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If you would like for me to archive your Garcy, Garcia Flynn, and Lucy Preston fanvids on Team Garcy, please email me the link to your video on YouTube (if you don't have it on YouTube you can send me the actual video file and I can upload it to the site):

BattleshipGarcy: "Wanted Dead or Alive" BattleshipGarcy: "Time After Time"
BattleshipGarcy: "Did You Really Say No?"  BattleshipGarcy: "Hero"
 BattleshipGarcy: "Near To You" BattleshipGarcy: "Take Five"
BattleshipGarcy: "Nothing Else Matters" BattleshipGarcy: "Sa Tvojih Usana"
BattleshipGarcy: "Iris"  




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