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01 March 2021
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I've reworked the Photo Gallery so that it is easier to navigate. I've also added episodic stills from 207 Mrs. Sherlock Holmes to the gallery, as well as newly-found "movie" promotional images, and the script pages that the Writers Room Twitter account shared back in 2018 when we were foolishly trying to get Timeless renewed/saved. Enjoy the updates!

24 February 2021

Screen captures of the most prominent deleted scenes from the rough cut of the Pilot episode have been added to the gallery: 65 from the Jonas/Lucy scene, and 30 from the Garcia/Stiv scene. Enjoy!

11 February 2021

Screen captures (1080p) from the 23 January 2021 Timeless Reunion Zoom script reading of 203 "Hollywoodland" and its Q&A session have been added to the Team Garcy gallery.

[ view more screen captures ]

01 February 2021

Just a really quick update today, but I want to assure you that screen captures from the Play Per-view Timeless Reunion will be added to the Team Garcy gallery later this month. In other news... I got my hands on a "rough cut" of the Timeless "Pilot" episode and made a few GIFs from scenes/moments that didn't make the final/televised cut of the episode. While there were other bits and pieces of other characters, most of those moments looked too similar to what actually aired that I didn't bother GIFing them (same could be said about the last Garcy GIF, but... it's Garcy so I felt obligated to GIF it).

[ descriptions of these scenes are available on their GIF page ]

I also made a few GIFs from episodes 111 The World's Columbian Exposition, 205 The Kennedy Curse,
209 The General, and 210 Chinatown.

[ more The World's Columbian Exposition GIFs here ]

[ more The Kennedy Curse GIFs here ]

[ more The General GIFs here ]

[ more Chinatown GIFs here ]

22 January 2021

I found out about this The King of the Delta Blues rewatch hours after it happened yesterday, but thankfully, Malcolm has the video available to watch at his Twitch account so here I am letting you guys know about it too since it seemed to have been scheduled without too much advance warning. Warning: the audio for Anslem Richardson and Paterson Joseph is incredibly hard to hear, put your volume up as high as possible (and even then). Maybe one day we'll get lucky and the cast and writers will get together and do audio commentary on all 26 episodes of Timeless for a region 1 Blu-ray release *fingers crossed*

Click to watch on TwitchTV

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