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04 APRIL 2020

Happy Garcy Weekend! I hope this update finds you and your loved ones well. I've been busy distracting myself as much as possible from what is going onin the real world, and on top of working on writing fanfic, I took some time to revamp the Team Garcy site. Before I had watered things down quite a bit and I'm just starting to bring back most of the site's original content <--- and there's brand new content too!

- If you have the money to spare, do consider taking part in this year's Give Our Tree A Tree charity - to donate money to plant trees, or to plant a tree yourself in Goran's honor. Last year many Garcy fans purchased a card from the Arbor Day Foundation with each card purchased (physical card or eCard) the Arbor Day Foundation planted a tree. You can look at what cards are available here. And if you take part, the plan is to take a picture (or screen shot) of your card, and write a little note to Goran to let him know a tree has been planted in his honor. Since he's most active on Instagram, that's where you want to tag him. This year Arbor Day is on Friday, 24 April, so that will be the day to share your cards. If you planted a tree last year, you can share a picture of that tree as well.

- Episode transcripts have been added in the Timeless section of the site. These transcripts were originally available at the website which no longer exists. I haven't had time to polish them up, separate dialog, and make note of which character said what, but if anyone is bored at home practicing self-isolation and would like to help out, I'd really appreciate it. Just drop me a line at to let me know you're interested.

- Fanworks are back on Team Garcy! The section is still under construction as I continue to add fanworks that had been archived on the 2018 version of the site - including the fanfic archive, fanart, manips, wallpapers, and fanvids. New to the Fanworks section: my Garcy Love Quotes which you're probably familiar with if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter. I'm hunting them all down to archive at Team Garcy. I've added some of my recent fanarts including some great Garcy manipulations by Kate Chaucer (thank you!). I'll be adding drawings/paintings and other fanworks sections soon. Stay tuned and enjoy!

- I have finally added the PDF scripts of Timeless Season 3 and the aired episodes of Season 4 to the site. Last year, I had asked permission to do so, and real life got too hectic and I completely forgot to include them in the new look of the site earlier this year. You can find all the episode PDFs and the episodic graphics on Team Garcy for Timeless Season 3 and Timeless Season 4. Thank you, qqueenofhades! And since season 4 is still underway, obviously not all episodes are available. I'm suffering the wait week-to-week just like y'all LOL I loved season 3, but OMG, I'm finding season 4 to be absolutely phenomenal. I can't wait to see how the series ends this May! New episodes of Timeless Season 4 air every Sunday at 8pm EST at the Timeless Season 4 Tumblr.

- Tentative Garcy Week, Garcy October, and Garcy Holidays prompts and activities schedules have been added to the site. The laid out events are subject to change since all three events are still months away. You can mark your calendars now for Garcy Week: 1-7 June 2020, leading up to our two year anniversary of Garcy Weekend! You can also view the entire 2020 calendar here.

I hope you enjoy the site revamp, and keep checking back. In the coming months - as I find/make time - I'll be adding back the Abigail Spencer photo gallery! Stay safe(ly away from people), wash your hands, and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

20 MARCH 2020

I added 500 screen captures of the Smitten Kitten deleted scene from 207 Mrs. Sherlock Holmes - these caps are from the bluray and replace the smaller/lower quality caps that had previously been on the site. Enjoy!

As you can see the main page of this site has been upgraded. I'm working on updating the site to add back sections that had been available on the original design of Team Garcy, which I didn't have time to include when I was rushing to get this version of the site up and running. Hang tight as I do this, it takes a lot of time to do, but I assure you that some things are coming back (*coughs* Abigail Spencer photo gallery *coughs*). In the meantime if you are interested in helping finalize the character biographies and relationship summaries, you can check here to see what is available.

06 MARCH 2020

Happy Garcy Weekend! There are two more days until Timeless Season 4 premieres! I don't know about you, but I'm more excited about this premiere than I was when Timeless Season 2 was about to air on NBC a couple years ago! LOL Let's keep our fingers crossed that Garcy finds their HEA by the series finale in May, and if not that... that Garcia Flynn gets the ending he deserves. If you're not caught up on season 3 and the first episode of season 4, you can find the complete season 3 and season 4 here on Team Garcy.

In case you missed it on Twitter, Bek re-edited the Timeless "movie" to give us a proper happy ending for Garcy. You can watch the video (in two parts) on Vimeo.

The End & The Beginning Part 1 from Bek in a Hoodie on Vimeo.

The End & The Beginning Part 2 from Bek in a Hoodie on Vimeo.

29 FEBRUARY 2020

Are you caught up on Timeless season 3? (fan-made project, unfortunately, Timeless on TV is over) Season 4 aired its first episode back in October, and on Sunday, 8 March 2020 (eight days from now), the rest of the season will begin its run.

To make it easier for you to get caught up, I've uploaded all 13 episodes of season 3, and the season 4 premiere episode to my Google drive to share with you all. You can download it here (zip file, and it includes the episode graphics as well)

Then on Sunday, 8 March at 8pm EST, you'll be able to download episode 402, Love's Labours Won, from a link at the Timeless Season 4 Tumblr Page. Each Sunday after that, a new episode will be released until the series finale (a two-part finale) on 17 May.

Buckle up! I hear it's going to be quite a ride!

29 JANUARY 2020

Scans from the 2016 Fall Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly and scans from the 16/23 March 2018 issue of Entertainment Weekly have been added to the Gallery.

17 JANUARY 2020
So... I thought that the domain name had expired along with its server space, but I was wrong. The server space was a monthly payment and the domain was yearly. So... since the domain name is affordable for me to keep, I just pointed it at the GVA server space, made some adjustments and updated links and voilà! The Team Garcy site is back at its proper domain. I apologize for all the confusion surrounding the launch of GVA and the location of TG. I'm so happy that this domain didn't expire along with its server space. You have no idea. Thank you for your continuing support!
15 JANUARY 2020
SMUTebruary is just around the corner and as promised, I've made the SMUTebruary Fanfic Bingo Card! Click on the graphic to view the full-size image. The idea behind SMUTebruary is to try to get more M rated Garcy fanfic archived on AO3. But if you would rather approach writing your fic with the Bingo Card prompts as romantic situations since Valentine's Day is celebrated in February, go ahead. You can tease sexual situations, interrupt them, or go all the way with Garcia and Lucy. The point is to have fun using these Bingo prompts. Have fun!
09 JANUARY 2020
Happy Garcy Weekend Eve, Garcy Fam'! I've finally added back the Garcy Weekend info page to the site and it includes the full 2020 schedule for Garcy Weekend! And... tomorrow is the first Garcy Weekend of 2020 so make sure to go A.B.E. with your love for GGG. I still haven't had time to work on any Fanfic Bingo cards for next month's SMUTebruary, but I'll try to sneak that in within the next week or two. Stay tuned for that.
07 JANUARY 2020
- Happy New Year, Garcy Fam'!
- Behind the scenes photo of Goran from the fanfic "movie" added to the "movie" BTS page

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