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07 DECEMBER 2019
Long story short... the day after I announced that Team Garcy would be closing, I actually logged into my new webhost server and saw that it has unlimited space which means this: Team Garcy is only losing the domain name and will be relocating to another domain. And... you can update your bookmarks now! Team Garcy will be relocating to: This is my Garcy Secret Santa gift to the entire Garcy Family. It may not be the full TG as it is today, but it will still be around. Happy holidays!

There will be major changes coming to Team Garcy when it is relocated. Basically, the site that will be uploaded is a watered-down version of the site redesign I have been working on all year. There will be new content (character biographies and the long-awaited Garcy relationship summary), and some content will be removed. The biggest loss will be in the photo gallery as I am opening a Goran Višnjić fansite at It is possible that other non-Timeless sections of the current Team Garcy site could come back, but I'm making no guarantees.

I apologize of the site closure announcement scared you a few days ago, and I should have checked the server information before making that announcement <--- I've been so busy that I'm just not thinking straight. I was heartbroken when I made the decision to close the site and felt like I was letting so many people down. Thank goodness for "unlimited space," right? I'm so happy that Team Garcy will survive and be a part of the upcoming Goran Višnjić Archive fansite.

On 16 December, I will be removing all the files from and you will be able to access Team Garcy at its new location on Friday, 20 December. So if you need any images between the 16th and 20th, grab them now. And with any luck the Goran Višnjić Archive site will also go live on 20 December too.


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