells the three men to leave as quickly as possible, takes a bow, and leaves after handcuffing Flynn to a chair.

Outside, Harry knocks Karl out from behind and Lucy says that she came to him because she knew he was the best at getting out of tight spots. She then asks Lucy to ask for his help rescuing her friends, and figures that Harry is used to craziness.

As Wyatt works at the wall, the lights flicker out as the air runs out. George talks about his 8-year-old son and how he wants to hear his son laugh. Sophia talks about how her father is waiting for her to come home and tell him about her trip, and says that she designed the Woman’s Pavilion. She went to MIT, and assumes that Rufus is Robert Robinson Taylor, the first black man to go to MIT. Rufus says that he was the other one, just as Wyatt realizes that his efforts aren’t working. He says that he knows what it’s like to have someone disappear, and promises that he won’t let it happen to the others.

The Pinkertons come to get Flynn. When they unlock his handcuffs, he takes one as a shield, grabs his gun, and kills them both. Sophia finds one brick and realizes that the mortar is deteriorating. She gives Wyatt a hatpin to dig a hole.

Harry and Lucy enter the hotel and Harry warns that Holmes could be anywhere. They start searching while the caretaker watches them from the shadows. Wyatt manages to dig a hole and starts yelling through it. Lucy and Harry hear him, and they follow the voice to a hidden doorway behind a bookcase. Harry goes in and offers his hand to Lucy, and they continue on. When they find the hall, Lucy calls through and confirms that both her friends are there.

Harry picks the lock and Lucy hugs her friends, and gives Flynn’s gun to Wyatt. As they leave, Wyatt tells Lucy that they’re not done there. The team finds the caretaker, who says that his name is Pat Quinlan. They check his wallet and confirm he is who he says, and he says that Holmes is probably in his office on the third floor.

Wyatt tells Lucy to get the police and goes up with Quinlan. Lucy looks at the photos on the wall, and realizes that one of them is ”George.” As she yells a warning to Wyatt that George is Holmes, Holmes comes in behind her.

Outside, Rufus hears Lucy screaming. He runs inside and meets Wyatt coming down. Lucy wakes up and realizes that she’s locked up in a coffin- box. Holmes is outside and says that Flynn paid him to trap her friends. He wonders if Flynn set him up, and figures that they’ll find out.

Lucy begs him to let her out but Holmes tells her to be quiet and leaves. Clearing her mind, Lucy focuses like Harry told her earlier, setting aside her fear. Holmes says that if he burns in Hell then so will she, and starts to turn on the furnace. Lucy calls him by his real name and says that she’s not like the other women that he’s killed. Lucy says that she’s a psychic and knows that Holmes is a spiritualist, and tells him that she knows his future.

Quinlan tells Wyatt that he doesn’t want to know what’s going on in the hotel, and the caretaker says that sometimes Holmes goes to the basement.

Lucy describes Holmes’ history from her research, and says that she can help him if he lets her out. Wyatt comes in and aims his gun at Holmes, telling him not to move. Rufus gets Lucy out, and Holmes explains that he locked himself up with his victims to watch their fear. He says that he was born with the Devil in in him, and offers to confess to all of his murders. Holmes figures that Wyatt lost someone important to him, and he’ll give his victims’ families closure. Wyatt asks Lucy if Holmes is telling the truth, and she says that Holmes lies for profit. Holmes goes for a tool and Wyatt shoots him dead.

Later, Sophia thanks Wyatt for saving her life. She says that she hopes she’ll meet Rufus again at their class reunion. Harry asks Lucy to come with him as his assistant, and Lucy assures him that he’ll find an assistant soon. She tells him that he’ll go on to have an amazing career, and Harry says goodbye to them. Wyatt realizes that Harry has taken pickpocket his gun and orders him to hand it back, and Harry does so with a smile.

Once they’re alone, Lucy says that she knows they were going to save her and Wyatt jokingly points out that she saved them.


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