Not much is known about Noah except that Lucy Preston’s fiancé in the altered timeline. He is also an ER doctor with trauma surgery skills. He had no ties to Rittenhouse but Carol approved of him as a potential future son in law. The first time Lucy from the original timeline meets him is at their Engagement party at Carol’s house (‘The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln’).

The first time Noah remembers meeting Lucy is when he saw her jogging in Golden Gate Bridge Park. He thought she was pretty and chased her down or at least tried to. The Lucy, he remembers took off at a fast pace; outrunning him. He ended up collapsing and she came back to make sure he was ok (‘The Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde’ Deleted Scene).

It was after this first meeting, they started dating. They were like any other normal couple, they loved, fought and had annoying habits. Noah knew Lucy very well down her obsession with John Denver and eating off of his plate. They spent holidays together (‘Atomic City’).

He was a genuinely great man who loved Lucy very deeply. He was supportive, understanding and considerate of Lucy, her feelings. He showed immense patience even when he was confused by how his fiancé had changed. He let her go when she was unsure of their engagement to search her soul (‘Atomic City’).

He loved her so much he waited months for her to come back to him. He was excited when she asked him over for dinner but was saddened when she acted like they were strangers. She tried to indulge her whims of pretending they were on their first date. It was frustrating for him as it left him confused and upset. He could see Lucy was strangely feeling the same way (‘The Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde’).

Even with the upsetting state of their relationship, he still waited for her. He was concerned for her and when she went missing; he searched for her. He fielded calls from Lucy’s mother and did everything he could to find her. Then when Lucy reappeared, he showed a deep trust in her even though he was risking his medical licence in helping her, no questions asked (‘The Red Scare’).

Ultimately, he was left heartbroken when Lucy broke up with him in an abandoned warehouse after he patched up Rufus’ gunshot wound. Not much is known after he left that warehouse but it assumed that he kept Lucy’s secrets as he went back to work and moved on with his life (‘The Red Scare’).


Rittenhouse Royalty
Noah is a member of Rittenhouse by blood. It was why Carol was so supportive of Lucy and Noah’s impending marriage. They would be a power couple. Noah’s role in Rittenhouse was minor and unobtrusive for most part with his outside life. He might be part of the medical staff at times but mostly his function was to inject Rittenhouse with funds when necessary. Possibly be a member of the group who make the decisions for the whole of Rittenhouse much like Benjamin Cahill was.

Diplomatic Marriage
Noah is a member of a European sect of Rittenhouse or Part of the original cult that inspired Rittenhouse’s creation. Noah was born with old money and roots and considered ‘Royalty’ in his sect. His marriage to Lucy would form an alliance and bring the two factions together. Rittenhouse and the Older sect would work together with their mutual goals of controlling the world and shaping it into their version of Utopia.

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