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13 June 2021
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The Team Garcy fansite is finally back online.

I apologize for how long the site had been offline. My server host had issues with their machines and had to transfer all sites that they host to a new server starting on 24 May until now. Due to the size of TG (and of the Goran Višnjić Archive), the transfer took longer than they expected.

And even better... it looks like they were able to get all images (screen captures included) transferred! A week ago, this looked like it might not be the case. I cannot tell you how relieved I am.

I also want to let you know that starting today, I am taking a break from doing content updates at the site. I am in the middle of planning an out-of-state move, and no longer have the time to dedicate to the site until after I'm settled in my new home (which could be as late as October or November - but I'm hoping I'll be back with updates sooner than that). If - for some reason - there is any breaking Timeless news, I will do my best to bring it to you as it becomes available.

Thank you all so much for your support and understanding. If you would like to donate to help keep this fansite online, you can do so by clicking here (I thank you in advance for your help and generosity).


17 May 2021

New GIFs from Timeless 109 Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde have been added to the gallery, along with HD screen captures of Abigal from Rebel 104 The Right Thing, and 105 Heart Burned.

[ view more ]

[ Rebel 104 The Right Thing ]

01 May 2021

HD screen captures of Abigail in the new official music video, Afternoon by Cinders (2160p), has been added to the gallery.

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You can watch Abigail in the Afternoon video on YouTube:


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