1600s // 1700s // 1800s // 1900s // 2000s // 2010s


Flynn was recruited to NSA Black Ops for throughout North East Europe (‘Pilot’).


Mason was bankrupt, then funded $2.5 billion by Rittenhouse to build a time machine(‘The Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde’).

2012- February 11th, Portero Rd, Mile Marker 47, San Diego
(‘Atomic City’)

  • Original timeline, Jessica is found dead. She is considered a victim of a serial killer.

  • The events of the night; Pelican Lounge in San Diego, Jessica ran into an Ex, Wyatt was jealous, he drank too much. As driving home, they have a major fight. She told him to stop, she gets out. Wyatt leaves her on the side of Portero Rd, Mile marker 47 (‘The Watergate tape’). It took him twenty minutes later, he cooled down and went back. Jessica was gone. It took two weeks for her body to be found. She was strangled to death (‘The Watergate tape’).

2015 – Location unknown

  • Flynn’s old friends at the NSA outsourced some surveillance to a group he worked with. They wanted it off the books. Standard stuff. Evade security, retrieve and review some corporate financials on Connor Mason. He discovers ‘Rittenhouse’(‘The Watergate tape’).

2015- Four nights later, Location unknown

  • Rittenhouse murders Flynn’s family and Flynn barely escapes with his life (‘The Watergate tape’).

  • Flynn is considered a prime suspect in their murder. He becomes number 6 on Interpol’s 12 most wanted. He is considered to be possibly working with former Chechen Guerrillas (‘Pilot’).

^ On Iris and Lorena’s tombstone it says ‘2014’ but in 2018,  Flynn says it was three years ago, he lost his family (‘The Day Reagan was Shot’).

2015- Two weeks after Flynn’s family is murdered, Sao Paolo, Brazil (‘The Day Reagan was Shot’)

  • Flynn is on the run/in hiding. He goes to a bar. On his third drink. Lucy from the future walks in. Flynn in 2018 recollects that Lucy looks maybe 5 years older than she does currently.

  • She tells him who killed his family; Rittenhouse. How there is a way for Flynn to stop them, and that to do it, He was going to need Lucy’s help.

  • Future Lucy gives him the journal.

Possibly Early 2017** (‘Red Scare’), Tuesday, San Francisco

^^No start date has been mentioned in Season 1. In Season 2, Wyatt makes a reference to it being 2018 (‘A War to End All Wars’).

Professor Lucy Preston is lecturing a class about LBJ and talks about how they have to understand the people who made history. A man comes in the back as Lucy says that they have to get inside the heads of the people involved. After class, Lucy’s boss, tells Lucy that the committee is canceling her tenure meeting. Lucy figures that he could push it through if he wanted to and storms off.

At home, Lucy checks on her sister Amy, who sitting with their mother. Amy says that their mother isn’t doing any better, and Lucy suggests that they go get a drink. Downstairs, Amy suggests that Lucy quit and go somewhere that she’s wanted. Lucy refuses to abandon her mother’s legacy, as she created the department. Her sister tells her to stop worrying about disappointing their mother and make her own future.

At a secure facility belonging to Mason Industries, Rufus Carlin is working with his co-worker Jiya. Outside, a van pulls up. The driver asks the other man, Garcia Flynn, if he can trust the old journal that he’s studying. The guards tell the two men to present their ID…unaware that there are five men in the back of the van.

Inside, Anthony Bruhl approaches Rufus and tells him that it’s his turn to pick up the tacos and he should take Jiya. Gunshots ring out and the drivers enter the chamber. Rufus grabs Jiya and ducks behind a console, while the men grabs the other technicians and shoot the guards. Garcia grabs Bruhl and takes him to a machine, and goes inside with his lieutenant. After a moment, the machine vanishes. The police storm in and order the technicians down.

In her mother’s room, Lucy looks at a photo of her family and then her comatose mother. The doorbell rings, and Lucy finds Agent Kondo with Homeland security there. He tells Lucy that she needs to come with him because they need her help. Lucy goes with the agent, who takes her to the facility. Kondo escorts her into a waiting room where a man, Wyatt Logan, is sitting with his eyes closed. The agent leaves Lucy there, and Wyatt says that he’s not asleep. She realizes that Connor Mason owns the company, and wonders why they’re there. Wyatt doesn’t know, and keeps calling Lucy ”ma’am.”

Agent Denise Christopher comes in and notes that Lucy is a world class historian. She identifies Wyatt Logan as a Master Sergeant with Delta Force, and tells them to follow her. Denise escorts Lucy and Wyatt to the main chamber and explains that Garcia was an ex-NSA asset in Eastern Europe. He killed his wife and child and went off the grid a year ago. Denise runs the footage of the machine disappearing, Connor comes in and explains that using gravity, they can bend time into a loop and travel to an earlier point in time. Denise explains that Connor invented a time machine and didn’t tell the government about it, and now it has been stolen by terrorists.

Connor takes Lucy and Wyatt out to the main chamber and shows them their earlier prototype. Its CPU is linked to the mothership, and they can figure out when it went or not where. The date is 3:30 PM on May 6, 1937. One terrorist was killed and they found an address on him for a tavern in Manchester, NJ. Lucy says that the time is four hours before the Hindenburg crashed.

Connor notes that if Garcia kills people in 1937 then history and reality will change. Denise says that there’s room in the prototype for three passengers, and they want Lucy and Wyatt to go after Garcia.

Lucy storms out and says that she’s not a soldier. Denise says that they need a historian and figures that Lucy must be curious.

Connor tells Rufus that he has to go with Wyatt and Lucy. Rufus insists that he’s a coder and there’s no place in American history where it will be awesome for a black man. Connor overrides his objections and says that they both know that it has to be him.

Lucy agrees and but find the clothes they give her wildly inaccurate. Her skirt is from the 40s, her shirt is made from a fabric that doesn’t exist in the 1930s and she’s wearing a 21st century bra. Wyatt assures Lucy that no one will know the difference. Denise gives her the address for the tavern, and tells her and Wyatt not to be noticed and not to change anything.

Rufus is at the controls and everyone introduces themselves. They strap in and Rufus warns that it will be a rough ride. Lucy realizes that Wyatt has been drinking, and he says that he didn’t know that he was going to be working. Rufus launches the prototype and they disappear into history.

The trio returns to the present roughly 15 hours later and confirm that the Hindenburg blew up a day later. The only two casualties were Kate and the terrorist. Lucy warns that she doesn’t know what Garcia is trying to do, and asks Denise about Rittenhouse. Denise insists that she has no idea what Rittenhouse is. Rufus has confirmed that the mothership is back in the present day but they don’t know where. He insists that they can’t double back to where they’ve been. Lucy suggests that Garcia is trying to kill America in the rib by rewriting history. Denise says that Garcia is still out there and they are the government’s best option, and they’ll call them when Garcia leaves again.

Later, Rufus gives Connor a recording of everything that he could hear of Lucy and Wyatt talking. He tells his superior that he’s not comfortable with what they’re doing, and Connor says that he isn’t either.

As they go, Lucy points out that Wyatt could have killed her shooting at Garcia. She wonders if he’s that good or she’s just that expendable, and Wyatt says that he’s that good. Lucy figures that Wyatt wanted to try and change what happened to his wife, and says that maybe everything that happened went the way it was supposed to.

Jiya asks Rufus what time travel was like, and he offers to take her to dinner and tell her all about it. She agrees.

Wyatt goes to a bar and looks at a photo of himself and Jessica.

Garcia sits in his base and read through the journal.

Lucy returns home and calls to Amy. She’s surprised to find her mother in the kitchen, in perfect health. Mrs. Preston has no idea who Amy is, and Lucy hugs her in relief. Her mother notices that Lucy isn’t wearing her engagement ring, and Lucy realizes that Amy has been wiped out by the change in history. She insists that it isn’t right, and her phone rings. Denise says that Garcia is heading back into time and they need Lucy there.

2017 – San Francisco, Less than a couple hours since returning from mission to 1937**
(Assassination of Abraham Lincoln’)

At home, Lucy gets a phone call and tells her mother Carol that she has to go. She says that Amy is a friend from work and needs her help, hugs her mother, and leaves. As Lucy goes, Carol tells her to remember about the next night.

At Mason Industries, Lucy finds Wyatt and Rufus and asks them what has changed in their lives. They haven’t noticed anything, and Lucy says that her sister Amy was erased from history. Connor and Denise come up, and Denise points out that Lucy’s dossier shows that she doesn’t have a sister. Lucy shows them a locket with a photo of Amy, and Connor points out that she wore it on her first trip. She tells him to change things back, but Denise says that they have to get moving before Flynn changes history.

The agent says that Flynn went back to April 14, 1865, and they have to eliminate Flynn. As Lucy gets into the machine, she tells the others that Lincoln was assassinated on that date. As Jiya helps Lucy put on a period dress, she offers to try and find out what happened to Amy. Rufus meets with Connor, who is reviewing the video of the terrorist attacks. The CEO points out that Flynn went straight for Anthony, one of their two best pilots, and gives Rufus a recorder. Rufus wonders why Rittenhouse needs them, and Connor orders him to never say that name out loud again.

The trio board the Lifeboat and Wyatt offers his condolences on Amy’s disappearance. He says that they’re going to fix anything, and they depart for 1865.

The team returns over 15 hours later, it’s ‘tomorrow night. Wyatt staggers out and Lucy calls for a medic.

As they get him to a medic, Lucy checks the historical records and discovers that Lincoln’s assassin was never identified. Connor notes that the assassination was engineered by Booth and he was hunted down and killed, and Lucy under her alias saved Grant and disappeared. There’s nothing about Rufus saving Johnson. Denise figures that they did their job, but Lucy worries that something may have changed because of what they altered. Denise says that they kept Flynn from destroying America and walks off.

Jiya shows Lucy the new timeline’s records on Carol and her husband, Henry Wallace. Henry never married Carol in the new continuity, and Henry married the granddaughter of a girl who should have died in the Hindenburg but didn’t. Since Amy’s parents never met, Amy was never born. Lucy was because her mother lied to her and Lucy’s father is someone than Harry.

Rufus tells Connor that he’s not recording his teammates anymore and he’s not spying on them. Connor reminds him that he took Rufus out of the ghetto and got him into MIT, and the recordings are what pays off his debt. Rufus gives him the recorder and walks off. e

The military doctor examines Wyatt’s wound and he says that he’ll call a cab to get home.

Lucy returns home and finds her engagement party going on. Carol comes over and Lucy admits that things have been hectic. She says that she needs to talk about her father, but Carol is shocked that she’s bringing it up and goes to get a drink. Lucy’s fiance comes up and kisses ´ her, much to her surprise.

2017- San Francisco, the following morning after the last missioN (‘Atomic City’) 

The morning after her engagement party, Lucy looks through her family albums, and Noah (her fiancé) comes out and points out that she didn’t come to bed the previous night. He points out the photos the two of them, and Lucy bluffs through remembering it as best she can. Noah asks if she’s okay, and Lucy insists that she’s fine. He’s found her engagement ring in the bathroom and puts it on her finger, and he starts to kiss her.

Lucy’s phone rings and says that it’s work, and steps into the kitchen to take it. Denise asks her what happened on September 21, 1962, and says that Flynn is heading to that date and orders Lucy to come in.

Wyatt is reading reports about his dead wife Jessica when he gets a call from Denise.

At Matson Industries, Rufus and Jiya try to work out where Flynn is. Mason insists that Rufus come with him, saying that it’s about Anthony. They go to Mason’s office and Mason explains that they checked Anthony records. Thirty minutes Flynn raided the building, Anthony made a call to a phone that has been disconnected. Rufus insists that Anthony is the victim, not the inside man, and Mason agrees. Jiya locates the mothership in Nevada within a 50 mile radius. Lucy checks the records of Vegas in 1963, and discovers that Kennedy was at the Sands hotel for a fundraiser.

The team dons period garb and Wyatt notices Lucy’s engagement ring. She explains to Noah but has no idea who he is, and Rufus launches the Lifeboat.

The team returns to Mason Industries and tell Denise that Flynn has an atomic bomb and Anthony is working with him. Rufus insists that there must be a reason, and Denise says that if they eliminate Anthony then Flynn will have no one to pilot the mothership.

Wyatt claims that he never had a clean shot at Anthony, and Denise tells him to kill Anthony the next time he does.

Mason asks Jiya to track down the mothership in the present. She warns that it will take some time and goes to work.

Lucy asks Wyatt if he managed to save Jessica. She realizes that it didn’t from the look on his face, and he admits that it was a long shot before leaving.

When Lucy returns home, she tells Noah that they need to talk. She explains that she met a woman and it seemed like she had it all together, but she really didn’t and Lucy doesn’t either.  Lucy says that she needs to get her head straight and can’t do it while she’s with Noah. She can’t explain what the problem is, and says that she’s staying with her mom but doesn’t know how long.

Noah agrees and says that he loves her, and tells her what she has to, and he’ll be there when she’s ready.

Rufus thanks Wyatt for not telling Denise what he did. He insists that he’s going to find out the truth, and says that he’d do the same for Wyatt and Lucy. Wyatt thanks him and Rufus wonders why it’s all happening. Wyatt isn’t interested, and Rufus wonders how they know if they’re on the right side of things.

Jiya pinpoints the mothership to a 50-mile radius. Flynn, Karl and Anthony drive out to the desert and dig up the barrel where they buried it. Inside is the core, and Anthony confirms that it’s intact.

2017- Mason Industries, San Francisco, the following morninG,(‘Party at Castle Varlar’) 

Jiya tells Denise and Connor that she’s accessed the city’s power grid and discovered a massive power drain sufficient to recharge the mothership. She’s narrowed the mothership’s location to a one-block radius.

At his secret base, Flynn watches as Anthony removes the plutonium core. Outside, Wyatt leads a squad of soldiers in. Inside, Flynn’s men report that they have company. As his men go to power up the mothership, Anthony warns that he needs 30 more seconds if they want to get the core on-board without it exploding. Flynn’s men collect their equipment and Anthony successfully stores the core. They then load it aboard the mothership just as the Wyatt and his team break in.

Wyatt and his team open fire but the mothership disappears. Wyatt calls techs in to comb over the place, and tells Denise that there’s no sign of the nuke.

Rufus confirms that they’ve traced the mothership to December 9, 1944, in Germany. He warns that if Flynn gives a nuclear bomb to the Germans before the Americans develop it a year later, it will change the course of the war.

Back at Mason industries, Rufus shows them the 50 mile radius that he’s tracked the mothership to. Lucy says that there’s a tavern called Die Stein Haus in the area that was rumored to be a center of Allied resistance. She suggests that someone there might be able to point them in the right direction.

Wyatt admits that he speaks German and three other languages.

Mason takes them to a wardrobe dock containing clothing suitable for any era that they’ve prepared. As Lucy gets dressed, she stares off into space until Wyatt interrupts her and asks if she’s okay.

In the Lifeboat, Rufus listens to the recording he made of the others talking. He quickly puts it away as Lucy and Wyatt come aboard, and Lucy says that the password is ordering a particular drink at the bar. A 1923 Remy Martin to be precise.

The trio returns to the present day and tell Mason and Denise what happened. Connor says that they’re describing the plot of a Bond movie called ‘Weapon of Choice’ and they realize that Ian turned their mission into an adventure.

Denise wonders why Flynn didn’t use the nuke, and Mason and Rufus remember that Anthony once described a theoretical process. In the castle, Anthony says that the battery he created from the plutonium core will power the mothership for 300 years.

Rufus meets with Mason and says that he’s been risking his life for Wyatt and Lucy. He knew they’d do the same for him and spies don’t trust, and gives Mason the recorder. Mason says that he understands and warns him that he’s in deep with the Rittenhouse people. He needs Rufus to be on his side, but Rufus says that he can’t and apologizes before walking away.

Lucy tells Denise that she needs the government to create a cover story for her so she can leave her job at any time. She demands that Mason’s people work on fixing history and restoring her sister to the timeline, and says that she’s fighting for Amy.

Rufus drives home when the electronics on his car goes out. The car coasts to a halt, and Rufus gets out as a car pulls up. An older man gets out and addresses Rufus by name. Rufus figures that he’s with Rittenhouse, and the man says that they want to protect everyone... including Rufus’ family. Rufus agree that he wants them safe and Rufus’ car turns back on. The man wishes Rufus safe travels and leaves.

2017 – Around Midnight, Mason Industries, San Francisco. Unknown amount of time has elapsed
(‘The Alamo’)

Rufus meets privately with Connor and asks if Rittenhouse is monitoring them. He explains that he’s late because the Rittenhouse agents hacked his car earlier. Connor says that they shouldn’t be contacting him directly, and insists that he never sent anyone to threaten Rufus. He insists that Rufus is like a son to him, and tells him that they both have to cooperate.

Denise calls Wyatt in to meet with her boss, Deputy Director Patrick Ramsey. Wyatt realizes that they’re replacing him, and Ramsey points out that he’s failed to kill Flynn. They’re bring in Dave Baumgardner, and Wyatt says that he’ll do a good job. Ramsey says that Denise fought to keep Wyatt there, but Wyatt admits that he hasn’t delivered results.

Jiya announces that Flynn has gone to 1836 around San Antonio, and Wyatt recognize the date. Denise says that Baumgardner won’t arrive in time so they’re sending Wyatt.

Denise calls Lucy, who says that she’s going to work. Carol wonders what’s so important that they need her at Connor Industries. She wonders why Lucy is ignoring her fiancé and bailing on ´ her teaching, but Lucy says that she wouldn’t understand. Carol warns that Lucy is throwing away everything that she ever worked for, and Lucy points out that Carol won’t even tell her, her father’s name. When her mother doesn’t respond, Lucy walks out.

At Connor Industries, the team prepares for departure. Wyatt tells them that he’s been fired and they’ll like Baumgardner better than him. He loads grenades in his pack and says that if he gets one last shot at Flynn then he’s going to take it. The Lifeboat departs for 1836.’s

^^Camp Pendleton is a US Marines base, not US Army. But given he is Special Ops, there are Reddit threads that claim Special Ops soldiers train at different military bases depending on their training and specialty training.

The team returns to the present, Rufus confirms that history proceeded as in the original timeline. Wyatt figures that Lucy wrote one hell of a letter, and Rufus agrees.

Ramsey comes over and relieves Wyatt of duty, and Denise says that Baumgardner is in the waiting room.

Lucy tells Ramsey that she won’t do it without Wyatt, and Rufus agrees over Connor’s objections. Denise warns that Rufus is their only pilot, and Ramsey gives in.

Lucy returns home and tells Carol that she doesn’t want to fight any more because life is too short. Carol says that she was a junior and Lucy’s father was a professor. When she became pregnant, she told him that she didn’t need his help because he wasn’t ready, and she hasn’t heard from him since. Carol shows Lucy a piece of paper with her father’s name.

Wyatt finds Baumgardner in the locker room and they hug. Baumgardner figures that things are in serious trouble if they called Wyatt and says that they’re prepping for a mission Wyatt says that he’ll be there for a while because he has a new team.

2017 – San Francisco, Morning time,
(‘The Watergate tape’)

Rufus is at home making coffee and sees his brother Kevin’s basketball trophy. His mother comes in and assures Rufus that Kevin understands how important Rufus’ job is, and how it pays for everything they have. Rufus gets a text from Connor and goes outside, and finds Connor waiting for him in a limo. The Rittenhouse man is with Connor, and asks Rufus how Kevin took the loss. Rufus stays in the car, and Connor explains that Flynn took the mothership to DC on June 20, 1972.

The Rittenhouse man says that the Watergate break-in was that day, and Nixon secretly recorded every conversation in his office. He made a tape on June 20, speaking to Bob Haldeman. Nixon’s secretary erased the tape for 18 and a half minutes, and there is a concern that Flynn is going back to ’72 to steal the tape before it’s erased. When Rufus wonders what’s on it, the Rittenhouse man says that it’s important that no one hear what’s on the tape... particularly Flynn. He gives Rufus a number to call when he gets there and make regular reports. If he doesn’t do it, the Rittenhouse agent makes it clear that Rufus’ family is in danger.

Lucy drives to the house of her father, Benjamin Cahill. She sits outside, unable to bring herself to go inside, and Denise calls her to say that Flynn has taken out the mothership.

Lucy eagerly heads for Connor Industries rather than talk to her father. When she gets there, the team suits up for 1972 and Lucy tells the team what she did. Lucy insists that Benjamin is just her biological father, and Wyatt says that some point she’s going to have to talk to him.

Denise gives them the proper papers, and Lucy says that she would give anything to hear the tape. Rufus says that he wouldn’t, and the team board the lifeboat and take off.

The team returns to the present and Lucy is unable to find any historical records to Doc. Wyatt leaves on his own, and Rufus asks Lucy if it will be okay. She walks away without a word.

Rufus goes out and finds the limo waiting for him. Connor and the Rittenhouse men are waiting, and the man asks him what happened 44 years ago. Rufus says that he doesn’t know why Flynn showed up at the house, and the Rittenhouse man points out that on Rufus’ final report he was the contact and there was a quiver in his voice.

Flynn goes to the cemetery his wife and daughter are buried.

Wyatt sits in his room and looks at the maps and clippings that he’s collected of his wife’s death.

Lucy drives back to Benjamin’s house and finally goes up to the door. She knocks and a teenager answers the door. Lucy asks if Benjamin is there, and the boy calls his father to the door. It’s the Rittenhouse man, and Lucy says that she has the wrong address. Once she leaves, Cahill makes a call and says that Lucy came to visit him.

2017 – San Francisco, Unknown time has elapsed between missions, (‘Stranded’)

In the present at Mason Industries, Mason tells Denise that Flynn returned to the present three hours ago. Their team hasn’t returned yet, and Mason tells Jiya to stop moping and figure out a way to get the team back using the protocol.

Mason gets a call from Benjamin pointing out that they’ve lost the lifeboat and Flynn is

operating unchecked. When Benjamin specifically mentions Lucy, Mason wonders why she was chosen for such an important mission. He wonders who pulled the strings to get her on the mission and why, and says that they have no relationship without the lifeboat. Mason hangs up and gets on a plane to Pennsylvania.

Later in the day, on the site where the team buried their message, Denise brings a team in and claims that they’re with the CDC investigating Zika Virus Mosquitos outbreak. As they dig up the spot where the lifeboat was programmed to lie, Jiya tells Mason that she and Rufus aren’t close that he asked her out once, but most of the time, he just instant messages her from his desk, 2 feet away from her desk, instead of actually talking to her. Connor Mason says that it would mean a lot to Rufus to know how worried she is about him.

The diggers find the bottle and discover that it’s cracked. They carefully open it and discover that the writing has been obliterated by age.

Back at Mason Industries, Jiya and team tries to bring out the writing on the paper. All they can work out is ”death” and millennium”.

Later in the evening, Jiya tells Mason that she doesn’t know what else to do. Mason offers her a drink and talks about how he and Rufus met when Mason was doing a charity outreach. He went to a science fair at a Chicago middle school and saw Rufus demonstrating a monorail system that runs on recycled coffee pods. They talked after the fair, and Rufus said that he had to pick up his brother. Impressed, Mason figured that Rufus would do great things and wanted him to do them for him. Jiya talks about Rufus said they would never work out as she was Star Trek and he was Star Wars, Connor smiles and makes a comment about how Rufus could take awkward to bold new heights. Her smile dropped as Connor is speaking in past tense. He tries to reassure her that he’s not. That Rufus will come back bragging like a hero, it strikes something in Jiya’s memory. She rushes away. She realizes what the note says and figures that the lifeboat’s nav system is down.

Jiya explains that Rufus wrote down a code that would let the team at Mason Industries take

control of the lifeboat and bring it home. That they have to take over the lifeboat controls  when it’s in midjump and bring it home. Denise asks how she could know all this and Jiya further explains that Rufus referred to the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star, and says that she’ll need help.

By the Time team has jumped, Jiya warns that they’re not ready, but Mason says that they’re out of time. She runs the program to intercept the lifeboat, and it appears off-center in the main room.

The team crawls out, Rufus last, and he looks over at Jiya and waves. She waves back, smiling.

Later, Jiya finds Rufus in the wardrobe and says that they know each other better than they thought. She starts to go, and then turns and kisses Rufus. Rufus asks what that was for, and she says that it was for him making it back.

Denise requests surveillance on Mason to find out what he’s hiding from them.

The team goes out to a bar, and Rufus finds a reference to French soldiers reporting a mysterious orb that disappeared. They share a toast and Lucy gives Rufus a book of Chocodiles.

Lucy tells Wyatt that she doesn’t know if the journal is real, but it matches her handwriting. Wyatt tells her not to write a journal if she doesn’t want to, and Lucy says that she’s always believed that everything happens for a reason. She figures that she has to believe in her own fate, and Wyatt tells her to have a drink. He then asks if she decided to take the drink if it was prewritten.

Wyatt tells her that she made the choice, and history is made up of choices... and they make them. He says that if she’s not happy with the history that Flynn has predicted for her then she should rewrite it.

2017 – Houston, Undisclosed amount of time has passed
(‘Space Race’)

Flynn and Anthony meet with Wayne Ellis, who says that they got them there and got them back. He gives them a photo that they took of the crew, and explains that everyone in their department had a badge with a magnetic key strip.  Wayne doesn’t have his old badge, and Flynn asks if he has always lived in the house and Wayne says that he grew up there and plans to die there.

Later, Flynn looks at Lucy’s journal and then boards the mothership with Anthony and the others. After a moment they depart.

2017- San Francisco

The team are called in when Jiya discovers the Mothership has tripped to the past.

At Mason Industries, Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus prepare for their new mission going to NASA on the day of the lunar landing. Rufus mutters that Flynn would use Anthony, and then says that there are a dozen ways to scuttle the mission from the ground and doesn’t know which one Flynn would use. Denise gives them fake FBI badges, and Lucy complains briefly that her cover is a secretary in the typing pool.

Hours later, The lifeboat returns to the present and Denise shows them the unredacted file on Flynn. Maria was Flynn’s mother, and Gabriel was Flynn’s half-brother.

Two years later, Maria becomes an engineer for Lockman, meets an engineer named Asher Flynn, and they have Flynn. Gabriel is alive and well and living in Paris.

Lucy wonders why they aren’t saving the people they love like Flynn is, and Denise insists that stopping Flynn is their top priority. She insists that as soon as they get rid of Flynn then they’ll try to get Amy back.

Later, Lucy finds Rufus reading an article on Katherine. She finally got the crisis she deserved for single-handedly fixing the computers during the Apollo 11 mission. Katherine became the first female flight director, and they made a movie about her.

Lucy assures Rufus that what he did was self-defense, and he says that he’s fine. He admits that he’d do it again and shoot Anthony if he had to, and they could go back to their normal lives. Rufus tells Lucy that he was originally afraid of practically everything and didn’t want to hurt anyone. He asks Lucy what he’s becoming, and she just takes his hand.

2017 – San Francisco, it’s a few weeks after the raid on Flynn’s warehouse. (‘The Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde’)

Lucy is at home eating supper with her fiance, Noah. She admits that she ordered in and asks about Noah’ random foods. Noah points out that’s a first date type of question, and takes Lucy’s hand.

She pulls away and Noah points it out, and asks what tonight is supposed to be. Lucy finally says that she wanted to spend some time together. Noah says that he’s trying to be patient, but one day Lucy came home and she was like a different person. He wants to know if they’re engaged.

At Mason Industries, Denis is on the phone reminding her daughter that she’s going to the ballet recital as she agreed. Once the agent hangs out, she turns and sees the trio listening.

Denise refuses to discuss her daughter and tells them that Flynn has taken the Mothership to 1934 Arkansas. The agent says that they found a photo of a necklace and key that they obtained from a raid on Flynn’s warehouse.

There was also a letter about McElroy Bank & Trust in Houston, the same day, and the words ”Rittenhouse key” on it. They figure that Flynn went back to get it, and Denise says that she hasn’t found anything on Rittenhouse.

She asks Lucy if Flynn has said anything about it since, and Lucy lies and says that he hasn’t. Denise tells them to go back, get the key, and go to the bank and find out what the key opens.

Connor comes in and asks if Denise has everything that she needs. She says that she does and he leaves.

In the wardrobe, Wyatt points out that Lucy is still waring Noah’s engagement ring. She explains about the disastrous dinner date, and Wyatt suggests that she cut Noah loose. Lucy wonders if she’s supposed to be with him, but admits that she doesn’t love Noah. Wyatt reminds her that she’s supposed to have her sister back. Jiya tells Rufus to come back safe and they kiss. The trio enters the lifeboat and departs for 1934.

In the present, Denise is packing for the evening when Connor comes in. He offers to have his team look at the information they obtained from Flynn’s warehouse, and Denise says that she’d have to get his security rating raised first. His cell phone rings and once Denise leaves, Connor takes it.

In the present, Connor meets Cahill and says that the information Denise acquired at the warehouse is refocusing her investigation toward Rittenhouse. Cahill tells Connor to dissuade her, and if he can’t then she will. When Connor warns that someone will notice, Cahill assures him that Rittenhouse survived many investigators over the year... and Denise won’t be the exception. Nearby, Denise and her agent take photos of the two of them meeting.

The trio returns to the present and they tell Denise what happened. Wyatt says that they were outgunned and lucky to get out in one piece. Connor overhears them and repeats his offer to Denise.

As Lucy and Wyatt finish changing, Wyatt apologizes for kissing her earlier. Lucy says that she’ll live, and they say their goodbyes for the night.

Denise meets Rufus at a restaurant and asks him if Connor is in any trouble. She tells Rufus that Connor went bankrupt, but then five years ago he was funded to $2.5 billion. Denise wonders if someone else financed the time-travel project, and shows Rufus a photo of Cahill. Denise figures that Rufus is a good guy and Connor is hiding something, and asks Rufus to trust her. Rufus says that Hamer said the same thing to him in 1934, and tells Denise that if there’s anyone she loves then she’ll stop investigating Connor.

When Denise wonders if he’s threatening her, Rufus says that he doesn’t want to see her or her loved ones get hurt. Denise tells him that she’ll worry about the people she loves, and Rufus says that he’ll tell her everything she knows about Rittenhouse.

Flynn breaks into a house and uses the key to open a clock. It opens and he removes scroll from it, breaks the wax seal, and reads the contents.

2017 – San Francisco, undisclosed amount of time has passed between missions (‘The Capture of Benedict Arnold’)

In the present, Lucy and Denise are eating a homecooked meal. Lucy’s wife Michelle comes in and admits that Lucy is the only one of Denise’s colleagues that she’s ever come before. Lucy admits that it came as a surprise to her that Denise invited her over.

Afterward, Denise is cleaning up the dishes and tells Lucy that she wanted her to meet them. The agent says that she’s been up worrying about Rittenhouse based on what Rufus has told her, and figures that it’s worse for Lucy’s mother that she doesn’t remember her daughter Amy. Denise’s worse fear was losing her family, but now it’s that they could disappear from time and never existed.

She gives Lucy a flash drive and asks her to keep it in the lifeboat. It’s pictures of her family, and if Lucy comes back some day and they’re gone, Denise makes her promise to tell her about them. Lucy agrees to do so.

Rufus and Jiya are playing a video game at Jiya’s apartment when Connor arrives at the door. He says that he needs to talk to Rufus privately, and she goes into the next room. Once they’re alone, Connor admits that he’s slightly drunk and talks about how his mother used to clean houses. He invented a better vacuum for her, and then invented other things and created a business. However, Connor juts wanted to turn a wrench and make his mother’s life a little easier... like Rufus. He insists that he’s not a bad guy, and didn’t mean to get Rufus in so deeply.

Connor says that he didn’t think it would end so badly, and tells Rufus that Rittenhouse knows that he’s been tampering with the recorders. He warns Rufus that if he doesn’t record the next mission properly then he can’t protect him or his family anymore.

Once Connor leaves, Jiya comes out and wonders what was going on. They both get a call to come back to Mason Industries. Jiya traces Flynn to September 25, 1780, and Lucy realizes that he’s north of Manhattan. She explains that on that date, West Point was a fort. That she’ll come right in.

The team jump into the lifeboat and go.

2017 – Mason Industries, San Francisco, (‘The World's Columbian Exposition’)

Wyatt and Rufus return to the present  from 1780 and tell Denise that Flynn got Lucy.

Jiya tries to track the mothership and discovers that he’s in New York in 1780. Rufus figure that Flynn is able to leap so fast because he’s powering the mothership with the nuke he acquired in Las Vegas.

2017- Abandoned Warehouse, Sacramento.

Lucy is typing at a desk and Flynn watches her. The mothership returns and Flynn says that he went back to the compound to kill Rittenhouse and his son John. However, without Benedict Arnold he was unable to get in, and Rittenhouse survived... and he claims it’s Lucy’s fault.

Lucy insists that killing John might not have changed anything, and Flynn figures that they’ll find the boy when he’s a few years older.

She warns that there’s no record of John, and figures that he went underground and changed his name.

Flynn has his men take Lucy to the mothership and says that he’s going to take down each Rittenhouse family member, as long as it takes.

2017- Mason Industries, San Francisco.

Jiya confirms that the mothership jumped to Illinois, May 30, 1893. It’s the month that the Chicago World Fair opened, and Jiya warns that the lifeboat isn’t charged yet. It will take four hours to charge.    

As they wait, Rufus secretly tells Connor that he erased the recording. He explains that if Rittenhouse heard it, they’d know that they helped kill their founder. Connor warns that it was Rufus’ last chance, and tells him to run and take his family with him.

Rufus says that he’s not going to run until they find Lucy. The CEO warns that it may be too late, and Rufus walks off.

Rufus and Wyatt review the historical record to see who was at the Fair. Wyatt figures that

they should start with Teddy Roosevelt as the highest-profile target, and Rufus assures him that they’re going to get Lucy back. Once the lifeboat is charged, they depart for 1893.

Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt return to Mason Industries in the present, Connor looks on as Rufus records a message for Rittenhouse. He says that he’ll pilot the lifeboat and help capture Flynn. However, if they touch him or his family then he’s out. Rufus points out that there is no other pilot and tells them to back off, and says that he’s done recording the team.

He then gives the recorder to Connor and tells him to give it to Rittenhouse. Connor asks if he’s sure he wants to do it, and Rufus says that after what he saw he’s not scared of Rittenhouse. As he goes, Rufus tells Connor that he picked a side, and Connor should too.

In the locker room, Wyatt gets a call from Flynn. Flynn congratulates him on getting out of

the hotel alive, and gives him the name of Wes Gillian: the man who killed Wyatt’s wife Jessica. He figures that Wyatt can’t stop the murder, but would have to go back further and kill Wes’ parents. Flynn asks what Wyatt is going to do about Wes.

2017- Prison, Undisclosed Location
(‘The Murder of Jesse James’)

Wyatt waits in a prison meeting room. His wife’s alleged killer, Wes Gilliam, is brought in and Wyatt tells him who he is. Wes refuses to talk, but Wyatt begs him to stay. He says that he needs to know that it was Wes who killed Jessica, and Wes is already locked up on a double murder so he’s never getting out. After a moment, Wes says that he’d change things if he could, but neither of them can. Wyatt says that he could... if he has a time machine.

2017- Carol’s Home, San Francisco.

Lucy is sleeping on the couch. She’s dreaming; She enters the kitchen and is surprised to see Amy there. Amy says that she doesn’t exist and Lucy doesn’t care. When Lucy insists that she does, Amy reminds her that the day before was her birthday and she’s never coming back. Amy disappears... and Lucy wakes up from her nightmare.

2017-  At Mason Industries, San Francisco.

Rufus is surprised when Jiya suddenly kisses him. She says that Mason told her that she’s going to be the next lifeboat pilot. Jiya thanks Rufus, who plays along and says that she deserves it. He then approaches Connor, who explains that Rittenhouse wants Jiya to replace Rufus in six months. Rufus refuses to train her, and Connor says that they can do it without Rufus. He points out that Rittenhouse wasn’t going to give up just because Rufus threatened them, and says that he picked a side.

Connor tells Rufus to reconsider his allegiances, just as Jiya reports that Flynn jumped to April 3, 1882. The team meets and Lucy confirms that the date is the day that Jesse James died. Jesse was planning a meeting with Robert and Charles Ford, and they had secretly made a deal to double-cross Jesse for the reward movie. Denise tells them to get moving, but then asks Lucy if she’s okay. Lucy says that she’s fine.

The team leaves in the Lifeboat. Jiya begins her training but messes up. When she emerges, Connor assures her that she’s coming along. Jiya isn’t convinced but Connor assures her that she’ll do it. She asks for the video flight logs from the other pilots, but Connor claims that they were lost when a power surge wiped them out two years earlier.

Jiya has one of the techs, Seth, check the simulator. Once Seth goes to work, Jiya sits down at his console and brings up the video logs. Connor comes in and Jiya tells him that Seth is working on the simulator. She secretly hides the flash drive she was loading the logs onto and leaves.

In a later video, Connor says that Emma was lost and Anthony reported that her body couldn’t be recovered.

The lifeboat returns to the present and Rufus tells Denise and Connor that Emma is alive. Denise wonders why Flynn needs another pilot.

Connor then sees Jiya and reveals that he knows about the video logs. He says that he didn’t tell Jiya because he didn’t want her to be discouraged or afraid. Rufus arrives and overhears them talking as Connor says that there isn’t room for the slightest error. When Jiya says that it doesn’t scare her, Connor warns her that if she deceives him again then she will be scared.

Once she leaves, Connor sees Rufus watching.

Lucy looks at the altered historical records, which now show her at Jesse’s coffin.

Wyatt sends a text to Rufus to meet him at a bar. The soldier talks about how he loved Westerns and the heroes never crossed the line. Now all he can think about is how it’s garbage because nobody is that good, but Bass was that good.

Wyatt then asks Rufus to help him save the time machine to save Jessica. Rufus refuses to help him kill someone else, and Wyatt says that he’s trying to stop a bad man from hurting good people. He begs Rufus to help him save his wife.

2017 -  Carol’s Home, San Francisco (‘Karma Chameleon’)

Lucy wakes up when Wyatt pounds on her front door. He comes in and tells her that he and Rufus are going to steal the lifeboat and go back to save Jessica. Lucy insists on going with them over Wyatt’s objections, and he warns that when they stop Flynn, they’ll never let him near the lifeboat. If Flynn takes the mothership out, the lifeboat’s CPU will tell them and they’ll come back.

Wyatt insists that he’s done the research, and he’s going to make sure Wes’ parents meet so that he’s never born and never kills Jessica and the two other women he murdered. Lucy warns that Wyatt will be kicked off the team, but he figures that it will be worth it.

She asks what he needs her to do, and Wyatt tells her to call Denise and tell her everything after she gives them a 20-minute head start. Lucy wishes Wyatt luck, and he thanks her before leaving.

2017- Mason Industries, San Francisco.

Wyatt and Rufus pretend for the cameras that Wyatt is forcing Rufus at gunpoint to pilot the lifeboat. Rufus warns that March 1983 is close to his birthday in December, and makes Wyatt promise that he won’t hurt anyone. Once Wyatt promises, Rufus activates the sequence and they get into the lifeboat. They depart just as the guards arrive.

2017- Abandoned Warehouse, Oakland.

Emma tells Flynn and Anthony what Rittenhouse’s secret is and why they bankrolled the Mothership.

Anthony says that he didn’t know for sure what they had planned, and warns that it’s an existential threat to reality. He suggests that they destroy the mothership and figures that Rufus would destroy the lifeboat for them.

Emma says that it will take time for Rittenhouse to build a new time machine (3-4 years), but Flynn refuses to take the chance and says that they’ll stick with the plan of wiping out Rittenhouse from history. Anthony warns that it’s too risky, but Flynn asks if he’ll stick to the plan.

2017- Mason Industries, San Francisco.

When Lucy calls Denise and goes back to Mason Industries, Denise says that she’s getting calls from the President. She figures that Lucy and Rufus are working with Wyatt, and admits that she had an agent watching Lucy’s house. When Denise says that Wyatt should have come to her, Lucy asks how their deal to get Amy back is going. She says that she would steal the lifeboat herself if it would bring Amy back, and figures that Denise would do the same for her family.

Anthony calls and Jiya picks up. He asks for Rufus as Jiya tells Connor that Anthony is on the line. Denise hears them and tells them to keep Anthony talking, and then starts tracking the calls. The agent has Lucy take the call, and Anthony realizes that Rufus took the lifeboat out. He tells Lucy that they have to speak-to-face and gives her a park address and tells her to come alone. Anthony figures that Lucy is the only one other than Rufus who will understand, and says that he has a plan to end it for good.

Mason tells Denise that he should go with Lucy, but Denise refuses. Lucy figures that Anthony is sincere, and Denise takes her and Jiya to the rendezvous.

As Jiya puts a tracker patch on Lucy, she admits that she’s nervous that Rufus took an unauthorized trip to 1983. She says that if someone loves another person, then they tell them things like what happened. Lucy explains that Wyatt told her they were leaving before they left, and Jiya asks if she’s okay.

Lucy gets out of the van and goes to the rendezvous spot as Denise’s agents watch her. Anthony barges out of a storefront, gun drawn, and drags Lucy inside.

Denise realizes that something is going on and orders the agents to move in.

Meanwhile, Anthony finds the tracker and remove it, and wraps it in foil to block the signal. He says that he can end it all but needs Lucy’s help first. They go out the back door of the building and Anthony puts the tracker on a pedestrian’s suitcase.

The agents surround the pedestrian while Anthony escapes with Lucy. Anthony takes Lucy to an abandoned bar and figures that he has to trust Lucy. He figures that his family thinks that he’s a monster, and admits that they’re no better than Rittenhouse.

Anthony says that he can’t do it anymore and puts the gun away, and explains that Rittenhouse fights against outliers and rebels. They’re losing more control every day, but they hope to use the mothership to go back and attack key moments in time until they create the sterile clean world that they want.

Flynn is the only thing standing in their way, but it’s not enough and Anthony can’t risk them getting the mothership so he’s going to destroy it. Anthony hopes that Lucy and Rufus will destroy the lifeboat as well. He tells Lucy not to trust anyone, including Connor. When Lucy asks for proof, Anthony tells her to have Denise monitor for an explosion in Oakland. It will be him destroying the mothership. He hopes that Lucy will do the right thing as well and walks out.

When she returns to Denise, Lucy tells her what Anthony said. She wants to get Amy back and then destroy the lifeboat. Denise warns that they’ll be in serious trouble with her superiors if they do, but Lucy convinces her that they can save the world. However, the agent swears Lucy to secrecy and says that she has proof that Connor met with a Rittenhouse agent. Denise shows the photos to Lucy, and she recognizes Benjamin Cahill. Lucy tells Denise that the man is her father.

2017- Undisclosed location, Oakland.

Anthony is working on the mothership when Flynn and Emma come over. Flynn confirms that Emma remembers to pilot it, and Flynn leads her away to let Anthony work in peace.

2017- Mason Industries, San Francisco.

Connor confronts Denise and asks how it went. Denise says that she can’t discuss it because it’s national security, and says that the U.S. Government gives her the right to run the project.

The lifeboat returns and the agents take Wyatt into custody. Lucy tells Wyatt that Jessica is still dead.

Rufus confirms that the other two women Wes killed are still alive, and Wyatt realizes that he killed a man for nothing. The agents lead Wyatt away as he insists that Jessica has to be alive.

Jiya tells Denise that there was an explosion in Oakland.

2017- Undisclosed location, Oakland.

When the team checks the debris, there’s no sign of the mothership. Denise’s techs have found something else: Anthony’s corpse.

There are two rounds in the dead, and Denise figures that Flynn killed him. Denise says that she’ll tell Anthony’s family that he died in an accident serving his country.

2017- Benjamin Cahill’s home, San Francisco.

Lucy goes to Benjamin’s house and says that she knows who he is. She tells him that she knows that he works for Rittenhouse. Benjamin says that it’s a relief that she’s there and knows about Rittenhouse. Lucy doesn’t care and tells him that Rittenhouse is important. He tells her that she’s a part of it too because it’s her legacy. Chuckling, Benjamin says that they have a lot to talk about.

2017- Benjamin Cahill’s Home (‘The Lost Generation’).

Benjamin admits that Lucy is taking it better than he did when is father told him about Rittenhouse. He says that Lucy’s grandfather Ethan Cahill is still alive, and is sure that Lucy will come around eventually.

Lucy angrily says that Benjamin never tried to reach her, and Benjamin apologizes about. She says that she met Rittenhouse, but Benjamin insists that they’ve evolved since then. When Lucy vows that she’ll stop him and she will never be a part of Rittenhouse. Lucy storms out and Benjamin says that he’ll be there when she returns.

2017- Black Site, Somewhere in the National Park, San Francisco.

Denise takes Wyatt to a black site, and he has already worked out where they are. The agent says that she put a call into a JAG defense lawyer, but Wyatt says that he doesn’t want a defense because he deserves it. Denise wishes him luck and lives.

2017- Carol’s Home, San Francisco.

Back at home, Lucy asks Carol about Benjamin. She says that he was opinionated and stubborn, and she only met Benjamin’s parents once. Carol tells her that the best thing about Benjamin is that she gave her Lucy.

2017- Undisclosed location, San Francisco.

Later, Lucy secretly meets with Denise and Rufus. Rufus is shocked to learn that her father is with Rittenhouse. Denise confirms that Benjamin’s record is clean and he’s a pediatric surgeon. Rufus asks how Lucy is doing and says that they’ll figure it out.

Denise warns that they don’t have time because Flynn jumped to Paris on May 21, 1927. Lucy says that it’s the date that Charles Lindbergh landed after his first transatlantic flight.

Denise warns that Wyatt won’t be going with them, and Lucy considers letting Flynn take Rittenhouse out. Rufus says that he’s going to go and stop Flynn from hurting people. If they don’t stop him then it’s on them. After a moment, Lucy goes to go with him. Denise says that they’ll be taking someone with them.

2017- Mason Industries, San Francisco.

Denise introduces Lucy and Rufus to Master Sergeant David Baumgardner. Wyatt mentioned to them before, and he’ll be taking Wyatt’s place. As they enter the lifeboat, Lucy reminds David that she’s in charge.

After the Life boat leaves, Men in suits move in and says that they’re in charge. Denise has no idea who they are, and Jiya gestures to where Mason is meeting with the head agent, Jake Neville. Mason leaves and Neville presents his credentials as a NSA agent.

He explains that the NSA took over command of the project after Wyatt went on his ”joyride”. An agent escort comes in and Jake tells Denise that it wasn’t her fault but she’s getting the blame, and Homeland Security is reassigning her. As Denise goes, Jake asks for her badge and she hands it over.

2017- Black Site, Somewhere in the National Park,
San Francisco.

Denise meets with Wyatt, who apologizes when he hears what happened. He warns that takeovers don’t have to be hostile, and figures that the takeover is a coup.

Denise shows Wyatt a photo of Benjamin and they realizes that Rittenhous is in control of Mason Industries. She says that Benjamin is Lucy’s father and they have to do something, and says that she is supposed to get Wyatt to confess.

If Wyatt signs it then he disappears for a couple of years or he can fight. Wyatt figures that Flynn either lied to him about who killed Jessica, or ‘Fate’ wanted her dead anyway.

Denise suggests that Fate is trying to tell him there’s something else he has to do first. The guards come in and Denise says that she doesn’t know how he can help his friends. Once she leaves, Wyatt discovers that she’s left a paperclip for him. Wyatt frees himself from the manacles and then shorts out the power. A guard comes in and Wyatt makes his escape.

2017- Mason Industries, San Francisco.

The lifeboat returns to the present, and Lucy and Rufus wonder if they changed history when they see the NSA agents. Jake says that Denise has been reassigned and introduces himself, and they tell him that David died.

The agent debriefs them and then says that they’re free to go, and they’ll call when there are more developments.

2017- Carol’s home, San Francisco.

That night at home, Lucy checks the history books and discovers that nothing has changed. Carol joins her and Lucy says that Charles did the same thing he did originally.

Her mother says that Charles was an ambitious man and it would be hard to walk away from a family like that. Lucy gets a call and says that she has to go, and Carol suggests that Lucy write down her thoughts. She hands Lucy a journal: the same one that Flynn has.

2017- Warehouse in an Undisclosed Location, San Francisco.

The next day at the warehouse, Wyatt arrives and finds the others waiting. Lucy hugs him and Denise assures that she’s swept the place for bugs. She says that the agents in control of Mason Industries are Rittenhouse.

Rufus is unhappy that Jiya is still there, and Wyatt tells them to go to work like nothing has happened. When Lucy wonders why he’s so calm, Wyatt says that he’s meant to protect the both of them and he will. Rufus wonders what they’re going to do about Rittenhouse, and Wyatt says that they’ll fight.

2017- Catholic Church, San Francisco
(‘Public Enemy No.1’)

Flynn is at a church and a priest comes over and asks Flynn what he is unhappy about. The terrorist explains that his wife was a practicing Catholic and dragged him to Mass.

He explains that he had a job and thought it could bring his wife back to him, but it only seems to be making things worse.

The priest tells Flynn that he has to trust that God has a plan, and Flynn wonders if someone had the power to change the course of history. He wonders if God would stop him, and asks for absolution.

2017- Mason Industries, San Francisco.

Jiya notices the NSA agents guarding the place. Rufus joins her and tells her to do whatever they say, and kisses her on the cheek.

As Lucy arrives, Jake comes over and says that he’s sick of responding to Flynn’s actions. They’re going to go to Houston in 1962 and eliminate Flynn’s mother, Marie Thompkins, when she’s a junior in high school.

Jake then introduces their new tactical leader, Sgt. Major Caleb Sullivan. Mason agrees with Jake, saying that Marie raised a ‘monster’.

Rufus and Lucy refuse, and Jake says that the President has greenlit the operation. If they refuse then they’ll be charged with aiding and abetting a terrorist.

As Lucy prepares her gear, Benjamin comes in and apologizes for Jake’s abrupt manner. He insists that Flynn is out of control and cares nothing about history. Benjamin says that they need Lucy on the trip, and tells her that he’s proud of her. He just asks that she do the one mission and then the next mission will be to save Amy.

The team enters the lifeboat and departs. A few moment later, Jiya tells the others that the lifeboat has jumped, just as the computers shut down from the virus that Rufus planted.

Mason orders Jiya away from the controls, and says that she is sleeping with Rufus. He tells Jake and Benjamin that he’ll handle it himself and orders her out.

The lifeboat returns to the present at the warehouse where Wyatt and Denise are waiting. Rufus warns that Mason will counteract the worm, and the lifeboat only has enough energy for two jumps and they’ll need four hours to recharge.

Wyatt tells Lucy that their first step is to get Lucy’s sister back, overriding Denise. Lucy hugs him and says that they go to 1979 and make sure that her mother and Henry Wallace meet. An alarm goes off and Rufus tells them that Flynn has jumped to 1931 Chicago.

Denise, Rufus, and Wyatt wonder if they should stop Flynn. Denise points out that they are the only ones who can stop Flynn, but Lucy warns that if Rittenhouse tracks them down then Amy will be gone as well.

Wyatt says that they can’t let Flynn go murdering through time, and they’re the only ones who can stop him.

Rufus calls Jiya from a burner and asks if she’s okay. She warns that Mason is pissed, and Rufus asks her to run interference however she can to keep the NSA off of their backs as long as they can. He apologizes for putting Jiya on the spot, and says that he will explain everything later. When Rufus says that he needs her, Jiya agrees but makes Rufus promise to come back to her.

Once Jiya hangs up, she goes out and Jake asks who she was talking to. She says that she was talking to herself, A and Jake searches her. He realizes that she hid the phone nearby and ˆ has an agent lock Jiya up.

Jake and Mason visit Jiya and say that they couldn’t trace the burner. Mason demands the trio’s location, and Jiya says that she doesn’t know. He advises her to be smart, and Jiya chuckles. She explains that she was intimidated by Mason and in awe of him, but she’s realized that he’s a coward. Mason tells her that it’s the real world and advises her to either help them or be arrested.

Jiya goes through the supply closet in the room where she’s locked up and uses the equipment to hack into the base computer. She hacks into the computer as Mason counteracts the virus and determines the team is in March 1931. He can track their general area when they return, and Jake prepares to move in. Jiya cuts the power, and Mason realizes who is responsible. He goes back to Jiya with Jake, but she refuses to say what she did.

Benjamin visits Mason, who says that they’ll need time to locate the lifeboat once it returns. However, Mason suggests that he needs access to the NSA’s raw data. He can use it to tap into any surveillance system anywhere and find anyone they want.

2017- Abandoned Warehouse, San Francisco
(‘Red Scare’)

Flynn is dreaming of his family. Flynn is back in his old house, he’s armed with a water pistol as makes sure everything is clear in his daughter’s bedroom and assures his daughter that there are no monsters in the closet. His wife Lorena who is cuddling their daughter smiles as daughter Iris worries about the monsters, and Flynn promises that he’ll always protect her.

He wakes up when Emma comes in and says that two of Flynn’s men bailed. Flynn says that he only asked one more mission, but Emma points out that the last two missions didn’t fail. He asks if she wants to leave, and Emma says that she just wants to make sure that Flynn doesn’t kill her like he killed Anthony.

2017- Another different Abandoned Warehouse, Oakland,
San Francisco.

The Lifeboat arrives in the present at the warehouse in Oakland, and Wyatt says that their friend is badly wounded. Lucy says that she knows who they can call. They bring in Lucy’s fiancé Noah, who saves Rufus’ life and then warns that he’s doing what he can but they need to get Rufus to a hospital.

Outside, Lucy talks to Noah, who is angry that Lucy disappeared and then called him out of the blue to patch some guy up. Lucy says that she’s sorry and Noah needs to leave, and admits that she can’t explain to him what happened. She tells Noah that the person he fell in love with isn’t her and never will.

Noah wonders if it’s because of Wyatt, and Lucy says that it isn’t and that Noah deserves someone who loves him.

When Lucy goes back inside, she finds Denise and Jiya there. Wyatt tells them that Flynn just jumped to DC in 1954. Lucy figures that it’s where the Rittenhouse summit is, and Wyatt warns that Flynn knows they can’t chase him without Rufus. He says that Flynn is rabid and almost killed Rufus, and asks Rufus if he’s okay to fight.

Rufus immediately agrees, and Wyatt asks Jiya to come along as co-pilot. As Rufus warns that the Lifeboat was only intended for three, Denise sees Rittenhouse agents outside on the security monitor. She tells the others to leave while she holds them off

Everyone gets inside and the Lifeboat departs just as the Rittenhouse agents burst in. Jake is leading them, and Denise glares at him. Conor comes in as the agents arrest Denise, and she merely asks for her attorney. Jake sarcastically says that he’ll get right on it.

2017- Mason Industries, San Francisco.

Connor visits Denise in her cell and says that he’s disabled the security system and the guards work for him. He asks her to come with her, and Denise has no choice but to agree.

Connor takes Denise to a surveillance room and explains that Rittenhouse gave him access to the NSA servers. He’s found out everything on Benjamin, enough to put him away for good.

Connor explains that he’s telling Denise because she’s dull but honest and will take the evidence to the government. When Denise wonders why he’s helping, Connor says that Rittenhouse will kill Rufus and figures that his protege deserves better.

2017- Ethan Cahill’s residence, San Francisco.

Later in the present, Lucy and Wyatt go to see an elderly Ethan. Ethan remembers them and says that he’d almost given up. Lucy apologizes for taking so long, and Ethan says that he often considered running away until Benjamin told him that he fathered a girl named Lucy.

He tells Wyatt to pick up a clock and opens it to reveal a piece of paper. Ethan gives it to Lucy, and she opens it to find an address.

2017- Unit 5, 23768 Kingsway Rd, San Francisco.

The next day, Wyatt and Lucy go to the address where Ethan assembled all of the information against Rittenhouse.

Denise and Connor come in and Denise explains that Connor is with them. Connor says that once they give him the Rittenhouse names, he can use his software to give them every communication that they’ve made.

2017- Hospital, San Francisco.

Rufus visits Jiya in the hospital and she says that she heard everything that Rufus said in 1954.

When he asks what he said, Jiya says that she’s been waiting 60 years to tell him that she loves him, too.

With that, they kiss and Jiya’s eyes turn white. She looks outside the window and sees the Golden Gate being built for a moment. Jiya then snaps out of her trance and realizes that the bridge is whole.

2017- Mason Industries, San Francisco.

Denise and her NSA agents return to Mason Industries and place Jake and Benjamin under arrest.

2017- Downtown, San Francisco.

Flynn meets Lucy in an open spot. She’s alone and gives Flynn a flash drive with the name of the people involved in his family’s assassinations. Once Flynn saves his wife and daughter, Lucy tells him to surrender the Mothership and then it’s over.

Flynn agrees and gives Lucy her journal. He says that he won’t be needing it anymore and says that Lucy gave it to him sometime in her future. NSA agents arrive and arrest Flynn.

Denise is with them, and tells Lucy that Flynn is a terrorist. Lucy tells Flynn that she’s sorry and had no idea, and Flynn yells that she has no idea what she’s done as they take him away.

2017- Mason Industries, San Francisco.

Lucy and Wyatt meet with Denise. Denise says that they’ve made over a hundred Rittenhouse arrests. Agents are on the way to pick up the Mothership, and Denise says that Flynn will be tried by the book. She refuses to apologize for doing her job, and has secured permission for Lucy to take the Lifeboat out and make sure that Susanna meets Amy’s father Henry.

Once they’re alone, Wyatt says that he’ll be heading back to Pendleton for another mission. Lucy thanks him for everything, and they promise to stay in touch. They hug and Wyatt suggests that he wasn’t planning on missing the chance to see Amy.

Lucy apologizes for Wyatt not being able to get Jessica back, and Wyatt echoes her words about concentrating on the present instead of the past. He figures that he should be open to possibilities and he’s not ready to say goodbye.

Connor comes up and says that the Lifeboat will be ready in three hours, and Lucy tells Wyatt that there’s one thing she has to do first.

2017- Carol’s home, San Francisco.

Lucy goes home and Carol hugs her in relief. Once she’s done, Lucy sits her mother down and explains about Mason Industries and the time machine. She tells Carol that Amy was wiped out of time after her first mission and explains that Amy is her best friend. Carol says that Amy doesn’t exist, but Lucy insists that she did and now she’s going to get Amy back.

However, she warns that Carol was sick in the original timeline. She hopes to save her but doesn’t know if she can, and tells Carol that she loves her.

They hug and Carol promises her daughter that she won’t lose her because Rittenhouse would never allow Lucy to take the Lifeboat.

Lucy draws back in shock, and Carol says that she and Benjamin both come from strong Rittenhouse families. She tells Lucy that she’s made everyone so proud, and has an incredible future. Carol says that soon Rittenhouse will control the past, the present, and the future. Together they will change history.

2017- Undisclosed Location, San Francisco.

Emma kills the NSA agents and boards the Mothership.

2017- Mason Industries, San Francisco
(‘The War to End All Wars’)

Wyatt and Rufus prepare to leave. Lucy isn’t there, and Wyatt tries to call her again. At the Preston house, the phone lies on the floor and rings. As he calls, Wyatt sees a flashing light on a propane tanks. He yells a warning to Rufus as the bomb explodes.

2018 – Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco. Six weeks after the explosion at Mason Industries.

A cut and bleeding Wyatt showers. Afterward, he smashes the tile below the mirror with his first as he looks at his reflection. Jiya comes in and apologizes for seeing him naked, and quickly excuses himself.

Once he dresses Wyatt goes to the outside door but discovers that it’s locked. He goes to where the lifeboat is kept and finds Rufus working on it. Wyatt finally gets Rufus’ attention and takes the grinder and mask that Rufus is working with.

He goes to the door and starts cutting it open, and Rufus warns that the door is an inch thick. Rufus says that it won’t help for Wyatt to get out to look for Lucy if they’re wanted.

Denise opens the doors from the outside and says that she has trust issues with Wyatt. She says that they’re still looking for Lucy, and points out that Rittenhouse blew up mason Industries and are more dangerous than ever.

When Wyatt starts to go anyway, Denise tells him that she has two guards stationed outside with orders to shoot. She reminds them that the bunker is off-the-grid and the only way they’re leaving is via the Lifeboat. Wyatt storms off and Rufus tells Denise that the Lifeboat is about ready.

Back in the main room, Jiya and Rufus activates the Lifeboat but after a moment, it shuts down. Rufus admits that he may have miscalculated, and Jiya assures him that they’ll try again. He tells her to take a break before she gets another headache, but Jiya insists that she’s fine.

Connor comes in and says that he may have found the cause of the malfunction. Rufus tells him that he’s not helping and walks off. Connor walks off as well as Wyatt comes in, and Denise points out that Connor is grieving like all of them. Wyatt says that he’s not mourning Lucy because Rittenhouse wants her, and as soon as he gets out then he’s going to find her.

2018- Rittenhouse Headquarters, San Francisco.

Lucy is getting dressed and glances at an article about the explosion at Mason industries. Carol comes in and says that the trip is important for both of them, and Lucy assures her that she’s ready. They leave in the Mothership for 1918.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

Rufus fixes the problem and Jiya confirms that the Mothership is in 1918 near St. Mihiel. Wyatt says that they’ve got to go because the nearby battle was a bloodbath. Jiya confirms that the Mothership landed two days ago, and Denise insists on going with Wyatt and Rufus. She warns that they need to stop Rittenhouse no matter what, but Wyatt refuses to occupy the third seat so that they can bring Lucy home.

Later, Connor is looking at video of the explosion. Jiya comes over and asks for his help getting the systems online. Connor admits that he doesn’t have the skills to help them anymore, and becoming rich and powerful made him useless.

Jiya suddenly passes out and when she wakes up, Connor points that it’s the second spell that she’s had. She refuses to let him comfort her and says that they have to prevent the apocalypse

Hours later, The team returns to the bunker in the Lifeboat and Lucy comes out first. She goes to the room prepared for her and Wyatt admits that it wasn’t what she was expecting. Lucy says that she wasn’t expecting to come home at all, and explains that she killed someone. She admits that she chose to do it to prove that she was loyal to Rittenhouse, and she did it because she thought she was the only one left. Lucy explains that she would have sacrificed herself to stop Rittenhouse, and then Wyatt showed up. She wonders if she could have stopped them if he hadn’t come, and Wyatt tells her that Emma would have killed her.

Lucy admits that she’s not sure if Carol would have stopped Emma, and breaks into tears at the thought of having lost everything. Wyatt hugs her and says that she hasn’t lost him. As they about to kiss, Jiya comes in and says that they’re going to want to see something.

When Wyatt and Lucy go to the control room, Connor says that the Mothership has visited ten destinations in the last six weeks. Carol didn’t tell Lucy about the trip, and Rufus explains that the notes talk about ”pressure points” in history.

Wyatt figures that Rittenhouse planted agents throughout history, all waiting to be activated. When Lucy mentions that they were working in Nicholas, Wyatt says that Nicholas wrote the Rittenhouse manifesto.

2018- Rittenhouse Headquarters, San Francisco.

Nicholas wakes up and Carol tells him that he’s with Rittenhouse in 2018. She says that he was right about time travel and everything he wrote about has come to pass. Now they have things to write about. Carol tells Nicholas that she’s his granddaughter.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

Connor and Jiya go over the manifesto, and Denise figures that there’s someone who can figure it out.

2018- Oakland Prison, San Francisco.

Denise goes to Garcia and says that they need to talk. He demands to talk to Lucy.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco (‘The Darlington 500’).

As Jiya and Rufus work on the Lifeboat, she briefly sees a burn scar on Rufus’ arm. After a minute she dismisses the hallucination.

Lucy is reading Nicholas’ manifesto when Wyatt comes in. He asks her what they did to her, and says that they’re all worried about her. Lucy insists that she’s fine just as the alarm goes off reporting a Mothership landing.

The team meets with Lucy, who reports that nothing historical happened there. Wyatt suggests that they’re looking for someone before they become important, and Lucy suggests that they talk to Flynn.

Wyatt warns that Flynn hates them because he thinks that they set him up, and Denise points out that Flynn is insane and they can’t trust whatever they say. However, no one has a better idea.

2018- Oakland Prison, San Francisco.

Later, Lucy and Denice go to Flynn’s cell and tell him that Rittenhouse has gone to South Carolina 1955. Flynn suggests that Lucy ask her mother, and is surprised that she didn’t know Carol was with Rittenhouse.

Lucy says that she’ll do whatever it takes to take down Rittenhouse, and Flynn wonders if she will kill Carol. He doesn’t think she can do it, and Lucy reminds him that Rittenouse murdered Flynn’s wife and daughter.

Flynn says that there was a South Carolina address on a Rittenhouse agent that he killed and provides it, and warns that the next information will cost them.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

Rufus and Wyatt dress for the period, and Denise says that the house at the address was owned by Ryan Millerson. Wyatt recognizes Ryan’s name as that of a famous NASCAR driver but they still don’t know why Rittenhouse targeted him. The team travels to 1955 in the Lifeboat.

2018, Rittenhouse Headquarters, San Francisco.

Carol meets with Nicholas and tells him that they’ve followed his writings and planted sleeper agents in different eras. He’s printed out all of Wikipedia and is painting a picture of his daughter– Carol’s granddaughter, and demands what he’s used to. Nicholas gives Carol a list of songs and demands more pickled eggs, and Carol leaves.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

While the time team is in 1955. Connor wants to go to a tech symposium, and tells Denise that he’s done everything that she’s asked of him. He points out that he let himself become publicly embarrassed taking the blame for the explosion, but Denise still refuses to let him attend.

2018- Symposium, San Francisco.

Later, Connor goes to the symposium and another CEO, Vincent greets him. He asks if Connor plans to talk about bankruptcy, and Connor says that he’s going to talk about ideas because they come easily to him.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

The Lifeboat returns to the bunker and Jiya sees the burn on Rufus’ wrist. He assures her that he’s fine and kisses her, and Jiya walks off.

2018- Tech Symposium, San Francisco.

As Connor goes over his speech, Denise and her agents come in. They put him under arrest for conspiracy to commit fraud and aiding and abetting an enemy of the state, and he has no choice but to go with them.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

When Denise and Connor return to the bunker, she tells him that he put the team into danger just to feed his ego. She warns him that if he tries it again then he’ll go to prison, and Connor reluctantly agrees not to do it.

2018- Rittenhouse Headquarters, San Francisco.

Emma tells Carol that she shares some responsibility for their mission failing. She asks if Nicholas is ready to lead, and an agent takes them to where Nicholas is drawing out a map of history. Nicholas says that they’re not explorers but artists, and now it’s time to take what’s best of them and subtracting the worst. Under their guidance humanity will reach everlasting perfection.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco

In the bunker, Jiya has a vision of Rufus shooting a musket and killing a man. She collapses and Denise runs over to check on her. Once Jiya recovers, she and Rufus tell Denise and Connor what has been going on. Jiya says that she didn’t want to tell them for fear they’d let her go, and points out that there’s no doctor with experience in time-related illnesses. Connor agrees with her, and Jiya says that she’s not sure if she’s having hallucination. She starts to walk off, and the alarm goes off.

Jiya tracks the Mothership to LA in 1941 and Lucy says that she knows what Rittenhouse might be up to.

2018- Oakland Prison, San Francisco.

Lucy and Denise go to the prison and discover that a prisoner stabbed Garcia. Garcia says that he killed his attacker and asks if they can do it without him. He refuses to help unless they get him out, and Denise says that she’ll get him to a more secure position.

Garcia isn’t interested in anything but freedom and says that Rittenhouse will keep sending killers until he’s dead.

Lucy agrees to get him out if he tells them what Rittenhouse is doing in 1941. She figures that he’ll agree since She needs him more than he need her, and Garcia offers to draw it for them.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

Denise tells Jiya that she has a doctor coming to see her. The agent isn’t interested in Connor’s opinion, and Jiya explains that her father had back pains and died of pancreatic doctor after a doctor diagnosed him. She doesn’t want to see a doctor, but Denise assures her that they’ll make her better.

Later, Connor tells Denise that Jiya is in with the doctor. He says that he could have given Jiya the prognosis himself, and explains that they had two Lifeboat pilots come back with the same symptoms. The Lifeboat isn’t equipped for more than three people, and one pilot died and another one is suffering from severe schizophrenia. Rufus doesn’t know, and Connor says that no can come from Jiya knowing because there’s nothing any of them can do.

Jiya returns from the doctor and tells Denise and Connor that the doctor said there was nothing wrong with her. Even the heart murmur that she had as a child is cured. Jiya is still having the visions, and wonders what happened to her on the Lifeboat.

2018- Oakland Prison, San Francisco.

Denise goes to the prison infirmary and points out that Garcia is a terrorist and it’s not easy to get him out. She says that they need his intel of the sleeper agents and slips him a piece of paper. Denise says that it’s a bad idea and leaves.

Garcia goes back to his cell and removes the package from 1941. Inside it is a key and a gas mask. The alarms go off and gas filter in, and Garcia puts on the mask and walks out. He strolls past the guards as they pass out.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

The Lifeboat appears in the bunker and later, Rufus asks Jiya how she’s doing. She says that she’s never been healthier, and Lucy and Wyatt tell Denise that they stopped Rittenhouse and dropped off the package. Garcia comes in and Wyatt tells Denise to keep him on a leash.

Lucy talks to Wyatt privately and says that Garcia is on their side, and says that now they have each other. Wyatt assures her that they’re together, and gets a text and says that he’ll be back. Rufus calls her over and says that in the new timeline, Hedy and George still owned the patent and got $30 billion. She owns a tech company. An alarm goes off and Denise warns that someone has broken in. They got to check it out and discover that Wyatt broke out.

2018- Gilroy’s Bar, Mission, San Francisco
(‘The Salem Witch hunt’)

Wyatt goes to a bar and approaches the bartender. It’s Jessica, and he hugs her as she stares at him. Wyatt asks Jessica what she’s doing there. She goes back to her work without responding, and finally tells Wyatt that he’s ignored her texts for the last two weeks.

Jessica figures that Wyatt was either on a military mission or with another woman, and says that she’ll meet with him after work.

2018- Rittenhouse Headquarters, San Francisco.

At the Rittenhouse base, Nicholas is exercising and watching videos as Emma watches over him. Carol comes in and Nicholas complains about the exercise machine.

She says that it’s for his recovery, but Emma immediately agrees to remove it. Nicholas then tells Carol that Lucy is troubling and orders her to remove it.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

Jiya approaches Rufus and tells him that the seizures she’s been having are premonitions of the future. Lately they’ve been of Rufus’ future, and Rufus figures that she’s joking.

Undeterred, Jiya says that Rufus is going to screw up something bad in colonial times. She describes Rufus covered in blood and shooting a man with a scar on his cheek.

Connor reports that the Mothership landed in Salem 1692.

Denise tells Lucy to call Wyatt again, and she tries again and reaches him. Wyatt tells her that Jessica is alive because they changed history, and in the six years of her new life, he wasn’t a good husband. He says that he’s sorry, but Lucy tells him that it’s everything he wanted and it’s a good thing.

She tells him that everything is fine there and he should focus on Jessica. Lucy goes back to the others and tells them that Wyatt isn’t coming because Jessica is alive.

Rufus checks the records and confirms that when they were in 1941, the Mothership jumped to San Diego in 1981. He suggests that Rittenhouse killed Jessica’s murderer.

Lucy says that they can go after Rittenhouse without Wyatt, and Garcia suggests that he goes with them. He says that he knows all about the witch trials and only those who refused to confess were hanged. The final victims were hanged from the same tree one by one.

Lucy tells the others that Garcia has been effective and they need to take a white man with them so that they have more access. She asks Garcia if she can trust him, and Garcia says that she can. Denise informs him that Lucy is in charge and they won’t give Garcia a gone, and Garcia agrees. The trio leave in the lifeboat.

2018-  A Motel, Mission, San Francisco.

Wyatt takes Jessica to his Motel room and Jessica points out that after their honeymoon Wyatt disappeared for two months. She says that it was the night they met with Todd Jankowski, the marriage counselor. Jessica gives him divorce papers that she has already signed, and says that they have to face that they’re not the couple they wanted to be.

Wyatt says that he’s different, but Jessica points out that he’s drunk and angry, and they’re never together. She tells Wyatt that he puts her on a pedestal, and Wyatt says that he needs her.

Wyatt admits that he doesn’t know what she goes through. Jessica says that she’s proud of what he does, but the secrecy and half-truths are too much for her. Wyatt agrees to tell her the whole truth but she has to come with him.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

Wyatt takes Jessica to the bunker and shows her around. Denise finds them and talks to Wyatt, complaining that he brought Jessica there. She explains that Rittenhouse changed history to bring Jessica back, and figures that Jessica might be the danger. Wyatt tells her that the bunker isn’t a secret anymore, and Jessica hears him say that she died six years ago. As Jessica runs, she bumps into Connor and recognizes him, and is surprised that Wyatt knows Connor.

The Lifeboat returns to the present as a skeptical Jessica looks on and realizes that it’s all true. Wyatt goes to the Lifeboat and looks at Lucy, who sees Jessica there.

Garcia leads Lucy away, and Rufus tells Jiya that the ”Salem Witch Revolt” wasn’t in the history books before they altered the timeline. He says that Samuel ended up dead because of what Jiya told him. She refuses to apologize, and Rufus says that she shouldn’t tell him what are in her visions.

2018- Rittenhouse Headquarters, San Francisco.

Carol returns to Nicholas’ chamber and he talks about fast food. She says that Garcia showed up in Salem and helped Lucy escape. Emma is there, and Nicholas says that he’s taking Carol off of the Lucy assignment. Carol tells him to think about their future, and Nicholas says that Lucy is their problem now.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

Wyatt talks to Jessica privately and describes how she died six years ago in his reality. They fought and he let her go, and she never came back because she was murdered. Wyatt says that his whole world ended with her, until Connor invented a time machine. He tells her that he’s not the man she knew for the last six years and begs her to give him one last chance.

2018-Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco, a few days later
(‘The Kennedy Curse’)

Lucy wakes up and Jiya tells her that the fever dropped. She explains that Lucy was stabbed with a knife with 17th century germs, and Wyatt went on a mission while Lucy was recovering. Jiya says that Flynn is with Wyatt and things should go fine.

She knows about Wyatt and Lucy getting together in Hollywood, and Lucy says that she didn’t know Jessica was alive when they did. It’s clear that if Lucy had known, she never would’ve slept with him. Jiya assures her that she isn’t judging her. She asks if Lucy is ok. Lucy says that it’s what Wyatt always wanted, she’s happy for him. Jiya is not convinced and asked about what she wants. Lucy is obtuse and says they’re still friends.

Jessica is in the kitchen making tea when Lucy comes in and sees her, and starts to leave. Wyatt’s wife invites her to sit down and have some tea, and talks to Lucy about how she’s a historian. Lucy explains that she taught before the missions started, and Jessica says that she and Wyatt met in high school.

She asks if Lucy is married, and Lucy explains that she was engaged once but not married, and says that it’s complicated. Jessica talks about how she and Wyatt were counselling in her reality but not his.

The Lifeboat returns, and Wyatt gets out and says that things got messy without Lucy. Sleeper agents started shooting at them and they couldn’t shoot back because there were kids. Wyatt says that they had to leave Garcia behind and they’ll get him back after they deal with their situation.

They bring out a teenager from the Lifeboat and Lucy realizes that he’s John F. Kennedy. Denise arrives and wonders what they were doing, and Wyatt says that they had to take John with them rather than leave him for Rittenhouse.

They’ll recharge the Lifeboat, take John back, and pick up Flynn. John wakes up and asks who they are, and Wyatt claims that they’re private security hired by John’s father to protect him. John wonders why Greer tried to kill him, and Lucy says that Greer was trying to kidnap John for ransom, and Wyatt and Rufus saved him. She says that John’s father is on his way, and tells him to make himself comfortable.

The team leaves, locking the door behind them. Wyatt asks if Lucy is fine and tries to make small talk. She brings up John’s mistress, and Wyatt explains that he didn’t have a choice. Jessica arrives and asks if she’s interrupting something, and Lucy goes to get John some food.

Denise Lucy her and says that the bunker is getting crowded, and figures that Lucy is having trouble dealing with the fact that Carol tried to have Lucy hung as a witch. Lucy refuses to discuss it, and takes a sandwich to John.

When she goes in, she discovers that John has slipped out through an air vent and calls to the others. The others arrive and Denise confirms that the guards didn’t see Kenned. Lucy worries that if they don’t return John then it will alter the timeline.

Wyatt says that he’ll need a car and have to search or John, while Rufus and Jiya check the surveillance camera. Jessica insists on going with Wyatt, pointing out that Lucy goes with them and she’s a teacher. Wyatt agrees to take her with him, and Lucy insists on going as well.

Jiya reports that the nearest building is a gas station two miles away, and the trio head out.

2018- QuicGas Station, San Francisco.

John arrives at the gas station and takes in the 21st century technology. He asks the clerk if he can use a pay telephone to call his father, and the clerk gives him his smartphone. John finds a magazine saying that it’s 2018, and realizes that he’s in the future. A car pulls up outside, and John hides behind a shelf.

A customer, Kayla, asks if something is wrong, and John realizes that it’s not the team. John tells the customer that he’s having a strange day, and asks if he can hitch a ride with the customer and her friends. He doesn’t know what ”Uber” is, and the customers agree to take him to Palo Alto where they’re going.

John realizes that he’s in California, and an intrigued Kayla says that he can come.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

In the bunker, Jiya and Connor figure that they must find Kenned, because in their timeline, he became President. Rufus points out that they could alter history, but Jiya reminds him of how her vision came true.

2018- QuicGas Station, San Francisco.

Lucy, Wyatt, and Jessica arrive at the gas station. Jessica wonders why they don’t tell the truth, but Lucy says that they’re trying to keep a low profile. The clerk comes over and claims that he hasn’t seen John.

Wyatt flashes his Army ID, and Lucy sys that John is his brother and is off his meds. Jessica chips in, explaining what medicine John is on, and the clerk says that John left with some kids heading to Palo Alto. He identifies their vehicle and the trio leave.

As the kids drive off, John is surprised that the multi-racial group all go to the same school together. Kayla asks what his deal is, figuring that he’s in some kind of trouble. John says that people kidnapped him and kept him in some kind of underground bunker, and the police can’t help.

He clutches at his stomach and Kayla says that they need to get him to a hospital. Rufus calls the trio and says that John drew out of range.

Jessica figures that he’d go to a bar, but Lucy says that John was in and out of hospitals all of his life and he probably went there. Wyatt isn’t so sure, but Jessica agrees with Lucy and they drive there.

Emma and Carol tell Nicholas that the team brought John to the present, and Lucy wasn’t involved. Carol says that John had chronic health issues so they should search every hospital in the city and take him out. Nicholas agrees and Emma says that she’ll handle it. He tells her to take out Lucy and her friends as well.

Denise is driving out on the street searching for John when a man breaks her window, gets in, and drugs her unconscious before driving off. Connor figures that they need drones and goes to call Denise.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

Jiya and Rufus discuss whether there’s a higher power, and Jiya figures that she’s having her visions for a reason. Rufus disagrees, saying that his mother thought that bad things happened for a reason, and he was the one who took them out of a bad neighborhood.

Connor comes back and says that he couldn’t reach Denise and no one has seen her.

2018- Rittenhouse Headquarters, San Francisco.

Carol has Denise brought to her at a warehouse and says that she cares about Lucy. She explains that she didn’t want Lucy to be Rittenhouse, but she couldn’t give Lucy up for adoption. Now she can’t protect Lucy anymore and Rittenhouse will have her killed, so she needs Denise to keep Lucy off the missions. Denise says that Lucy will never go along with it, and Carol tells her to think about it or she’ll have the agent killed.

2018- Downtown Hospital, San Francisco.

Lucy, Wyatt, and Jessica go to a hospital and Jessica talks about how Wyatt got a concussion surfing in Hawaii. Jessica never left his side.

Kayla checks on John and says that he looks better. She says that her brother is having a party that night and she has to go, and wanted to make sure he was okay. John warns that what he has to say is crazy, and explains that he woke up that morning in 1934. Strangers kidnapped him and brought him to 2018. John says that he needs to find a time machine, and realizes that there’s one at the bunker where he was locked up. He asks Kayla for her help.

The trio check at the front desk, and the receptionist says that she told his aunt that they’ll have to wait. Wyatt gets John’s room from the nurse list and they go there. They see Emma entering John’s room, and she discovers that John is gone.

When Wyatt goes in, Emma attacks and disarms him. The two of them fight and when Jessica and Lucy come in, Emma takes Lucy hostage. She says that Lucy might not matter to him now that he has his wife back, and Lucy tells Wyatt to shoot. He doesn’t, and Emma shoves Lucy at Wyatt and runs off.

Jessica watches as Wyatt looks intently at Lucy, and a security guard arrives and tells Wyatt to drop his gun. The guard takes Wyatt away to the police, and Lucy grabs a paper clip and slips it to Wyatt.

Outside, Lucy tells Jessica that they’ve done it before, and Jessica says that she’s worked out that Lucy and Wyatt are involved. She figures that she’s not the one Wyatt should be getting a second chance with, and asks Lucy to tell him that she said bye.

Lucy tells Jessica that when they went to 1962, Wyatt has tried to save Jessica several times in the past but it didn’t work. He says that Wyatt never stopped loving her, and all he wants is to show her that. Wyatt, having slipped his handcuffs, pulls up in a SUV and tells them to come with him. Jessica gets in the SUV with Lucy and they drive off.

2018- Kayla’s residence, Palo Alto, San Francisco.

Kayla takes John to the party at her house, and tells her friends what John said. She figures that since her mother is a psychiatrist and will arrive in the morning, she can analyze John.  When John comes over, Kayla suggests that they wait until the morning and John agrees.

2018- Rittenhouse Headquarters, San Francisco.

Carol meets with Denise, who says that she never got over a school shooting in 2011 and yanked her children out of school. Her son was angry at her decision, and she gave in and let go. Carol realizes that Denise is stalling and that she’s been chipped. Denise says that someone should be there any minute, and Carol has her henchman knock Denise unconscious.

2018- On Route to finding JFK, San Francisco.

The trio continue driving and searching, and Jessica suggests that they check Instagram and see if John shows up in a picture of the party. Lucy has Rufus check and Jessica glances at her and smiles, at the support.

2018- Kayla’s residence, Palo Alto, San Francisco.

Kayla takes John to her bedroom and he finds a book of poetry. He talks about how he reads books while he’s sick in bed, and Kayla says that John looks like the real JFK. She brings up a photo on her iPad, and it says that he’s the president of the United States.

John says that his brother Joe was supposed to be president, and Kayla brings up information on Joe. John reads how Joe died during World War II at age 29, and Kayla says that it’s the John curse. People think that the John family was cursed because so many of them died young. John reads about his family history, and how he was shot and killed by an assassin.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

Rufus and Jiya find John on Instagram and send the address to the field team.

2018- Denise’s Residence, San Francisco.

Connor finds Denise in a car outside of her home. Her daughter comes out and Denise says that she’ll be there in a minute, and tells Connor that Carol wanted to remind her that they both have families to lose.

2018- Kayla’s residence, Palo Alto, San Francisco.

Kayla shows John a half dollar coin with his profile on it, and he drinks and tells her to leave her alone. The trio arrive at the party and they split up to look for John. Wyatt finds John in Kayla’s bedroom and says that they have to go. He insists that they’re trying to protect John, and the boy says that he wants to go home. As they go, John runs off and the image on the coin changes to Nixon. John runs through the party and finds Emma, and asks her for help.

She draws a gun and prepares to kill him, Wyatt shoves John out of the way and shoots, and Emma grabs Kayla as a hostage and fires back. Once she gets to the door, she releases Kayla and runs. John takes Kayla outside, and she realizes that everything John has been saying is true. He thanks her for her help and says that she gives him hope for the future, and the agents take him away.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

Back at the bunker, Rufus advises John not to tell anyone about time travel. He agrees but hesitates to enter Lifeboat. John says that he knows about his siblings’ deaths and his own assassination, and Rufus tells him not to go to Dallas in 1963.

Lucy assures him that he’s going to make the world a better place, and John wonders if he was a good president. She tells him that he was one of the greatest, and John gets in the Lifeboat with Wyatt and Rufus.

Denise and Connor come in and Denise tells Lucy that they need to talk. Once Denise explains what happened, Lucy wonders if Carol was telling the truth. The agent figures that Carol was telling the truth and suggests that Lucy stay off the missions. Lucy refuses to let others risk their lives to stop Rittenhouse when she won’t. Denise tells her that she’d be proud of Lucy if she was her daughter.

The Lifeboat returns with Flynn, he has successfully thwarted three sleeper agents on his own and Denise tells Rufus that John died two years into office in Austin rather than Dallas. Jiya figures that it was just meant to be.

Lucy bumps into Wyatt in the hallway, and he thanks her for convincing Jessica to give him a second chance. She says that he deserves to be happy, and they both say that they have no regrets. They go, unaware that Flynn has been listening in.

Later after a shower and change of clothes, Flynn goes to the kitchen and sees that Lucy is watching a movie, he grabs a couple of beers and offers her one. They sit and drink together, watching the movie.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco
(‘The King of The Delta Blues’)

In the bunker, Rufus is trying to sleep on a couch, and finds Wyatt going into the bathroom. As Rufus tells Wyatt and Jessica to keep it down, Lucy comes by and goes into the bathroom before Rufus can go in.

Jiya wakes up and has a vision. She goes to the control room and tells Rufus that she didn’t sleep. Rufus manages to put a fourth seat into the Lifeboat and kisses Jiya.

A drunken Connor comes in and congratulates them, and shows them an article about his downfall. He explains that today is the day that he loses all of his holdings and is officially nobody. Connor offers them a toast to oblivion.

Denise approaches Wyatt and says that she has to talk to them. The Mothership alarm goes off and Denise says that they’ll have to talk later. The team gathers and Lucy says that the Mothership jumped to 1936 San Antonio but doesn’t know of any obvious target for Rittenhouse.

Connor says that Robert Johnson and Don Law recorded albums at the Gunter Hotel, and explains that Robert Johnson is the king of rock and rules. He insists that Robert Johnson inspired rock and roll, and Lucy says that Rittenhouse would kill the counterculture as they know it.

Denise tells everyone to gear up, and Rufus suggests that Connor take the fourth seat because he knows more about Robert than any of them. Connor refuses, saying that it’s too dangerous. Lucy tells him that he’s going, and Denise tells Wyatt to stay there while Flynn goes with the team. She gives Flynn a gun and Wyatt tells him to keep the others safe.

Once the Lifeboat departs, Wyatt asks what is going on. Denise tells him that he’s going to take out Rittenhouse for good. She and Jiya explain that they have Carol’s location from where she took Denise and they found it via Denise’s GPS chip. Denise wants Wyatt to go in solo and gather intelligence while she and Jiya monitor him via his helmet cam. Wyatt immediately agrees and leaves, and Denise asks Jiya if she’s all right.

Jiya asks her if okay to keep secrets from someone she loves, and then claims that she and Rufus are having relationship issues.

2018- Rittenhouse Headquarters, San Francisco.

Wyatt enters the warehouse and Denise confirms that’s where she was. A man jumps Wyatt and after a brief fight, Wyatt takes him out with his own gun. Wyatt searches the man and finds a key fob with a serial number on it. Jiya confirms that it’s a high-frequency access to a priority client. There’s an advanced firewall and Jiya asks for a couple of hours to crack it.

Once Jiya hacks the firewall, he goes to the new address. Jiya worries that he’s on his own, but Denise insists that he can handle it and she doesn’t know which other agents she can trust for backup. Wyatt takes out four guards, but one manages to sound the alarm and Nicholas hears it. Other agents set the building on fire to destroy the evidence. Wyatt finds Carol but can’t bring himself to shoot her. Nicholas Keynes arrives and shoots him, and Wyatt’s Kevlar protects him. Nicholas gets Carol into the Mothership and they leave before Wyatt can recover him.

Denise goes to the warehouse and points out that Wyatt could have taken out Carol. He claims that his gun jammed, but Denise figures that Wyatt couldn’t kill Lucy’s mother Denise tells him that she’ll take it from there.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

The Lifeboat returns to the bunker and the team tells Jiya about Connor. They confirm that time didn’t change. Wyatt returns and sees them laughing, and Connor thanks Rufus for everything.

Rufus asks Connor if Robert ever told him what happened at the crossroad, and Connor just mimes silence and point up to the sky. As if to say it’s a secret between him and God.

Wyatt asks to talk to Lucy alone. He tells her that Rittenhouse is on the run and Carol got away, and asks about Flynn. Lucy says that Flynn was great and that she’ll tell Wyatt the rest tomorrow so that he can be with Jessica.

Connor goes to his room and takes out his Robert Johnson record. He puts it on and listens, and hears himself saying “Yeah” in the background. The recording notes mention Connor’s alias that he used in the past.

Lucy lies on the couch and then sits up and takes her bottle of vodka to Flynn’s room. After a moment he lets her in and closes the door.

Jiya holds Rufus and he figures that she had one of her visions. He asks what she saw, and Jiya tells him that she saw Rufus near the ocean surrounded by cowboys. They had Rufus trapped and he died.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco
(‘Mrs Sherlock Holmes’)

Rufus discusses Jiya’s vision and points out that she has no idea when he’s going to get killed. She asks him to take it seriously, and reminds him that her previous visions have come to pass. Rufus wonders what he’s supposed to do and why she’s telling him, and how they’re supposed to deal with it. Jiya says that when her father died there was no warning, and Rufus snaps at her that he’s not her father. Angry, Jiya storms out.

In Flynn’s quarters, Lucy drinks coffee and he smiles at her. She finally walks out, and Wyatt watches her from down the hallway.

Wyatt goes to the bathroom and Flynn comes in, and Wyatt tells Flynn to stay away from Lucy. Flynn points out that Lucy isn’t Wyatt’s wife, and asks what Wyatt wants from Lucy.

2018- New Rittenhouse Headquarters, San Francisco.

At their new base, Nicholas texts Emma to meet him for a private meeting. He tells her that on the next mission he wants her to just pilot the Mothership and let Andre handle the dirty work. Nicholas admits that Emma is the only one that he trusts and she’s too important to risk. He gives her a file, and Emma agree to let Andre handle it.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

Jiya detects the Mothership arriving in 1919, and Lucy says that Woodrow was there before traveling to Germany to negotiate the Treaty of Versailles. The group gets into the Lifeboat but Wyatt refuses to let Flynn board. Denise says that they need the backup, and Flynn sarcastically suggests that Wyatt say goodbye to Jessica.

Later on, Connor is going over the equipment they salvaged from the Rittenhouse base when Jessica and Denice comes in. He explains what he’s doing and Jessica offers to help him. Jiya comes in and says that she’s having romantic issues with Rufus, and agrees to help.

Jiya and Connor are still going through the wreckage and Connor finds a chip. He admits that he didn’t expect to find anything, and tells Jiya that the most honorable battle is the one they think that they can’t win.

The Lifeboat returns to the bunker and Jessica kisses Wyatt. They go off and Lucy confirms that Denise voted in the last election and Trump is still President.

2018- New Rittenhouse Headquarters, San Francisco.

Emma tells Nicholas that Flynn shot the sleeper, and she had to get away to save the Mothership. She points out that Nicholas wanted her to come back to him safe, and says that she’s been working on some ideas for their next mission. Nicholas tells her to tell him later and they kiss.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

Denise finds Connor examining the chip, and he finds a photo of Jessica. The agent tells him not to tell anyone until they know what it means.

Jiya tends to Rufus’ injuries, and he apologizes for his early reaction to what she said. He says that he knows that her visions are real but doesn’t know what to do. Jiya asks if they can figure it out together, and Rufus agrees.

Wyatt approaches Lucy and tells her that in the new timeline, Grace became a leading suffragette. Alice disappeared into history, and Lucy is the only one who will remember her. When Wyatt tries to comfort her, Lucy pushes him away and says that they both have to accept that Wyatt is married.

She tells him that she and Flynn talked but nothing happened, and says that she’s not going to get in the middle of Jessica and Wyatt. Wyatt wonders where that leaves them, and Lucy tells him that they’re kicking ass and saving the world, same as always.

2018- Denise’s Residence, San Francisco
(‘The Day Reagan was Shot’)

Denise and her wife Michelle are getting their kids ready for school when her mother calls. She refuses to take it and says that she to get to work, and leaves.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

At the bunker, Jiya finds Rufus working on the Lifeboat. She offers to help but he says that he’s done. Jiya realizes that he’s trying to push her away, and says that her father did the same thing when he realized that he was dying.

Rufus goes to the kitchen, and Lucy and Wyatt ask why he’s been sulking. He explains that Jiya saw him dying in one of her future visions. Wyatt assures him that they won’t let it happen but Rufus doesn’t believe them.

The sensors pick up the Mothership going to Washington DC in 1981. They can’t raise Denise on the phone, and Flynn and Connor can’t go because they were alive at the time. Jiya offers to go, and Rufus agrees, saying that they’ll need another pilot when he’s dead.

Denise arrives moments after the lifeboat has left the bunker and Connor tells them the team is in 1981. She says that saving Reagan isn’t why they’re there. She explains to Flynn and Connor what happened in 1981. The two are taken aback.

Flynn wonders why Carol would go to 1981 to kill Denise when she had the chance three weeks ago. Connor figures that if Denise dies in 1981, their entire operation would disappear as well. When they wonder about Denise’s children, she tells them to trust the team and leaves.

Later on, Flynn asks Denise why she’s taking things so calmly while doing paperwork, and she asks him how someone prepares for disappearing from reality. He tells her that three years ago he was putting his daughter to bed and she asked to stay up, but he told her to go to sleep. The next morning, she was dead and Flynn would do anything to have a few more minutes with her. Flynn tells Denise that she can go back home and look at her wife and children while she still can.

Denise does as Flynn near begged her to do. She returns home to be with her family. Olivia hugs her and Denise kisses Michelle. and has pizza with her family.

Hours later, the Lifeboat returns to the bunker. Lucy and Jiya peer out the hatch. They find Flynn waiting. Denise steps out to greet them, and they realize that they succeeded.

She says that she’s waited 37 years to thank Wyatt for saving her life twice, and tells Lucy and Jiya that they saved her family. She asks Lucy to hold onto the flash drive with the photos, and says that she’s taking off early for family night.

Denise tells them that Ananya came around eventually, and she loves Denise’s kids. Knowing what was waiting for her gave her hope to get through the rough patches.

Later, Rufus tells Jiya what happened. He says that it could have been Owen and still is, and he could end up alone, dead in the past. Jiya tells him that he’s not alone because he has her and the team, and Rufus says that he wants to spend whatever time he has with Jiya. Jiya says that they have to try and stop it, and the only visions she wants is of the two of them growing old together. Rufus kisses her and says that he’s in love with her.

Lucy asks Flynn how he got the journal from her. He tells her that two weeks after his family was killed, he was in hiding. The future Lucy found him in a bar in San Paulo and told him everything. She said that there was a way to stop Rittenhouse and gave Flynn the journal.

Lucy doesn’t believe it, pointing out that they can’t travel into their own timeline. Flynn says that Rufus and Jiya must figure it out in the future, and tells Lucy that they’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Wyatt finds Jessica looking at photos of her family. There’s a photo of her brother Kevin, and Wyatt doesn’t remember Kevin from his timeline because he died as leukemia as a kid. Jessica remembers that Kevin received an expensive stem-cell treatment, and finally tells Wyatt that she’s pregnant.

2018- Cemetery, San Francisco (‘The General’)

Carol meets with Nicholas at a cemetery and says that Emma is sabotaging the missions. When he says that Emma blames Lucy, Carol tells him that Rittenhouse is about family and Emma will never understand. She takes Nicholas to the grave of his daughter—Carol’s mother–and he admits that he never got to see her grow up. Carol insists that Emma isn’t family and she doesn’t believe in Nicholas like she does.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

At the bunker, Denise and Connor call in Wyatt, Rufus, and Lucy. Connor shows them the Rittenhouse files on Jessica and says that Rittenhouse has been monitoring her all of her life. Denise says that they don’t know who Jessica is, and Connor points out that Wyatt doesn’t know the Jessica in the current timeline.

Denise asks if he has anything to suspect Jessica of, and says that she is moving Jessica out of the bunker and will give her 24-hour protection. Wyatt tells them that Jessica is pregnant and if they throw Jessica out then he’s going with her.

The alarm goes off and Jiya reports that they’ve tracked the Mothership to 1863. Rufus reminds them of the Combahee River Raid, where a regiment of mostly black Union soldiers attacked multiple plantations. He says that Harriet Tubman led it, and Wyatt makes Denise promise that Jessica will be there when he gets back.

As Wyatt prepares to leave, Jessica watches him. He says that he never met her brother Kevin, and Jessica points out that he’s been talking a lot about him. Wyatt points out that Kevin died of leukemia in his timeline, and asks her again if she remembers how Kevin was cured. Jessica claims that she still doesn’t remember and brings up which gender their baby is. They kiss and Jessica tells Wyatt to be careful.

After the team has left, Jiya tells Connor that she wants to talk to Stanley Fisher, the Lifeboat pilot that had visions similar to hers. Connor realizes that she was hacking into her laptop to get the information, and Jiya says that Fisher might help her understand her visions. The former CEO says that Fisher is insane and Jiya won’t learn anything from his visions, and reluctantly agrees to see if Denise will let them out.

Connor takes Jiya to the psychiatric hospital where Fisher is locked up. Fisher is comatose, and Jiya realizes that he’s having a vision. The former pilot wakes up and asks Jiya if she’s having visions, and he tells Connor that in his visions, he’s seen the most evil men in history doing unimaginable things.

Fisher tells Connor that he’s worse than all of them, and asks Jiya how many visions she’s had and if she’s seen forbidden colors. Jiya says that she hasn’t, and Fisher tells her that she will if she loves them.

Fisher tells Jiya that they can time travel without a machine, and they’ve been given a gift from God. Jiya describes her visions, and Fisher says that’s because she’s fighting them. Fisher tells her to find a quiet place so that she can find a vision, and then she’ll get better at falling into them. He goes into a coma and once Jiya leaves.

The Lifeboat returns to the bunker and Rufus confirms that Harriet led a decisive raid. Flynn offers Wyatt his congratulations on Wyatt’s pending fatherhood.

Lucy approaches Wyatt and he realizes that she told Flynn about Jessica’s pregnancy. Wyatt says that they’re good and starts to walk off, and Lucy hugs him.

Once Wyatt finds Jessica, he puts his ear to her stomach and wonders if he should be hearing something. Jessica says that earlier Denise told her that she should leave for the health of the baby.

Wyatt says that she wasn’t supposed to do anything until he got back, and tells Jessica said that he’d go with her. Jessica agrees, and Wyatt says that Denise might have a point. He wants things to be normal for Jessica but can’t be there, and Jessica figures that he’s hiding something from her. Wyatt says that he isn’t keeping anything from her.

Rufus tells Jiya that he’s heading to bed, and asks if everything is okay with her. He tells Jiya about Harriet’s visions and how she thought they were from God, and figures that someone is sending the visions to Harriet and Jiya for a reason. Jiya agrees that they should run into the visions instead of away from them, and once he leaves Jiya relaxes and tries to summon a vision.

Wyatt wakes up the next morning and discovers that Jessica is gone. He gets to the main room and finds Jiya starting up the Lifeboat. Jessica trains a gun on her and tells Wyatt not to come any closer. She apologizes and the Lifeboat disappears with Jiya and Jessica.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco

Moments ago, Wyatt sees Jessica kidnapping Jiya at gunpoint and stealing the Lifeboat. Everyone rushes in to find out what’s happening and Wyatt is forced to confess that he actually did have reason to suspect that Jessica was Rittenhouse, but he was trying to do the right thing and didn’t want to jump to conclusions. It doesn’t help absolve Wyatt, instead it makes things worse, he and Flynn get into a fist fight which results in Lucy getting elbowed in the face. Wyatt tries to reach out to her but she denies him and walks off, distraught and beyond disbelief of his actions and lack of control as he’s betrayed them all.

Wyatt later tries to reach out Rufus but Rufus is furious with this explanation, and he tells Wyatt that if they don’t get Jiya back safely, he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to forgive him.

2018- New Rittenhouse Headquarters, San Francisco.

Jessica has deviated from her mission but the Lifeboat and a spare pilot endears her to Nicholas Keynes and Carol who seems to have succeeded in regaining her standing with Nicholas after their graveyard outing. Emma isn’t the pet of the leader or the only pilot around anymore, which makes her position tenuous.

Elsewhere in Rittenhouse’s dingy warehouse hideout, Jiya has been given a sleeping pill and locked in a bed chamber. She falls audibly out of bed, forcing her guard to come into her room to try to revive her. She isn’t in a vision trance, though, she’s faking.

She springs on the guard and strangles him with her twisted sheets, then makes a run for the Lifeboat and escapes as Emma fires at her. Emma’s gunfire and Jiya’s drugged state combine to impair her piloting abilities. She triggers all the alerts in the bunker as she approaches, but she doesn’t, she “sticks the landing” and the Lifeboat bounces away without leaving a trace.

2018- Beachfront Bunker, San Francisco.

The team scrambles for a message from the past. Rufus uses the Internet and Lucy digs through books. She gets a flash of inspiration and looks into a book about San Francisco in the 1800s that she and her mother co-authored and Jiya loved. There in the middle is a photo of Jiya taken in 1888 in Chinatown.

Under Jiya is a message written in Klingon for Rufus. It offers coordinates and the message ”Don’t Come.” The coordinates are for the Lifeboat, which she stashed in a wood in the 1880s and is now rusty and overgrown with vines.

Nobody considers heeding Jiya’s request not to come, so as soon as Rufus and Connor get the machine fixed and charged enough for the mission, Lucy. Wyatt, Rufus and Flynn all pile in and head to 1888.

The team is on mission, Connor walks into the kitchen to find Denise knitting. He asks her what the bloody hell she’s doing, as it’s odd to see her doing something so domestic. She informs him that she’s knitting, badly.  She informs him that she knits every time the team goes on a mission, then wryly asks him hasn’t he ever wondered where all the ugly scarves came from. She seems so calm, Connor asks her how she can be so calm given the circumstances. She tells him that she’s not but the knitting helps her manage her anxiety. She advises him to find a hobby besides drinking.

Connor regales her about his luxurious lifestyle he had before ending up in the bunker. He recounts how he knew everyone but was never close to them but now it’s like he wears his heart on his sleeve. As he worries about the people he loves of dying or being horribly maimed.  He calls the feeling of panic and terror. Denise says ‘Family’ with a smile.

Many hours later, the Time Team returns home, Denise and Connor greet Jiya with joy but it is short lived as they see the state of the team as they are covered in blood, dirt and beaten. Denise and Connor ask how and where. Jiya is in grief, she is bitter and angry. Her tone sharp as she says it doesn’t matter as Rufus is dead.

Connor is in shock he says they will get Rufus back. Jiya tells him that they can’t. Denise reminds him that they can’t travel into their own timeline. Connor tries to argue that they can train a new team, he’ll fly the lifeboat himself but Jiya blast him. She’s lost the love of her life, she turns around to Wyatt, Lucy and Flynn. She yells at them demanding to know why they didn’t listen to her. She walks away.

Lucy, Wyatt and Flynn all remain silent as they are locked in by the shock of Rufus’ death and Jiya’s palpable grief. Connor goes after Jiya, calling her name.

Sometime later, Jiya is laying bed and is in full control of her ‘powers’ she’s searching for Rufus through time and space. Connor interrupts her, he’s near sick with worry for her. He asks her if he’s going to lose her too. He can’t bear to lose her too as Rufus was like a son to him. Jiya confesses that she can’t see Rufus anymore and she will never be able to see him again. She breaks down into tears as she goes over the details of how they had to abandon Rufus’ remains. He was all alone, an unidentified body with no one to identify him and bury him, no one to grieve his loss. Connor embraces her, they broth grieve together.

Meanwhile, Wyatt and Lucy find a moment together in a quiet corner. He expresses his guilt about messing things up with her and causing Rufus’ death. She assures him that he did what Rufus wanted by getting Jiya home safe. Then Wyatt tells Lucy he loves her. He tells her she doesn’t have to say anything, but that Rufus had wanted him to admit it and he should have told her a long time ago.

She doesn’t return Wyatt’s affection as she’s speechless. The only words she does utter is ‘I can’t believe he’s gone’ referring to Rufus.  Flynn walks witnesses their moment with a look on his face that suggest that he’s walked in and realised that he never going to get a chance with Lucy. Just as he’s about to accept Lucy’s decision and walk away, the alarms sound. Everyone comes running in time to see the Lifeboat arrive, but a different, upgraded Lifeboat.

The door opens, and out comes Bearded hick looking Wyatt and Tomb Raider Bombshell Lucy. The whole room is dumbstruck—especially Wyatt and Lucy as they are looking at their future selves. Future Wyatt says ‘Well? What're you waiting on?’ and Future Lucy adds on ‘You guys wanna get Rufus back or what?’

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