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[FAINT, DISTORTED]: Wyatt? Wyatt? Wyatt? Are you okay? Emma set us up.
- [GROANS] - The pilot, he was working for her.
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
He's dead.
You wrestled the controls away from him.
WYATT: Still crashed.
We would have died.
You saved us.
Rufus and Jiya.
[GRUNTS] They're okay, they're okay, they're okay.
Are you okay? Yeah.
- All right, come on.
- Okay.
- Does it hurt? - Mm, no.
The, uh cold air, it's very numbing.
Jane? Chinatown.
My friend Molly taught me.
Doctors were expensive.
Wonder what happened to her.
She died.
Bubonic plague.
I looked it up.
According to the chopper radio, Meredith Victory sailed yesterday with 14,000 people, just like she was supposed to.
So the pilot, North Korea, all of it, - was about her killing us? - It makes sense.
Emma wants to get us out of the way.
Well, doesn't get much more out of the way than North Korea - in the dead of night.
- WYATT: Sleeper's dead.
Only thing left to do is find the Lifeboat and go home.
Anyone have a one-horse open sleigh? Come on, it's gonna be light soon.
This is officially the worst Christmas vacation ever.
And that includes the Chevy Chase movie.
MASON: The protocol.
They might have left us a message, buried.
We'll just go dig up a hole in the middle of North Korea.
So what, would you have us just do nothing? Just accept that they're all gone? I can't.
- I won't accept that.
- I'm not accepting anything.
- I'm saying we need a better plan.
- [CHUCKLES WRYLY] From what I found, it looks like they were in a helicopter crash on the 24th.
Yeah, Emma's doing.
They survived; the pilot didn't.
Thanks to our intrepid team, no doubt.
What exactly happens on the 25th? They're killed by Chinese troops in the massacre of Usang-ri.
We've got to get to them before that happens.
Uh, how? We don't have a time machine or a pilot.
Rittenhouse has both.
Yes, and I'm sure Emma would be delighted to help us, if she wasn't the one trying to bloody kill us all.
RUFUS: So, this is weird.
In my timeline, you guys are still a couple.
You think you'll get back together, or what? Because I'm still totally shipping team "Lyatt.
" What? What's that? You guys are like Han and Leia.
Uh, Arwen and Aragorn.
Bella and Edward? You guys have obstacles, too.
Rufus, it's not like we got into a fight.
He was married to someone else, who he thought was dead, who then all of a sudden wasn't dead.
So he left me to be with her.
And I know that you don't remember that, but it's not something I'm going to forget.
Well, apparently, I came back from the dead, - so anything's possible.
- I hear that, but I don't want to be anyone's second choice.
When you were kidnapped by your mother, we thought you were dead.
We all lost hope.
Except for Wyatt.
He never gave up on you.
He always swore you were out there.
He tried to blowtorch his way out of the bunker to find you.
I know there was a Jessica, but he was willing to give her up to find me.
And I'll tell you, the guy likes me, but if he had to give you up, I know for a fact I'd still be dead.
Doesn't sound like a second choice to me.
Guys, look.
- Where are they going? - Hungnam.
The last boats have to evacuate today, before the Chinese army reaches the port.
Or what happens? North Korea happens.
Anyone who spoke out against communism or tried to help the Americans was, at best, imprisoned.
- And at worst? - Beheaded.
JIYA: So, what about us? WYATT: We need to keep moving.
The Chinese just crossed the border, and they march dark to dark.
We got to get to the Lifeboat before nightfall.
Otherwise, the communists get a time machine.
Which, incidentally, is my least favorite Christmas movie.
WYATT: I'm not worried about the time machine.
I'm worried about the thousands of Chinese troops - between us and it.
- So, what are you saying? In all likelihood? We die.
So, how long does this war go on for? Uh, war lasts another three years, till the armistice.
But nobody wins.
North Korea shuts its doors.
There are families who haven't seen or heard from each other in decades.
Hey, let's check out that car.
Please, please be a car with a heater.
RUFUS: Well, I'm not exactly sure "dead" is a forever thing with us.
Hey, with our combined skill set, how long you think it takes before this is up and running? - [SIGHS] Rufus - Look, it'll be safer, faster and warmer with wheels.
All right.
Why don't you and Jiya go get warm in the church? 'Cause we're women and it's 1950? Because you're starting to get frostbite.
You'd look much prettier with ears.
- Good point.
Let's go.
- Okay.
[SHIVERING] Sit there.
- [EXHALES] - [SNIFFS] In San Francisco in 1888, there was this beautiful cathedral, St.
Rufus would probably think I was crazy, but it made me feel closer to him.
I'm really happy for you.
For both of you.
I mean, just to have him back.
- I love him.
- I know you do.
So much, Lucy.
He loves you, too.
He thinks he does.
But he has no idea who I am now.
What he remembers as yesterday was three years ago for me.
And I've changed, Lucy.
I'm not the same person he fell in love with.
I'm scared I never will be.
[SHUSHES] You need to be careful.
Informants are everywhere.
What are you doing here? I thought there were no Americans left in the North.
We're-we're war correspondents.
We got separated from our unit.
I'm Rachel Maddow and this Just I'm Lucy, this is Jiya.
I am Young-Hee.
Your English is very good.
I went to a missionary school.
- Oh.
- Are you evacuating? No.
I came here to pray.
My husband, uh, he's a journalist, too.
But he asked too many questions.
They ordered him to print lies.
We heard they were coming for him.
Did he go to Hungnam? Yeah.
With my son, Tae Woo.
I pray they are safe on the boat.
And what about you? What what are you going to do? Wait until our army pushes the Chinese back.
In a few days, maybe this will all be over.
Then my husband and son will come home.
I still can't believe Jessica was alive.
Or that I was dead.
My memories are completely different from yours after Hollywood.
[SCOFFS] You know what's crazy? Yesterday, Jiya was a year younger than me.
Now she's two years older.
She looks pretty good for her age.
Plus, I always had a thing for older women.
Started in middle school, actually Rufus, I got to tell you something.
Jiya being stuck in Chinatown for three years that was all my fault.
Jiya said it was Jessica's fault.
She Yeah, but it was my fault for trusting Jessica.
Even when I-I knew things didn't add up You even said so yourself.
And you told me that you would never forgive me for what happened to her.
Why are you telling me this? 'Cause I'd be lying to you if I didn't.
I forgive you.
WYATT: That's not good.
Come on.
Guys, we We gotta go.
Couple North Korean soldiers heading our way.
Pretty sure they're not here for Midnight Mass.
Wait, wait, wait! We have to take her with us.
Is she important to history? - Everybody's important.
- Lucy - what do you want me to do? - We have to take her to Hungnam.
She is super pregnant and she put her life on the line for us, no questions asked.
The Lifeboat is ten miles north, the port is eight miles south.
We can't lose that much time.
LUCY: She thinks that her husband and son Are coming home quick history cliffsnotes: nobody comes home.
Even if they survive, she'll be separated from her family - forever.
- I'm telling you we're not gonna make it to the Lifeboat if we go to Hungnam.
I wouldn't be here if my parents didn't get out of Lebanon.
I got a second chance.
Why shouldn't they? What's the point of saving history if we don't save the people in it? [SOLDIER SPEAKS KOREAN] [NUNS GASP] [SPEAKS KOREAN] I think we lost them.
Is everybody all right? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
WYATT: We'll be lucky if we make it through town, much less to the port.
I-I can't go to the port.
I need to stay and wait for my husband and son to come home.
Young-hee, those men will find you, okay, it's not safe for you to stay here anymore.
If you get on a boat, then you can catch up with your family.
You'll be together.
It's only a few days.
What if it's not? - What's that? - Huh? Oh, St.
Patron saint of travelers.
Found it at the church.
Thought we could use a little extra luck.
After everything you've been through, you still kept your faith.
Rufus, you came back to me.
How could I not? Merry Christmas to me.
- [FOOTFALLS APPROACHING] - There you are.
I was wondering [NERVOUS CHUCKLE] Mr.
Cahill I-I didn't know you'd been released from prison.
Rittenhouse always finds a way, Emma.
How did you find us? I know every Rittenhouse-owned property on the West Coast Started with the estates and took some time to work my way down to this dump.
We've had some difficult times in your absence.
The most powerful secret society the world has ever seen, a family treasure? Reduced to this? That incredible machine used so that you could, what collect art? I'm trying to replenish Rittenhouse's assets Save it.
You're greedy and selfish.
I've been called worse.
I came to say goodbye.
Just give me a reason, Emma.
Thank you for your help, Mr.
Couldn't have found this place without you.
You sold us out.
I'm selfish, too.
What did she promise you? The chance to save my daughter's life.
Lucy still means something to me.
Plus protection and immunity for my teenage son.
It's a family thing, Emma.
Something you'll never have or understand.
LUCY: How old's your son? He's eight.
Does he like school? Not as much as I do.
I'm a teacher.
What do you teach? History.
It's hard now.
The Party wants us to only teach propaganda.
And a people without knowledge of their past history, - origin, and culture is like - Like a tree without roots.
Marcus Garvey.
I used to be a history teacher, too.
[YOUNG-HEE GROANING] You all right? [SIGHING]: It happened earlier.
- LUCY: Yeah? - YOUNG-HEE: I'm fine.
LUCY: Okay.
Want to pop the hood again? We're only about a mile from port.
Think we just need to walk it the rest of the way.
Walk? In her condition? - [WYATT SIGHS] - Okay, okay.
It's not too much farther.
Oh, God.
You're not okay, Young-hee, you're in labor.
Should we get her to the ambulance? No, it's too late.
Over here, come on.
- Okay, oh, my God.
- [YOUNG-HEE GROANING] - Set her right here.
- Go.
- Right here.
- Oh, God.
- I got you, we got you.
- Oh, God, oh, God, oh, oh, God.
All right, just breathe.
[WYATT AND YOUNG-HEE BREATHING RHYTHMICALLY] - You've done this before? - Good job.
- Remote village in Afghanistan.
- [YOUNG-HEE GROANS] A woman was in labor for over 22 hours.
Tried to get her to a hospital, but it was too late.
- Healthy baby girl.
- [GROANS] So you know what you're doing? Well, nothing went wrong that time.
Well, there's a there's a MASH facility at the port.
I can, I can go find a doctor.
Fine, but take Rufus with you.
- Okay.
- Be careful, all right? They're shelling the perimeter to keep the Chinese out.
- Come on, let's go.
- You got this, Young-hee.
[DISTANT EXPLOSIONS] In just a few hours, they bomb this whole place? Can't leave any supplies behind for the enemy.
Everyone makes it out alive, right? Thanks to those two.
That's Colonel Forney and Dr.
Hyun Bong-hak.
They're the real heroes behind this entire operation.
Convinced General Almond not to leave any refugees behind.
- Colonel Forney, sir.
- FORNEY: Ma'am.
- Why haven't you evacuated? - I'm a war correspondent.
Lucy Preston.
I work with Maggie Higgins.
We put Maggie on a plane days ago.
I know; we got separated.
We need to get you on a boat.
Of course, of course, but, uh Private Carlin here, he came across a refugee who's gone into labor.
We need a-a nurse or a-a doctor.
- Soon as possible.
- Uh, MASH unit's jammed up with injured patients; we need everyone we got.
- Sir, please.
- Ma'am.
I got to make sure everyone in this port gets out safely, okay? Uh, maybe you can find a midwife.
I-I'll take care of this, Colonel.
Really? Last boat departs at 1400 hours.
Okay, let's go.
Come on, come on! [SCREAMING] Jiya, run back to the ambulance, see if you can find supplies.
Emergency blankets, towels, first aid kit, anything.
- Okay, but the doctor is - No time to wait for a doctor.
This baby's coming now.
Up that hill, about a mile away.
- [BOMB DETONATES] - Oh! Oh, my God! - Wyatt! - Jiya! Wyatt! Wyatt! - Oh, my God.
- HYUN: Artillery fire.
Oh, my God.
Wyatt! [SOBBING]: Oh, my God.
WYATT: That was close, huh? It's a girl.
Oh, my God oh.
[EXHALES, CHUCKLES] Wyatt delivered a baby.
In the middle of a war zone.
Who does that? All right, wasn't a big deal.
What else don't I know about you? Guys, we need to get to the Lifeboat.
I'll try and find us a truck.
We will make you as comfortable as possible.
But we have to get you on a boat soon.
But how will I find my husband and my son? There was no time for record keeping.
You will see him in Pusan, I think.
- YOUNG-HEE: No - No, no, no, Young-hee.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- Young-hee.
- Listen to me.
- Oma.
HYUN: The boats are leaving soon.
YOUNG-HEE: Thank you.
- LUCY: Oh.
- For everything.
Of course, of course.
Good luck.
Good luck! [CHUCKLES]: Okay.
RUFUS: Guys? Problem.
We can't get a truck.
Rufus, there's like a million of 'em here.
They're all rigged with explosives.
They're gonna blow up the minute the last boat leaves port.
Anything with four wheels is a bomb.
You okay? I'm trying to have a vision of a hot shower.
- Leave me alone.
- Cool, cool, cool.
What are the signs of frostbite again? Who kills a nun? - [SHUSHES] - [GUNFIRE AND EXPLOSIONS] Communists.
We're surrounded.
Can't outrun 'em, we can't fight 'em.
We need to hide.
Come on.
They'll see us.
- What if they find us anyway? - Well I fire as many rounds as I have left.
And then? Good talk.
I just really don't want to die again.
Would you stop it? We're not gonna die, okay? Not after everything we've been through.
[SHUDDERS] Honestly, I hope you're right.
I hope there is a god and that he or she saves us.
You'd think he/she would save the nun, though, right? [EXPLOSIONS IN DISTANCE] Just saying.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] See? You still laugh at my jokes.
I'm glad we're together.
Look, Jiya, I know things are different for you.
But we're still us.
And for me there's no one else I'd rather face a bloodthirsty army of Communists with.
Me, too.
[EXPLOSIONS IN DISTANCE] [SIGHS] What are you thinking about? Flynn.
The last thing that he said to us before he left to get in the Lifeboat was "If we all run off to save Rufus, who will save the world?" If we die tonight I'm not giving up yet.
Guess it's all up to fate.
What? Just you talking about fate.
So you were right.
And here you had me convinced that there was no such thing.
Timing is everything, huh? [SCOFFS] After that explosion, I thought you were dead.
And for a moment, I saw my whole life without you and my world ended, Wyatt.
[SHARP EXHALE] I just kept thinking about all this time that we had wasted.
Just wasting so much time and and then all of a sudden, there you were.
Holding a stranger's baby that you had delivered.
And I knew.
You knew what? I'd fallen in love with you.
And nothing that happened or didn't happen or might happen was ever gonna change it.
[EXHALES] I love you, Wyatt Logan.
I've loved you since the Alamo.
Since you kissed me with Bonnie and Clyde.
Since that night in Hollywood.
What happened after I wanted to choose you.
I just felt like I owed her something.
[SNIFFLES] I wish I could take it all back.
And the crazy part is, Flynn already did.
And now all that we have between us is a past that only we remember.
So I don't care about the past anymore.
And we might not have a future.
Maybe all that matters is right now.
Oh, my God.
[LAUGHING]: I can't believe you're here.
Oh - Oh.
- [CHUCKLES] I didn't want to have to leave you here to die on Christmas.
Plus, I wanted to time-travel at least once.
What? No hug? What would Jesus do? And you brought Scrooge.
Was it the Ghost of Christmas Past or Future - that got her here? - I think I liked it better when you were dead.
Sorry it didn't take.
How'd you like time-traveling? CHRISTOPHER: Not my choice of destinations, but still quite the miracle.
- [LAUGHS] - JIYA: Guys, it's just St.
Agent Christopher.
Oh, come on.
Okay, wait, wait.
I can bring Amy back.
She's lying.
EMMA: Try me.
I only did it 'cause your mother ordered me to.
But I can undo it.
Means nothing to me and everything to you.
The truth is I admire you, Lucy.
We would make one hell of a team.
Screw the Rittenhouse agenda; we could make history whatever we want.
I want all of this to be over.
And you want your sister back.
I can make that happen.
You just have to trust me.
I don't.
She gets any closer to that ship, shoot her.
Everybody get to the Mothership! Come on! Rufus is gonna get the Mothership home, right? Well, Rufus got us to the Lifeboat, didn't he? Maybe our future selves came back to save Rufus so that he could save us all.
Yeah, or maybe Maybe what? Maybe they wanted things to turn out differently for us than it did them.
[LUCY LAUGHS] You know, I think I can handle this by now.
Oh, it's no problem at all ma'am.
Don't you call me "ma'am.
" - [WYATT SIGHS] - What? We can try to get Amy back now.
We have both time machines.
- Yeah, but the stuff in the journal - No, Wyatt.
I've thought a lot about this.
Look at all the awful things that Flynn did in the name of saving his family.
Look what happened when you got Jessica back.
I mean, I am so thankful that we saved Rufus, but it cost us Flynn.
And if we're willing to use this machine to get back the things that we've lost, no matter the price, I mean, when will it end? We'd be no better than my mother or Emma.
You're sure you're okay with that? Of course not.
But everybody loses someone that they love and no matter how badly they want to, they can't get them back.
And in spite of that, they find a way to go on.
That's everyone's history.
All right.
Well Jiya said autopilot, right? You sure you know what you're doing? [CHUCKLES] [BEEPING] All right.
Looks like we'll be home for Christmas after all.
[POWERING UP] [SIGHS] - We did it.
- You did it.
[LAUGHING]: I knew I could do it.
Um, you were scared out of your mind.
- I was mildly anxious.
- [LAUGHS] You did it anyway.
So much fun! - You flew the Mothership! - Too bad it's being - destroyed as we speak.
- [SIGHS] Maybe we haven't changed so much after all.
I am so glad to hear you say that.
So what now? What now what? Well, we're gonna have to get new jobs.
I guess so.
Can't exactly put "time traveler" on my résumé.
You get to see your family again.
They think I died in an explosion at Mason Industries.
I'm making more comebacks than Elvis.
You have practice.
I guess I'll finally have to get my own place.
- Guess so.
- Still, it was a lot of fun living together, right? Yeah, it had its moments.
Gonna miss it sort of, yeah.
Is this your awkward way of asking to move in with me? Way to take a hint, lady.
[BOTH LAUGHING] So, is that a yes? - Yeah.
- [LAUGHING]: Yeah.
- [LAUGHING]: Yeah, yeah.
- That's a yes, that's a yes.
It's a yes.
Go for it.
[BOTH LAUGHING] - LUCY: Hey, listen to this.
- Yep.
Young-hee died in 2007; she lived well into her 80s.
Tae Woo's a retired investment banker in Seoul.
Their daughter is a teacher just like their mother.
- Two kids.
- Wow.
Sounds like a crazy, ordinary wonderful life.
Thanks to you.
That was your call.
You're the one that said everyone's important.
Maybe not to history, but everybody's important to someone, I think.
[CHUCKLES] Careful.
[BOTH LAUGH] - How'd that get there? - [CHUCKLES] Apparently Agent Christopher has a dirtier mind than we thought.
Well - I mean, it is a custom.
- Hmm.
- All right? - Hmm, hmm.
[CHUCKLES] [WYATT CHUCKLES] That's the first time we've done that in the present.
I mean, our present.
I mean 2018.
Well, it's gonna be 2019 soon.
So, maybe we should Make up for lost time? - This one is for you.
- Uh, okay.
This one for you.
- This one is for you.
- Mmm.
- Oh.
- And there you go.
Wow, you shouldn't have.
You-you really [LAUGHS] - really shouldn't have.
- LUCY: It's the thought that counts.
- And the thought was what, exactly? - Hey.
Uh, it's lovely.
Guys we did it.
We stopped Rittenhouse.
We won.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Flynn would be proud.
Yes, he would have.
So, is this our last morning together? - You know, as a family.
- Yep.
As of 0900 hours, you are all free to go.
Except for you.
The paperwork came through.
You're officially assigned to special projects with me.
No one I'd rather report to.
- You look bloody ridiculous.
- [LAUGHS] My children compete to find me the ugliest Christmas sweater.
And Mark won.
I wear it with pride.
Will you take that bloody thing off your head? You look like some sort of drunk elf.
You get a lump of coal in your stocking or what? [LAUGHS] No.
- Just this.
- CHRISTOPHER: What's that? All that's left of the Mothership.
I'm sorry, Connor.
No, don't be.
If there's one thing I've learned, a machine that powerful is too dangerous in anyone's hands.
Now, I suppose, we need to disassemble the Lifeboat.
We're keeping the Lifeboat.
A wise man once told me that if it's possible to build a time machine, someone will build it, and we'll need a way to stop them.
So the Lifeboat stays here, under armed guard.
- Uh, Professor Preston.
- Yeah? So, you were saying that, without Alice Paul, Grace Humiston is just a detective in New York? That's right.
- How do you know? - Trust me.
I know.
- Yeah, okay.
- Okay.
Hey, have a happy holiday, and don't forget to review - the Harriet Tubman material, all right? - Yes, okay.
- Okay, see you soon.
- Bye.
- Bye, Tegan.
- Yeah? - This was supposed to be a regular American history class.
How come we're only studying women? I meant to get to the men, but we just didn't have time.
Maybe in the spring, okay? Merry Christmas.
- [PLAYFUL CHATTER] - WYATT: Oh, no, no, no! Oh, no! [GROANING] Get me, get me again, get me.
Ah, ah, oh, no! Oh, no! Ah! Dad.
Oh, it's back to basic training for me.
- Hello.
Hello, hello, hello! - Mommy! Go see Mom.
What are you torturing Daddy with this time, huh? - Boot camp.
- Boot camp? Well, I hope you didn't go too easy on him.
- [GIGGLING] - Go play.
- Guess what.
- What? - I got tenure.
- You [LAUGHING] - I am so proud of you.
- Thank you.
Flynn! Amy! You ready to go? Come on.
[WHOOPS] Come over here.
Give me your hand.
All right.
You ready for this? Ready as I'll ever be.
We were hoping to get a better facility, but funding was even shorter than usual.
We all started somewhere.
When Rufus and I started Riya Industries, I wanted to build a better future.
But Rufus, all about giving back to the community.
He was just like these kids once.
It's called a Leyden jar, and it was actually the first capacitor.
Yeah, I've seen one of these before, - but yours is definitely better.
- Hey, guys.
- Can I have your autograph? - [LAUGHING]: Yeah, sure.
PAULINA: Thank you.
How come nobody asks for my autograph? 'Cause you wanted to be the mysterious one - behind the scenes.
- Ah.
You know, I think it's about time - to, uh, do the - Rufus Carlin, if anything happens to you Hey, I am the guy that came back from the dead.
You're never gonna stop saying that, are you? Yeah, no.
Why would I? The twins are in their pajamas, and they are brushing their teeth.
They are so excited about their sleepover.
When I told them that Mommy and Daddy used to live here - [CHUCKLES] - they didn't believe me.
- [LAUGHS] - That's because, like most government-funded housing, it's utterly uninhabitable and always was.
Says the man under federal contract, right? Well, it turns out I liked, uh, saving the world more than I liked saving money.
So, you ever miss saving the world? - [LAUGHS] - Sometimes.
- And then I think about North Korea - French and Indian War.
the Murder Castle, Al Capone trying to kill us.
- Benedict Arnold.
- Confederate slave owners.
BOTH: Nazis.
Ready to do it one more time? We have to, or all of this could disappear.
- Hey! Anybody need a pilot? - [LUCY GASPS] [LAUGHTER] Hi.
You didn't tell me he was coming.
Think we'd let you do it alone? Yeah, the three of us started it, so let's finish it.
- Okay, but if anything goes wrong - It won't.
We get in and we get out.
We got this, Lucy.
["DECK THE HALLS" INSTRUMENTAL PLAYING] Is this seat taken? Eu nao falo English.
I know you speak English, Flynn.
Don't worry, I'm a friend.
I mean, I will be a friend.
- What do you want? - I don't have a lot of time.
I know about Rittenhouse.
I know what they did to your family Your wife Lorena, your daughter Iris.
- Who are you? - Shh! My name is Lucy Preston.
I'm from the year 2023.
And I know this is going to sound crazy, but someday you and I are going to work together.
My God.
The time machine.
Connor Mason actually built it.
I knew it.
You were right.
You were right about everything.
More than you will ever know.
But you [SIGHS] Okay, look.
You are going to have to sacrifice everything for a cause that almost no one will believe in.
The world will think that you're a terrorist and a traitor.
- Even I'm going to think that at first.
- Wha What? Wait, listen to me.
But you aren't any of those things.
And you're going to think that you lost your humanity, but you didn't, and you never will.
What about my family? You won't get them back.
I'm sorry.
You're a hero, I promise.
Maybe the greatest hero of us all.
But you're going to need my help, okay, so Oh, God Hey, you okay? Here, take this.
You are going to save history.
If you're lost, you can look And you will find me Time after time If you fall, I will catch you I'll be waiting Time after time You say go slow I fall behind If you're lost, you can look And you will find me Time after time If you fall, I will catch you - I'll be waiting - I will be waiting Time after time I will be waiting I will be waiting.
MOTHER: Paulina.
You're working too much.
Okay, I'll be right there.

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