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Garcia Flynn and Lucy Preston or “Garcy” as they are affectionately known, have a complicated relationship throughout the two seasons of Timeless. It’s a relationship that is built over time, but one that’s built on honesty, trust, and respect.

When they meet initially in the pilot episode, they are on opposite sides of a war which only one of them knows is raging. At this time, Lucy is under the impression that Garcia Flynn murdered his wife and child, and has taken the Mothership to wreak havoc on American history. Their first encounter occurs while the flames of the Hindenburg smolder in the background. Lucy turns and Flynn is directly in front of her.  He tells her, “It’s time we talked. You need to understand who and what you’re dealing with.” Lucy responds that she understands he’s trying to burn everything to the ground. Flynn answers, “Well that depends on your point of view, Lucy.”

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Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston Garcy
Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston / Garcia Flynn GaRRcy
Lucy Preston / Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston GarcYY
Garcia Flynn / Dave Baumgardner Bamynn
Garcia Flynn / Rufus Carlin Flufus
Garcia Flynn / Lorena Flynn Lorynn
Garcia Flynn / Karl Flarl
Garcia Flynn / Jessica Logan Flyca
Garcia Flynn / Wyatt Logan Flogan
Garcia Flynn / Noah Nocia
Garcia Flynn / Emma Whitmore Flemma
Garcia Flynn / Jesse James Flesse
Garcia Flynn / The Doc Floc
Garcia Flynn / Jiya Marri Fliya
Lucy Preston / Joséphine Baker Luséphine
Lucy Preston / Dave Baumgardner Bamcy
Lucy Preston / Rufus Carlin Rucy
Lucy Preston / Harry Houdini Ludini
Lucy Preston / Karl Karcy
Lucy Preston / Robert Todd Lincoln Lubert
Lucy Preston / Wyatt Logan Lyatt
Lucy Preston / Noah Luah
Lucy Preston / Jiya Marri Jucy
Lucy Preston / Jessica Logan Lussica
Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston / Rufus Carlin Garcyfus
Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston / Noah Garcyah
Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston / Dave Baumgardner Bamcynn
Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston / Noah / Dave Baumgardner Bamcynnah
Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston / Wyatt Logan Garcyatt
Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston / Lorena Flynn Luciana
Dave Baumgardner / Joséphine Baker JamJam
Dave Baumgardner / Karl Kardner
Rufus Carlin / Jiya Marri Riya
Stiv Casey / Karl Kartiv
Stiv Casey / Kate Drummond Kiv
Karl / Jessica Logan Kassica
Karl / Emma Whitmore Karmma
Wyatt Logan / Dave Baumgardner Pebbles & Bam Bam
Wyatt Logan / Emma Whitmore Wymma
Wyatt Logan / Jessica Logan Wyjess
Noah / Amy Preston Nomy
Noah / Gabriel Thompkins Nobriel
JFK / Kayla J.F. Kayla
Denise Christopher / Michelle Christopher Denelle
Jessica Logan / Emma Whitmore Jemma
Garcia Flynn / Turtlenecks Flurtleneck
Garcia Flynn / Cereal Flereal
Garcia Flynn / Turtleneck / Cereal Flurterealneck
Garcia Flynn / Suits Fluits
Garcia Flynn / Tanktops Flanktop
Garcia Flynn / Horses Florses
Garcia Flynn / Lucy Preston / Horses Florcy
Garcia Flynn / Past Garcia Flynn Flynnagain
Wyatt Logan / Window Winyatt
Wyatt Logan / Future Wyatt Wygan

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