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1910 – (‘The War to End All Wars’)

Nicholas Keynes writes the Rittenhouse Manifesto. It is also the first time Rittenhouse write down the idea of a time machine (‘The War to End All Wars’).

1918 - September 14th, Saint Mihiel France
(‘A War to End All Wars’)

A soldier calls for Captain Albright. He finally locates Albright ling on the ground, and goes to get the truck. Albright grabs a folder with a cell phone from a nearby corpse, and brings up the Rittenhouse logo.

The Mothership arrives in 1918 and Lucy, Carol, and Emma come out with an armed Rittenhouse guard, Mac. Carol takes in the new setting and asks if Lucy is ready, and Lucy says that they should go and change history.

The women make their way to a cottage and Carol says that they’re waiting for Nicholas Keynes. She refuses to divulge more information, and Lucy and Emma bicker about how Lucy inherited her position in Rittenhouse. Carol finally tells them to stop, and tells Lucy that the trip is her chance to get answered. Once Lucy does, all of her questions will be answered.

A soldier approaches the cottage and when Carol and Lucy come out, he says that his friend needs help. Carol tells him that’s why he’s there.

Emma and Carol work on their delirious patient, Nicholas, while the soldier Edward asks if they’re Americans. Carol claims that their volunteer nurses, and tells Lucy to get Edward outside. As Lucy leads him out, Edward says that he’s from Michigan. Carol takes out a defibrillator and tells Lucy to get Edward out. When he refuses, Emma shoots him in the leg. She says that she thought Lucy should take care of it and gives Edward’s rifle to him.

Emma tells Lucy that they have to protect the mission, and after a moment Lucy takes the rifle, apologizes to Edward, and shoots him dead. Emma warns that she needs an x-ray to remove the shrapnel in Nicholas’ body.

Carol asks if Lucy is okay, and Lucy says that she’s fine. She suggests that they get an x-ray machine there. Later, Lucy, Carol, and Mac go to a nearby field hospital. Lucy asks Carol if she’s going to have to shoot innocent people, and Carol admits that Emma isn’t convinced that Lucy has embraced Rittenhouse. The women tell Mac that there should be a ”petite Curie” portable x-ray machine at the local field hospital.

They find Irene Curie and say that they need someone who can use the machine to operate on a soldier. Irene goes to get her mother, Marie, and Lucy warns Carol that if Marie gets hurt then it could endanger history. Carol insists that it’s important. Marie comes out with the chief surgeon, who complains that he’s not going to let an adulteress go off on her own. Irene points out that the surgeon is having an affair of his own, and he storms off.

Marie says that she has an injured soldier to tend to and will show Lucy how to operate the machine. Lucy says that she needs water and goes to a nearby tent over Carol’s objections.

Once she’s alone, Lucy goes to a weapon tent and loads up several grenades. Wyatt grabs her as she leaves, and Lucy is astonished that he’s alive and Rufus is with him. She hugs them and says that they have to go, and Carol is part of Rittenhouse. Lucy explains that they should take care of the Mothership and gives them directions, and admits that she wasn’t planning on going home. Carol calls to Lucy and Lucy tells the men that she’ll see them there and goes outside. She joins Carol and Marie and they go off together as Mac glances back at the tent.

Rufus figures that Wyatt is happy that Lucy is alive, and Wyatt abruptly says that they need their historian.

At the cottage, Marie assures Carol and Lucy that her equipment is safe. Irene explains that her mother was injured in a car accident and they didn’t realize she was alive. Marie says that there’s something wrong with the machine, and sends Irene to check the battery. Lucy goes with her.

Wyatt and Rufus walk through the field hospital camp and Rufus admits that he’s not thrilled that they’re chasing Rittenhouse through time again. His teammate points out that they’ve got it pretty good, and they find a truck to steal.

As they hotwire it, Captain Albright and his men arrest them. Wyatt insists that they’re volunteers, and Albright takes them to a tent. Mac is waiting and Rufus realizes that it’s a trap. They fight and Rufus hits Mac with a lamp, setting him on fire. Wyatt stabs him to death and finds Albright’s cell phone.

Irene adjusts the cables running from the truck battery to the x-ray machine, and walks Lucy through the procedure to make the connections. They talk about their mothers and how neither one thought they were good enough. Irene insists that Marie didn’t drag her there, and she can’t imagine having fun with lab work when she could be of service.

Marie, Carol, and Emma come out and Marie complains that the image is still blurry. She figures that there’s some kind of interference, and Emma tells them that the x-ray is good enough. Carol thanks them for their help and goes inside with Emma, and Lucy bids them goodbye.

Wyatt and Rufus drive to the cottage, and Wyatt points out that his family thinks that he’s dead and Jiya is having headaches. He tells Wyatt to admit that he loves Lucy, but Wyatt says nothing. They wonder how long Albright has been there to get the soldiers’ trust.

In the cottage, Emma reports that Nicholas is stable. She and Carol go into the next room to talk about the next steps, and Lucy goes into Nicholas’ room. She picks up a pillow and prepares to smother him, and Carol comes in and says that she hoped Emma was wrong. Lucy says that if she hadn’t killed Edward, Emma would have. Carol insists that she had no say in blowing up the Lifeboat and Lucy’s friends, and she brought Lucy because she wants them to be close again. Lucy points out that she’s been lying to her; her entire time, and Carol insists that she’s still the same person and everything that she’s done she’s done for Lucy. She warns that if Lucy tries something similar, she won’t be able to protect her. Emma comes in and asks if Nicholas is ready, and Carol tells Lucy that he’s coming home with them.

Wyatt finds scanned manuscripts on the phone for what Rittenhouse could do with a time machine written in 1910. Using a time machine, they’d own the world and wouldn’t have to control it. The truck runs out of gas.

Lucy, Carol, and Emma take Nicholas to the Mothership. Marie and Irene are there, tracking down the interference. Emma prepares to show them, and Lucy asks carol how she could hurt them. Marie asks them to spare Irene, and Carol orders Emma to put the gun down. Emma prepares to shoot anyway, and Lucy throws herself between Emma and the Curies. Carol tells Emma to put the gun down, and Emma says that she was ordered to kill Lucy if Carol couldn’t do it. Emma shows her that she found the grenade that Lucy brought to blow up the Mothership, and warns Carol that she can’t protect Lucy anymore.

Wyatt and Rufus arrive and threaten to shoot Nicholas. He says that they can leave with Nicholas if they hand Lucy over.

After a moment, Emma releases Lucy. Lucy asks Carol to come along with them, saying that she’d forgive her if she joined the right side of history. Her mother says that it’s bigger than both of them. Emma tells Lucy that she took a few trips in the Mothership to make sure that Lucy’s sister Amy never comes back. Carol and Emma then leave in the Mothership.

1919- March 4th, New York
(‘Mrs Sherlock Holmes’)

Once they arrive in 1919, the team goes to the York Hotel where Woodrow is staying. They hear a gunshot and figure that they’re too late, and run to investigate. Wyatt irritably tells Flynn that he’ll check it out, and Lucy asks a policeman what’s going on. The policeman tells Flynn to control his ”wife”, and Flynn repeats Lucy’s question. The policeman has no answers, and the team asks a reporter what happened. He says that someone shot Senator Wadsworth, Woodrow’s companion, and they arrested Alice for the shooting.

Lucy tells the others that Alice led the suffragette movement and never killed anyone. She explains that Wadsworth wasn’t historically important, but Alice gives a speech convincing Woodrow to support the 19th Amendment.

Flynn offers to go look for the Rittenhouse sleeper, and Wyatt objects. Lucy reminds them to focus on Alice, and Wyatt says that he and Lucy will get Alice out of jail while Rufus and Wynn find the sleeper.

Once they’re alone, Flynn tells Rufus that they’re on the same team and Rufus won’t get killed. Rufus figures that since Jiya has seen his death in the future, he has nothing to worry about in his present.

Wyatt and Lucy go to the police station and claim that they’re Alice’s attorneys. The desk sergeant Halpern says that they found the gun in Alice’s room, and mentions Sherlock Holmes. Lucy asks if Grace Humiston is in the station, and Halpern says that sometimes Grace uses the visitor’s room.

As they go there, Lucy explains to Wyatt that Grace was a brilliant lawyer and investigator that the NYPD used on consultations, and they called her ”Mrs. Sherlock Holmes”. Grace is working in the room and when she sees Lucy, tells Lucy not to waste her intellect on a married man. She recognizes Wyatt as a soldier with a concealed weapon, and Lucy tells Grace that she’s ahead of her time. Grace knows about Alice and Lucy explains that Alice was arrested for murder.

The detective agrees that Alice must be innocent and that she’ll talk to her. She says that Alice has to stop making speeches and goes to the front desk. Once she gets Halpern’s attention, she asks to see Alice. He refuses because of the chief’s orders, and Grace threatens to reveal that he’s drinking on the job if he doesn’t cooperate. Halpern takes them to Alice’s cell and Alice says that she and Grace have met. Alice tells them that she was in her room working on her speech when they broke into her room and arrested her.

Grace points out that it doesn’t look like Alice is innocent, and Alice asks them to leave. Lucy says that Alice is facing starvation and forced feeding, but Alice tells them to get the press in there to see what is happening to her. Lucy tells her that if she wants to change hearts and minds, she has to give her speech.

The trio leaves and Lucy complains that Grace is treating Alice like a criminal. Grace points out that Alice isn’t helping their cause and would rather earn respect, and goes to talk to the detective in charge.

Lucy admits that Grace isn’t what she expected and says that the detective’s point of view is wrong. Wyatt says that he saw her come out of Flynn’s room, and Lucy says that they didn’t have a relationship. She tells Wyatt that what she does is none of his business. Grace comes back and asks what happened between them.

Rufus and Flynn go to Wadsworth room and look for a clue that the sleeper. An officer comes in and doesn’t believe their explanation that they’re Pinkertons, and draws his gun on Rufus. Rufus says that he’s not dying and tells Flynn to take the officer down. Flynn objects, and Emma come in and shoots the officer in the back.

Flynn disarms her and he wonders why she shouldn’t kill him. Emma says that she wants to stop Rittenhouse and offers her help. Flynn draws his gun, and Emma explains that she has her reasons for seeing the 19th Amendment passing. She says that there are orders to kill Lucy, and she’s their best shot at stopping the sleeper.

As Emma leads Rufus and Flynn away. Flynn asks what Rufus is doing. Rufus explains about Jiya seeing his death in the future so he knows that he can’t die until then, and Flynn points out that someone could still cripple Rufus. Emma says that she’s not going to tell them where the sleeper agent is because then they’d kill her right away, and explains that Rittenhouse left her stranded in the 1880s to test her loyalty. She tells them that they’re heading to the march because the sleeper is a suffragette.

Once she talks to the head detective, Grace goes to the hotel with Lucy and Wyatt. She questions the bellhop who told the detective that he saw Alice go into Wadsworth’s room. Grace notices that he’s wearing an expensive wristwatch, and walks off when Grace demands the truth. She threatens to tell the manager that the bellhop is dealing drugs to the guests, and he says that a guest left him a note offering him $50 bucks to say that he saw Alice. Grace asks to see the note and once he hands it over, they go back to the station to see if Alice recognizes the handwriting. Alice is dead in her cell.

Afterward, the police declare Alice’s death a suicide Grace and Lucy don’t believe it, and Lucy insists that Alice wasn’t supposed to die. Grace tells her to find someone else to give the speech, and insists that speeches and marches don’t change the world. She says that her job is to solve the case, not change the world, and tells Lucy to help her or get out of her way.

They go to the suffragette headquarters and Grace tells them that Alice is dead. The women figure that Grace was involved because she works with the police, and Lucy tells them that Grace is trying to find the killer. She asks if someone will give Alice’s speech, and says that it would be disrespectful not to honor Alice’s memory by delivering it.

Wyatt speaks up, saying that he’s lost good people but they shouldn’t give up. The women decide to hold a silent vigil, and Grace asks for a vote. The suffragettes vote in favor of the vigil.

Emma tell Rufus and Flynn that when the march starts, she’ll need to get outside and find the sleeper. Flynn wonders what’s in it for her, and Emma agrees to tell them if they let her do what she has to do. When Flynn says that he’ll consider it, Emma describes she was one of three women to get through the program at Caltech. Rittenhouse found her and begged her to come work for them, and Emma figures that if women can’t vote then she would have been trapped with her drunk father forever. Emma tells them that whether they trust her or not, she’s killing the sleeper. After a moment Flynn gives her her gun back.

Lucy complains to Grace that it’s the last time they’ll get a vote. She says that since Grace is tough enough to get into man’s world, she figures that other women should be able to do it as well. Grace concedes the point and says that she helps solve the murder of women, and Lucy tells her to focus on live women. She angrily says that if Grace isn’t going to help then she should get out of the way, and one of the suffragettes suggests that Lucy give the speech.

Lucy says at maybe she will and goes out. Wyatt goes after her and warns that the sleeper will try to kill her, and refuses to let her get hurt. Lucy tells him that it’s too late for that and she got screwed when Jessica came back, and goes to give her speech.

Later, the suffragettes march and Emma is among them trying to spot the sleeper. Lucy is in the march as Wyatt patrols at the sides, and Rufus and Flynn find him. He tells them that Alice is dead, and they explain that Emma is helping them.

Meanwhile, one of the suffragettes, Charlotte, puts a gun in Lucy’s back and leads her into an alley. When she tries to shoot Lucy, she discovers that the bullets are gone. Lucy grabs her, and Grace steps out and reveals that she took the bullets. Emma arrives and shoots Charlotte, and then tells Lucy to give the speech. Lucy quickly leaves with Grace, and Emma slips back into the shadows.

When they return to the march, Grace slips away. The others away and Lucy tells them what happened. Woodrow pulls up and Wyatt tells Rufus to stay back. Rufus figures that he can’t die and goes after them, while the suffragettes come to the police line.

Grace looks at the police beating the women, and Wyatt attacks a policeman. One officer knocks Rufus down and kicks him, and Flynn knocks the officer out. Lucy yells to Woodrow as he goes inside. Grace yells that it all has to stop, saying that someone else was supposed to be there.

Woodrow turns to hear her, and Grace says that Alice deserves justice and now it’s her time to speak. She insists that they must fight and women’s suffrage is inevitable. The police take her away, and Lucy sees Woodrow nod to Grace and realizes that Grace did it.

Wyatt tells Lucy that she’s the one who did it, and gets her out of the march. As Lucy and Wyatt walk down the street, the police release Grace and she finds them. She explains that the police couldn’t risk arresting her for speaking without risking losing her services. Grace explains that the note was written by a left-handed woman, and only Charlotte voted with her left hand. She wonders if Lucy and Wyatt are Canadians.

They say that they’re not, and Grace promises to figure it out eventually. As she leaves, Flynn and Rufus arrive, Lucy is concerned for Rufus’s injuries and asks if he’s ok and Flynn tells Rufus that he’s an idiot and that invincible does not mean what he thinks it does. The team return to lifeboat.

1927- May 21st, Paris, France
(‘The Lost Generation’)

Flynn, Emma, and Karl arrive in 1927, and Karl sets up an anti-aircraft gun, Flynn checks Lucy’s journal but refuses to explain to Emma. The Spirit of Saint Louis flies in, and Flynn tells Emma that Charles will be fine and he’s just going to force the pilot to land early.

Flynn fires the missiles and the airplane goes down. Flynn, Karl, and Emma go over as Charles staggers out of the plane, and Flynn welcomes him to Paris.

The lifeboat lands and David admits that he isn’t nauseous from the trip. They go to where Charles is supposed to touch down, and they come to some bicyclists heading to where Charles crashed.

When the team gets there, they find the plane wreckage but no sign of Charles. David confirms that the plane landed after a rocket hit the tail rudder, He works out where Flynn fired the rocket, and a reporter overhears him and asks if he thinks Charles is still alive.

The reporter introduces himself as Ernest Hemingway, and Lucy says that she’s read all of his books, and quickly corrects herself to say only the one book that Ernest has written so far. David finds a cigarette and Ernest recognizes the smell, and says that there’s only one place in Paris that sells it. If they agree to let him tag along, he’ll show them where it is.

Once the team agrees, Ernest takes the trio to the Dingo Bar. He says that Josephine can find Flynn, and Rufus realizes that the singer is Josephine Baker. David has no idea who she is, and Lucy explains that she’s the biggest entertainer in France as well as a spy for the Allies. Once Josephine finishes her set, Ernest introduces them to her.

At the Paris club, Josephine says that she’s never seen Flynn or Karl. Rufus introduces himself and Josephine flirts with him briefly. She takes the photos and goes to ask around.

Flynn checks on the locked-up Charles and Emma says that his shoulder is dislocated. She tells Karl to get some absinthe for Charles’ pain, and Emma says that she’s going to the Dingo Bar to meet some famous people.

Josephine tells the trio that she hasn’t come up with anything. Lucy is watching Picasso sitting with F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, and figures that they’re confused and lost after having seen too much violence. Josephine figures that she’s speaking from experience, and Lucy talks about how she thought facts were solid. The singer tells Lucy that they’re battered and broke down, but getting ready to get back up.

Ernest is drinking when Rufus and Lucy come over. Josephine joins them and says that her friend saw Flynn walk into an old chateau. David points out Emma at the bar.

When they go after her, Flynn’s men open fire. David has a period gun and Lucy tells him that he’s supposed to ignore the rules about bringing 2017 items back. He manages to take down one of Flynn’s men but is shot and killed in the process.

Lucy and Rufus go up to Josephine’s apartment, figuring that they can’t stay with David’s body. Lucy wonders how they’ll find Charles now, and Rufus figures that Wyatt would pull it all together.

Ernest comes out of the bathroom and asks if they need a soldier, and reminds them that he served in the Great War. Lucy points out that he was an ambulance driver and drunk, but Ernest refuses to take no for an answer.

The trio goes to the chateau and Ernest tells them that he’s going to be ill. Rufus finally takes him out, and Lucy continues searching.

Rufus and Ernest return but Lucy has disappeared. Karl drags Flynn to the catacombs beneath Paris and she explains that David is the dead man. She figures that Flynn knew who her real father was, and Flynn says that she needed to learn it for herself. He explains that Charles is part of Rittenhouse, and in a decade he becomes a hatemonger.

Lucy says that she’ll talk to Charles and convince him not to be a part of Rittenhouse. Flynn agrees to spare Charles if Lucy can find a better way, and locks her in the room with Charles. Lucy claims that she’s part of the Rittenhouse family, and Charles recognizes the Cahills as a pureblood family. She tends to his dislocated shoulder, and Charles explains that his father is a Congressman and told him what they really were. He admits that it’s hard to take in, and Lucy understands. Charles tells her that Rittenhouse wants him to say terrible things about people as a distraction.

When Lucy tells him that he doesn’t have to do it, Charles wonders what else he’s supposed to do. She explains that she was offered her dream job but her mother said that Lucy couldn’t leave her. Amy told her to go for it and stand up to Carol, but Lucy turned down the job. Her sister was disappointed in her, and Lucy figures that she’d tell both of them that nobody gets to decide their futures except themselves.

Ernest and Rufus search the chateau but find nothing. Rufus complains about everything that he’s been through in the last two days, and now he has no idea what to do. Ernest takes a drink and then says that losing all of his friends in the war almost broke him. He offers Rufus a drink, and says that his choices are to give up or live. Ernest tells Rufus that he can stand there like a corpse or fight, and Rufus yells that he’s fought. Ernest congratulates him, and Rufus drops the bottle.

Rufus figures that Flynn is in the catacombs and they look for a way down.

Charles and Lucy drink a bottle of wine, he says that he can’t go against his father. Lucy tells him that their fathers don’t care about them, and suggests that he let people think that he’s dead. Charles warns that he was supposed to call Julian Charvet when he landed and Rittenhouse would handle the rest.

Flynn and Emma are listening, and Emma recognizes Charvet as a major car manufacturer in Europe. Flynn tells Emma to keep listening and he’ll be back. Meanwhile, Lucy tells Charles that he can choose the life that he wants.

Flynn goes to Charvet’s house and asks if he’s a Rittenhouse leader. He then draws a gun and says that they have a lot to talk about. Rufus and Ernest search the catacombs for Lucy. Karl hears them calling for her and goes after them.

He finds Rufus, and Ernest jumps him and punches him unconscious. They find Lucy and Charles, but Emma comes in behind them. Rufus says that either she’s coming with them or she’s letting them pass. After a moment, Emma steps aside and the group leaves. Before he goes, Rufus tells Emma to be careful.

Back at Josephine’s apartment, Josephine says that she’ll find some place for Charles to quietly retire. Rufus tells Ernest that he has to keep the whole thing a secret, and Ernest says that he did it for the fun of it. He tells Rufus to live for everyone that can’t, and Rufus agrees.

1931- March 13th, Chicago. Illinois
(‘Public Enemy No.1’)

Flynn goes to the building owned by Al Capone and claims that he has something of vital interest to him. Flynn shows him tax papers with key evidence of the case the government is building against Al. Al isn’t impressed, but Flynn also has a letter from Al’s accounting Mattingly. The accountant makes some serious accusations against Al.

Flynn warns that Al will go to prison with the evidence he has. Al tells his henchman Frank to dispose of Mattingly and admits that he owes Flynn a favour.

Rufus, Wyatt, and Lucy travel to 1931 without any period clothing. Lucy figures that there’s only one place Flynn can go to.

Al is talking to the press, saying that the government never had any evidence against him. Lucy explains that the people of Chicago love Al, while Al says that the case was dropped against him because of a lack of evidence.

The trio spots Flynn with Al and watch him get into the car with Al. Once they drive off, Lucy explains that Al was supposed to go to prison for tax evasion. A man comes out of the courthouse and Lucy spots him. A reporter asks the man, Eliot Ness, if he wants to comment. Eliot slugs him and walks off, and the trio goes after him.

The team catches up to Eliot and they claim that they’re private investigators. They ask about Flynn, and Eliot says that he hasn’t seen him before. Wyatt claims that Flynn is a dangerous gangster in San Francisco teaming up with Al, and William Randolph Hearst hired them.

The team goes to Eliot’s apartment and A he explains that he moved there once Al learned ˆ where he originally lived. Rufus wonders how he copes with his loved ones being threatened, and Eliot says that he couldn’t face himself or his family if he gave up.

Someone knocks at the door and Eliot assumes that it’s his agent, Billy. A hitman fires through the door, gunning Eliot down. When the hitman comes in, Wyatt kills him and Lucy realizes that Eliot is dead. Wyatt says that there’s nothing they can do and they have to leave before the police arrive.

The trio sneaks out and Wyatt steals a car, and says that they’re going to find Al first. As he hotwires the car, Wyatt explains about how they have to focus on one problem at a time. First they stop Al and then they deal with Flynn.

Lucy says that she knows who they can ask to help them deal with Al. That night, the trio goes to the home of Jimmy Capone. Lucy explains that they need his help with his brother Al.

Jimmy lets them inside and Lucy says that he left Brooklyn, changed his name, and became a Prohibition agent. Jimmy says that his family doesn’t know his real name, and insists that he’s not like Al.

Jimmy’s wife and sons come in, and Jimmy claims the trio are lost and escorts them into the next room. Wyatt explains that Al had Eliot killed They need Jimmy to take them to Al and then arrest him, and Jimmy figures that they’re crazy.

Later, Al has Mayor William Hale Thompson brought to his office. In return for helping Al, Flynn wanted to talk to Thompson. Flynn punches Thompson in the stomach and says that he knows he’s a member of Rittenhouse and has some questions.

Lucy asks Jimmy to help them bring Al in before he kills any more people. Jimmy says that he hasn’t seen Al in 20 years and he’s no G-Man, and he doesn’t want to be the one who puts his younger brother in prison.

Lucy asks if Jimmy knows that Al has been trying to find Jimmy for years because he misses him, and says that she had to give up family as well. She hopes that Jimmy can save Al, and figures that he became a cop because he wanted to set right what Al has set wrong. Lucy tells Jimmy that he’s the only one who can help him.

Flynn beats Thompson and demands to know about the meeting Julian Charvet told him about four years ago. Thompson knows that Charvet was killed four years ago, and Flynn says that Charvet told him about a meeting where all of the Rittenhouse members get together but didn’t know the details. Al offers Flynn his bat, and Thompson says that the meeting was two years ago in DC. They only meet once every 25 years, and the next meeting is in 1954. Satisfied, Flynn prepares to shoot Thompson. Al says that he doesn’t want the mess and tells his men to take Thompson to the docks. Flynn thanks Al, and Al figures that he still owes him one. His new ally says that he knows a way to make it even.

Jimmy goes to the lobby of Al’s hotel penthouse with the trio and spots Frank, one of his friends from the Brooklyn days. Frank recognizes him and they hug, and Jimmy says that the trio are his friends.

Frank escorts the group into Al, and after a minute he hugs Jimmy. Al asks who the trio are, and Jimmy claims that they’re friends. Jimmy asks what the real story is about Al’s facial scars. Al explains that Frank cut his face over Frank’s sister, and their bosses made them make peace.

Jimmy says that he’s a Prohibition agent but not a very good one, and shares a drink with Al. Al figures that Jimmy has a reason for being there, and Lucy admits that they asked Jimmy to come there. They describe Flynn, and Al says that Flynn did a couple of favors for him and mentioned Rittenhouse’s meeting in 1954.

Jimmy looks at the team and then says that he’s there to arrest Al. Al bursts into laughter, figuring that his brother is kidding. He realizes that Jimmy is serious, and Jimmy says that someone has to stop him because he’s out of control. Al says that their father and brother died, and Jimmy never came to the funerals. He tells them that Flynn said that they might come for him, and Al draws a gun and says that he made a deal to kill Rufus so that they couldn’t follow Flynn. Jimmy draws his gun on Al and tells him to lower his weapon. Al says that their father must be turning over in his grave to see what Jimmy has become, and Jimmy says that he disappeared because he didn’t want to end up like Al.

When Jimmy tells his brother that they’re nothing alike, Al agrees but says that they’re family and family is more important than anything so Jimmy won’t shoot. Wyatt shoves Rufus out of the way but Rufus takes a bullet in the stomach, and Jimmy shoots Al.

When Frank goes for his guns, Wyatt kills him. Jimmy kneels by his dead brother and strokes his face. Wyatt says that they have to get Rufus to a hospital, but Lucy warns that there’s no hospital in 1931 that can treat him.

Jimmy says that the police are on the way, and they get Rufus up. Lucy thanks Jimmy for his help and says that they’ll take it from there.

They drive to the lifeboat and get in, and the badly wounded Rufus manages to start the activation and collapses.

1934- May 22nd, Arkansas, Dust Ball Era
(The Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde’)

The trio goes to McElroy via a stolen car, and Rufus turns off the recorder. They discuss if they should tell Denise about Rittenhouse, and Wyatt figures that they need backup. He’s figured out that Jiya and Rufus are together, and Rufus says that they should concentrate on the mission. He turns the recorder on and Wyatt and Lucy go inside.

Inside the bank, Lucy asks the manager if she can start an account. Bonnie and Clyde come in and rob the place, introducing themselves. Lucy stares at Clyde, who is happy that someone has heard of them. The robbers open the vault and order everyone in, and take the money. Lucy sees Bonnie wearing the key around her neck.

Outside, Rufus helps a girl drink from a water fountain. Hamer and his men pull up, and Rufus sees Flynn among them. He tells the girl to run as the Rangers surround in on the bank. Bonnie tells the customers that their money is just fine, and leaves with Clyde.

Wyatt and Lucy go after them, and Rufus shouts a warning. The Rangers open fire, and they take fire. Wyatt spots Flynn, and Clyde guns down one agent. Bonnie and Clyde notice Wyatt shooting at Flynn, and Lucy yells that the cops are after them. They make a run for their stolen car, Wyatt providing cover fire, and they drive off in the car.

That night, Lucy and Wyatt introduce themselves and Lucy claims that they were casing the bank until the robbers arrived. Wyatt complains that they screwed it up for them, and Lucy uses her knowledge of history to take credit for a bank robbery. Clyde asks them to cut them in, and Wyatt claims that they spent the money.

The robbers direct them to a nearby barn by their cabin and tell them to meet them inside once they’re done. Once they’re alone, Lucy suggests that they talk to the couple first and figure out what they key is for and who had it originally.

Wyatt reluctantly agrees and Lucy says that they have to grab the key before 9 a.m. because that’s when Hamer and his men kill the robbers.

A deputy arrests Rufus after a witness spots him, and Rufus points out that he wouldn’t be robbing banks with two white people. The deputy isn’t convinced, and Wyatt spots Rufus and points him out to Hamer. As Hamer comes over, Rufus tries to get away without success. Hamer says that Flynn–posing as a bounty hunter—said that they have to have a little talk.

Hamer tells Rufus that Flynn claimed that Rufus was their driver. Rufus shows Hamer his drivers ID with his fake name, Wesley Snipes. Hamer shows it to Flynn and points out that it’s authentic, and asks for three minutes alone with Rufus to prove his claim.

The Ranger talks about how he stood up to a mob once and isn’t afraid to stand up to Flynn. After a moment, Flynn apologizes and Hamer says that he agreed to let Flynn help in return for the key. He says that they have an actual member of the Barrow gang to help them and walks off.

In the cabin, Clyde pours hooch for everyone and eyes Lucy. Lucy notices the key and Bonnie notices her noticing, and Lucy asks where she got it. Bonnie says that Clyde got it for her when they got engaged, and she describes how he proposed to her. She tells them that she’s already married to Roy Parker, and assures Clyde that she loves him. Lucy listens, intrigued, as Clyde says that he knew when he saw her that it was meant to be. Lucy says that it’s even better than she read about, and hastily adds that she read it in the newspapers.

Bonnie notices Lucy’s engagement ring and figures that she and Wyatt are engaged, and Wyatt describes in detail how he proposed. He’s drawing on his proposal story with Jessica. Lucy hastily agrees and Wyatt kisses her to convince the robbers. Clyde proposes a toast to true love, and Wyatt and Lucy join in.

Later, Bonnie is writing a poem about her and Clyde. Wyatt and Clyde have no choice but to cuddle to maintain their cover, and Bonnie says that she feels like they don’t have much time. However, as long as they go out together it doesn’t matter.

Wyatt asks where Clyde got the necklace, and he says that it’s unique. He robbed it from Henry Ford after he sent a letter to Ford praising his cars as getaway vehicles. Later, Clyde robbed one of Ford’s businesses and found the necklace key.

Lucy looks at it and Bonnie says that it’s never opened any lock they’ve found. There’s Latin on it, and Clyde says that Ford posted a $30,000 reward for the necklace.

Lucy goes to the kitchen and takes Wyatt with her. Once they’re alone, Lucy says that the Latin means ”The key’s the beginning of all time and the end of all time.” Wyatt figures that they’ll pass out soon, and then they can grab the key and get out.

The Rangers bring in the gang member, Henry Methvin. Hamer asks if he knows Rufus, and Henry says that Bonnie and Clyde aren’t working with anyone so he doesn’t know. He finally tells Hamer that the couple is at their cabin, and Hamer releases Rufus. As he goes, Rufus tells Hamer that he’s a good man, sees Flynn waiting for him, and asks if there’s a back way out.

Hamer tells Flynn that he let Rufus go and they have a location, and asks if Flynn is in our out. Bonnie and Clyde end up in bed having sex. Wyatt and Lucy lie in bed in the next room and listen, and Wyatt admits that they’re in love. Lucy considers the chemistry between them, and admits that she’s never had love like the couple does. Wyatt says that it happened to him and Lucy realizes that the engagement story he told was the night he proposed to Jessica. She tells him that he doesn’t have to live the rest of his life with no one else, and that they all have to be open to possibilities.

As they look at each other, Bonnie and Clyde finally pass out from the hooch. Lucy and Wyatt get dressed and sneak into the next room, and Wyatt starts to remove the necklace. There’s a knock at the door, and Clyde instantly comes awake. Wyatt claims that he heard a noise, and they answer the door to find Henry. Clyde lets him in and Henry claims that he shook the Rangers. Henry wonders where they’re from, but Clyde leaves him off. Lucy tells Wyatt that Henry is the one that gives up the couple and took them on a killing spree.

She wonders what he’s doing there, and Wyatt says that they need to get the key and go. Rufus arrives and Lucy tells him where the key is. He warns that Hamer is on his way, and Clyde catches them and draws a shotgun on them. He takes them inside and Henry recognizes Rufus from the station.

Rufus says that Henry sold them out, and Henry tells Clyde to kill them. Before he can, Rufus plays his recorder and the recording he made of Henry talking to Hamer.

Hamer, Flynn, and the Rangers are approaching the cabin when they hear a gunshot.

Clyde looks down at the dying Henry that he shot. Wyatt draws his gun and tells the couple that he’s sorry. Lucy says that they came for the necklace, but Bonnie says that they’ll have to kill them both.

The Rangers open fire and Bonnie and Clyde run out. Hamer wounds Clyde, and Flynn grabs Bonnie. Before Clyde can shoot Flynn, Hamer finishes Clyde off. Flynn grabs the key and Bonnie goes to Clyde, insisting that he promised not to leave her.

The Rangers surround them and Bonnie goes for Clyde’s gun. Hamer has no choice but to shoot her so she dies with her lover. Meanwhile, the trio runs off to the lifeboat.

1934- September 17th, Wallingford, Connecticut
(‘The Kennedy Curse’)

Flynn, Wyatt and Rufus go to save a 17 year old JFK.

Flynn is abandoned in the past and is left to deal with the three sleeper agents.

1936- November 23rd- San Antonio Texas, The Gunter Hotel
(‘The King of Delta Blues’)

The Lifeboat arrives in 1936 and Connor admires his first time travelling experience and then throws up from the trip. He tells them that Robert will record his album in one hour and fifteen minutes. They steal clothes and get a car, and head into San Antonio.

Robert is recording his album when a man bursts in and prepares to shoot Robert. Garcia arrives and kills the man, and the others come in. Lucy says that they’re part of the new FBI and Connor claims that he’s a British agent on special assignment. Don figures that the killer didn’t come in by accident, and says that they warned him that Robert was cursed.

Connor tells them that Don and Robert have to resolve their differences, and Lucy says that they’re big fans. Don points out that Robert has left, and Lucy sends Connor and Rufus to find Robert while she and Flynn watch Don. As Don cleans up, Lucy says that he has to help Robert make his album. She tells him that Robert is amazing and Don could make him a legend, but Don figures that he’s a loser. Lucy asks if he wants to be a bookkeeper the rest of his life, and tells him that his instincts about Robert were right. Don figures that she’s manipulating him but admits that it worked. He agrees to record Robert if the others find Robert.

Robert is walking down the highway hitching a ride when Rufus and Connor pull up. The singer says that he’s cursed, and Rufus tells him that the record he makes could change the world. Connor knows all about Robert’s sister Carrie, who owns a bar nearby. He offers to take Robert there, and whispers to Rufus that they don’t have any chance but to play along. Robert agrees but tells them not to say anything about making a record.

The trio stop at a gas station and Rufus makes a phone call to the Gunter. Meanwhile, Robert tells Connor that he’s just dropping in to say goodbye before he hits the road. Connor tells Robert that he’s a poet, and says that he believe sin his talent.

Rufus comes back and says that he left a message for Lucy, and Connor tells Robert that he knows about his deal with the devil. Robert says that the devil tricked him, making him a widower at 18 and 21, and death and heartbreak follow him everywhere he goes. The singer figures that he can’t keep helping the people he hurt. Connor says that he’s made his own deal with the devil and it cost him everything he had, and Robert figures that he understands what he’s doing. Once he says goodbye to Carrie, he’s quitting for good.

At the hotel room, Lucy tells Flynn that don went to get the equipment to fix the recorder. Flynn jokingly says that he’s way more fun on the missions than Wyatt, and figures that it’s awkward between Lucy and Wyatt now that Jessica is there. He read in her future journal that he knows she secretly keeps a bottle of vodka under her bed, and says that he understands her from reading it. Lucy says that he doesn’t know her, and Flynn drops the matter for the moment. A bellhop arrives with Rufus’ message.

Rufus, Connor, and Robert arrive at Carrie’s bar and Rufus steps on a man’s shoes. Connor quickly apologizes and tells Rufus that he’s studied bluesmen all of his life. The customers tell Robert that Carrie stepped out, and Connor realizes that they’re three of the greatest singers of the era. He addresses one as Bessie Smith, and she hugs him and everyone cheers. Connor orders a round of drinks on the house.

Lucy and Flynn find Don coming up the stairs and say that they’re going to the bar, and Don says that they were looking for Robert last week. Betty steps out and opens fire, killing Don before running off. Flynn realizes that Betty was a Rittenhouse sleeper and now she knows where Robert is. Lucy and Flynn drive to the bar, figuring Betty is only a few minutes ahead of them.

Flynn hums along to a song on the radio, and says that his wife Lorena used to sing it. He admits that Lucy was right and he doesn’t know her, and that he’d like to get to know her. Lucy says that Carol used to sing the song, too, and they talk about their families. When Lucy mentions her sister, Flynn says that he never intended to make her disappear and he insists that somehow they’ll save the people they love. He says that Lucy in the journal is very impressive.

At the bar, Connor listens as the blues men talk about Robert singing. Rufus tells Connor that he’s worried that Lucy and Flynn didn’t get his message. Connor tells Rufus that when they get back to the present, he’s going to ramble on like Robert does. He points out that he hasn’t helped the team, but Rufus insists that their missions aren’t life-counseling sessions. Carrie comes in and Robert leads her away to tell that he’s leaving.

At the bar, Robert hugs Carrie and says goodbye. Connor and Rufus see them and Connor wonders what they’re going to do now. Betty comes in and aims her gun at Robert. Before she can shoot, Rufus jumps her and someone shoots her down. Flynn and Lucy arrive, and they realize that Connor shot Betty.

Once the bar clears out, Lucy tells Rufus that they brought the equipment and maybe Connor can record Robert. Connor is in shock, and Rufus goes over and tells him that Don is dead and they need Connor to record Robert. Connor warns that it’s not the same and won’t have the same impact, and tells Rufus to do it. Rufus points out that Connor is the expert on Robert, and Connor says that fan boys don’t save the world.

The younger man says that he was Connor’s fan boy, and he only got through MIT because Connor came and said that believed in him. Rufus tells Connor that it’s him returning the favor. Carrie brings Robert in and Robert says that the devil followed him there. As he prepares to leave, Connor asks him why he started singing.

Robert says that he wanted to be the greatest bluesman in the world, and Connor tells him that nobody will ever know it. He admits that he was rich and famous, and lost it all. Like Robert, he has to decide to walk away or fight back. Connor tells Robert that the bad luck will keep chasing him until he stands his ground and fights. Soon, Connor sets up the recording equipment and tells Robert to sing. Robert does so as everyone listens and smiles.

1937-  May 6th - Manchester Township, New Jersey, United States (‘Pilot’)

The Lifeboat lands in 1937 and the trio disembarks. Lucy points out the dirigible overhead

and figures that they’re there. The team walks into the nearby town of Manchester, and Wyatt wonders why they don’t go back and stop Garcia before he steals the mothership.

Rufus explains that they can’t go back to anytime where they might meet their past selves.

The one time they tried it, only part of the pilot came back.

The trio take a bus into Manchester and Lucy wishes her mother could see it. As they head down the street Lucy explains that the Hindenburg is just reaching the airfield but won’t be able to land because of the weather. It will make a number of turns building up static electricity, and the ground crew will rag the landing ropes through the soaked grass. The resulting spark will ignite the hydrogen, setting the Hindenburg on fire. Lucy doesn’t know what Garcia plans to do, and Wyatt says that he’ll deal with Garcia when they find him.

The team goes into the tavern and everyone stares at Rufus. Lucy suggests that he wait

outside and he reluctantly goes. Meanwhile, Wyatt orders a drink at the bar and Lucy asks if the man has seen Garcia. He hasn’t and goes back to work. Meanwhile, Lucy spots Kate Drummond across the room and tells Wyatt that she shouldn’t be there. Wyatt stares at her and tells Lucy that Kate reminds her of someone. He joins Kate at a pinball machine and asks if she wants a drink. He recites the information on Kate’s career that Lucy told him, and she realizes that Wyatt is a soldier.

Lucy joins them and says that it’s a pleasure to meet Kate. Wyatt claims that Lucy is his older sister, and Kate says that she’s going to the coronation after the Hindenburglands. Kate recognizes Garcia from their photo and says that he hired on as an extra hand at the nearby airfield. Outside, Lucy and Wyatt meet Rufus. Wyatt is shocked when Lucy says that Kate will die in the crash, and Lucy says that they can’t change history.

At the airfield, the trio searches the crowd for Garcia. Lucy spots Commander Rosendahl and tells him that Garcia is a patient from a mental hospital where they work. Rosendahl agrees to help and has his officers search for Garcia.

The team splits up to search for Garcia as the Hindenburg comes in to land. Radio announcer Herb Morrison describes the dirigible’s approach, and Wyatt spots Kate in the crowd and goes over to her.

Lucy spots Garcia and calls to Wyatt. However, the soldier doesn’t hear her and gets to Kate.

He suggests that she come with him, and tries to drag her to cover. However, the Hindenburg doesn’t blow up on time. Kate walks away, furious, and Rufus finds Wyatt.

They both realize that Lucy is gone.

Lucy follows Garcia to a nearby hangar, but Garcia’s lieutenant grabs her and prepares to

take her to Garcia. Wyatt attacks the man and shoots him dead with a silenced pistol, and Lucy watches as the passengers leave the Hindenburg.

As night falls, Rufus realizes that the crewmen wrapped the ropes up and kept the Hindenburg from grounding. Lucy points out that 37 people living will change their present. Wyatt searches the terrorist and finds a walkie-talkie, and Rufus rewires it to track Garcia’s unit.

As they wait, Lucy complains that Wyatt brought a modern gun with him. Wyatt warns that

there’s always a mess and he has to take out Garcia. Lucy asks him why he ran after Kate,

but before he can answer, Rufus comes over. He says that the walkie is actually a detonator for a bomb. Lucy realizes that Garcia plans to blow it on the way out with several passengers like Rockefeller and Sikorsky, going to the coronation. The police arrive in response to an anonymous tip and arrest the trio, and find the dead body.

Garcia watches from across the airfield as the police take the team away.

The police take the trio to the local station house and lock them up. Lucy warns that the

Hindenburg will leave at dawn. Lucy repeats her question about Wyatt’s interest in Kate, and he finally says that she reminds him of his wife Jessica. She died because of him and he couldn’t let Kate die.

At the airfield, Kate boards the Hindenburg and passes two stewards. She notices something

wrong with them. The police officer examines Wyatt’s gun, and Wyatt notices Lucy’s modern bra. He says that he knows how to get out, and tells Rufus to make a distraction.

Rufus asks the officer for a glass of water, and objects when the officer calls him ”boy.” Rufus tells the officer that the future isn’t on his side. man walks off, and Wyatt tells Lucy to take off her underwire bra. Once she does, Wyatt removes the wire and uses it as a lock pick on the cell door. The officer comes back with another officer to beat Rufus, and Wyatt gets free and takes one out. Rufus clubs the other one unconscious with his own nightstick, and they head for the Hindenburg.

At the airfield, the trio boards the dirigible and bump into Kate. She figures Wyatt is thereto attack her again, and Wyatt says that there is a bomb onboard and the man in the photoplanted it. Kate realizes that Garcia was one of the stewards she saw earlier, and takes them to the kitchen he came out of. They search the place and find the bomb, and Rufus points out that the Hindenburg has already lifted off.

The bomb has four minutes on the timer, and Wyatt admits that he had a little training in Afghanistan. He tells Lucy to get the passengers off, and she and Rufus grab knives. They go to the cockpit and take the flight crew prisoner, and tells them to land the dirigible.

On the ground, Garcia sees the Hindenburg turn around and realizes that something is wrong. He has his man climb up a landing rope.

Wyatt tells Kate to talk to him as he works. She wonders where he came from, and Wyatt claims that he’s Buck Rogers. The Flynn’s man arrives and attacks Wyatt. Kate grabs a meat cleaver and attacks the man, who easily disarms her. Wyatt returns to the attack and Kate knocks Flynn’s man out with a frying pan.

With 12 seconds to spare, Wyatt cuts the wire on the bomb, defusing it. The Flynn’s man wakes up and fires a shot, and the ricochet hits the ship’s supports. The resulting sparks ignite the hydrogen and the Hindenburg crashes.

Lucy and Rufus smash their way out of the cockpit. Wyatt grabs Kate and leads her out. The terrorist tries to shoot them, but the flames sweep over him before he can. Wyatt kicks out a window and gets Kate to the ground.

Meanwhile, Garcia finds Lucy and says that she needs to understand who and what she’s dealing with. He knows everything about Lucy and how she doesn’t want to follow in her mother’s footsteps. He opens the journal and Lucy realizes that it’s her handwriting. Garcia says that she will write it in her future, and he knows that she isn’t meant to be a teacher. When Lucy says that killed his family, Garcia tells her to ask them what Rittenhouse is and why they chose her for the mission.

Wyatt sees Lucy with Garcia and tells Kate to get somewhere safe. He then goes after Garcia, drawing his gun. Garcia says that he isn’t going to shoot, using Lucy as a shield. Wyatt fires a shot and clips Garcia in the shoulder. He releases Lucy and she falls to the ground. Wyatt ducks as Garcia’s return fire hits Kate. Garcia disappears into the crowd and by the time Wyatt forces his way through, Garcia is gone.

Wyatt goes back to Kate and begs her to hold on, but she dies in his arms.

1941- January 2nd- Hollywoodland, Los Angeles

Behind the Hollywood sign in 1941, a Rittenhouse agent Calhoun tells his son Lucas to stick to the plan and remember his training. They hug and then Calhoun leaves in the Mothership.

Months later, Bob is directing a movie. Lucas comes over and tells him that they’re shutting down his production and pulling his leads for a television show. His father comes over and tells Lucas that he’s done well, and Nicholas has marked up all of their parts. Lucas asks what they can do.

The Lifeboat arrives in 1941 and the trio steals some clothing. Garcia found a drawing on a Rittenhouse agent in 1941, and Lucy figures that he’s not playing them. The drawing matches a Paramount studio sign, and they figure that Rittenhouse went there.

The trio sneaks in and figures that the Rittenhouse sleeper agent is hiding in plain sight. A guard comes over and asks for their IDs, Rufus claims that he’s Langston Hughes there to see the studio president Barney Balaban. The guard takes them there and the secretary says that they don’t have an appointment and Rufus says that he has a script, and Lucy and Wyatt are his musical actors.

Balaban comes in and Rufus complains about his treatment. The CEO invites him in to talk about his project, and starts bouncing ideas off of him. Wyatt brings up the name Rittenhouse and says that they can do a secret time-altering cabal movie. Balaban figures that they’re overdone and wants something new but the same.

Hedy Lamarr comes in and tells Balaban that she can’t do the picture. He offers to get her a new writer and introduces Rufus. Lucy recognizes Hedy, and Balaban says that he’ll see her that night at William Randolph Hearst’s Hollywood manor. The producer takes a phone call and mentioned that RKO 281 was stolen. He excuses himself to deal with the emergency and leaves.

Outside, Lucy tells Wyatt and Rufus that ”RKO 281” was the only copy of Citizen Kane. She remembers that Hearst wanted to kill it. As they break into a costume shop to get better clothes, Lucy tells Rufus that Hedy was a scientist as well as an actress, and she developed what would become wifi but let the patent elapse.

Lucas shows his father the stolen films and says that he has a good life there. He invites Mr. Calhoun to stay there with him, but Mr. Calhoun tells his son that they have work to do.

The trio goes to the party in their new costumes, and Hedy arrives and sees them going in. She comes over and says that she wants to talk to Rufus’ poetry. Hedy leads them in past the guards and asks Rufus to recite one of his poems.

Rufus recites TV theme lyrics and Hedy tells him that they were awful. She knows that Rufus isn’t Langston and asks who he really is.

As Wyatt and Lucy walk around the party, Lucy spots Hearst. Hedy and Rufus come over and Rufus says that he told her that Welles sent them to recover Citizen Kane. She says that Welles screened it for her as well and is glad to help them. Hearst is leaving with Lucas, and Hedy says that he’s making a movie called Jurassic Park.

As Wyatt and Lucy follow them, Balaban comes over and asks them to perform a song. Lucy has no choice but to agree and performs. After a few false starts, Lucy sings the song with some prompting from Wyatt. She gets into it and wraps up as Wyatt smiles and she looks at him.

Rufus and Hedy go to the room next to where Lucas and Hearst are meeting. Hedy makes a funnel to channel the noise.

Meanwhile, Lucas tells Hearst that he’ll give him the film in return for one column in his papers. Hearst agrees and Rufus meets with the others to tell them what happened. Lucy figures that if Rittenhouse can print their propaganda in Hearst’s paper then they can rewrite history as it happen. The exchange is at 10 the next morning on Stage 14.

Hedy pulls up in a limo with her friend George Antheil and offers them a ride. Hedy invites the trio to stay with her. She has her friend George make some drinks, and he talks about Hedy’s inventions. Rufus admits that he’s a scientist, and Hedy and George take Rufus to their workshop to see what they’ve been working on.

Lucy and Wyatt go out to the pool and Lucy explains that George is Hedy’s partner and a composer, and has a crush on Hedy. Wyatt talks about some men find beautiful women with brains intimidating, and admits that Lucy isn’t hideous. Lucy says that she doesn’t think of herself that way, and Wyatt says that he took the assignment because it’s dangerous. After Jessica died, he stopped caring but not anymore. Lucy says that she felt the same way when she thought Wyatt was dead. They go to their guest bedroom and kiss.

The next morning, Wyatt assures Lucy that the sex between them was great. She wonders if it’s an HR issue, and he suggests that they keep it a secret. Rufus comes in and quickly excuses himself, and Wyatt figures that he’ll keep their secret.

As Wyatt and Rufus watch Lucas’ office, Rufus asks Wyatt if it’s happening. Wyatt tells him to be cool, just as Lucy joins them. Lucas comes out of the building and walks to Studio 14. The trio follows him and Lucas turns the reels over to one of Hearst’s men.

A guard sees them and comes in, and Lucas shoots him in the chest. Wyatt returns fire and goes after Lucas, and Rufus runs over and grabs one of the film canisters. As Lucas prepares to shoot him, Wyatt shoots Lucas and kicks away his gun. They go back to where Lucy is tending to the guard, and Wyatt says that they can’t be there when the authorities arrive. Lucy reluctantly goes with them.

Rufus meets with Hedy on set and gives her the film canister. She figures that they’re not Welles’ people, and Rufus says that he’s a fan. Rufus tells Hedy to not let her patent expire and leaves. Wyatt and Lucy hotwire a car and prepare to drive to the prison. He says that it was nice to see her happy and they about to kiss. But Rufus interrupts as he comes over and tells them that Hedy has the canisters, and they leave for the prison.

They arrive at the prison that night and dig out a brick in Garcia’s future cell and put in package for Garcia to use in the future.

1944 - December 9th, Northwest Germany
(‘Party at Castle Varlar’)

Rufus opens the hatch and they see the soldier, and Wyatt shoots him before he can shoot them. Wyatt figures that there are other soldiers nearby, and kills another one when they find him.

Lucy objects to Wyatt killing people, insisting that they have to protect history. As they argue, Rufus hears a convoy coming and they get off the road just in time. A V2 rocket is aboard the truck that the soldiers are escorting.

The trio continues to the tavern and Wyatt tells Rufus to steal a nearby car so they can escape if things go south. Lucy and Wyatt go in and everyone stares at them. Wyatt orders the appropriate drink and the bartender says that they don’t have it. The soldier has no Cognac but to order two whiskeys.

Rufus tries to hotwire one of the cars. As Wyatt and Lucy drinks, he notices that her hand is trembling. A German captain comes over and greets them, and asks if they’re around there. Wyatt claims that they’re heading for Antwerp, and the captain tells them to leave via the rear door.

Rufus starts the car and sees the captain taking Wyatt and Lucy out. Once they’re out of sight, Wyatt goes for his gun and the captain draws his gun as well and tells them in English to put it away. The captain explains that he’s with Allied Resistance, just as Rufus comes in and puts a gun to his head. Wyatt claims that they’re with the OSS. The agent complains that they’re cocking up his operation, and Rufus points out that he has a car.

As they go, Lucy asks what the agent’s name is, and he says that he’s Ian Fleming with MI6. They realize that he’s the famous author and insist that they’ve never met. The team drives to a villa and Lucy confirms that Ian was a spy in World War II.

They tell Ian that they’re chasing a nuclear weapon and figure that the Germans are going to load it on the V2. Ian shows them Castle Varlar on a map and explains that the German have built a launching pad next to it. They’re holding a demonstration of the V2 that night as they launch it into Belgium. Rufus warns that the bomb will wipe out everything in a three-mile radius, and figures that he can probably disarm it. Ian agrees to help them but pours some wine first. Lucy doesn’t drink, and Ian insists that she does.

As the team heads out, Ian points out that Rufus doesn’t blend in. Rufus says that he’s a pilot and asks him how he gets used to keeping secrets and lying to everyone all the time. Ian says that he plays a role to get information and warns that there is only the mission. When they get to the launch pad, Ian approaches the guards and discovers that they’re drinking. He orders them to report to their commander, and then the others come through the gate. They find the V2 and Rufus checks it for radiation. There isn’t any, and they wonder what Flynn is planning.

Two cars pull up, and the team hides as the cars park by the V2. Flynn gets out with the German commander, Albert Speer, who thanks him for his generous financial donation, and Wyatt prepares to shoot him. However, rocket scientist Werner Von Braun steps in the way. Lucy recognizes him and stops Wyatt, warning that they can’t change history.

Back at the villa, Lucy explains that they can’t kill Von Braun. The Allies want him for themselves and have orders to apprehend him if they can. Ian points out that Von Braun’s rockets landed on England, but agrees to follow orders and abduct Von Braun. He says that he’ll attend the demonstration that night with Lucy as his secretary, and Wyatt and Rufus will provide backup outside the perimeter.

Wyatt objects, but Lucy agrees with Ian. Once he leaves, Lucy tells Wyatt that Von Braun is too important to risk. Wyatt points out that Von Braun never gets punished for his crimes, and asks Lucy why Flynn doesn’t just kill the rocket scientist if he’s so important. Lucy has no answer for him.

Up in her room, Lucy puts on the Nazi pin that Ian has provided her. Her hand is still trembling, and she wavers briefly. Wyatt comes in and says that he knocked twice but got no answer. He figures that she’s freaking out in the field, and says that she either has to get over the hump or crack up.

Wyatt says that she should talk about what’s bothering her to help her cope, and Lucy tells him that she shouldn’t be there. When she was a sophomore in college she was going to abandon history to join a band. She spun out into a river and Lucy thought that she’d died. Someone came by and pulled her out, and ever since then she’s always put herself in situations that she can control. What they’re doing, Lucy feels like she’s back in the car driving and doesn’t think she can keep doing it. Lucy wonders how Wyatt can do it, and he explains that he grew up in Texas. His grandfather was in the 101st fighting Nazis, and he’s the reason Wyatt fights... to make him proud. Wyatt tells her to figure out what she’s fighting for and then she’ll be okay.

That night at Castle Varlar, Ian gets himself and Lucy in. Meanwhile, Wyatt talks Rufus into infiltrating the launching pad with him. The soldiers takes out the guards and says that he’s doing it for someone in the 101st.

Ian assures Lucy that they’ll find Von Braun.

Wyatt is watching them via binoculars and sees Ian put his hand on Lucy’s, and hands the binoculars to Rufus.

Ian tells Lucy that during the Blitz, he and his brother Michael went to a pub. When he went back to the car to retrieve his wallet, a bomb hit and they pulled Ian out of the rubble. The pub and much of London had been obliterated. Lucy sees a symbol on a stained glass window and recognizes it from college as a symbol from the Catholic Church.

Ian spots Von Braun and tells Lucy to lure him away and he’ll meet them. Lucy approaches Von Braun and hesitates, and then steels herself and calmly walks over. However, Flynn grabs her arm and escorts her away. She says that Wyatt is nearby and wonders why Flynn doesn’t kill Von Braun. She realizes that Flynn plans to give Von Braun to the Russians to damage Rittenhouse.

Flynn insists that Rittenhouse is real and there’s a greater good. He tells her that he doesn’t like helping Nazis and shooting Lincoln, and says that one day she’ll understand that he’s a patriot. Lucy says that he won’t get Von Braun, just as Ian comes up behind him and puts a gun to his back.

Undeterred, Flynn says that he was counting on them coming after him. Speer and his men comes over, and Flynn says that Lucy and Ian are spies there to abduct Von Braun. When Ian threatens Flynn, Speer puts a gun to Lucy’s head. Ian hands over his gun and the Nazis lead him and Lucy away. Speer then sends out a patrol to find the others.

Wyatt sees the entire encounter through the binoculars, and says that he’s going in. Rufus objects and says that he has a better idea... and they’re not going to disarm the rocket.

Flynn asks Von Braun to talk with him privately. When the rocket scientist refuses, Flynn grabs him and reaches for his gun. Meanwhile, the Nazi soldiers find a bomb at the V2 and it goes off, killing them and destroying the rocket.

As everyone in the castle panics, Flynn and Von Braun are separated. Ian shoots their guard with a holdout derringer but more Nazis arrive... and Wyatt and Rufus arrive to shoot them dead. The team finds Von Braun in the crowd and see Flynn across the hall.

They get to an office and bar the door, and realize that they’re trapped. Ian prepares to shoot Von Braun dead, insisting that he destroyed London. Von Braun says that he was just following orders, and Lucy appeals to Wyatt. He hesitates and then says that he agrees with Ian but trusts Lucy. The soldiers break down the door, and Lucy sees the same Catholic symbol over the mantle.

When Flynn and the soldiers break in, there’s no sign of the group Lucy leads the others out through the secret passage and explains that in the 15th century, Catholicism was outlawed there so the Catholics built a network of secret tunnels.

The next day at the villa, Von Braun calmly makes his notes while the others wait for the Allies to pick him up. Wyatt figures that Von Braun is happy because he knows how valuable he is.

Rufus goes over to Von Braun and writes a series of equations in Von Braun’s notebook. He says that tens of thousands of people have died because of what he’s created, and Von Braun says that it isn’t his concern. The rocket scientist says that all that matters is getting to the moon and he doesn’t care who provides him with the means. Rufus says that he’s invented something far greater than what Von Braun created, and he can’t stop thinking of the destruction it’s gone. Von Braun says that he wasn’t thinking about it when he was creating it, or he never would have gone through with it.

The Allies arrive and take Von Braun with them. Lucy assures Ian that they made the right call, and he suggests that they look each other up if he gets to the States. He asks if Lucy will wait, and leans over to kiss her. She says that she won’t, and he leaves with Von Braun and the Allied agents.

1954- Washington DC- Rittenhouse summit
(‘Red Scare’)

The Lifeboat arrives at a warehouse in 1954 and Lucy suggests that they start with Joe McCarthy. She figures that he’s with Rittenhouse, and as she and Wyatt head out, Jiya points out that they’re not wearing era-appropriate clothing.

Flynn visits Joe in his office and says that he knows of Communist spies and can only tell Joe. However, first he asks where the Rittenhouse summit is. Joe denies any knowledge of Rittenhouse, and Flynn threatens to expose Joe’s fake aerial missions. The Senator warns that if he tells Flynn that he’s a dead man, but Flynn says that no one will find out. Joe writes down an address and rants about enemies, and warns Flynn that he’ll never defeat Rittenhouse. Flynn then hands over photographs of Lucy and Wyatt and says that they’re the Communist spies.

Once they get appropriate clothing, Lucy and Wyatt head for the Capital. FBI agents are waiting and arrest them, and plant a Russian pistol on Wyatt.

At the Lifeboat, Rufus notices that Jiya’s eye is red. He wonders if it’s because they put four people in the Lifeboat, but Jiya dismisses it as nothing.

The agents separate Wyatt and Lucy, and Flynn visits Lucy. He says that Lucy’s grandfather Ethan will be at the Rittenhouse summit, and he doesn’t know what will happen to Lucy. Lucy wonders why he’s telling her, and figures that Flynn wants her to stop him. She says that she thinks Flynn is a broken person, and says that they’ll help him stop Rittenhouse but not by killing. Flynn asks how they’ll do it, and realizes that Lucy doesn’t have an answer. He says that there is no other way and bids her goodbye, and then leaves.

The Capital Police take Wyatt to Joe’s office. Joe says that Lucy is fine, assuming that she’s Wyatt’s wife. Wyatt figures that Flynn told him that he was a spy, and Joe asks who he’s working with. When he threatens to put Wyatt in front of a Senate subcommittee, Wyatt says that Joe won’t because he’s a coward, and afraid that people will find out that he’s a fraud. Joe tells the officers to beat Wyatt, and he easily subdues both of them.

A few minutes later, Wyatt tosses Joe into Lucy’s room and tells her that they should go. The officers seal the building, and Wyatt figures that they’ll have to find another way to the summit. Lucy says that Carol told her that Ethan was a White House aide, and they realize that they can follow him to the summit.

Wyatt and Lucy steal a car and Wyatt hotwires it. Ethan comes out of his house and drives off, and Lucy and Wyatt follow him. Lucy’s grandfather drives to a bar and Lucy figures that it’s a gay bar. Rufus tries to reach Wyatt on the radio. Wyatt doesn’t respond, and Jiya tells him to relax. She points out that her eye isn’t red anymore, As Rufus stares in horror, Jiya passes out.

At the bar, Wyatt figures that Ethan was deep in the closet if he had a child. Ethan glances over at Wyatt, and they approach Ethan. Lucy explains that they know Ethan’s son is Benjamin, and say that they need him to take them to the Rittenhouse summit.

Rufus holds the unconscious Jiya in his arms and talks to her about how he loved her but never said it. He suggests that if she hangs on then he’ll stop holding back. Jiya goes into convulsions and Rufus screams in frustration.

Ethan drives Lucy and Wyatt to the summit, and Ethan says that Lucy looks familiar to him. She says that her father is in Rittenhouse, and Ethan wonders why Flynn wants to wipe out Rittenhouse. He warns that if Rittenhouse finds out that he’s betraying them, they’ll kill him. Ethan breaks into tears, saying that he loves his wife and son, but his homosexuality is a bad habit. Lucy assures him that there’s nothing wrong with him, and Wyatt agrees.

Ethan wonders who they are, and Lucy says that they’re people that he can trust. Her grandfather explains about how after his father caught him with another boy, he beat him and then told Ethan about Rittenhouse. Ethan figures that if Flynn destroys Rittenhouse then he might thank him.

They come to an estate and Wyatt figures that Flynn is in the basement. He tells Ethan to distract the guards at the back door, and Ethan agrees. When he does, Wyatt and Lucy enter the basement and finds Flynn planting a charge. Before Wyatt can shoot, Lucy steps in his way and tells Flynn that she wants to help him. Flynn aims his gun and warns that if they shoot him then the explosives will go up.

Lucy tells them both to stop and says that she knows Flynn doesn’t want to kill all of the men. Flynn says that he has to if he wants to bring his wife and daughter back, and they’d do the same thing. Lucy agrees with him and says that they’re all continuing to hurt more people because they’re caught up in their grief.

Flynn says that he prayed to God to give him answers, and Lucy suggests that God led Flynn to her. She tells Flynn that she knows a way that they can really take out Rittenhouse by focusing on the present. She reminds Flynn that her journal says that she’s going to help him, and suggests that the day has arrived when she does. Lucy then turns to Wyatt and asks if he trusts her. After a moment, Wyatt lowers his gun.

The next morning, Ethan drives Lucy, Wyatt, and Flynn to the warehouse. Rufus tells them about Jiya and then sees Flynn, and they assures Rufus that Flynn isn’t there to hurt him. Lucy introduces Ethan and explains about the time machine and how they’re from 2017.

Ethan figures that the Lifeboat is a film prop, and Rufus says that they have to get Jiya back. Lucy tells them to go back to 2017 while she goes with Flynn to the Mothership. She needs Ethan to see the Lifeboat in action. Wyatt refuses to lose Lucy again, but Lucy asks him to trust her a little longer. Rufus and Wyatt agree and get into the Lifeboat with Jiya.

Ethan watches in shock as the Lifeboat disappears, and Lucy tells her grandfather that it’s all real. She then explains that she’s Ethan’s granddaughter, and Ethan says Lucy is the splitting image of his mother when she was young. Lucy says that they can take out Rittenhouse but they need Ethan to join the organization and live a double life. After a moment, Ethan asks them what they want him to do.

1955- Darlington, South Carolina
(The ‘Darlington 500’)

In Darlington, South Carolina, in 1955, a man is drawing the Darlington race track and considers whether that Jimmy or Wendell might make a plan on him. His pregnant wife comes in and tells him not to worry, and invites him to dance.

Mark and Emma drive to the house. Emma looks at a photo of the couple and considers killing them as she loads her gun.

The time team goes to the Millerson house and talks to Ryan’s wife, claiming to be reporters. The woman says that Ryan is at the tracks, and two reporters came to see Ryan two hours ago. She describes them and the trio realizes that one of them is Emma.

The trio goes to the track and Wyatt admires the stock cars. Rufus and Lucy are surprised to discover that Wyatt is a car nerd. A man shoves past Rufus, calling him ”boy”, and driver Wendell Scott knocks a man out of his tent.

The man who bumped into Wendell and several others go into the tent, and Wendell says that the man he knocked out was nosing around his car. Wyatt comes in and tells them to back off, and they reluctantly leave.

Once they leave, Wyatt tells Wendell that A that there’s a trigger install. Wyatt’s a fan and admires Wendell’s car, Old Rusty. Wendell offers them some moonshine in the back of his car, and they ask him to introduce them to Ryan. Rufus gives Wendell the nod, and once Wendell leaves to find Ryan, Rufus realizes that the nod doesn’t exist in 1955.

Wyatt says that Wendell came in third and contested it, and they only gave him the award after the fans left. Wendell comes back and takes them to Ryan, and Wyatt claims that he was a bootlegger.

Once Wendell goes into Ryan’s tent, Wyatt admits that he really was a bootlegger. After Wendell sets up an intro, the trio talks to Ryan. He says that he doesn’t remember Emma. Rufus looks at his car and says that there’s a trigger install.

They check the engine and find a bomb, and Ryan draws a gun on them. They realize that he’s the Rittenhouse sleeper agent, and Emma and Mark come in. Emma offers to let Rufus go if he tells them where the Lifeboat is, but Rufus is. As Mark prepares to shoot, Wendell tosses in a fire extinguisher grenade.

The team runs out and he leads them away, and by the time Mark and Emma get outside, the others have driven off. Wyatt says that Ryan is one of them, and Lucy claims that Ryan is a Communist spy. The engine gives out and Wendell figures that his rivals messed with it, and he pulls into his garage.

As he works on the engine, Wyatt says that Ryan came out of nowhere in 1946. Rufus suggests that Rittenhouse dropped Ryan off in 1946, and Wyatt’s memories changed. Wyatt figures that all of the car company CEOs will be at the race, and Rittenhouse plans to bow them up and take control of Detroit.

The trio asks Wendell to get them back to the track.

Emma asks Ryan why he fell in love and have a baby, and Ryan says that his wife was just a way for him to have fun and the kid was an accident. He suggests that they wait and find another race, but Emma figures that he’s stalling to have more of his life. She asks Ryan if he’s squared away, and he insists that he is.

Wendell finishes repairing his engine and Lucy tells him that there’s a bomb in Ryan’s car. The driver doesn’t believe them, and figure that he doesn’t want to get mixed up in it and lose his chance to win. Rufus checks the car and burns his wrist, Wyatt secretly grabs a fuel filter as Wendell orders them out of his garage.

Wyatt comes back with the fuel filter, having repaired it, and insists that they’re telling the truth. As Wendell installs it, Wyatt explains that as a boy, when he mouthed off his father hit him, tossed him in the car, and drove him around with the lights off to scare him. Wendell says that his father wasn’t mean but he gambled too much and when he had to choose between his rackets and his family, he took off.

Wyatt says that he took off in his father’s stolen car when he turned 15, and realizes that Rufus and Lucy came in and are listening. The filter works and Wendell agrees to sneak them back to the track. Lucy asks how he’s going to get them back in, and Wendell has Lucy and Wyatt get into the trunk.

As Wendell drives back to the track, he asks what kind of engineer Rufus is. Rufus says that he works with time-related machines, and Wendell assumes that he’s talking about clocks. Wendell says that he’s going to start winning races and attack NASAR, and figures that he can handle it.

Meanwhile, the car hits a bump and Wyatt tells Lucy to hang onto him. She does so and she wonders how Wyatt can be mad at his father one minute and laughing about what happened the next. Wyatt explains that he thought everything terrible his father did was his fault, and Lucy says that she revered her mother and found out that she’s terrible. He says that it’s a good thing because now Lucy can move on.

Wendell arrives at the track and the police stop him at the entrance. The driver claims that Rufus is his cousin on his pet crew, and the sheriff insists on searching Wendell’s trunk. Wendell bribes him $10 to let him through and the sheriff takes the money and tells him to open the trunk anyway. They go to the back and there’s no one there. Wyatt and Lucy are in a hidden compartment behind the trunk, and the sheriff lets Wendell through.

Lucy and Wyatt laugh in relief and then just begin to kiss. Wendell and Rufus open the compartment and realize that they’re interrupting.

Ryan checks his car and his wife comes in. She says that Emma brought her, saying that Ryan wanted her there. Emma and Mark come in, and Ryan tells her that he loves her. Once his wife leaves, Ryan begs Emma to take her away from there. Emma tells him to carry out his mission or he dies, and Ryan agrees. Ryan’s manager brings in the reporters to get a few photos before the race. The CEOs arrive and the team figures that Ryan will run into them with the car ad set the bomb off.

Wendell suggests that Wyatt cause a distraction, and he leaves and takes Lucy and Wyatt with them. Ryan is talking to the reporters when Wyatt comes in. Mark attacks him and goes for his gun, and Wyatt breaks his neck. He grabs Mark’s gun and orders Ryan to come out, and shoots the driver when he tries to drive off. Rufus and Lucy come in and Rufus realizes that Ryan armed the bomb. Mrs. Tillerson comes in, sees Ryan, and breaks into tears. Emma comes in behind her and opens fire, and Wyatt has to drive the car out and down the road.

Rufus warns that the bomb is pressure-sensitive as the police give chase. He says that if they hit a bug then it will go off, as the lead police car prepares to hit them. Wyatt speeds up and outdistances them, laughing. He loses one and heads across the bridge as the other one follows. Wyatt drives back to Wendell’s garage, does a smuggler’s turn, and backs in, and Wendell closes the door. The police drive by, unsuspecting, and Wendell nods to Wyatt in appreciation.

Rufus disarms the bomb and removes it, and Lucy thanks Wendell for his help. Wendell suggests that he and Wyatt hit the track sometime, and gives ”the nod” to Rufus.

Rufus tells him that it’ll catch on at some point, and wonders if they’ll give a black man the racing prize. Wendell says that he knows they won’t give him the trophy, but he’s going to race and be the best. Wyatt shakes Wendell’s hand and tells him to give them hell.

1962- May 3rd, Houston, Texas
(‘Public Enemy No. 1’)

Maria Thompkins is 17 yr old at Sam Houston High School.

Rufus, Lucy and Caleb arrive, and Rufus turns in his chair and shoots Caleb with a tranq dart. Lucy yanks his gun away as Caleb passes out, and Rufus reconfigures the coordinates.

He confirms that he sabotaged the computers so that Mason can’t track them. They jump back to the present.

1962- September 21st, Las Vegas
(‘Atomic City’)

At the Sands in 1962, a woman named Judith Campbell is lying next to a man in bed. She goes to the window as the people gather at the pool. A nuclear bomb test goes off on the horizon and everyone cheers. The man, Kennedy, says that he’s seen it before.

At the pool, Flynn watches and takes photos of the two of them together.

The time team arrive in the Nevada desert and they get out, a nuclear bomb goes off on the horizon. Lucy confirms that there’s a test site there and the Department of Energy set off the bomb.

The trio goes to the Sands and Wyatt says that the show is sold out. Rufus sees some waiters going into the back, goes in, and gets them uniforms. He quips that he’s invisible in this time period. He hands Lucy a skimpy cigarette girl’s outfit. She tells him to go back and get her a waitress’ outfit.

They get into the show and check the crowd for Flynn, One man hits on Lucy, and a nearby woman apologizes for him. Rufus spots Anthony outside walking by and goes after him.

Meanwhile, Lucy spots Sam Giancana and tells Wyatt that he’s the biggest mobster in the country. Rufus approaches Anthony at the bar and says that they have to.

Anthony tells Rufus to go and warns that Flynn won’t listen to him. Rufus realizes that Anthony isn’t a prisoner, and Anthony offers a toast to  “Christy Pitt.” He then tells Rufus to get out before Flynn kills him.

Flynn enters the show room disguised as a waiter, and Wyatt draws his gun and tries to get to him. Meanwhile, Flynn approaches Judith and says that she has a phone call from her sister. He escorts her out into a service corridor but then tells her to do what he says and explains why. Wyatt follows them into the kitchen and Flynn jumps him. They struggle for Wyatt’s gun and it goes off. When the gun falls to the floor, the two men fight and Judith runs out.

Rufus and Lucy arrive and grab her, while Flynn knocks Wyatt out the door and runs. Judith says what her name is, and Lucy recognizes her name. They take her to an office and claim that their undercover cops. She doesn’t believe them and Wyatt admits that they’re with the government but not police. Lucy escorts her to the bathroom to freshen up, and then tells her teammates that she’s Kennedy’s mistress and Giancana’s as well. They hear a noise and discover that she’s climbing out the bathroom window. Wyatt drags her back and Judith says that Flynn threatened her with public things.

Wyatt says that they know she’s Kennedy’s mistress, and if she doesn’t do what Flynn wants then he’ll reveal what he knows and ruin Kennedy’s next election.

In the desert outside of Vegas, Anthony is with Flynn’s men. Flynn arrives and wonders how they figured out where he was, and Anthony says that Jiya and Rufus must have figured out a way.

When Flynn threatens to kill Rufus, Anthony refuses to let him kill his friend. He says that he’s given up everything for their mission, and it isn’t easy for him. Flynn insists that they have to kill good people to wipe Rittenhouse from history, and says that they need to get Judith back. He heads back to Vegs with his men while nearby, another of his men digs a hole.

Judith asks Lucy if she’s sleeping with Wyatt. Lucy hastily says that she isn’t, and Rufus excuses himself. Lucy says that once they find Flynn, Judith can go back to Kennedy. Lucy tells Judith that she’s fascinating because she lives the life she’s living. Judith says that she felt like a nobody until she met Kennedy. She asks Lucy if she’s ever woken up and not recognized her own life, and Lucy says that she does. Lucy wonders if she’d want to go back to her old life, and Judith says that if she did then she’d wonder if she was missing out on something better.

Rufus and tells Wyatt that Anthony is working with Flynn. Wyatt is sick of the fact that Flynn is already ahead of them and wants to get ahead of him for once. He asks Judith if she knows who Christy Pitt is. When she says that he doesn’t, Wyatt says that they’re going to use Judith as bait. He tells Judith that he’ll get the pictures back, and Lucy talks to him privately. She warns that Judith is too important to history and refuses to let Wyatt take Judith. He tells Lucy to try and stop him and walks out.

As they wait in Judith’s hotel room and Wyatt has Judith stand at the window, she figures that Wyatt is lying about her being safe. She asks if he would risk his girl’s life, and then says that Flynn is coming. Flynn and his man Karl are on the lawn below.

Rufus and Lucy check with the concierge and confirm that there’s no Christy Pitt there. They spot Flynn and Karl come in and head for the hotel room.

Meanwhile, Judith knocks Wyatt out from behind and runs for the elevator, only to find Flynn coming up. She says that as long as he gives her the pictures when it’s over, she’s with him. Wyatt arrives just as Lucy and Rufus come up, and Wyatt tells them what happened. Irritated, Wyatt walks off and the other wonder what is going on.

Flynn drives to a military base and Judith say that the general is expecting her. She goes to his office and asks for a glass of wine. Once he goes to get it, Judith searches the office and finds a set of keys. He pockets them and sits down just as the general returns.

Wyatt goes to the main floor and sees the telegraph office and gets an idea.

Judith goes to the car where Flynn is waiting but wants the photos before she gives him the keys. Flynn hands them over and Judith gives him the keys. He says that he has one more errand to run and drives off.

Wyatt sends a telegram and asks it to be delivered in 2012. He dictates a message telling Jessica to go home with Wyatt even if he’s being an ass, and to know that he loves her. Wyatt turns and discovers that Lucy heard the entire thing. She says that she understands and Wyatt says that he doesn’t believe in fate.

Rufus runs up and tells them that he knows why Flynn is there. He explains that a ”Christy Pitt” is slang for an A-bomb’s plutonium core.

Flynn picks up Anthony and they use the keys to get into a military base where an A-bomb is stored. Rufus explains that Flynn only has to steal the plutonium core, and that Anthony can show ˆ him how to remove it. If it explodes during a time jump then they have no idea what it will do. Flynn meets with his men, who have loaded a barrel onto a truck.

The trio goes out and Rufus pretends to be a valet. They then drive the car out to the desert and spot Flynn’s car escorting the truck. Flynn guns his engine and drives toward them, but swerves at the last moment. Wyatt goes for the nuke while Lucy gets Judith. The two sides fire at each other while Lucy and Rufus go to Flynn’s car. Anthony is inside and Rufus tells him that he can’t give Flynn an atomic bomb.

Judith has taken cover behind some rocks, and Lucy finds her. The woman says that she wouldn’t have helped Flynn if she knew about the bomb, and Lucy escorts her away.

Anthony finally gives Rufus the suitcase with the core and runs. Rufus runs back to Lucy and Judith, while Flynn and the others get to the truck. They drive off with Anthony in the back, and Rufus leaps in the way as Wyatt prepares to shoot the truck. Rufus insists that Anthony is his friend and he needs their help, and Wyatt reluctantly lowers his gun.

As Wyatt checks the car, Judith says that she got the photos back for herself, not for Kennedy. She walks off, Lucy asks if she’ll be okay and Judith says that she always is.

Wyatt asks what happens to her, and Lucy says that her secrets come out eventually. She’s vilified by the public and dies of cancer. As Rufus picks up the suitcase, he realizes that it’s empty and Anthony switched it.

1964 - (‘Party at Castle Varlar’)

Sean Connery played James bond in movie called ‘Weapon of Choice’ based off the Lucy and Team’s adventure in 1944 with Ian Flemming.

1969- July 19 - Houston, Texas
(‘Space Race’)

At home, Wayne is watching the news about the launch and then goes to his patio. He sees the mothership arrive in his backyard and Flynn steps out and says that they come in peace. He confirms that Wayne is Wayne, and then Karl shoots him dead. Flynn takes his badge and gives it to Anthony. They go inside and Flynn calls a plumber. Meanwhile, Anthony says that there’s a password he needs at Lockman Aerospace, along with Katherine Johnson.

Karl is making a fake ID from Wayne’s badge when the plumber arrives. Flynn’s man breaks

his neck while Flynn and Anthony continue working.

1969- July 20th – Houston, Texas
(‘Space Race’)

Flynn goes to Lockman posing as the plumber they killed. He goes to the desk of a secretary, Maria Thompkins, who is working on a sketch of an engine. He claims that he’s there to work on a burst pipe, just as Maria’s boss gives her a message to deliver.

Once he leaves, Maria tells Flynn that everyone is on edge and they helped design the lunar module. Flynn compliments her sketch and Maria leaves.

Flynn goes to the computer room and gets the punch tape that Anthony needs. He pockets it and leaves.

The trio arrives at Mission Control and Rufus, posing as a janitor, picks up the trash. Meanwhile, the head of Mission Control, flight director Gene Kranz, receives word that Wayne isn’t there.

Meanwhile, Wyatt joins Rufus and says that he hasn’t spotted Flynn. Rufus is busy staring at his idols that he knows from the history books, and is horrified that Flynn and Anthony are going to ruin it. Wyatt heads off to flight ops while Rufus continues checking Mission Control.

Anthony enters the building using Wayne’s key card. Once he gets into the computer room, he puts in his punch tape and switches computer reels.

Lucy is trying to get her card to work on the scanner when a technician comes by, gets in with his key, and tells Lucy to get him coffee.

Meanwhile, Anthony finishes his work and removes the punch tape, then quickly leaves. Gene confirms that everyone is ready for the landing. Rufus spots Anthony in the gallery and goes after him, Anthony says that it was Flynn’s plan to strand them in 1754, and Rufus demands his help. The older man says that it’s already done, just as the comms in Mission Control go offline. Anthony runs off, leaving his briefcase behind, while Gene tells his men to find a way to get the comms back up.

In the cafeteria, Rufus meets with Wyatt and Lucy. He explains that Armstrong and Aldrin are trapped on the lunar surface and can’t take off without help from Mission Control. They only have six hours of air left. Lucy warns that if they fail then the Russians could succeed with their unmanned satellite and win the Cold War.

Rufus has checked Anthony’s briefcase and confirmed that he screwed with the mainframe. Wyatt goes through the briefcase and finds a file on Maria, and the others who don’t know who she is. the file shows that she works at Lockman, and Wyatt figures that Flynn might be trying to take down Lockman as well. He gives his gun to Rufus and tells him and Lucy to make sure the astronauts get off the moon, while he checks Lockman. A man walks by and Rufus tells Lucy to follow him as he goes after him.

Anthony returns to Wayne’s house and calls Flynn to tell him that the trio escaped from 1754. He insists that Rufus can’t fix the computer and says that they’re under control. Anthony figures that Rufus doesn’t perform well under pressure, and Flynn hangs up. He’s at Lockman and spots Maria leaving.

Rufus and Lucy break into an office and Rufus tries to access the computer. He confirms that Anthony put a virus in the computer, and he can’t find the source. Rufus explains that Anthony first took out the lifeboat, and he should understand how Armstrong and Aldrin feel. Something went wrong and they barely managed to get Anthony back. He was in a hospital bed for seven months and Rufus stayed with him. Rufus says that he and Anthony were like brothers, but he doesn’t know Anthony at all. Lucy says that he can fix it, and Rufus insists that they need someone who knows how to work the antiques.

He gets an idea and tells Lucy that the smartest person in the building works in the basement. As they head to the basement, Rufus explains that Katherine is a NASA mathematician and calculated most of the missions. They find Katherine in the basement and say that Gene wants to see her, and ask Katherine to come with her. Rufus finally tells her that they need her help to save Apollo 11.

Wyatt shows Maria’s boss a photo of Flynn and claims that he’s a Communist spy, and he recognizes him from earlier. Wyatt notices the sketch and her boss explains that Maria is studying to be an aerospace engineer. He figures that what matters is what Maria is going to do, and the boss says that she takes her son to the park sometimes.

At the park, Maria sends her son Gabriel to play, and Flynn approaches her. She recognizes him from earlier and they make small talk. Maria says that there’s not much anyone can do for the astronauts, and Flynn tells her that he’s been fascinated by Lockman. She says that she’s just a secretary and knows nothing about it, but Flynn says that she’s very gifted and sure that she’ll do amazing things at Lockman sometime.  Gabriel comes over and Flynn asks if he likes ice cream.

Rufus writes the trajectory that they need on Katherine’s blackboard, and she realizes that he’s no janitor. He shows her a readout of the computer virus and says that she knows the hardware better than he does. Katherine wants to go to Gene, but Rufus points out that he won’t want to listen to a janitor. He says that he can get the astronauts home if Katherine helps them. Katherine takes Rufus and Lucy to the computer room and tells the two technicians that Gene wants to see them. Once they leave, Katherine boasts about how their computer has two megabytes of memory. Rufus gets the punch tape that Anthony tore up, and Lucy goes to get some fresh tape.

At the ice cream truck, the TV inside shows Nixon announcing that the astronauts may die on the Moon. Maria walks off and tells Flynn that it’s hard to watch. Flynn asks if she’s been through something similar, and Maria says that she lost her husband in a car accident. Maria notices the ring mark on his finger, and Flynn says that his wife and daughter were murdered. He explains that they never caught who did it, and sometimes he wishes that he could let go.

Maria says that if anyone hurt Gabriel then she’s never let go, and Flynn thanks her for saying it. Wyatt is parked nearby and spots Flynn with Maria.

A police officer tells Wyatt that he’s parked in the wrong spot and tells him to move on, and spots his gun. he draws his own gun, and Wyatt takes out his FBI badge. Flynn spots him and tells Maria that he has to go. Meanwhile, the officer checks the badge and, satisfied, moves on. By the time he leaves, Wyatt discovers that Flynn has slipped away.

As they work, Katherine tells Rufus that she has to prove every day that she belongs there, and now she’s putting it all on the line. Rufus admits that he hasn’t given her any reason to trust him but he’d never let her down. Katherine has no idea what he’s talking about, and Rufus says that she’s just as important as anyone in Mission Control or the astronauts themselves. Lucy runs into the man who wanted the coffee, and he demands his coffee.

Lucy tells him that he wouldn’t want to drink the cup of coffee that she brought him, and tells him to learn the women’s names and figure out how to make his own coffee.

The two computer engineers reach Mission Control and tell Gene that they were told to report to him. Katherine shows Lucy how to feed the punch tape in, and then helps Rufus access the mainframe.

As he manages to delete the virus, Anthony and Karl come in. Anthony tells Katherine that it’s an honor to meet her, and orders them away from the computer. Rufus reminds Anthony of when he took the lifeboat out, and asks if he will let the same thing happen to the astronauts. Anthony says that he built the time machine and won’t let Rittenhouse get their hands on it.

Lucy stalls for time, asking what Rittenhouse is going to do with it, and Rufus grabs Anthony and holds a gun to his head. Anthony figures that Rufus won’t shoot him because they’re friends, but Karl goes for his gun and Rufus shows him. He shoves Anthony away and says that Anthony doesn’t know him anymore, and the astronauts are coming home. The computer engineers return and Anthony gets out when they block Rufus’ shot. Rufus tells Katherine to make sure the program finishes and leaves with Lucy as the punch tape finishes loading.

Katherine goes to Mission Control and they confirm that the comms are back up. They regain contact with Apollo 11 and everyone cheers... and then applauds Katherine. Gene shakes her hand and then gets everyone back to work.

Wyatt takes Maria home and claims that Flynn was a Russian spy. On the TV, the astronaut steps onto the Moon’s surface. Maria brings Gabriel in to see it and finds Flynn injecting Gabriel with a hypodermic.

Flynn grabs Maria as she rushes to Gabriel and he says that Gabriel was going into anaphylactic shock from a bee sting. The hypodermic contains epinephrine. Gabriel revives and Flynn draws a gun and uses Maria as a shield. He tells that he knows what it was like to lose a child and didn’t want her to lose hers. Flynn says that it was good to see her again, and leaps over the balcony. Wyatt goes after him but Flynn is gone.

1972- June 20th, Washington D.C
(‘The Watergate Tape’)

Protestors are outside the White House and the ship lands in a nearby marsh. As the team goes in, some soldiers arrive and the protestors call them baby-killers. A fight breaks out and the team is separated. Flynn steps out and one of his men tasers Wyatt and then chloroforms him unconscious.

When Wyatt wakes up, he finds himself tie to a chair with Lucy and Rufus. Flynn has them in a hotel room, and points out that it’s the same room they were in when Lincoln was shot. He says that he needs Lucy to do something for him, but reveals that he already has the Nixon tape.

Wyatt finds a protruding nail on his chair and starts to pry it loose, Flynn says that he had to shoot two White House guards and the authorities are looking for him. When Lucy wonders what, Flynn plays the tape. Nixon discusses Rittenhouse, saying that they have to get the document back or he’ll be ruined. Flynn shuts off the tape and points out that the tape confirms that Rittenhouse is real.

Lucy says that she doesn’t know anything about the document, and Flynn says that he looked through her journal and confirmed what she’s saying. He tells Wyatt and Rufus that Lucy will write it in a few years, and they’ll be quite the team in the future. Lucy insists that it’s not real, but Flynn says that they discussed it before. Rufus is shocked to learn that Lucy has been in contact with Flynn, and Lucy says that it’s complicated. Wyatt tells her that the truth isn’t complicated, and Flynn says that she didn’t believe in Rittenhouse until Nixon confirmed it.

Flynn figures that if Rittenhouse wants the document then he wants it first, and cuts Lucy free. Flynn tells her that she’ll find a way to get the document, frees Rufus, and says that he’ll kill Wyatt if they don’t bring him the document. Wyatt tells them to leave, but Lucy says that she’ll do it and leaves with Rufus.

As they go back to the White House, Rufus complains that Lucy has been lying to them. Lucy insists that the journal can’t be true, and asks Rufus if he ever had a secret that scared the hell out of him. They go to a payphone and Lucy says that they’ll call every Felt in DC until they reach Mark Felt, the associate director of the FBI who tipped off Woodward and Bernstein under the fake ID of Deep Throat.

While Lucy starts making calls, Rufus calls the number the Rittenhouse man gave him. The man at the other end tells him to report. Once Rufus does, the man tells Rufus to destroy the document once he gets it. Lucy pounds on the payphone booth door and tells Rufus that she found Felt and he agreed to meet with them.

Lucy and Rufus go to a parking garage and Felt steps out of the shadows. The time travelers claim to be reporters with the Times, and ask him about the Watergate break-in. When Felt starts to walk away, Rufus says that they’ll blow his cover to anyone who will listen if he doesn’t cooperate. Lucy says that they’re trying to do the right thing, and Felt claims that he doesn’t know anything about a document. However, he says that the thieves first broke into a hotel room one floor up. Someone called the police off, and all they found was a piece of paper with a fist with horns on it in the garbage. Rufus draws it and Felt confirms that was the symbol, and Lucy tells him to keep talking to Woodward as she and Rufus leaves.

At the hotel, Flynn tells Wyatt that it must be hard having a teammate that is lying to him. Wyatt doesn’t buy it, and Flynn says that they’re in the same war but Wyatt is fighting on the wrong side. As he works at his ropes, Wyatt tells Flynn to explain what’s going on. Flynn says that two years ago the NSA outsourced some surveillance to a group he worked with off the books. He stumbled on huge sums of money being funneled to Connor to develop time travel.

Once Flynn broke the encryption, Rittenhouse’s name kept coming up. He flagged the files to his NSA contact, and assassins came to kill him. They killed Flynn’s wife and child instead, and Flynn was forced to flee because he was outnumbered. Rittenhouse framed him for all of it, just because he asked a single question. Wyatt wonders why he doesn’t go back and save his family, and Flynn says that they can’t go back to where they’ve already existed. Since he doesn’t know who put the hit out in the first place, all Flynn can do is wipe Rittenhouse from the map... and maybe bring his family back.

Lucy and Rufus go to the headquarters of the Black Liberation Army, and Rufus explains that they have the same symbol that Felt mentioned. The local chapter is run by Gregory Hayes, one of the founders of the BLA. Rufus tells Lucy to wait outside and not make eye contact with anyone. It’s a throwback to 1937 when Lucy tells him the same in all white jersey bar (‘Pilot’).

Rufus goes in alone. He asks the bartender to let him talk to Gregory, and says that he needs to discuss the Watergate and the doc. Once Gregory comes out, he wonders what Rufus is accusing him of. He figures that Rufus is a Fed, and Rufus insists that he isn’t. He says that he’s there for Eldridge Cleaver because he wants the doc, and he couldn’t come because he’s in exile. Gregory figures that he’s lying, and Rufus recites all of the information he knows from the history books to prove that he knows Eldridge. Satisfied, Rufus says that they’re going to get him what he came for.

At the hotel, Flynn tells Wyatt that the journal doesn’t say if Lucy gets the document. He admits that the journal sometimes makes it sound like Lucy is crazy. Flynn asks if Wyatt wants to know what Lucy said about Wyatt. He recites what Wyatt will tell Lucy in the future about how he left his wife off on the side of the road after a fight. They found her two weeks later, strangle din the bushes. Wyatt yells at Flynn to shut up, but he reads how Lucy wrote that Wyatt should let go. Flynn says that he understands because they can change history and save the people they love.

Gregory takes Rufus and Lucy to an older house. He leads them to the Doc: a young woman and tells her that people are there to pick her up. She expects them to drive her to San Diego, and once they’re alone Lucy points out that if they don’t turn Doc over to Flynn then Wyatt is dead.

Lucy goes in to see Doc, while Rufus notices a phone on the wall. Doc says that they call her Doc because she got a PhD in history at the University of Chicago where Lucy got her degree. She says that Rittenhouse broke into the Watergate looking for her when she was staying there, and explains that they’re after her because she left. She was born into the organization, which goes back generations. As they talk, Lucy sees a phoot of a young Doc with her parents. Doc yanks it away, and says that Rittenhouse controls all of them. Her part was to keep the roster membership in her head, with every member since the founding in 1778.

Rufus calls his contact and explains that Doc is a woman. The contact tells him to destroy the doc, and Rufus insists that he can’t kill someone. In response, the contact asks for the address and says that they’ll do it for him. Rufus hangs up and turns to find Lucy there. He warns her that Rittenhouse is listening and holds up the tape recorder, then fills the sink with water and drops the recorder in it.

Lucy is shocked that Rufus was secretly recording them, and Rufus says that they threatened his family. When Lucy objects, Rufus reminds her that she was keeping secrets, He says that they just have to trust each other, and Lucy wonders how they can ever do that again.

At the hotel, Wyatt pries the nail loose and picks the lock on his handcuffs. He then calls Flynn in and says that there’s got to be a way to take Rittenhouse out without destroying America. Flynn warns that Rittenhouse and America are intertwined, and they have to destroy the body to attack the body. Wyatt says that he is a sociopath and attacks him. More of Flynn’s men come in and manage to subdue Wyatt, and Flynn says that Wyatt has an hour left.

Rufus calls the contact and says that he has the Doc, and gives him the address. Flynn’s men handcuff Wyatt again, and one man reports that Lucy called with Doc’s location. Rufus and Lucy take Doc away and explain that Rittenhouse and Flynn to the house so that they’d fight each other. They then head for the hotel.

At the house, the two factions fire at each other. Flynn’s side wins and Flynn realizes that they’ve been played.

At the hotel, the man guarding Wyatt hears a noise and goes to investigate. Lucy crawls in the window and Wyatt has her get the nail from the trash and has her give it to him. He frees himself and attacks the guard as he comes back, taking him out. They meet up with Rufus and Doc, and Doc tells Lucy that her family made it to Hong Kong a year ago. Her son was born and she couldn’t let him be trapped into Rittenhouse the way that she was. Gregory arrives and tells him that Eldridge wants him to take Doc to San Diego personally.

Once they leave, Wyatt and Rufus walk away from Lucy. Rufus goes to a payphone and calls his contact, and claims that they lost Doc in the confusion. He then apologizes to Wyatt, insisting that Rittenhouse threatened his family. Wyatt tells him to keep spying on them and record Lucy. They’ll act like everything is normal and Rufus will spy on Rittenhouse for them.

Wyatt points out that they both lied to him and he doesn’t trust either one of them.

1975 - (‘Pilot’)

Garcia Flynn is born.

1976 - (‘The Watergate Tape’)

Lorena is born.

1979 - (‘Assassination of Abraham Lincoln’)

Carol and Henry Wallace meet at UC Berkley. It would lead to Amy being born and Carol becoming a smoker which lead to her lung cancer.

1980 - (‘The Salem Witchhunt’)

Mothership went to San Diego for a short trip.

1981- March 30th, Washington DC
(‘The Day Reagan was Shot’)

Flynn is currently 6 years old and in first grade.

When the team arrives in 1981, they steal clothes and Lucy tells them when Hinckley goes after Reagan. He tried to kill Reagan to impress Jodie Foster, and they figure Rittenhouse wants to make sure Reagan dies.

The team arrives at the hotel and Wyatt spots Hinckley. Reagan and his security team come out, and Wyatt sees the sleeper agent, Owen Madoff, posing as a Secret Service agent preparing to shoot an officer. Wyatt knocks the officer down so that she’s just grazed, and Reagan gets into his limo and drive away.

They call for an ambulance for the officer, and realize that it’s a young Denise. Wyatt claims that he’s with special forces, and she says that she owes him one as they take her to the hospital.

Lucy confirms that Hinckley escaped, which wasn’t what happened originally, and Wyatt says that Denise was the target.

The team goes to the hospital to look for Owen, and Lucy figures that they need to do something about Hinckley. Wyatt spots Owen and tells Lucy to go with Denise and tell her about Hinckley. Rufus insists on staying with Wyatt to find Owen.

Lucy and Jiya talk to Denise and says that they’re called Cagney and Lacey and are not at liberty to say who they’re working for. Denise’s mother Ananya comes in, having heard of the shooting, and asks how her daughter is. Denise says that she didn’t call Ananya because she didn’t want her to worry. Ananya complains that Denise was wounded and wouldn’t have been if she became a doctor. She tells Denise that it’s time for her to settle down and get married, just as Denise’s boyfriend Sunil Devah arrives with his parents.

Wyatt and Rufus follow Owen and overhear him asking for Denise’s room. They get into the elevator with him and they go for their guns. An old lady in the elevator asks about Reagan and gets off on the next floor, and the three men fight. They manage to subdue Owen, and he says that he’ll tell them everything.

Lucy and Jiya wait outside of Denise’s room, and after a few minutes the Devahs step outside. Lucy tells Jiya that Cagney and Lacey will come out on TV later that year. Jiya quips that she likes to live on the edge.

Wyatt and Rufus take Owen to the basement and tie him up, and he explains that they dropped him off in 1969. Rittenhouse activated him that morning, and Owen says that he didn’t have a choice in accepting the assignment.

Denise and Sunil come out and tells their parents that they’re engaged. Lucy informs Jiya that she knows that Denise didn’t marry a man in her future, but Rittenhouse has altered Denise’s future. Lucy asks to talk to Denise alone for one minute, and she agrees. The two agents explain about Hinckley and give Denise his location, and claim that Jodie Foster hired them. They ask Denise to come with them, saying that she has an opportunity to capture the man who shot Reagan. As Denise, Lucy and Jiya go to the hotel and Denise steps aside to call her superior, Jiya suggests to Lucy that they tell Denise the truth. Lucy warns that it could make things worse.

When Denise joins them, Lucy asks about her engagement. They suggests that Sunil isn’t her type, and Lucy finally says that Denise is gay. Denise assumes that Lucy is hitting on her, and Lucy claims that she and Jiya are involved. The officer admits that she experimented in college but she’s an adult, and says that coming out isn’t an option for her.

Jiya says that her parents had expectations and her mother moved back to Lebanon when her husband died, and Jiya had to decide things on her own. Denise insists that it’s already been decided and the engagement party is that night.

The trio search Hinckley’s hotel room and find the letter he wrote to Foster. Hinckley isn’t there, and Denise finds blood on the floor. She figures that Hinckley wanted to know if Reagan survived, and there’s only one way into the emergency room by creating an emergency.

Hinckley is in the hospital ER, having his injured arm tended to. He hears the Secret service agents receive word that getting an alert to look for wounded man, and one comes over toward him.

Owen tells Wyatt and Rufus that his father was caught embezzling, His family lost everything and his father killed himself, and Rittenhouse bailed them out. His mother and brother bought into the Rittenhouse ideology, and Carol promises to take care of them if Owen became a sleeper. Wyatt asks why Rittenhouse brought his wife back, and Owen says that he doesn’t know about that despite Wyatt beating him. When Wyatt starts to choke him, Owen says that Rittenhouse will kill his wife and two children in 2018 if he doesn’t do whatever they say.

As the police secure the hotel, Lucy and Jiya ask Denise not to tell her superiors about their involvement. they then ask Denise if she’s going to continue being a cop after she gets married.

Denise describes how a robber shot her father, and an off-duty cop saw the robber and arrested him. They sent a female cop to watch over her, and she said that she wanted to stop the bad guys. However, Denise also promised Ananya that she wouldn’t lose Denise like she lost her husband.

Denise is called away, and Lucy tells Jiya that they have to stop the marriage and have to get something from the Lifeboat.

Rufus wonders what they’re going to do with Owen, and suggests that they take Owen with them. Owen says that he’d be better off dead, and promises not to do anything if they leave them there. He offers them information on his brother Zac, who has Denise’s address and is going to kill her. Owen figures that if Zac lives then he’ll tell Rittenhouse and they’ll have his family killed. Wyatt tells him that they’ll try and save Denise and then worry about what they’re going to do.

Zac gets into his car with a gun and drives to Denise’s address.

The engagement party is going on at Denise’s house. Denise answers the door and finds Lucy and Jiya there. They talk to her privately and explain that they’re time travelers, and show her a computer from 2018. Lucy says that they didn’t tell her before because they were trying to protect her, and describes Denise’s future with Homeland Security. They show her photos of her and her family in 2018, and she’s astonished that two women can get married in the future. Denise wonders why they’re telling her, and Lucy says that in 2017 Denise invited her to her house and asked her to show her younger self the photos if Denise disappeared from Denise.

Zac pulls up outside the house and checks his gun.

Denise talks to Ananya, and Lucy tells Jiya that they couldn’t tell Denise everything about her future. Jiya wonders what her visions are for, and wonders if she’s supposed to walk away from Rufus. Lucy suggests that she’s having the visions to save Rufus, and says that she’s learned that history isn’t unchangeable.

Zac spots Denise through the window and prepares to shoot. Ananya and Denise move out onto the porch where Ananya slaps Denise and walks away, and Zac gets out on the street to get a clear shot. Wyatt and Rufus arrive and run him down.

When they go back to the hospital, they discover that Owen has hung himself. Wyatt figures that Owen thought Rittenhouse would find him no matter what, and Rufus says that Owen was a victim as well.

Lucy and Jiya find Denise, who wonders what she’s supposed to do. They tell her to take the job offer from the FBI, and Lucy gives her the flash drive so that she remembers why she’s doing it. They hug and then Jiya and Lucy leave.

1983-  19th March, Toledo Airport, Ohio
(‘Karma Chameleon’)

Wyatt and Rufus arrive on March 19, 1983, and go to an airport in Toledo to find Wes’ parents, Claire Gilliam and Joel Bender. Claire is a flight attendant from Cleveland and has a one-night layover. She meets up with Joel and they have a one-night stand, and never sees him again. Wyatt says that all they have to do is make sure that they don’t meet up.

They check the flight board and realize that the plane arrived 20 minutes ago. They ask the stewardesses if they know Claire, Wyatt claiming that he’s her high school friend, and they say that Claire went to the hotel. Wyatt gets the name of the hotel and leaves with Rufus.

Rufus and Wyatt drive to the hotel and Rufus stares at the video games in awe. Wyatt spots Claire as her and her friend order drinks. Joel is the bartender, and Wyatt realizes who it is and that the two of them have met.

Rufus goes over and ”accidentally” bumps Claire, knocking her hotel key on the floor. He picks it up and says that he’s with Delta Force. They grab a table and discuss the Indians, Claire’s favorite team. Rufus is with Claire’s friend Becky, but is too busy watching 80s TV. Becky says that she’s a fan of the same shows, and Rufus jokingly says that she’s a weirdo and he is too.

Wyatt suggests that they go to a club, and Claire says that she’s waiting for another friend. The newscaster interrupts to report about a tornado watch, and a battered state trooper staggers in. He explains that he ran into a tree down on the road, and Claire has Joel bring a first aid kit. Wyatt offers to handle it but Joel says that he has it.

Meanwhile, the trooper says that everyone is confined to the bar until the warning is over. Wyatt suggests that they leave anyway, but Claire refuses to go.

Rufus tells Wyatt that the lifeboat is safe in the barn where they parked it. Wyatt is unhappy that Claire and Joel are flirting with each other, and Rufus says that he’ll stay on Joel while Wyatt covers Claire.

Rufus goes over to the bar and orders a banana daiquiri to keep Joel busy. Wyatt approaches Claire and invites her to play a video game. Meanwhile, Rufus hears Joel talking to his sister on the phone, telling her how to seal up the house. Becky comes over to hit on Rufus, and is disappointed when he suggests that they play Galaga.

Once Becky goes to the jukebox, Joel tells Rufus to talk to Becky. Rufus says that he would rather hang with Joel, claiming that he’s super cool.

As Wyatt and Claire play the video game, a passenger comes over and recognizes Claire. He offers to buy her a drink, but she says that she’s in the middle of something. Wyatt tells him that the lady refused, and leads the man off and subtly threatens him into going away.

The passenger walks away and Wyatt sits down with Claire again. He asks about her job, and Claire says that she used to love it. Wyatt asks what she would do if she could do anything she wants, and Claire says that she’d go home. He tells her that she should, but Claire says that there’s a thing between her and her mother and she can’t go home until she either proves her mother wrong or has some good news. Wyatt tells her that she should see the family while she has the choice, and he’ll get to see the family for the first time in years.

The stewardesses Wyatt and Rufus talked to earlier arrive and Claire goes over to greet them. She brings them over and they say that Wyatt said he was her friend from high school. Wyatt tries to explain but Joel tells him to wait in the lobby.

Once Wyatt leaves, Joel asks Claire if she’s okay. She thanks him for his intervention. Rufus and Wyatt go to the lobby and Rufus wonders if fate is bring Joel and Claire together. Wyatt doesn’t believe it and refuses to accept that two people banging in a hotel room get Jessica kills. He tells Rufus to lure Joel into the back room and then they’ll abduct him and take him for a little ride.

Rufus reminds Wyatt that he promised not to hurt anyone, and Wyatt insists that he won’t but it’s something he has to do.

Rufus goes back to the bar and tells Joel that the kitchen is flooding. As they go into the back, Joel says that the phone lines are down and he’s lost contact with his sister. Wyatt is waiting in the kitchen, and the passenger takes a swing at him. Wyatt knocks him out, and the trooper spots him. He tells them to break it up and spots Wyatt’s gun. The trooper takes it and orders Wyatt to turn around.

Rufus runs into the office where the trooper has Wyatt, and claims that a kid ran out into the storm. As the trooper gets up, Wyatt knocks him out and has Rufus get the handcuff keys.

Rufus does so and says that the bar is closed, and tells Wyatt that she and Joel went to Claire’s room. Wyatt puts his gun away and helps Joel up, but Joel collapses dead. Rufus arrives and yells that they have to go, and Wyatt has no choice but to go with him.

As Rufus starts up the lifeboat, he assures Wyatt that Wes won’t be born and they saved three women. Wyatt says that Joel didn’t deserve to die and tells Rufus that Jessica would hate him for what he did. He wonders how he’s going to look Jessica in the eye, but figures that her being alive will be worth it.


Lucy is born, Month unknown (‘Atomic City’).

December- Rufus is Born (‘Karma Chameleon’).


Flynn enlisted to Croatian Army (‘Pilot’).

Amy is Born (‘Assassination of Abraham Lincoln’).


Flynn: Croatian war of Independence, served with Croatian Army (‘Pilot’.)

2 July: Jiya Marri is born


Flynn: Bosnian war, served with Croatian Army. Fought for/Alliance with Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) (‘Pilot’).


Flynn: First Chechen war, served with Croatian Army. Fought for Chechen Guerrilla Army (‘Pilot’).


Garcia Flynn: ??? civil war???? (‘Pilot’).


Garcia Flynn: Kosovo war (‘Pilot’).


Garcia Flynn: Second Chechen war, served with Croatian Army, fought for/with Chechen Guerrilla Army(‘Pilot’).


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