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04 January 2020

For those of you who care: a link to participate in a "Hollywoodland" script reading, "fresh material," and a Q&A sessioin afterward (Saturday, 23 January 2021). I wish that an episode other than the lyatt fandom favourite "Hollywoodland" would be featured for a change (Abigail, Malcolm, and Matt did a rewatch of this episode last year), but alas, in a fandom where the TPTB pander to the lyatts, that will likely never happen (sorry/not sorry, I'm bitter):

"Play-PerView will reunite the cast of NBC’s “Timeless” to support Feeding America. "Clockblockers Unite: a TIMELESS Evening" will reunite series co-creator Shawn Ryan ("The Shield") with stars Malcolm Barrett (“Preacher”), Sakina Jaffrey ("House of Cards"), Paterson Joseph ("Peep Show") Matt Lanter ("The Mandalorian") Abigail Spencer ("True Detective") and Goran Višnjić ("ER"). The evening will feature a reading of the season two episode Hollywoodland featuring brand new material written specifically for this event. original cast members , a moderated discussion and an opportunity for fans to ask their questions will follow.

Ticket proceeds will be donated to Feeding America.
Donate $100 or more and receive a special limited edition gift.
Viewing link will be sent the day of the event."

17 December 2020

As our final Garcy Holidays starts to wind down, I would like to give thanks to everyone in the Garcy Family that helped keep Garcia Flynn and the Garcy relationship alive after all this time. While in the coming years there won't be anymore Garcy Holidays, I do want to let you know that I intend on doing the 12 Days of Goran through my Goran Višnjić Archive fansite for many years to come. So, a little bit of the good ol' Garcy Holidays will linger.

This coming Sunday, 20 December, is also #LoveGarciaFlynn Day. The 20th of this month holds many bitter memories for fans of Garcia Flynn, and to counter the sadness that we feel (and some of the anger/bitterness that continues its hold on of some of us). The 20th of December was designated as a day to ignore the thing that did him dirty, and instead to celebrate everything that we love about the character.

I know that this final Garcy Holidays has been quiet, but I'm hoping that this Sunday fans will come out and celebrate this character and all our love for him.

You can use any of the photos and gifs available here on Team Garcy (as well as at the Goran Višnjić Archive fansite) to post to your prefered social media platform(s).

This year has been difficult for all of us, and why not have a day where something as trivial as spreading love, happiness, and positivity about Garcia Flynn can be enjoyed? I can't wait to see your celebratory posts.

And as a Holiday gift to the Garcy Family (and dedicated to my friend, Eve), I made this Garcy fanvid to Loren Allred's "Never Enough." I hope it gives you all the feels. Happy Garcy Holidays! -BSG


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