15 NOVEMBER 2019 - Screen captures of Goran in "Dollface" have been added to the gallery: 105 Beauty Queen, 107 Fuck Buddy, 108 Mama Bear, and 110 Bridesmaid. Enjoy the caps and if you would like to make some GIFs from the eps for the site, I'd be happy to archive them here (with credit).

11-17 NOV #GarcyWeek
15 NOVEMBER Dollface (GV) on Hulu
23 NOVEMBER Blues Joint Date Night
Rewatch 206 "Delta Blues"
22-24 NOV #GarcyWeekend
DECEMBER #GarcyHolidays
06 DECEMBER Reprisal (AS) on Hulu
13-15 DEC #GarcyWeekend
03-05 JANUARY #GarcyWeekend