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LUCY: There was a time I barely remember now before all of this.
I have to remind myself what it was like then.
A time when I had a mother I trusted, a sister I adored, a life that was familiar, safe.
And then time travel happened and history changed.
- WYATT: You're Connor Mason.
- Mr.
Mason invented a time machine and chose not to tell the government about it til it was stolen by terrorists.
Garcia Flynn, ex-NSA asset in Eastern Europe.
MASON: If Flynn kills people who aren't supposed to die, history changes.
Our earliest prototype.
We call this one the Lifeboat.
CHRISTOPHER: There's room in there for three passengers.
To do what? Go after him? CHRISTOPHER: Lucy Preston.
History, anthropology.
You're world-class.
Master Sergeant Wyatt Logan.
- Delta Force.
- RUFUS: Rufus.
I'm a pilot.
You might want to hold on.
LUCY: I thought history was something worth protecting.
Worth dying for, even, no matter what.
- Where's Amy? - Amy who? LUCY: Since we got back from 1937, my sister's gone.
Erased from history.
I didn't know you were married.
- Jessica died.
- FLYNN: You were out with Jessica in San Diego.
She ran into an old boyfriend at the bar, and you had a major fight.
She told you to stop the car.
She got out, never came home that night.
They found her strangled in the bushes.
You want this telegram delivered 50 years from now? Jessica, on Saturday, February 11, 2012, go home with Wyatt - even if he's being an ass.
- LUCY: I understand.
I would do anything to get my sister back.
We can change history.
And somehow we can save the people we love.
WYATT: Jessica's alive.
- You had been murdered.
- In your reality.
- Is there something you're not telling me? - I'm pregnant.
LUCY: I thought I knew who the enemy was, but I was wrong.
WYATT: Stay the hell away from her.
FLYNN: Oh, you mean Lucy? You know she's not your wife, - right? - I know everything about you.
- You want to know how I know? - I didn't write that.
But you will.
Ask them why they really chose you - for this mission.
- LUCY: It was Rittenhouse.
Rittenhouse isn't a "him," it's a "they.
" WYATT: Rittenhouse changed history and brought Jessica back.
LUCY: An organization that wanted to control the past, present and future.
And worse, my family was part of it.
Well, I've got news for you, my dear.
You're a part of it, too.
- We will change history.
- My name is Emma Whitmore.
I've always been loyal to Rittenhouse.
Some of us aren't royalty, princess.
Some of us had to work our way up.
LUCY: I thought I'd lost everything, so all that was left to do was to fight.
Not for the past anymore, but for our future.
Everyone's future.
Fight for each other.
It wasn't enough, though.
Rufus? Rufus! LUCY: And we lost the only thing we had left.
But this can't be the end of our story.
We've come too far, we've sacrificed too much.
There has to be a way to get back what we lost.
To make things right and save the people we love, no matter what.
But it's all up to you now.
You have to change history.
Well, what are you waiting on? You guys want to get Rufus back, or what? - That's - Us.
It's not possible.
Well, actually, it is.
WYATT: Where are you from? When are you from? - 2023.
- MASON: How are you even here? In your own timelines The side effects - We're not immune to the effects.
- We don't have much time.
- I know.
- MASON: Why would you endanger yourselves like this? FUTURE WYATT: We didn't have much of a choice.
We can't stop Rittenhouse without Rufus.
- Rittenhouse still exists? - In 2023? JIYA: Wait.
You said we can get Rufus back.
- How? - Everything you need, it's in there.
Uh, my journal? W-What are we supposed to do with it? Just figure it out together.
- Together.
- Yes, both of you.
- What about the baby? - There is no baby.
Jessica lied to manipulate me.
Let's go.
- Wait.
- There's no time, just focus on the journal.
- Okay? Start with page - [HIGH-PITCHED RINGING] What's wrong? What's happening? Is she okay? - Or, am I okay? - Oh, God.
It's the side effects.
We got to go now.
Take our Lifeboat.
It's a lot easier to fly.
A few upgrades.
You guys can fly ours? We've learned a lot in the last five years.
LUCY: What's wrong with her? FUTURE WYATT: She'll be fine.
Merry Christmas, by the way.
'Tis the season.
To finish what we started.
Correct mistakes.
Create a better world.
But we're doing it my way now.
No more bloodlines or any cult crap.
So if that's why you're here, walk away right now.
For those of you who choose to stay, all I ask is loyalty.
MIKE: What's the plan, boss? EMMA: You can set up my office.
Big chair, mahogany desk.
- You can handle that? - Right away.
Then, we're gonna do what St.
Nicholas and Carol couldn't.
We're gonna take out Lucy and her damn team once and for all.
- What can I do? - Mrs.
I have a job for you.
It's time to pay our last sleeper agent a visit.
I'm so sorry, Wyatt.
[SIGHS] How could anyone lie about something like that? It's Rittenhouse.
It's how they get what they want, and they're so good at it, too, you don't realize it until it's too late.
My mother was never the woman I thought she was.
Now that she's gone, it still hurts.
Are you okay? Something tells me Jessica wouldn't have been the best mother, anyway.
Doesn't matter.
What matters is getting Rufus back.
You want to do the honors? [SIGHS] What is all this? Our history.
All of our missions.
It was, uh, my way of keeping record of all of it, I guess.
This thing is incredible.
It has advanced reentry stabilization and Tipler Cylinders.
Nice work, Jiya.
I'm guessing you're the one who built it.
I might've made a suggestion or two.
- What are Lucy and Wyatt doing? - CHRISTOPHER: Reading the journal, trying to figure out where we take this new toy.
Okay, well how long will that take? Let's just go.
I mean, if we can go back to our own timelines then Go back to our own timelines? Are you overlooking the fact that Future Lucy's head nearly exploded? For all we know, that was their one and only trip before she It wasn't the only trip.
She came to see me in Sao Paulo before all of this began.
- What are you talking about? - Christmas Eve, 2014, Lucy showed up and handed me the journal.
- The Lucy we just saw? - It was Lucy.
She traveled to a same time she existed before.
It's possible.
But not without side effects, it isn't, and headaches are just the beginning.
If you stay too long, even just minutes, there are-there are nosebleeds, seizures, brain damage, uh, memory loss, and then And then? Well, everybody's tolerance is different, but eventually, insanity and death.
If Lucy and Wyatt are willing to risk their lives for Rufus, - then so am I.
- Jiya, no Lucy.
I never meant to hurt you.
I just wanted to do the right thing.
I know.
I know.
Hollywood, Salem Titanic.
This hasn't happened yet.
WYATT: You and Flynn.
- Um - All right, I'm gonna let you finish that one.
Hey, you find anything in the journal yet? We've found some things, but nothing about Rufus, though, yet.
Okay, I can look at it maybe then, and I can see Hey.
They said me and Lucy.
- There's got to be a reason.
- If your future selves are so brilliant, then why didn't they just tell us what to do? - Sorry, I'm just - No, it's it's okay.
What's this? Rufus picked it up in 1981, hid it behind SpaghettiOs so you wouldn't find it till Christmas, but I think he'd want you to have it.
"Merry Christopher.
A little pun from '81.
" Couldn't help himself, could he? [QUIETLY]: Yeah.
[GASPS] Original issue packaging? [LAUGHS] Rufus always told me there was no puzzle you can't solve.
[ALARM BLARING] MASON: January 28, 1848, near Sacramento.
Lucy? That's four days after gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill, which instigated the gold rush, which basically made California a-a state.
- So Rittenhouse wants gold? Shocker.
- JIYA: A time travel robbery? [STAMMERS] Let them have the gold.
Let them have California.
We need to focus on getting Rufus back.
Listen, when the Mothership jumps, we chase it.
That's been protocol since day one.
What is the point of getting Rufus back if we just let Rittenhouse decimate history? - Are you joking? - Future Lucy said we need Rufus to stop Rittenhouse.
- Yes.
- Rufus trained you to pilot the Lifeboat for this very reason.
The world needs saving.
It's what Rufus would want.
We need to find and stop their sleeper agent.
- Hey.
Is your arm okay? - It's fine.
You got a little bit of something here.
Makeup can only cover so much.
JIYA: Whoa.
This thing has autopilot.
What? As in, anyone can fly it? Apparently.
You just plug in the date and location.
I guess Future Me built a DeLorean out of the Lifeboat.
That's a joke Rufus would've made.
[SIGHS]: I wish he could see this.
LUCY: He'll see it, Jiya.
I know he will.
You think that's the sleeper? LUCY: No, I think that's James Marshall.
WYATT: Who's James Marshall? He's the millwright who discovered gold.
He's bringing it here to show his boss, John Sutter.
Speak of the devil.
Looks like history's still on course.
Come on.
[WOLF WHISTLES] [WHOOPS, HOWLS] I'd like to mine that gold.
- Come back, say hi.
- Has any woman ever responded positively to that? Just admiring the view, miss.
- Oh.
- We don't see many women 'round here, especially pretty ones.
STEVENS: First that redhead and the blonde this morning.
And now these two.
What were these other women here for? Probably gold.
Rumor has it someone found some up by the mill.
You think she's here to activate a sleeper? Maybe we should talk to Sutter first.
There's a reason that Emma didn't go straight to the mill.
They weren't here for Sutter.
FLYNN: Okay.
Now, that's our cue to steal some horses and catch up with the sleeper at Sutter's Mill.
We need to change.
Into what? You're not fooling anyone dressed like that.
General lack of females in the vicinity, two women on horseback would've been flagged a mile away.
All this time, you knew what was in the journal.
I told you it can be unreliable.
I mean, with us.
Oh, so you finally got to the good part, huh? Must have been, uh, awkward.
Well? Was it everything you imagined? You were imagining it, weren't you? [LAUGHS SOFTLY] Why didn't you tell me that we were going to be together? Honestly? I didn't really believe it.
I'm not exactly your type.
You don't know anything about my type.
Also, I almost killed you a few times, so there's that.
In the future, I must have seen a different side to you.
- I guess I've already started to.
- Oh, then stop.
'Cause if you read the rest of the journal, that affair we have? It ends badly, because your heart always belonged to someone else.
You gringos stole my horses? It's a lady.
[LAUGHS] You're Joaquin Murrieta? Lady seems to know who I am.
Go ahead, tell your friends.
One of the most dangerous bandits in California.
Your half brother was murdered and your wife assaulted - after a dispute over a mule.
- Then what? - Then you killed the men who did it.
- Not all of them.
I don't like when people mess with what belongs to me.
Those horses are mine.
Our-our friend was murdered, too.
We're-we're just looking for the people that did it.
Tragic story, I'm sure.
You know they hang people for stealing horses? Don't worry, I'll save you the pain in the neck JIYA: Really? They, uh, hang people for stealing stolen horses? Because each one of these horses have a different brand on them.
WYATT: All right, look.
We can all start shooting each other and see who wins, but then we wouldn't be able - to tell you where the gold is.
- What do you know about gold? LUCY: We know where there's plenty of it.
It's worth a lot more than these horses.
WYATT: We'll tell you where it is if you just put down your guns and let us borrow these horses a little while longer.
JOAQUIN: It's a deal, for now.
We ride until nightfall.
Hurry up.
Don't fall behind.
Must have been Tornado.
As in Zorro's horse, Tornado? [GRUNTS] - Zorro was real? - Joaquin Murrieta, he was one of the Mexican outlaws that inspired the legend of Zorro.
- Now you tell me.
- Were you gonna ask for his autograph? I was a little focused on the fact that he was trying to kill us.
Come on.
Where's Emma? I'm her lieutenant now.
Come on.
Show me the money.
I didn't sleep in the dirt for three years here to report to some underling.
How about we sort this out with Emma in 2018? How about you hand the rest over? - Where the hell are you going? - You'll be picked up when we say the time is right.
- You can't just leave me here.
- [GUN CLICKS] Pleasure doing business with you.
JOAQUIN: Where did you get that gun of yours? Oh, it's, uh, Prussian.
But it's not very powerful, though.
Well, I understand how that feels.
I don't want your sympathy, gringo.
You can't begin to understand.
My family was murdered, too, by terrible people.
- And? - And I tried it your way, with violence, but it didn't solve anything.
It just created more pain.
But they deserve to be punished.
Oh, they deserve to be punished.
But it won't help your family.
Believe me, I tried.
[CHUCKLES] Over and over.
You will just become as bad as those men.
You have given up your quest for revenge? For what? Ah.
LUCY: I thought the legend of Joaquin's family tragedy was just some myth from an 1854 dime novel.
I mean, if it's true, he's about to go on a murderous rampage across the state of California.
Can you blame him? Wyatt? What is it? - It's Jessica.
- What? I keep rereading these pages, and everything leads to the same place.
Jessica is the reason Rufus is dead.
Rittenhouse brought her back to distract me or spy on us.
I don't really know.
But I played right into their hands when I brought her into the bunker.
Jiya, she's the one who kidnapped you, she's the reason we went to Chinatown.
There is a simple equation here.
It has been here all along, I just didn't want to see it.
It's the reason future version of you gave me the journal.
JIYA: So you're saying I'm saying because Jessica lives, Rufus dies.
And to save Rufus, Jessica has to be taken out of the timeline somehow and I'm gonna be the one to do it.
I will make sure that Jessica never steps foot in the bunker.
- You mean, go back to your own timeline? - LUCY: No.
No way.
- It's too dangerous.
You could die.
- It's the only way - to save Rufus.
- How does it help us to save Rufus if it means sacrificing you? Because Rufus didn't deserve what happened to him.
You didn't deserve what I did to you.
I let everybody down.
But I'm gonna make things right.
Well, you're not doing it alone.
I'm coming with you.
I am, too.
We'll get Rufus back together.
FLYNN: Well, it sounds like a noble plan, but if you all die trying to save Rufus, who will be left here to save the world from Rittenhouse? Take half of this and store it.
Use the other half to fetch us some sisters in arms.
What are you doing? Santa's got one last chimney to shimmy down.
But we don't have any sleepers left.
Going back to 1950 Korea to buy us one.
- Need any help? - Oh, you just take care of that gold.
I'll take care of the rest.
[GRUNTS] Wyatt.
Where's Flynn? He rode ahead.
Said he wanted to scout the mill.
[SIGHS] - What for? - He didn't say.
Get some rest.
[SIGHS] Whoa.
Ha! Eureka.
[LAUGHS] So the rumors are true.
Where is your tall friend? I thought he was scouting for us.
That's a good question.
Tell him he can keep the horses.
You are true to your word.
Unlike most americanos I have met.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some mining to do before your people destroy the land.
- Uh, wait, uh - WYATT: Let him go.
We'll find the sleeper agent on our own.
But what if we need backup? LUCY: Uh, Wyatt? Hands up, where we can see them.
You didn't tell us all you were wanted.
Lock them up.
It's payday.
MASON: I told you, there's nothing to celebrate until we have Rufus back.
I'm tired of making scarves.
I need something to occupy myself while I try to get my head around the fact that five years from now, we're apparently still chasing Rittenhouse.
Yes, that's because we're going about this the wrong way.
We need to save Rufus to stop Rittenhouse.
Not the other way around.
I didn't want to send the team on this mission.
If you want to blame somebody, you should look in the mirror, because you're the one who created the damn time machine for them in the first place.
You think I don't spend every day wishing I could take it all back? [SCOFFS] I'm sorry, Connor.
[SIGHS] We have to destroy them.
You know that, right? The Mothership and the Lifeboat.
We have to destroy them.
Can it be done? Yeah, of course we can do it, but Oppenheimer.
After Hiroshima, he realized the terrible mistake he'd made.
The "destroyer of worlds," he called himself.
And everyone agreed: nuclear weapons, terrible idea.
Six months later, the Soviets had one.
The technology already exists, Denise.
So some new Connor Mason or Rufus Carlin will one day create their own time machine.
And we'll be without a vessel to stop them.
What then? They sent you to protect her, too? - Who, Rittenhouse? - Yeah.
You started this, you know.
Of course.
It's always my fault.
Couldn't possibly have been the drunk jerk picking bar fights.
Please, Jess, he wanted that fight.
You wanted that fight.
Yeah, that's right.
Just keep defending your boyfriend, - why don't you? - Oh, my God.
We were on a break, and it was the best six months of my life, by the way.
All right.
[PHONE CHIMES] WYATT: Who was that? Is that him? - Let me see the phone.
Give me the phone! - No.
Stop it! You know what? Pull over.
Pull What are you We're in the middle of nowhere.
- I said pull over! - What are you talking about? [TIRES SCREECH] What are you doing? Getting the hell away from you.
Jessica, come on, get back in the damn Fine, you want to walk? Walk.
Drive away.
- Get back in the damn car, will you? - I'll walk! WYATT: Come on.
I'm sorry, all right? - Just get back in.
- Leave me alone before I call the cops and get you busted for a DUI.
WYATT: Fine.
[HIGH-PITCHED RINGING] [PHONE RINGING] [GROANING NEARBY] Who the hell are you? [GRUNTING] [GUNSHOTS] [GRUNTING] [GRUNTING CONTINUES] [GROANING] [GUNSHOT] Never thought I'd say this, but we could really use - our "tall friend" right about now.
- Yeah, where is he? - And Joaquin? - Mm.
Probably halfway - to Sonora with a pound of gold.
- What ends up happening to him? He gets killed in a shootout in 1853 by California Rangers.
It was never proven it was him.
- Historians disagree.
- JIYA: Oh, it was him.
I saw his pickled head in a jar in Chinatown in 1888.
Well, let's just find a way out of here before our heads get pickled.
What is that? - [GUNSHOTS] - JIYA: Sounds like Flynn - is really Flynning it up out there.
- LUCY: Flynn! Flynn, it's us! We're in here! Help us! Yeah, it's about time! Merry Christmas, you filthy animals.
JIYA: Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, we saved you.
Uh, I'm pretty sure I'm the one that did the saving.
- Oh.
Um - Let me at him.
Geez, leave you alone for one second Mmm.
I think I'm gonna have to let you get captured more often.
Rufus you were dead.
I was what? You died in San Francisco.
- 1888.
Emma shot you.
- When was I in 1888? It doesn't matter, okay? You're alive now.
Yeah, very much so.
What? - How is that possible? - Flynn did it.
This mean I'm gonna have to hug him, too? JOAQUIN [CALLS]: Rufus! Did you find your friends? I need a hand over here! BRB.
Got to go help Zorro.
It's him.
Flynn must have taken the Lifeboat and Taken Jessica out of the timeline.
Rufus didn't die? He went with us on this trip? He's-he's been here all along? And Jessica is gone.
[SIGHS] I guess this is why you end up with Flynn.
I don't.
I I don't end up with him.
RUFUS: Let's go, you two.
Guys, come on.
[LAUGHS] - You caught the sleeper? - Well, it's not exactly my first rodeo.
But Joaquin here snagged those jerks.
Turns out the real Zorro is much cooler than Antonio Banderas.
- Who needs a mask, anyway? - Take your share, or I'll be tempted to spend it all in one game of monte.
Where we're going, we don't need gold.
But may we borrow your horses one last time? Take them.
I can buy all the horses I want.
Maybe even mustangs.
[LAUGHS]: I can't wait to show my wife.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- No problem.
What's wrong? It's Flynn.
He [SNIFFLES] He wrote me a note.
FLYNN: My dear Lucy, if you're reading this, I guess I didn't make it back.
Well, maybe that's for the best, when you think about what I've done in the past.
To the team.
To you.
We both wanted to stop Rittenhouse, but somehow you didn't let it destroy you the way I did.
So if anyone's expendable on this team, it's me.
Tell Rufus he can thank me later.
I have to admit, I don't hate the guy.
I regret the pain I caused you, Lucy.
And maybe by doing this, I can find a small way to make things right, so you can have the future you deserve.
I know with time, you'll forgive Wyatt, because you love him.
And deep down, you know he was just trying to do the right thing.
[CRACKLING] I hope you get everything you want in life.
I hope you can be happy.
And one day, I hope you get to have a family of your own.
- [LAUGHING] - And I hope you get your sister back.
There are some things in the journal, I never could figure them out.
But it's led us this far.
One good thing in my life, the one thing that I couldn't hate after I lost my family.
Never give up trying to save the world from Rittenhouse, and then maybe you can save the ones you love.
Well guess I'll see you Christmas Eve, 2014.
You know the place.
All my love Flynn.
CHRISTOPHER: So after dispatching Jessica, Flynn sent the Lifeboat back to you in 1848 but stayed in 2012.
The, um time travel side effects - must have been too severe.
- CHRISTOPHER: Or maybe he wanted to go back and see his family one more time.
Either way, he's stuck in 2012.
It took some searching, but the body of a John Doe was found in the dunes by the ocean.
So Flynn died, and you gave up Jessica for me? MASON: I'd like to propose a toast to Flynn.
[SIGHS] WYATT: He had our backs.
Sacrificed his life so that we could defeat Rittenhouse together.
Let's not let him down.
We owe him that.
To Garcia.
Jessica? Hello? Jessica? Where the hell is Jessica? You mean Jan? No, I don't mean Jan.
Tell me where Jessica is.
Who is Jessica? Jessica Logan.
Wyatt's wife.
I don't know who that is.
They must have changed something.
Eliminated her from the timeline.
Changed history.
That's our job.
- What do you think they - Get the Mothership ready.
What for? Hell.
Lieutenant Langford? Husband to Charlotte, father of Margaret, age six? - Who are you? - I represent a special kind of insurance.
Sorry, lady.
Marines cover everything I need.
Sure about that? Because I can make sure that your family is very well provided for.
Your daughter would get the very best medical attention, and she's gonna need it.
How do you know about Margaret? Her polio? I just know.
And I'd like to help.
All I ask in return is one small [SIGHS] big favor.
Joaquin Murrieta never became a notorious killer after striking rich at Sutter's Mill.
He and his wife moved to California and started a family and a successful horse ranch.
Kind of killed Zorro in the crib.
[LAUGHS] Where'd you find that? That was supposed to be your Christmas present.
- I'm sorry.
You were - Dead.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Look at you, eating Rubik's Cubes for breakfast and upgrading - the Lifeboat to DeLorean status.
- Yeah, but I didn't do it.
- Future Me did it.
- Oh, well, Future You - sounds awesome.
- Mm.
Mm? [KISSES] And really smart.
And I can't wait to sleep with her, too.
What? I'm pretty sure you're not Harry Potter, so what's with the scar? Uh Chinatown.
From what at Chinatown? You don't remember it, but I-I lived there for three years in the 1880s, Rufus.
And it sucked being a woman in that place.
Someone did that to you? I got away from him.
- Jiya, what happened? - I don't want to talk about it.
- Jiya, you can talk to me about anything.
- No.
I'm tired.
I'm tired.
I just, I want to go to sleep.
Agent Christopher said that this is, uh Our room.
- Yeah.
- I guess with, uh, Jessica gone, we were Together.
But I'm gonna sleep on the couch, so No, you don't have to do that.
I mean, are you sure? 'Cause I don't mind.
Come on, Wyatt, it's fine.
There are two beds.
It was really nice what you - said about Flynn.
- Yeah, well, I meant it.
I know you did.
You know, he lied to me about the name of Jessica's killer.
'Cause when you think about it, it was him all along.
I spent all this time trying to find the person that ruined my life.
I never even considered the fact that he was actually trying to save it.
Flynn told me something else in his letter, - about Amy.
- What's that? [LUCY SIGHS] He said there might be a way that I could get Amy back, but I can't figure it out.
Besides, Emma already said that there was no way I was ever going to get my sister back again, so If there's a way to get her back, - we're gonna do it, Lucy.
- Not with Rittenhouse still out there.
You heard what Flynn said.
We have to stop them, - because if we don't, then - We become those people that paid us a visit.
I don't want that.
I don't want that for us.
We-we didn't look Happy? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
I noticed that, too.
I don't want to live in a world where we're not just Lucy and Wyatt.
But after everything that's happened, how can we un-know what we know? [ALARM BLARING] Mothership jumped to December 24, 1950, in Oh, dear North Korea.
Well, that's the last day of the Hungnam evacuations in the Korean War.
It's just after the Battle of Chosin.
"Frozen Chosin," my grandpa called it.
Said it was the coldest he'd ever been in his life.
Is Rittenhouse trying to eliminate you from the timeline now by taking out your grandfather? No.
He was wounded and sent home before they started evacuating on the 10th.
Why did they evacuate? Well, the U.
troops were winning the war, that is, until the Chinese Communist army descended upon them and forced them to evacuate - to the Port of Hungnam.
- WYATT: It was the Dunkirk of the Korean War.
LUCY: Thousands of Korean refugees showed up, families just desperate to evacuate.
Instead of leaving them behind, General Edward Almond, he wanted to see how many he could save.
But there was a-a cargo ship, the USS Meredith Victory, they were only supposed to carry about 60 people, but they ended up leaving with 14,000.
- And nobody died? - Not one.
In fact, there were five babies born on board.
They called it "The Miracle of Christmas.
" Why would Emma go after refugees? 'Cause she's the ultimate Grinch.
We'll stop her and be home for Christmas.
Bundle up.
It's gonna be cold.
Come on.
I'm coming with you.
You don't have to go.
I'm not losing you again.
LUCY: Did you have to park the Lifeboat so far away? RUFUS: Well, we don't want Communist troops to come dashing through the snow to find it.
LUCY: Oh, God.
- WYATT: Let me see the map.
- Here.
- Port's a few miles south.
- Okay.
So, who's on the boat that's so important, anyway? Uh the parents of future South Korean president Moon Jae-in? And Emma cares about that because? We got to keep moving fast to stay warm.
MASON: Why the Korean War? I can't for the life of me think of what Emma could profit from or need there.
Well, that's what scares me.
Emma may be a loose cannon, but she is brilliant, so there has got to be a reason.
- Mm.
- If our team can't stop her in 1950, - then we need to catch her in the present.
- Yeah.
Bloody hell.
That can't be.
They're gonna die there? WYATT: Must have been a skirmish.
- LUCY: We just missed it.
- RUFUS: Fine by me.
- [HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING] - What's that sound? - Is that a? - Heliclockter.
- Helicopter.
- WYATT: Must be taking survivors to port.
MAN: Hey, everyone all right? Yeah.
We're good! Come on.
I got the last chopper going to Hungnam.

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